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Document: Executive Summary of the LCS ‘Perez Report’

From the Navy’s introduction: In January 2012, the Vice Chief of Naval Operations [Adm. Mark Ferguson] directed that there be an assessment and review of the Navy’s readiness to receive, employ and deploy the littoral combat ship. This document provides a summary of the effort that went into that review.

  • As I have said it many times over, the LCS is and is still a disaster from the day it was drawn on a napkin. The LCS should have been canned and cut the moment the price tag started going up. It’s why Congress needs to grow a pair and tell the US Navy the LCS is getting canceled. The LCS is No frigate or a corvette. Even Corvette ship captains around the world are laughing at us and making jokes out of the LCS in the bar room & Wardrooms & staterooms. Which is why we need to cancel the LCS and move all the remaining LCS money into a high end Multi Role Frigate. Should make a deal with Spain, France or Germany for Multi Role Frigate designs and hire BIW to build them. If were stuck with the LCS, the only thing they should only be replacing is the Cyclone class PC & avenger class MCM. That’s why we need a High end Multi Role Frigate to Replace the Perry’s. If Admiral Greenert is so sure about the LCS is he willing to risk his kids in sailing the LCS into Harms way. Is he willing to allow his kids to work on the LCS.