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Navy: Six Months of Repairs to Drone-Struck Ship Will Cost $30 million

An image of guided missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) following a collision with a BGM-74 target drone on Saturday. The impact area is circled. NBC 7 San Diego Image/U.S. Naval Institute photo illustration

An image of guided missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) following a collision with a BGM-74 target drone on Saturday. The impact area is circled. NBC 7 San Diego Image/U.S. Naval Institute photo illustration

The U.S. Navy ship that was struck by an errant target drone will need an estimated six-months of repairs costing around $30 million, according to a statement from the Navy provided to USNI News on Monday.

Repairs to USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) repairs will focus on the ship’s portside computer room which, “was heavily damaged by the impact of a test target at the Point Mugu [California] range on Nov. 16,” according to the statement from the service and first reported by Navy Times on Monday.

The collision of the Northrop Grumman BQM-74 target drone with the ship was part of a test of the Navy’s Combat System Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT) for the installation of the Chancellorsville’s Baseline 9 Aegis combat system.

Navy Times reported on Monday the ship’s crew had about a four second warning the target controllers at Point Mugu range had lost control of the BQM-74 before the drone struck the ship.

“There was just a breakdown in communications … and the ship had no time to react,” the paper quoted an unnamed former crewman.

According to the Navy Times report, there was one watch stander in the space during when the drone hit the ship. The impact was also extremely close to the ship’s Combat Information Center which was filled with sailors and contractors.

The Navy is still investigating the cause of the impact of the drone on the ship. The Navy has also still not said if Chancellorsville’s two Phalanx Close-in Weapon Systems (CIWS) had been activated and armed for the exercise.

BQM-74 flight plans are typically built with an offset that would keep the ship safe in case control of the drone was lost.

  • whocares

    Perhaps locating the CIC without heavy surrounding armor isn’t such a good idea? I wonder if the Navy will rethink building warships without armor plating?

    • jerseydave

      It was a computing center, maybe it was not a manned area but a spot where all the computer gear was. Either way, I see your point. Even though the drone had no warhead, it was pretty heavy and going very fast. At least there doesn’t seem to have been a fire or any human casualties. Armor protection or void and layer defenses could be of some use, though it was something pretty heavy going pretty fast.

      I would guess they were tracking the drone, with defenses unarmed, to calibrate their gear and get training in. The drone was under control and not supposed to be a real threat, until control was lost at the worst possible time. At least if one goes by the way the Navy is telling it here. That’s my read though.

      • ahorvath

        Everything on these ships are run by computers. Once the computer center is gone, the ship is just a pile of junk. The Chinese are reading this.

    • ahorvath

      That kind of thinking assumes that we will be fighting countries like Iraq, Syria, Somalia, etc. This “errant drone” without an explosive warhead did $30 million in damages. What kind of damages will a Chinese anti ship missile cause?

      • Black Magic

        No more damage would come from a Chinese missile than any other anti-ship missile. Cruisers are designed to be lightweight, sacrificing armor for armament.

    • josetoyou

      I hope so…

  • 94c2500

    The real questions that need answering are: why the ship’s captain still has a job for leaving this ship so defenseless? If this overpriced electronic bathtub is unable to detect an approaching drone then what good is it? It would be a joke if it were not so pathetic.

    • jerseydave

      If the exercise rules forbade him from arming any of those systems they would have been inactive, it might not have been his call.

      • VetMike

        But he will still be held responsible.

    • josetoyou

      God help us if we ever get into another real war.
      Incompetence starts at OUR White House and trickles all the way down to the janitor…

  • Trad

    Was it the Obamacare programers who programed for the drone?

  • god

    30 million for a small hole? Makes you wonder where all our money is going.

    • DGipso

      What happened to the watch stander who was in that space? No mention?

      • Itypetooslow

        according to “wiki” two crew received “minor” burns (but according to the article, the ship received “minor” damage)

    • T Ruski

      Could be the damage done to the computer center, but then you would have had to read more than just the headline. Having said that, yes, 30 million is a lot. But they are union jobs!

    • ahorvath

      Makes you wonder why the CIC is not better armored. Once that is gone they are sitting ducks.

  • sailordude

    Accidents happen. Was on a Cruiser in the 80’s when a tugged drone detached from it’s wire and flew into the ship right below the bridge. Didn’t penatrate, but put a nice dent in the superstructure. I hope the sailor hurt in this accident will be OK.

    • ahorvath

      Back then, ships were built to take punishment. Now days the Navy believes they are going to fight enemies at a distance. Wait until the first Chinese anti ship missile hits one of these ships. Everyone will be surprised?

      • Richard Madrid

        Most likely the cruiser he’s referring to is still in service today…

        • sailordude

          It’s not active, USS Leahy. mothballed in the 1990’s. BTW this newer drone is an unarmed missile with speeds over 500 mph, if it had hit my old ship it would have tore it up also. Ships are built to be faster and use less gas the last 50 years I’m pretty sure, look at the Falklands War.

          • Richard Madrid

            You can’t explain that to people on here that just don’t understand.

  • Kodos

    sure glad it wasn’t an Exocet… or a Sunburn

    • ProjectThor

      Or one of our own Harpoons…

    • Vincent Dow

      The sunburn is an absolute monster. Makes the exocet look like a K-car.

  • ahorvath

    This ship was struck by an “errant drone” with no explosive warhead and it caused $30 million in damages. Imagine the damage the Chinese anti ship missiles are going to do.

    • Joe blow

      The champagne corks are popping at the contractor”s: “Uh, yeah, 30 million sounds like a good number. $30 million, more or less, plus any unforeseen costs. Yeah, that’s the ticket”.

      • Computer_Expert

        Look at the type of ship that was hit, where it hit and imagine what’s inside, where it was hit. You’re looking at time & materials contract, not to mention some equipment which may have to have special tooling and go through rigorous testing, on a unit and system level, to ensure integrity and reliability.

        Patching it with Bondo or doing a patch weld and slapping Navy Gray paint over the area, isn’t going to cut it.

      • ImBackBishes

        Champagne corks are popping in Chicom land too. Those necessary to operate computers, are sure in a vulnerable area.

    • KellyJ

      Except in a hot war scenario the cruiser will either shoot down the missile long before it gets close or it will shoot down the launching aircraft before they ever got a shot off.

      • Gramps

        Kelly J, you are living in a dream world. Shoot down a missile long before it gets close…..you have been sold a bag of bullshit and are believing it. The military industrial complex has the nation hook line and sinker. Those defensive weapons seldom work and only if one knows it will be needed at a certain time a week in advance so they can work on it like 24 hr/day to get it in shape.

      • Luxomni

        Yeah, right.

    • krell51

      Lucky for them it wasn’t two rag heads and a rubber boat.

    • Billy_Durant

      Damage like this is why Reagan had brought back the Iowa class Battleships. Armor plating built to take direct hits from 2000 lb. shells fired from 16″ rifled cannons would laugh at this impact – or Chinese anti-ship missles. The Iowa class ships were very costly too operate – designed in an era when manpower was cheap – but it would be nice to someday design a “modern” battleship designed to survive actual hits instead of just assuming defensive weapons will prevent them.

      • banger377

        We still have 4. Re-power with nuclear, redesign the guns to semi-fixed ammo, add cruise/ballistic missiles and we have 4 ships with survivability and NGFS for the marines.

      • Yardbird

        The Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin were awesome beauties…and the Crown Jewels of President Reagan’s plan for a 600 ship Navy.

    • Yeah, and people in the Intelligence Community are telling me not to worry about China’s antiship missiles. I’m so sick of being bullshitted by people who have no idea wtf they’re talking about.

      We need real people working in the military industrial complex. These kids just got away from the 1950’s attitudes and 1970’s technology and now they have a 1960’s attitude and 2014 technology and they’re still the same fuckheads they were in the 1960’s.

      • jnsesq

        Stoners and their progeny. Meanwhile, Marines are receiving all necessary measures of sensitivity training.

        The pussification of the American Military continues apace. All kneel before the ascendant Chinese.

    • Druid

      This ship was struck by an “errant drone” with no explosive warhead and it caused $30 million in damages. Imagine the damage the Chinese anti ship missiles are going to do.
      Yeah, and they get the contract to build us a new ship to.

      • Pat

        Just think what you could do with a rock and a slingshot…hmmmm

      • ImBackBishes

        If the shipyard still exists.

  • Prelusive007

    What’s a few million dollars to the USA? We have baarrRRACK “the Liar” Obama vacationing at taxpayer expense at the rate of $4Million + RIGHT NOW in the 57th state . . . . . but who’s counting?

    No one in the USA. Only the Chinese are counting. . . . . . . . . . . . . tik….tok….tik….tok……tik…….tok…..tik……………

    • Pchester

      Money laundering!

      • Prelusive007


  • jimmy

    This much damage from an unarmed drone? What would have happened if the ship had been hit by a missile that packed a real wallop.

  • hardtruth00

    A drone did this much damage? Holy crap, what would happen if it had a warhead. I shudder to think. Older ships were built to take a pounding. These new ones are like wet paper bags.

  • tarheel

    Well at least all our enemies know where to target to get the most bang for your buck now.

    • Black Magic

      The Chinese probably wouldn’t have figured out an alternative strategy, you’re absolutely right.

    • Hawgz Wylde

      Ha, perhaps that’s really why it’s going to cost 30 million bucks to fix. The drone found it’s “soft spot”…

  • JohnM

    $30 million to repair that hole. Looks like someone took a can opener to it.

    • dd121

      Under Obama the bid goes to the black mafia.

  • Will setag

    Good grief who approves these bids? Take a piece of sheet metal weld it over the hole paint it and your done. 6mos and 30 million. Do you know we had a ship called the York town severly damaged limping back to Pearl Harbor after hit and it was back on duty in less than 30 days. What is going on in this country no wonder we are broke.

    • Royg

      Ha,…. but I think I read something about computer systems…chaching $$$$$$!!!!!!!

    • RampartV

      The entire repair effort will need to be performed under the watchful and restrictive eye of EPA activists to ensure ZERO environmental impact…That’s what’s going on…

      • Vic Pittman

        The EPA has nothing to do with this…we are being raped by the US NAVY…….period

        • Timp21117

          No, we are being raped by a US Navy contractor. I’d like to see what ‘critical systems’ were hit by this thing. Otherwise, as Will said above, it looks like a 16 sq ft piece of aluminum, a tig welder, toss in some union labor, a few gallons of paint and back to fighting Al Qaeda! All for about $20K max.

      • Richard Madrid

        You apparently have never been to the ship repair facility in San Diego.

      • Richard Madrid

        You apparently have never been to the ship repair facility in San Diego.

        • Itypetooslow

          I worked at Nassco and was “on loan” to BEA when the Bunker Hill was being worked on in San Diego. During my time in training there our class was told to be very careful to not allow anything to blow/fall into the Harbor. If something did go in and you fished it out, the polluted water dripping back into the Harbor would count as adding pollution to the Harbor and the company was subject to fine.

      • jnsesq

        Low emissions paint and solar powered spray units should do the trick.

    • Sven

      The USS Yorktown after the battle of the Coral Sea went ready for flight operations after only 48 hrs in Pearl. The damage was only partially repaired.

      • Will setag

        Thanks for the correction I was not sure how long or how much damage but am sure it was more than this ship is,was right though was under 30 days LOL

      • Gunner Miller

        The Japanese thought they had sunk the Enterprise 3 times at Midway before it finally went under. I like hi-tech as much as the next guy, but this does not bode well for the Navy is it meets a swarm of small Iranian Rocket launching speedboats. Dang.

        • The Enterprise never went under.

          • Gunner Miller

            Yorktown. My error.

      • Computer_Expert

        The comparison between the USS Yorktown (CV-5) and the USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) is about as relevant as an underwater airplane.

        CV-5 was more “mechanical,” than “electrical.” CV-5 had engine boilers, the new CXAM RADAR from RCA and over 2200 men on-board, which helped, to some degree, with the repairs, refurbishement and replenishment.

        CG-62 has gas turbine engines and a crew compliment of about 400 officers and enlisted. The electronics on-board the CG-62, includes and is not limited to:

        AN/SPY-1A/B multi-function radar
        AN/SPS-49 air search radar
        AN/SPG-62 fire control radar
        AN/SPS-73 surface search radar
        AN/SPQ-9 gun fire control radar
        AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare Suite
        AN/SQQ-89(V)1/3 – A(V)15 Sonar suite, consisting of:
        AN/SQS-53B/C/D active sonar
        AN/SQR-19 TACTAS, AN/SQR-19B ITASS, & MFTA passive sonar
        AN/SQQ-28 light airborne multi-purpose system

        • Pat

          and a Obama care navigator …don’t forget her

          • Richard Madrid

            You are literally to stupid for words.

        • me109g4

          and the more they overthink the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drains!
          One wonders what all this whizbang stuff was busy doing before the drone hit it.

    • Richard Madrid

      You do realize that “welding a piece of sheet metal” over the hole and painting is not as easy as it sounds, right? That’s not even the bulk of the cost. Did you miss the part about about the drone impacting the ship’s network room? Have you been on a US Navy ship before? It most likely ruptured a few other systems that are housed in that space. My guess is that they have to completely gut that space out AND cut a big enough hole in it to repait the bulkhead. Not to mention the hull inspection to determine if there are any other weaknesses because it’s apparent it struck a part of the hull that isn’t reinforced by the support frames.

      • 1nativetex

        well if the electronics do not have redundant systems routed in different hardened cable trays then all I can say holy crap how dumb is that……..even the nuclear industry learned that lesson with the fire at browns ferry…..

      • Will setag

        Ya you may be right then again you may not be …but your also talking about a government that spends almost 600 million on a website that doesn’t work. I worked on government projects and did the bidding. We would estimate a price then add 20% for profit then after that add 50% because it was a government job….and we would win the bids almost all the time. I would bet you the cost for this repair is far less than this estimate. But guess what even still the contractor will always fall behind and get extras for it ..we always did. Bet this job in the end will be closer to 100 Million. Point is I played this game so don’t try to BS a BS er

        • Richard Madrid

          Trying to BS a BSer? Guess my time served on a DDG and a cruiser in the Navy the last 6 years disqualifies my experience to talk about this issue. Yep, never taken a ship through major repair work (sarcasm). And what does any of this have to do with the ACA website? I would bet you anything that the bulk of the repairs are going to the AEGIS combat system. Trust me, I know my cruisers front and back because I served on one. And this particular one has gone through some MAJOR ship alts and upgrades since the beginning of 2011.

          • Will setag

            You may be absolutely right on all points and most likely are . But my only point was the way this government waste money on crap and no bid jobs and inflated jobs who are we to believe . I myself would rather believe you if you came up with this bid since you seem to have the experience . My son was a E8 in the Navy he knew his job too. All I am saying is from experience I don’t trust the bidder and the one who gives the bid away. Now if this bid was done by guys like you and not a civilian contractor then I will accept that as true you know best . But most contracts are to civilians who pad the bid. I mean no offence to you..I was a marine not Navy but I did spent time on a BLT on the USS Tripoli in Vietnam. Does that count a little :)….As Reagan said trust but verify
            Final point …the government lies too much too often to be trustworthy.

          • Richard Madrid

            The sad part is that there are Navy personnel who work directly with port engineers for General Dynamics and NASSCO and there is a lot of input from the admiral’s staff on these contracts. I work on the ship itself and not with outside contracting but I have sat in on plenty of maintenance meetings with Navy and civilians as these issues are hashed out and am intimately familiar with hull repairs and other damage associated with the ship’s structural integrity.

          • Will setag

            We had a saying in the foxhole when our weapons jammed.
            “Remember your rifle was made by the lowest bidder ”
            We always had someone to blame.
            When there are no bids you can only blame yourself.

    • Richard Madrid

      You do realize that “welding a piece of sheet metal” over the hole and painting is not as easy as it sounds, right? That’s not even the bulk of the cost. Did you miss the part about about the drone impacting the ship’s network room? Have you been on a US Navy ship before? It most likely ruptured a few other systems that are housed in that space. My guess is that they have to completely gut that space out AND cut a big enough hole in it to repait the bulkhead. Not to mention the hull inspection to determine if there are any other weaknesses because it’s apparent it struck a part of the hull that isn’t reinforced by the support frames.

      • Keith Pallo

        Sure would love to know if the Sea Whiz system was turned on in a drill where the target drone is supposed to be shot down!! If it was then the Chinese are going to blow our degraded navy out of the water with all hands!! But don’t worry we are cutting more money form the pentagon’s already cut to the bone budget. That means this ship will be out of service for a year or more!

        • Richard Madrid

          You know for a fact that it was supposed to be turned on and shot down? Where you there? Do you have access to information from the investigation that is still ongoing?

      • Pat

        how about some armor plate for these sensitive areas???

  • Ricky Riter

    Well, for heaven’s sake. I believe I could fix that with a hammer and some duct tape.

  • Friedrich

    The Battleship Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Jersey could’ve taken the hit —- no problem

    • Johnny Graf

      And quite often did…………and move on like the Energizing Rabbit.

    • Black Magic

      Yet they would struggle to even perform the simplest area defense capabilities with their hulking armor and inaccurate fire. Modern warfare is evolving from having to absorb hits to evading hits altogether. A cruiser is in charge of electronic warfare and fleet air defense and are rarely used for ship to ship warfare

      • Clif

        Hit not evaded, and airspace not defended. So this ship didn’t do its job, despite its supposed advanced capabilities.

      • Friedrich

        You’re right —- mostly…. Ya still get hit no matter what and hopefully, you can survive it. Apparently, they cannot take much of a hit.

      • bonzo3244

        I hope whomever we fight in the future reads all these rules.

  • John Stark

    The drone hit a room full of very sophisticated electronic gear. The hole didn’t cost 30 million. It’s the stuff inside.

  • Anthony

    Another opportunity for those CIWSs.

  • Friedrich

    We’re going to have company Luke!

  • Friedrich


  • josetoyou

    How can that small amount of damage require $30 million for repair???

  • Reasoner

    So why wasn’t CIWS on? More BS from the powers that be…

  • whooosh

    I bet, the same goof balls, who designed this wacky drone, also designed the obamacare website.
    So much for Obama supporters and democratic donors versus experienced, competent technical firms, when it comes to awarding contracts.
    First it was green energy with losses in the hundreds of millions and now it is a screwed up website and a damaged naval ship with a total cost to taxpayers of over 1 billion dollars.
    Obama belongs in federal prison for ripping off the taxpayers with his political friends.

  • Anthony Middleton

    HEY!! Back off on CIWS, Clearly I heard this was just targeting for the Aegis System!! And yes I am a CIWS TECH, Put your lies where the Lies should go!! You got a ship that you put vital equipment where it could easily be knocked out of commission, That’s the Navy’s fault and whomever was in control of the drone did the Navy a great favor to expose what the manufactures should have anticipated in the design not if but you shall go to WAR and you design for WAR!!!!!!!

    • Jycorro

      As a retired CIWS tech from Block 0 to 1B, I highly doubt the systems were in AAW auto/manual and the firing key turned. I know the last few missile shoots we did , we were manned up in manual and was waiting for the AEGIS guys to do their thing. We just played backup if they missed. I think an OS dropped the ball on reporting air contacts. I wasn’t there but that is what I think from my armchair.

      • Anthony Middleton

        As a retired CIWS Tech too Block 0 Mod1, This test from what I understood was only for the Aegis to track not engage. As you stated if it was to be a shooting event the drum would have been filled and in Manual until after the main system shoots then we shoot. Standard procedure.
        They need to be more clear. And the ones who said CIWS should be always in AAW Auto during my time we had an after lookout who would tell you he would not unless it was necessary.

  • Tom Hope

    And they expect the public to believe they are safe


    NO fkg wonder we are going bankrupt.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    No problem. $30 Mil or $30 Bil, the taxpayers will flit the bill with no repercussions for those responsible.

  • Bones

    How dumb was that! I hope no sailors are hurt. Chít can be repaired and/or replaced…but human life is a different thing altogether. $30M? A few test shots from the new rail gun costs about the same…no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

  • jjca

    Geee, why even put explosives on anti ship missiles?

  • elwoodmcgillicuddy

    30 million to cut out a plate, weld in a new one, paint to match, and repair an obsolete computer with Windows 98 on it ?
    Oh oh, better call Maaco next time.

  • Sailor15

    The thirty million probably includes a lot of other mods and repairs for which this accident will get to pick up the bill. That is SOP for these situations

  • whocares

    DDG1000 has a superstructure made out of plastic. Wonder what a errant, inert drone would do to it? Live explosive?
    I’ve seen many pictures of Arleigh Burkes under construction and it amazed me how thin the armor is on those ships. Destroyers cost over 1 billion each and non-existent armor? The Navy did fight WWII and learned the value of armor plate, yet seems to ignore those lessons.

  • GM Off with their Heads

    10 million to fix, 20 million for the Muslim Brotherhoods.

  • Re: “…Navy Times reported on Monday the ship’s crew had about a four second warning the target controllers at Point Mugu range had lost control of the BQM-74 before the drone struck the ship.”

    I lost 359 co-workers, circa 11.01.01, (NYC); …I haven’t been appointed ‘spokes-person’;
    I’m a retired NYC-EMS paramedic, (32 commendations-10.5 yrs., aka: about ½ of my 22-yr. career), speaking for NO ONE, but…

    For $30 million in repair costs…
    Two questions:

    1.) Why doesn’t/didn’t this / ALL USN ship(s) have s/w that, at the very least, informs ALL ‘USN’ target drones they are NOT to actually impact the ship, aka, designated ‘target’, for training exercises?
    Stated another way…

    2.) How much would it cost for the FAA/DOD to mandate that ALL aircraft, (above 16,000lbs at takeoff)…
    Which operate on transponder & I.F.R. rules most or all of the time, anyway…
    Have their systems encoded so as to refuse any/all command-inputs to fly within ‘impact’ distance, (GPS co-ordinates of…) ‘landmark’ urban sites, thus protecting all urban sites?

    I mean…
    They normally DON’T fly over such GPS coordinates, anyway, and…no one is going to authorize large fixed wing aircraft to ‘land, downtown’…right?!

    it wouldn’t cost as much as the aftermath of the next imbecile(s) who ‘obey’ their (alleged) Deity’s ‘terrorist’ demands!

    I phrase it that way in recognition:
    99.9999995% of (all) ‘religious’ people would laugh, uncomfortably…then call 9-1-1, turning in their co-celebrants, if they suggested such ‘911-style-

  • concernedhomey

    Thanks for telling all our seaborne enemies where to hit the computer room. That’s the reporters. Also ticked that the designers wouldn’t fortify that area of the ship. Please stop giving away our edge!

    • deedee lee

      What Edge? Seriously. No one takes this place or us seriously any longer.

  • jmmy

    I swear I hit the pause button….

  • GoNavy

    The USS Antrim had a similar run-in with a target missile….result was much worse; the death of a university professor on board to teach.

  • oldschool62

    What happened to the Maco comment for this article with 3 up votes that was just here 5 minutes ago? Some open and free society we live in, f’n censors. You should go work for a communist regime. Oh that’s right you already are.

  • Patrick

    Where the heck was the Sea Whiz…. that should have shredded it

  • copper

    And you know, the Navy was test firing missiles near Flight 800 but nothing, according to the government or FBI, went “errant” causing it to crash.

    • jnsesq

      If you’re not aware of it, there is a TERRIFIC documentary available on EPIX on demand — “TWA: Flight 800.” VERY disturbing.

      I was a skeptic until I heard from the people who saw what they saw and knew what they knew. And given what we see from our Orwellian government now…

      SEE IT! See it and shudder.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Wait a minute. I’ve had Naval apologists falling all over themselves to explain how advanced our Navy is and how nothing could ever get close to one of our surface ships. What gives? You mean they really could be all blown out of the water in the first 24 hours of major war, as I contend?

  • michaelrivero

    Let me see if I have this right. This is a US ship of war, supposedly intended to combat other nations’ ships of war, who supposedly will be flinging large pieces of metal at it to inflict damage. And this warship has a drone accidentally crash into it, with the result that it needs six months of repairs costing $30 million?

    Not exactly a confidence builder that this ship can actually sail in harm’s way, is it?

  • nic


  • jamesben

    $30 MILLION and 6 months? For WHAT? It a hole the size of a large storage box.

    I’m conservative, and pro-military, but when I see what ~seems~ like something that MIGHT be a crony defense contractor deal – which has been uncovered lately – it makes me sick.

    Let’s AUDIT the FED, then AUDIT the entire government. Damn.

  • Johnny Graf

    I will fix that tiny hole for $1M and be happy. “Hey Hector…………get the bondo and spray paint………………we will be out of here by noon”………..

  • Jasonn

    Gee, what could go wrong?

  • t_green

    is that some of that chinese steel?

    • AZWarrior

      I wish. Good old American aluminum (as in light and unable to take a punch).

  • Black Magic

    A cruiser is intended to be a lightly armored, heavily armed missile platform. Any comparison to WWII materiel is insufficient, as the single computer room that was struck on the Chancellorsville contains more intelligence than what was available to the entire Allied fleet combined. These repairs are much more than replacing steam pipes and valves, folks.

    • AZWarrior

      Hope that is true, but after Obama wasted tens of millions on a broke $200 website, you can understand our – uh, shall we say – skepticism.

    • Karlos_Danger

      Yeah, Obviously… just look at that hole… it’s pretty clear that’s a 30 million dollar hole.

  • Conspiracy Joe

    Must need new equipment at Area 51??

  • Jason Kolenda

    The Chinese were obviously involved. Time to declare war.

  • warman

    You would not want to be on a ship if we were ever in a real war. Despite decades of work missiles are still almost impossible to shoot down.

  • bill_a_bob

    A month and a half before th Navy released the story. Thats a lot quicker than the State Department and Hillary and Benghazi.

  • Dencal26

    Give me a few sheets of Diamond Plate steel and a suitcase of beer. I will fix it for free.

  • Vic Pittman

    What a blatant rip off ! Sink the ship if it is that flimsy. $30 million to fix a 2′ diameter hole ? Another raping of the US taxpayers courtesy of who else ? The US military

    • Richard Madrid

      If you think that’s a 2′ hole, you’ve clearly never been on a US warship. And it’s not the hole that costs the bulk, it’s the computer network that was damaged and other vital systems.

  • neverfooled

    They can’t even keep one of their own drones from running amok, and yet they want to fill our skies with these devices.

    Did anyone bother to ask the American people if we even wanted this new airborne danger flying around near our families, perving your daughter’s windows, endangering everyone?

    And when one of these contraptions malfunctions and kills innocents will the guilty parties go to jail or be allowed to buy off the victims?

    • jnsesq

      Those are rhetorical questions, yes?

    • Ben Russell-Gough

      It’s much more likely that it will be hand-waved away as a ‘collective failure of procedure and training’ for which ‘no one individual can be blamed’ and from which ‘lessons will be learned’. Then the instruction will be to ‘move on’ with the IRS looking very carefully at anyone who complains too loudly.

  • That’s *Our* money. Meanwhile more Americans go homeless & starve.

  • avasttheliberaldogs

    ….. better place your bets on the submarine USS Economy…… just a matter of time before it sinks to the bottom under Commander OBlamer and Master mate Biden…… can’t fix that big old hole with 18 trillion in reapirs and counting…..

  • oldschool62

    Hey, stop the f’n censoring of comments you sniviling little navy brats.

    First you remove the Maco pun that a person posted.
    Now you remove my comment about the Maco response being removed.
    Shame on you. Just shame on you. We live in a free society (at least we did). It’s too dang bad you don’t like a persons reply. Communists.

    Momma! Momma! They made a funny about us! Mommmmaaaaa!

  • bobclaville

    The drone was way off target. It was intended to find someone we all know, on a beach in Hawaii….or golf course. But the only HOLE IN ONE…was to the ship.

  • captainwash board

    to fix the hole just ask one of the homosexuuall ratings to plug it with his posterior…..that way two holes can be filled ad hoc, you could even offer a ships rosta so the sea cucumber hunters can take turns in doing their servive aboard the USS Glory hole.

  • use2busmc

    A couple sheets of CDX plywood,bondo appropriate fasteners and some gray paint,three coats.Let me see,i can do her for $600.000,US.
    Please sign contract,and e-mail back to mee ASAP.We can start tomorrow!

    • jnsesq

      Lookin’ for a, er, sub?

  • bluzrider

    $30 million going into some hustlers pocket. I wonder what friend of whoever is in charge, is going to get this windfall? And just how much of that will end up in his pocket. The brazen steeling that is going on without any accountability is just amazing.

    The hands in the till are never going to held accountable, but what the he–, it’s the taxpayers money not theirs so who cares? Right? Well I care, but there is only so much one man can do, and I will not go to jail for killing the SOB who is doing the steeling, so I think I will keep my distance from these as-holes.

    • rainwash

      I bet those as-holes can spell “stealing”.

  • taconite

    You’d think a combat ship could take more of a beating then that.

  • CoolHairLuke

    This is not reassuring…

  • hurling

    Target Drones cost a lot of money too. That’s why it got through to hit the ship. Its not really shot down. it’s make believe shooting,.

  • biggerbill

    Can anybody say “sabatage”. Planned and executed to perfection. Some unknown person takes over your drone and flies it into your ship at a strategic
    point. I don’t believe this thing just accidently hit the side of the ship. Hope I am wrong.

  • ssnst

    Thankfully it didn’t have a warhead. The Navy would need a new cruiser.

    • BAM!

      I don’t know if I would go that far. The USS Stark was struck by a missile and was put back into service. A cruiser would fare much better.

      • Ben Russell-Gough

        I’m more worried about the crew-members who would be cooked in the resulting powdered aluminium-fuelled blast furnace.

      • ssnst

        I was being sarcastic sir. I well remember the starke, She took two exocets, I believe only one exploded but the other contributed its fuel. Tough day.

  • AZWarrior

    Doesn’t speak well of that ship’s combat survivability. 🙁

  • Lucky4Awhile

    Oops. Houston’s, we have a problem and it’s our over-reliance on computers, drones and the such to fight our battles for us. At days end, all this gee-whiz technology still relies on a human component, which our so-called leaders in the DOD, both civilian and military, seem to keep failing to comprehend properly.

  • John Wayne

    Dear lord look at that hole and it got hit in the main computer room? That’s like stopping a 1 billion dollar ship with a Daisy Red rider BB gun. No R2D2’s on standby?

  • OldChiken George

    Wow. Didn’t have time to ‘react’….nice. Money spent wisely.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I guess a few short bursts from a couple of 20mm Oerlikons would put the entire US Navy out of commission for years and triple the national debt.

    • BAM!


  • DownTheDrone

    Outstanding! Now the bad guys know exactly what part of the ship to target. Hey guys, take a look at the red circle we’ve provided for you and take aim… Btw, it is obviously heavily armored in that vicinity – hint, hint… And, ahem, sensitive equipment is located right behind the tin-can armor (or lack, thereof)… Pathetic.

    • BAM!

      Do you understand how a missile works?

  • gary lacey

    The damage to the ship exterior is minor. I wonder how much of that $7 mil will find is way to congress, Den of Thugs???

  • Karlos_Danger

    30 million… figures. Only our government could turn a $2,000 dollar repair, into 30 million.

    • mick

      The “Contractors” are the ones to aim at ,they will make the killing not the Government.

  • 1nmdcfivovbty2

    Seems like some dudes in a fishing trawler with .50 cal rifle 2 miles out could pump a few rounds into that superstructure and we would have a floating piece of metal. With cheap and near autonomous drone technology soon to be widely available, I am skeptical that any lightly armored ship is safe.

    • 94c2500

      A slow (subsonic) impact relying only on kinetic energy KILLS this ship?

    • bloodaxe

      One thing that is NEVER allowed to happen in Naval war games is the loss of a carrier. That is impossible. It cannot happen. It just can’t. It would be too horrible.

  • konc1

    I’ll fix that repair for 5 million and probably still pocket 4 million in profits, no wonder this country is bankrupt.

  • mick

    any wonder alleged terrorist beat the entire US Military on 911 ?
    $30 million ,what would a war head have done ?
    Sunk it ?

  • Bill Knievel

    nice- good way to put a target on where the enemy should aim to destroy the computer room- hey let’s circle the spot in red!

    • BAM!

      Do you understand how missiles work?

      • Bill Knievel

        Yes I do- as I worked on USN Missile Launchers- but also the guns, that area is “thin” a few stray rounds from a 50 cal. would easily go through (I saw the results of a 1911 .45 round going through three bulkheads. A missile to that area would not only destroy the computers but possibly sink the ship depending on the amount of charge in warhead

  • Kali

    30 Million?!?!?! Take it to Monster Garage! Jesse James will have that thing fixed up in like 4 hours!!!!


    “Aluminum” armor!

    • Ben Russell-Gough

      Maybe the time has come to consider armouring superstructures if they’re so vulnerable to penetrators. Maybe a composite materials laminate of some sort like the stuff they put on modern MBTs.

    • Ruckweiler

      Is aluminum armor a contradiction in terms?

  • farqhuar

    Maybe this ship deserves the name “Tin Can?”

    • Itypetooslow

      I think the superstructure is “aluminum can”

  • laurie66bay

    Its the TEA Party’s fault (say’s liberals everywhere)

    • Itypetooslow

      … or maybe Phil Robertson’s fault

    • bloodaxe

      Of course it is. And Mr. Bush’s too.

      • Itypetooslow

        … or perhaps the drone was offended by a video it had seen..?

  • Itypetooslow

    I fear that 30 million and 1/2 a year is probably not unreasonable these days and will seem like a bargain in February of 2015 when Chancellorsville again finally puts to sea, $92 million over budget

  • bikerdogred1

    The ship had no time to react,I wouldn’t want to be on that ship in time of war isn’t that what a fighting ship is supposed to do react in an instant.

    • BAM!

      During a test and only tracking a known drone/target do you really think they have every weapon system up? You are stupid.

  • I_Hate_The_State

    Actually the damage was about $300 but the defense contractor who is repairing it needs a new yacht.

  • Trav

    I think we won’t get the story of how this occurred until the investigation is complete. In friendly territory, the CIWS isn’t left in an active state. The reason being is that the CIWS isn’t the smartest platform in the world, it looks for specific criteria like speed and coarse of the object. If it meets requirements it shoots and kills. The motto being “if it flies it dies”.

    In 1987 USS Stark was hit by two Iraqi Exocet missiles (supposed accident). My understanding was that their CIWS was inactive due to it locking up a friendly craft (news helicopters as I recall). That was 37 dead sailors as at least one of the missiles hit the Combat Systems berthing compartment. I was on the same class of FFG.

    And drones do go off coarse, In ’89 we were operating with a battle group in the Pacific. One of the ships we were with was to conduct a test of their CIWS. Sorry I don’t recall the name of that ship. The CIWS took out the guidance system of the drone it was firing on. The drone went off coarse and crossed the bow of the USS New Orleans. The CIWS continued to track and fire on the drone hitting the New Orleans. Needless to say it wasn’t a pretty sight.

    • Ben Russell-Gough

      My concern is that the Chancellorville‘s superstructure was so easily penetrated. If that was a stand-off anti-ship missile or even a remote-controlled IED-equipped aircraft launched by some terrorist, the blast could have disabled the ship and wiped out the entire command crew!

      • Trav

        It’s a trade off the Navy has embraced for years; armor for lighter weight which equates to speed, maneuverability and of coarse cheaper operating costs. The ship I was on you could have fired a .45 through the hull. In a combat zone though, the defensive systems on the ship should be able to protect it.
        But I do understand and agree with your post. There are critical area’s of the ship that should have armor plating. I would love to see the re-commission of the Iowa class battle ships. They make fantastic missile platforms and most anti ship missiles would pretty much bounce off that armor. Someone earlier said something in regards to removing their propulsion plants and installing a nuclear reactor; That would be awesome! Though I know it will never happen. The Navy wants to reduce crew sizes via automation. And they aren’t going to put out a ship with a crew of 1800 unless its a carrier….too bad.

  • BAM!

    Reading these comments from people who have no idea what they are talking about have made me lose a few IQ points.

    • Geoff

      Building a warship out of popcans, placing critical hardware in prominent locations with zip protection, where an accidental strike from an unarmed, relatively slow target drone causes $30 million in damage, requires 6 months out of service, and in combat could likely make the ship a mission kill causes me to lose a few IQ points.

      Do I have any idea what I’m talking about? Absolutely not. But I have to wonder if the Navy does either when I read crap like this, or look at the LCS fiasco. Or, God help us, the Zumwalt multi-billion dollar “shore bombardment” platform, desperately searching for shore to bombard.

      • BAM!

        In the unlikely event that a ship does ever get hit with a missile, it will be a disaster. However, with CIWS, Chaff, NULKA, MK 45 54/5″ and the whole Aegis Suite all online and in an actual weapons posture it would be very difficult for a missile to even get that close. This was a tracking exercise, no weapon systems were online to shoot it down, I also believe $30 Million is a gross over exaggeration. The USS Porter was awarded $50 Million and there was far more damage to that ship than a small hole; far more than a $20 Million difference, anyway.

  • jnsesq

    $30 mill for THAT? Now that’s union wages.

  • joeyblueyes


    • mcian

      I served on two Aegis cruisers… the superstructure where you see the puncture is made of aluminum… so yes… they are in fact tin cans.

  • WrapR

    Civil servants are not dumb ..just armed
    “It s supposed to do that…pass the crack pipe and shut up ”

    Anyone wanna guess where the room for operations was located ?

  • Sammy U

    Start armoring ships agan!

  • Ben Russell-Gough

    Six months for that little hole? A street-corner garage would fix something like that by hammering the metal back out and welding it sound! Shades of the $1,000 toilet seat, methinks!

  • Phil D

    Great! now everyone knows where the computer room is!!!

  • Herbert_Philbrick

    Good thing that was just a harmless target drone. Had it been a warhead… Shazam!

  • Griffin’s Ark

    We just paid 300 million dollars for a computer program that doesn’t work and you guys think 30 million dollars is a lot of damage? The ship defending itself from an actual threat and the ship defending itself from a multimillion dollar drone are two separate things. Firing on the drone would have been like shooting at birds that are flying into your windows in an urban environment. Do that and someone is going to jail. Sometimes you sacrifice yourself for the safety of others.

  • Itypetooslow

    I’ve seen here a lot of comments on here from folks asking if our Navy ready for a conflict with China. From what I have just seen on the news, the Chinese are not even capable of building an ice breaker that can break through Antarctic ice in order to free a Russian ship full of “scientists” studying the effects of global warming on the thinning ice sheets. Considering the way a bureaucracy can turn a snafu into a fubar, I don’t think any one government is more of a threat to our freedom than any other.

  • sctanker

    Anyone remember the Royal Navy and its vaunted ship defenses versus some French made missles about 30 years ago?

    • Ben Russell-Gough

      Yes, tremendously embarrassing and tragic for those who died for it.

      The problem was that the Ministry of Defence had decided that the only airborne weapon likely to be deployed against its’ ships was Soviet stand-off nuclear anti-ship missiles, so the RN’s main anti-air defence system, the Sea Dart long-range SAM, was designed to shoot down high-altitude long-range targets. Unfortunately, the Falklands War proved that the sea-skimming missile and the tactical fighter were more likely threats. Even more unfortunately for the crews in harms’ way, most of the RN’s air defences (and I use the term lightly) were useless against those threats. The fleet’s most modern ships, like the Sheffield, were thus effectively unarmed against the threats they faced in the Falklands War.

      There was also a separate quality-control issue regarding the fire control radar for the more-useful Sea Wolf point-defence SAM. However, that’s more an issue of contractors who pocket huge subsidies (disguised as contract payments) and deliver non-functional trash than anything to do with faulty planning.

      In any case, the whole matter of RN air defence capabilities was hushed up; far too many career-long desk-driver senior flag officers and senior career civil servants were involved to risk the embarrassment of an enquiry into the fiasco. It just goes to show that letting a group of theorists with little or no real-world experience dictate weapon system design is a recipe for disaster. It’s an indication of how totally this “it never happened” policy was applied that the borderline-useless Sea Dart was never replaced and, apart from buying a job-lot of Phalanx CIWS turrets, the RN made no serious attempt to improve the air defences on its alleged-‘escort’ ships. To do so would have been to admit that those senior civil servants and flag officers had been wrong and that would have been politically impossible.

      It also goes to show that a warship or any other integrated weapon system must, as far as possible, be designed for flexibility against all manner of threats, not simply specialised to handle the ones the MoD/DoD thinks are ‘most likely’ to save money. The desk-drivers’ judgement on what is ‘most likely’ is usually completely wrong.

      I’m pretty sure that the USN’s decision-making and planning processes are run in broadly the same way.

  • farqhuar

    Pretty damn embarrassing!

  • me109g4

    Has the Navy ever heard of armour plating?? if that is a sensitive area it should be protected,, call me silly,

  • NavySubNuke

    I had to double check and make sure this wasn’t Dufflebag or the Onion – $30M for an unarmed drone???? Glad to know someone is going to make a pile of money off of this – any bets on how long it will be until whoever approved this contract gets a job with the primary contractor? Good thing all the fraud investigators are busy out in the Pac for a while.

  • Sea Dog

    Work it may, return dividends to the Investors it Must!!!!