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Document: Ohio Class Replacement 2014 Briefing Slides

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The following is a slide presentation from the Naval Sea Systems Command April 8, 2014 briefing on the progress of the Ohio-class Replacement Program for the Navy’s next-generation nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

  • vincedc

    Is there going to be an SSGN replacement too?

    • estuartj

      Nope. Unless you count the Virginia Class Block IV with Virginia Payload Module as making them an SSGN (though since every sub since the mid-688s has carried at least 12 vertical launch cruise missiles are they ALL SSGNs?)

      • Polaris1

        Only if their primary designed role is surface attack using missiles. Think “Oscar”. The Virginia (and later Los Angelese) class carry these missiles to supplement their primary role as an attack (Britspeak “hunter-killer”) submarine.