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Navy to Decommission 7 Frigates, MCM and SSN.

USS Thach (FFG 43) returns to San Diego after completing a six-month deployment in the U.S. 4th Fleet area of responsibility in April, 2013. US Navy Photo

USS Thach (FFG 43) returns to San Diego after completing a six-month deployment in the U.S. 4th Fleet area of responsibility in April, 2013. US Navy Photo

Seven Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates are up for Foreign Military Sale (FMS), according to a list of ships the Navy plans to decommission by the end of 2014.

The list, issued on Wednesday, included a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack boat USS Dallas (SSN-700), minesweeper USS Avenger (MCM-1), an amphibious warship and two Military Sealift Command ships.

Dallas will begin an elaborate decommissioning process, while Avenger will be used for spare parts for the remaining fleet of MCM ships. Oiler USNS Bridge (T-AOE-10) and USS Denver (LPD-9) will be held in reserve status.

The list did not include the Ticonderoga-class cruisers the service planned to decommission by 2015.


  • It’s sad when were decommissioning the Frigates and have no REAL frigate to replace them.

    • Paul Delfin


  • Josh Cohen

    Sad day when USNI reporters promise to pay for articles then don’t. I would not trust this guy.

    • John Flores

      I hear that.

  • Popeye

    You in bed with Norman Polmar and his son Eric Werthheim, too bad they won’t ever help you

  • Paul Delfin

    Is that true that the Philippines are planning to acquire the 7 Perry Class???

    • That’s just a Rumor, and I doubt the Philippines has the experience or expertise in operating a complex Frigate such as the Perrys. The Perrys would more likely go to Thailand, Taiwan or Mexico. The Philippines don’t have any recent Frigate experience and don’t have the technical skills to operate a Perry Frigate.

      • Matty

        You just think. They many professional technicians and many others. Their political leaders are just so corrupt, they dont buy stuff for them.

        • Problem is, that as advance as the Perry FFG’s are, I highly doubt the Philippines have the capability for them. If they were to get them, they would end up being pier side than underway.. The Perrys would more likely go to Thailand, Taiwan than the Philippines. It’s simply put the Philippines do not have the capability to operate the Perry FFG’s. It’s too advance for them and they don’t have any recent Frigate experience to base their knowledge off of.

          • opo

            nicky do not under estimate filipinos. remember 30% of seaman around the world is a filipino… kung wla clang experience pde clang mag training kagaya ng ginwa last year sa frigates n binili ng pinas.. wag k masyadong racist… kung ngagawa ng ibang bansa kaya din ng pinas

          • Here’s the problem, The learning curve would be very steep and the Philippines don’t have any Recent Frigate experience and don’t have any recent experience on advance weapons such as SM-2 Missile, Torpedos, Sonar and Advance radar. So their is no way the Philippines will ever get a Perry FFG at the moment. It’s baby steps, and they need to learn all they can from what they are getting from the USCG prior to getting any advance Frigates.

          • Uglyboy_Tas

            I hate you… but You got a point….. soo that the reason why…. the government bought an old commission ship from US…. many people here dont really understand why the government bought an old ship…. now I know…. yes we have million of seamen but they still have NO Idea how to operate a Frigate…. god damn…. there is a local debate going on about this things…

          • Danilo Credo

            led manpower in the world.

          • The problem is, that your not seeing the reality that a Complex multi Role Frigate such as a Perry class FFG is way over your HEAD. You don’t see that your country does not have the experience to run a Complex Multi Role Frigate and don’t have any RECENT Experience in Running, operating and using a Complex Multi Role Frigate. The only experience you have is Using offshore patrol boats, and that’s not enough to justify in getting Perry class Frigates. Your already got two used Hamilton class Cutters from the USCG and are possibly getting the rest. The Philippines need to learn all they can from the Hamilton class cutters before going on to a Multi Role Frigate. I can’t justify giving a Perry class FFG without any Recent experience in operating Complex Multi Role Frigates. The weapons and systems that are on the Perry class FFG is way to complex for the Philippines at the moment and don’t have the necessary skills to operate a Perry class FFG. The Philippines don’t have the skills or knowledge to operate advance US Sonars, US Torpedo such as Mk 46& Mk 50 Torpeodos. Harpoon missiles and even SM-3 Missiles. At the moment, it’s too early for the Philippines to get a Multi Role frigate. They need to build up their experience before getting an advance Multi Role Frigate. They need to build up their knowledge, skills and experience in operating a Corvette, OPV and a Cutter before taking on a Multi Role Frigate. No country overnight get’s a Frigate without learning how to use what they have now.

          • nildalizada@yahoo.com

            Shut-up SATAN!

          • Whatever loser

          • Gani Garcia

            As long as Filipino sailors can read technical manuals and are willing to learn, that’s not a problem. If ever the Philippines will purchase those ships, the US Navy will surely provide the technical training. Even without those missiles Filipinos can still use it. DAh!

            Missile systems may be the most complex system in a ship, but Engineers design these things to be user friendly so that even a US high school graduate with an average IQ can operate it. Training takes time but it does not mean Filipino sailors are dumb.

            To tell you frankly, America has not even exist yet but Filipinos are already sailing the Indian and Pacific Ocean for centuries. Filipinos are no strangers regarding maritime legacy, read Moby Dick, one character in that book is a Filipino.

          • Uglyboy_Tas

            true…. that probably why the government sent off Workers abroad to learn…..

          • But that’s not enough because unless you have sailed on a Multi Role frigate. You would know how complex they are from their Weapons, right down to their systems. What the Philippine navy has right now, I can’t justify in giving them a Perry class FFG. What they need to do, is learn all they can from the Hamilton class Cutters before getting an Advance Multi Role Frigate. At the same time, upgrade their Hamilton cutters to Light Frigate standard that is similar to the Columbian navy such as the Almirante Padilla-class frigate and the Malaysian Navy’s Kasturi class frigate. The reality here, is that Most defense experts don’t see the Philippines getting a Multi Role frigate anytime soon. It would be more like 10 to 20 years down the road before they get a Multi Role frigate. They need to build up and build up in stages The only experience you have now is Corvette experience and are starting the basics of Frigate operations with the Hamilton class cutters. You need to build up before you can ever get an FREMM frigate or an Inchon class Frigate. Those frigates now, are way too advance for you guys.

          • tilney

            If an american high school graduates are manning the Perry including being missile specialists , mind you some of those are Filipinos before US left the Subic Naval Base in 1991 lot of Filipinos were allowed to join the US Navy and the only requirement is being a high school graduate. We have lots of people who are good in MATH and Physics which are one of requirement in missiles weapon systems. What we need are manuals because we can anything may it be nuclear plants or airplanes. Lufthansa aircraft maintenance group are manned by Filipino Aircaft Engineers and Technicians and Austral builders of littoral ships based in Philippines,the naval/mechanical/electrical engineers and technicians are mostly Filipinos, so do not give us that unsavory descriptions of our capability in handling a Perry.

          • Your simply too delusional to understand that the Philippines don’t have the experience or knowledge to operate Multi Role Frigates. Your basing your so called experiences on Corvettes and OPV’s. Which is why you can’t see reality that your country is not going to get perry class Frigates and they will wind up in Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan or Poland.

          • kyle

            fyi… Philippines have actually considered these types of ships but the only reason why they’re not takin it is that it doesnt meet their needs/wants… this isnt diesel powered! its not about this being “too advanced”… it doesnt matter if its too advanced! these kinds of acquisitions comes with training of the people that are going to man it! even a highly skilled navy such as russia sends its troops to train how to effectively man their newest amphibious ships that is under construction in france right now!

          • Secundius

            If the Russian’s are really get amphibious ship’s from France, I hope they love their new Chauchat quality control.

        • Again, May Filipinos think that you can operate and maintain a Perry class frigate. You all seem to be living in a fantasy and not realize the reality that the US Government is not going to give the Philippines a Perry class Frigate. Us Government doesn’t trust the Philippines with a Perry class frigate and the US Government knows that the Philippines don’t have the skills, experience or knowledge to Operate a Multi Role frigate such as the Perry class Frigates. Those Perry class Frigates will most likely go to Taiwan, Mexia, Poland, Columbia or Bahrain. So you all need to give up on the idea of ever getting the Perry class Frigates cause we all know the Philippines can’t operate, maintain or have the CASH to keep them going.

      • Pepe

        Excuse me Nicky. You are misinformed about the Philippines Merchant Marine sailors manning the VLCC, Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships,Container Ships, LNG Ships all over the world. The Philippines has the biggest advantage in operating any ships since 1960’s up to the present times and the most sailors population all over the world. They are officially called OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers or Philippine Seamen. The Philippines has lots of Nautical and Marine Engineering Schools in Manila and Cebu. Operating a sophisticated ships either Warships or Merchant Ships does not need to be difficult for Filipino sailors. The Philippine Navy can always recruit these ocean going veteran sailors (Navigation Officers, Engineering Officers ) to man the warships. Weapons operations can be best assigned to Philippine Navy officers and Men.Even if you buy a new Frigate warship today, the newly built ship can’t officially sail without training it’s officers and men. It requires 6 to 12 months familiarization, training and operation.

        • Here’s your problem, Your living in a Fantasy thinking that you can get a Multi Role frigate and operate it without training. The REALITY here is that the Philippines HAVE NO RECENT experience in Multi Role Frigate. They don’t have any experience in operating Frigate Weapons and systems. You people live in a fantasy world and not in REALITY.

          • tarugo

            The Philippine is acquiring two new frigates. That alone says that there is no need for recent experience. The OHP-class is an ancient ship compared to what the PN will be getting. What deterred the PN from acquiring the OHP is the fact that it is powered by COGAG turbine engines which are very expensive to operate and maintain. If you will just cite “NO EXPERIENCE”, then your argument is very shallow.

          • Your so call called New Frigate, is nothing more than an OPV rather than a REAL frigate. I have seen the specs for what the Philippines is asking, and I can tell you that it is nothing more than a GUN BOAT OPV.

          • tarugo

            Hi, Nicky. You are making complicated something that can be taught and learned by a normal human being. Operating the ship and its systems will not be a problem as long as there is training. What will be complicated initially is the ability to do repairs which can be covered initially by a maintenance agreement. In several years, you will have a pool of personnel who will gain the skills. Supposing that you are right in your argument, the more that we should get the ships now. Otherwise, we will never be ready.

      • Panelo

        stupid pinoy pride yet again. Its becoming so predictable that anyone who opposes a view of an ignorant masses is automatically a Chinese. What Nicky is trying to point out is that the Perrys are beyond the range of operational experience of the current crew of the PN. No amout of training yet, as of the present, will be able to prepare the PN to handle a complex ship like the OHP Class. Maybe in the future but not now. Your “pride” is being misplaced bordering to yabang and arrogance. Ang btw, mechant marine ships are different from naval military ships. Its like saying that a delivery truck driver can easily operate an Abrams tank with minimum experience.

        • Which is what I have been trying to tell these ignorant pinoy’s. The Perrys are way beyond the scope, range of training and operational experience. They don’t have the skills, training, in-house knowledge and experience to operate the complex systems in the Perry class frigates. On top of that, they are a GASHOG and a maintenance intensive ship. The cost to operate and maintain the Perry’s will drain their operating budget. On average, they cost $16 million dollars a year to operate and maintain the Perry class frigates. No amount of training can prepare them for the Perry class frigates. The Perry class Frigates will wind up going to countries that have experience in Multi Role Corvettes and Frigates, such as Taiwan, Thailand, Columbia and Poland.

    • Uglyboy_Tas

      sad to say its still in a

  • The problem is that the Philippines have no RECENT Frigate experience in operating ships as complex as a Perry class frigate. They have no experience in operating complex electronic systems systems on the Perry’s such as:
    Radar: AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-55, Mk 92fire control system
    Sonar: SQS-56, SQR-19 Towed Array
    SLQ-32(V)2, Flight III with sidekick,
    Mark 36 SRBOC
    AN/SLQ-25 Nixie

    Even complex weapons such as
    RIM-66 Standard missile
    Mark 32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes with the Mark 50 & Mark 46 Torpedos.
    Harpoon missiles.

    So you tell me, dose the Philippines posses the experience to operate those complex systems that are on the Perry Frigate. It doesn’t because Pride is one thing, but not having the technical knowledge is another and one thing the Philippines lacks, is hardcore experience in operating Complex multi Role frigates such as the Perry FFG’s. That’s why countries such as Thailand and Taiwan will wind up getting the 7 Perry’s. It’s cause they have experience in operating complex multi Role Frigates. The Philippines have a long road before they can take on a Multi Role Frigate. It’s why they need to Learn all they can from the Hamilton cutters before getting a Complex multi Role Frigate. The learning curve will be too steep for the Philippines without any experience, institutional knowledge and industrial base to support those frigates.

    • ram

      Nicky is Right @ some point….but its up to the Govt. of Phils. if they really want to operate this multi role frigate they can do it and they have the technical experience to handle this(its just a matter of time) …Why? coz we have a mutual defense with the USA this thing not only covers the visiting agreement per se but also all the modern equipment and technical (sharing)knowledge that Uncle SAM have.. for more than 5 decades….. just like the exchange student so that the Philippines is always updated (even if we dont have the hardware) ……every year we send somebody to USNaval academy and West point Academy and recently the 2012 TopNotch @ the US airforce Academy in Colorado is a Filipino…. try to have a nice joy ride of one of the us naval ship and and a filipino/american will welcome you!

      • I’m right because I know that the Philippines do not posses the experience, institutional knowledge or technical skills to operate a complex Multi Role Frigate. All they have is Off shore patrol Boat experience, and that alone can not be used as the basis for operating a complex multi Role Frigate. Since you guys are getting the Hamilton Cutters, they are perfect to teach you guys the basics and intermediate Frigate ship handling Skills. You can learn all you can from operating the Hamilton class cutters before jumping in on a Multi Role frigate. The experience from operating the Hamilton class cutters can give you the knowledge in operating a complex multi Role Frigate. in the near future. It’s why the weapons and systems alone on the Perry’s will be a very steep learning curve for anyone who has never operated or worked on Multi Role Frigate. The Filipino’s best bet is to upgrade the Hamiltons to a Light Frigate standard and use that for operations and training for future Multi Role Frigates.

        • tarugo

          No, Nicky. You THINK you are right.

          The PN was able to operate the Hamiltons in a very short time. I am sure, we will be able to do the same with a multi-role frigate.

          I AM RIGHT.

          • Your wrong cause the Philippines have NO RECENT experience in Multi Role frigate operations. All the Philippines has is Gun boat experience. They don’t have experience in ASW, ASUW and AAW operations.

          • LinuxChap

            Knowledge is a learning process that needs to be acquired and turn into experiences. I bet you haven’t set foot on a Nimitz class carrier or you got information overload reading too much naval material. To me you sound like a Redneck living up in Smokey Mountain, TN.

            As Tom Watson said THINK.

          • I have set foot on everything from a Nuke SSN to a destroyer. What about you.

          • rmr

            Nice to know you have set foot on almost everything except to the ground.
            If you keep on undermining people’s ability because they do not have this “recent frigate experience” then they will never have any “recent frigate experience” . The key to learning is to having one to learn from. Not some BS coming from you.

          • RyanF1

            ” The key to learning is to having one to learn from.”

            If you haven’t mastered Basic Arithmetic, do you think you can handle Algebra just because you “have” an Algebra Textbook to learn from? Heck, even add an Algebra Tutor, but pretend you’re still really bad at Arithmetic. What would be the result?

            That is what the Hamiltons have to offer, Arithmetic. By comparison all that PN “experience” manning the WW2-era boats amounts to “counting one’s fingers and toes.”
            These OHP-class frigates aren’t even Algebra-level, they’re Trigonometry- and Geometry-level. Destroyers, Carriers and Subs? That’s Calculus.

            Hindi yan “undermining people’s ability”, to say so. It’s an Observation of Fact.

      • tilney

        I just want to laugh how Nicky descibe how complex the operation of a frigate, he thinks Filipinosare idiot not to know how to sail ships which most of the large ships from bulk to LNG tankers are mostly manned by Filipino sailors from Deck Officers, Engine Officers to ordinary sailors. Filipinos need only 2 to 6 months training for any machine /equipment including missiles. We have large graduates of Nautical Courses unlike US navy sailors who are high school graduates. except those graduates from US Navy Academy..So what so special about a frigate.. Large pool of OFW’s Engineers design, commission, test and operate complex industrial /petro chemical refineries in the Middle East including Saudi Aramco, Qatar, Libya, name any place where there Engineers and skilled workers are required and OFW’s will be in that area.

        If you read the a study from US Group , here is what they said about us:The US-based Meta Group ranked the Philippines # 1 in the availability of knowledge-based jobs and workers worldwide. The literacy rate is 94% with 70% English fluency. Over 400,000 college graduates are added yearly including over 105,000 business-related graduates, 32,000 Math and IT graduates and 42,000 Engineering and Technology graduates.

        • RyanF1

          “Large pool of OFW’s Engineers design, commission, test and operate complex industrial /petro chemical refineries”

          Blah, blah, blah, and How many of those OFWs are part of the Philippine Navy? How many of those OFWs imparted their Institutional Knowledge to the Philippine Navy after their OFWs tours were over? Has any OFW “ever” gone and “taught what they know” about said “complex systems” to Philippine Navy sailors as a matter of common practice?The fact is being a Merchant Marine is loads different than being a Navy Sailor, and ewan ko ba why you and your ilk don’t understand that.

          “he thinks Filipinosare idiot not to know how to sail ships”

          The fact is being a Merchant Marine is loads different than being a Navy Sailor, and ewan ko ba why you and your ilk don’t understand that. “Sailing and Getting from Point A to Point B without incident” is not comparable to “Sailing, and Fighting, and Getting from Point A to Point B while using your weapons and avoiding getting sunk in the process.”

          That is what Nicky speaks of when he says Institutional Knowledge, and you don’t have to be a US Navy Sailor to understand that. To say the opposite would be like me, being former US Air Force, saying, “The Philippines has had the longest-serving airline in Asia. Yakan-yaka nila kahit anong bilhin nila sa U.S. Air Force.” Of course PAL and the PAF are two separate things. Even in Aviation, just because you’re rated in one sort of airplane, does NOT mean you’re more-or-less qualified to operate ‘all’ airplanes.

          Running a Modern Navy is at least as complicated as running a Modern Air Force. The AFP is lacking in both regards. What makes you all think it can be solved by a simple process of “Acquisition”? Hindi lang yan malulutas ng pagbibili.

          When the then-new first combat jet fighters were developed (like the P-80 and F-86), even the American (and Russian) Airmen that flew them already had HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of flight hours experience flying and FIGHTING in WWII propeller-driven pursuit/fighter planes (P-40, P-51 later F-81, P-38, etc.).
          When the then-new first jet bomber (B-47) went operational, their crews had the same wealth of experience in prop bombers (B-29, B-36), again from WWII.

          That is what it means to “qualify through training”. They did not buy new toys for new and inexperienced crews to play with and ultimately ruin.

          • Secundius

            @ RyanF1.

            The F-81 was made by Vultee, a turbo-prop fighter. The Nth American F-51 came from the P-51 legacy line of fighters…

          • RyanF1

            That was a typo. I was thinking of the F-82 Twin Mustang. “T’was the weirdest thing I ever saw,” I remember thinking after seeing it on our Parade Ground in Lackland.

          • Secundius

            @ RyanF1.

            Initially built as The North American P-82 Twin Mustang, it was suppose to be a long-range escort for the B-29’s bombing Japan. It’s 2,200-mile range made it a ideal escort. One “draw-back” of the design was while the Navigator/Co-Pilot could fly the plane, he could shoot the guns. The pilot had total control over the guns and bombs/rockets…

    • Philippine Admiral 2


      Currently the Philippine Navy is eyeing 2 newer frigates like that Incheon class from South Korea than that old gas guzzler (Perry Class). It also includes diesel submarines (not before 2020) and LHDs from Indonesia’s PTPal.

      I don’t have doubts the Philippine Navy can operate that piece of machinery because we have what we call “TRAINING” and “NAVAL EXERCISES”.

      It is as if your manifesting it would require a PhD to operate that, implicating that the Filipino sailors can’t operate it even with sufficient training. That gas guzzler is not a SPACE SHUTTLE.

      Knowledge and skill are gained through proper training. Experience is learned through the course of using the equipment over time, regardless if the Philippine Navy doesn’t have any previous Frigate operation experience.

      The Philippines is fast tracking its modernization efforts regarding its Navy due to external threats.

      • Again, you don’t seem to see the problems with getting a multi role frigate without any recent frigate experience.

  • I’m not against the idea. I just think they don’t have any REAL experience in operating a complex Multi Role Frigate. You guys are not ready to handle a Complex Multi Cole frigate. Unless you learned everything their is to handle, operate and employ the Hamilton class Cutters. You not ready to operate a Complex multi Role frigate such as the Perry class FFG. A Perry class FFG is way over your head, and the learning curve will be very, very steep without any prior experience to back it up.

    Face the fact, The Philippine navy does not have the skills, knowledge or experience in handling complex multi role frigates and their weapons systems such as SM-2 Surface to Air Missile systems, Torpedos such as the Mk 50 & mk46, Sonar such as the SQS-56, SQR-19 Towed Array and Advance radar such as the AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-55. You don’t have what it takes, and it will take you years and a decade before you ever get a Multi Role Frigate.

    The only countries that will get a Perry class FFG is Thailand, Taiwan, and possibly Mexico. Both Thailand and Taiwan have Recent frigate experience and know how to operate and use Frigates. Both can show that they can operate and maintain Multi Role Frigates such as the Perry class FFG.

    The Philippines on the other hand doesn’t have any Experience in operating Multi role frigates,and their only experience they are banking on is Corvette, Offshore patrol boat experience. The Philippines do not have experience in working with Missiles, torpedos, Sonar and Advance Air Search Radar.

    You may think it’s being ignorant and hateful, but that’s the Reality that you can’t seem to see. You can’t seem to see how complex a Multi Role Frigate is and how complex their weapons and systems are. I doubt the Philippines have the technical knowledge, skills or expertise in Multi Role Frigates.

    • Philippine Admiral

      Currently the Philippine Navy is eyeing 2 newer frigates like that Incheon class from South Korea than that old gas guzzler (Perry Class). It also includes diesel submarines (not before 2020) and LHDs from Indonesia’s PTPal.

      I don’t have doubts the Philippine Navy can operate that piece of machinery because we have what we call “TRAINING” and “NAVAL EXERCISES”.

      It is as if your manifesting it would require a PhD to operate that, implicating that the Filipino sailors can’t operate it even with sufficient training. That gas guzzler is not a SPACE SHUTTLE.

      Knowledge and skill are gained through proper training. Experience is learned through the course of using the equipment over time, regardless if the Philippine Navy doesn’t have any previous Frigate operation experience.

      The Philippines is fast tracking its modernization efforts regarding its Navy due to external threats.

      • Getting a Multi Role frigate is one thing, but when the bullets, missiles and torpedos start flying from China and you lack the experience to respond and how to employ the multi role frigate. The Rest of the world is clearly going to see the failures in the Philippines.

        • judefawley

          I totally disagree with you Nicky. The Philippines are already bidding for 2 brand new modern frigates, modern than Perry Class. If the Philippine Navy cannot handle multi-role frigates, why is it buying brand new frigates?

          • Which will be dwindled down to cheap gun boats without Frigate weapons, all cause your corruption has bankrupt the country.

          • judefawley

            You exaggerate too much the qualities for operating modern frigates. With considerable training any country can operate modern frigates. It’s not like Quantum Physics or Astronomy. Of course when the Philippines get the brand new frigates, it’ll include there the constant training of their sailors. There will be a constant Navy exercises with the Philippines and the US. The brand new frigates that the Philippines will be getting( Incheon Class is my bet) will be equipped with modern weapons. Stop exaggerating.

          • I highly doubt that.

          • Bendo rodriguez

            Come on people…this is why they are decommissioning..FFG are too old..we are going into high tech ships.

          • Secundius

            @ Bendo rodrigues.

            Then give them tp the Ukrainian’s, they need them far worse than any other navy. If their going to “turn the tide” with the Russians.

          • It’s cause the Philippines don’t even have $16 million dollars to budget for 1 years worth to operate, Maintain and crew the Perry class frigate.

          • tilney

            Hi Chinks , you are not an american as you like to project! hah..hah hah ..that’s why you are adamant about Filipinos capability to handle a OHP which is just piece of cake for skilled Filipinos..

          • Just another delusional fantasy living Filipino who doesn’t know any better

          • tilney

            Yes, I think I am more capable than your expertise..Hah we Filipinos are skilled engineers, technicians from oil and lng on shore/off shore facilites in Middle East including USA why not check Texas how many Filipinos are working in said State .. So do not reason , I think 20% of US Navy manpower are Filipinos..To be in the navy you need only to be a high school graduate including those categorise as Specialist.

          • let’s see, do you know how much it really cost to Operate the Perry class frigates. I don’t think you Pinoy’s have the Cash to operate the Perry class Frigates.

        • romeo sanga

          Problem of a know-all-expert is underestimating IQ and capabilities of other nationals particularly Filipinos. Filipino soldiers, seamen, airforce men and marines are at least high school graduates, can read and write in English. Manuals are in English, reason why Filipinos can easily adapt to training in English.

        • tarugo

          That is why there is a thing called “TRAINING”. The PN will eventually get a multi-role frigate and will face the experience-related difficulties. But that is part of the learning that the PN will undergo. How do you think Thailand got the experience? By acquiring a frigate. You have to start somewhere. Otherwise, you will never have the experience.

          • Dude, do you not understand that America dose not trust the Pinoy’s with American ships such as the Perry class Frigates. We don’t trust the Pinoy’s because it’s known that Pinoys have a history of Corruption and reselling of American military gear on the Black Market. The cost of operating one alone will drain you budget. The Perry class frigates are a Gas hog and high maintenance ships that are too expensive to maintain and operate. For a Poor country like the Philippines, they don’t have the CASH or BUDGET to operate and maintain a Perry class Frigate. Those Perry class Frigates will wind up in the hands of Taiwan, Thailand or even Poland. Where they have REAL Experience, knowledge and skill to operate a Multi Role Frigate.

  • jojo gem

    @Nicky ..hmmm i think you’re chinese we know we can handle those frigates and if you’re pro-china you really be weary…hehehe we’re ready to fight!


    They Just lost the USS Guardian MCM 5. Is that not enough parts for the rest of the MCM Fleet? Do we really Need to decom the Avenger???? Seems like the more we decom the weaker we get in my opinion…..

  • Jim Hannon

    Where will they decomm Avenger MCM1 I pre-comm her in 87

  • Secundius

    Transfer the Frigate(s) and the Minesweeper(s) to the Ukrainians, they need them and they need them badly!

  • Secundius

    An modern naval ship using gas-turbine engines, Can consume All Diesel Fuels, Bio-Diesel Fuels, JP-8 Jet Fuel, No. 2 Crude Oil, Paraffin, Peanut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Kerosene Natural Gas, Hydrogen Gas, Methane Gas, etc. etc. So the Philippines claims of wanting only Diesel Engines, just somehow doesen’t make sense.

  • Secundius

    If the Filipino’s don’t keep pace and except advanced technology, Then Countries like Mainland China, are going continue to walk all over them.

  • morris adams

    i served with the 40 45 47 and 49. makes me sad to see em go. good memories, good times. my ship, also in charleston (at the time), was torp’d and made a reef in 04. makes me sad to realize how old i am! these were good ships. the navy’s first class of ”hit n run” style naval warfare. yep…… good times. hmm, i think i got something in my eye!

  • Pepot

    @Nicky & Panelo. You guys are barking the WRONG TREE. PHILIPPINE SAILORS were manning world’s advanced Super Tankers, Container Ships, LNG Ships, Cargo Ships, Cruise Liners, Ocean Tugboats even Super Yachts. This is the only country in the world with high populations of SAILORS and Ship’s Captains eclipsed only by Indonesia. Super Tankers and Cruise Ships are the most sophisticated ships to operate. You can ask Greeks, Norwegian, Germans, Japan, Panama, Denmark, Saudi Arabia owned SHIP OWNERS and they will tell you their ships are crewed by Philippine Sailors. Warships are not that sophisticated to maintain and operate except firing and maintaining the weapons on board. In terms of UN DOCKING, DOCKING, NAVIGATION, ENGINE ROOM OPERATION & MAINTENANCE, OCEAN NAVIGATION, THOSE ARE NOTHING NEW TO AN EXPERIENCED FILIPINO DECK AND MARINE ENGINEERS. The only training they need is how to AIM, FIRE AND MAINTAIN new sophisticated missile weapons on board except SIDE ARMS, STANDARD CANNONS, and MACHINE GUNS. Philippine Sailors always ready to go on board and operate any type of ships at job contract notice. Other countries even the U.S. have to train their sailor in a year before allowing them to work on board. In the Philippines, sailors have their popular motto of being TOUGH, OCEAN TESTED and CAN DO ATTITUDE every time they went on board for a YEAR CONTRACT.They considered the ship as their second home away from home.