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Freedom Back Underway After Saturday Propulsion Failure

 A sailor troubleshoots a ship's service diesel generator aboard the Freedom on July 20. US Navy Photo

A sailor troubleshoots a ship’s service diesel generator aboard the Freedom on July 20. US Navy Photo

USS Freedom (LCS-1) is back underway following a Saturday failure of the ships electrical generators that robbed the ship of propulsion power, Navy officials told USNI News on Wednesday.

According to the service, two of the four of the ships Isotta Fraschini V1708 diesel electrical generators overheated and shutdown. The generators provide electrical power to the ship’s systems that can affect the ship’s propulsion.

“Crew and maintenance technicians replaced turbochargers in NR2 and NR3 ship service diesel generators (SSDG). Fuel oil delivery system components that also contributed to overheating and shutdown were replaced as well,” the Navy said in a Wednesday statement provided to USNI News.

The ship returned to Singapore to conduct repairs before returning to sea on Wednesday.

Officials at Naval Sea Systems Command did not immediately respond to questions on questions if the power loss was an isolated incident or a more systemic problem with the ship class.

The power loss occurred on, “July 20 while making preparations for a vertical replenishment in support of CARAT Singapore. Freedom never lost power, the crew restored propulsion, and the ship completed the vertical replenishment,” according to a statement from U.S. 7th Fleet.

Power loss for ships at sea is not unheard of, but the increased scrutiny on the Littoral Combat Ship program at large and the anticipated release of a highly critical Government Accountability Office report on the program have amplified any problems suffered onboard either Freedom or USS Independence (LCS-2).

Defense News’ Intercepts blog reported Sunday that Independence had a power loss problem in June.

Freedom now plans to rejoin the international CARAT exercise underway in Southeast Asia.

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