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Retired Admiral and Biofuel Fan Nominated to be Navy Energy Chief

Retired Vice Adm. Dennis V. McGinn speaks at the Earth Day Rally in Washington, DC, April 22, 2012. Earth Day Network Photo

Retired Vice Adm. Dennis V. McGinn speaks at the Earth Day Rally in Washington, DC, April 22, 2012. Earth Day Network Photo

The Obama administration has selected a renewable energy advocate and retired admiral to be the Navy’s new energy chief, according to an announcement from the White House.

Retired Vice Adm. Dennis V. McGinn — former president and chief executive of the American Council of Renewable Energy — has been nominated to be the Navy’s assistant secretary for energy, installations, and environment.

The vocal advocate for renewable energy resources — if confirmed by the Senate — will head the office in charge of maintaining naval installations, the Navy’s environmental programs and, “conservation of natural and cultural resources,” according to office’s website.

The Navy has come under fire from lawmakers over its ongoing pursuit of renewable jet and ship fuel derived from algae and camelina plants.

The experimental fuel —bought in limited quantities — costs $26 a gallon compared to $3.60 for conventional fuel, according to 2012 information from the Navy. The service spends about $4 to 5 billion on fuel a year to power its ships and aircraft, according to Navy budget documents.

Last year the Senate allowed the Navy to continue tests of its biofuel program under Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus so-called “Great Green Fleet,” initiative after a contentious debate.

In response to the Navy’s plans, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told Mabus the pursuit of the fuels was a, “is a terrible misplacement of priorities” in a July 2012 letter.

McGinn has been a vocal supporter of consumer biofuels in the past.

During his time in the service, McGinn served as a naval aviator and retired as the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfare Requirements and Programs at the Pentagon.

  • Marcd30319

    That’s just great! At a time when the Navy’s budget is shrinking, the deployment of our carrier strike groups are deferred, and our fleet is aging and getting smaller, the most important thing is going green with $26 per gallon fuel.


    Another red banner day for the U.S. Navy. Anchors aweigh!

  • Marcd30319

    That’s just great! At a time when the Navy’s budget is shrinking, the deployment of our carrier strike groups are deferred, and our fleet is aging and getting smaller, the most important thing is going green with $26 per gallon fuel.


    Another red banner day for the U.S. Navy. Anchors aweigh!

  • Shanghied1

    What a Crock!

  • JerkyMiester

    Yes. This is what we need. A military that fuels it’s equipment with
    algae waste. God save us from this administration!

  • GOPcongress

    I can hardly wait to see the first Windmill-powered aircraft carrier, of which aircraft are fueled by corn husks and unicorn farts.

    • PittsburghTiger

      Didn’t they have something like that in the last Around the World in 80 Days movie…? The one with Jackie Chan.

  • Couranto

    Another looney tune appointment.

  • Yankeelouie

    Back to rowing skiffs, pedal power subs and sailing ships in the 21st Century. What is a carrier deck for except to hold solar panels?

  • saberzedge

    More proof that Obama’s goal is to bankrupt the country and liberalism in a mental disease.

  • eeddggy

    This should bode well for America. sarc/

  • eeddggy

    Hey I’ve got it. Waterwheels. Has that ever been tried? Windmills are a cutting edge idea also.

  • SamVaughn

    Any doubt that today’s left is filled with insanity has been erased. On the backs of taxpayers their experiments continue. The largest socialist project so far conceived, The Cultural Revolution was meant to transform how the Chinese lived, it killed 20mm people…..

  • strongmind

    it is hard for me to fathom how in four short years, every screwball from the progressive green energy left is connecting to government to make lots of money and the working people of this great land are losing their jobs, being downsized to part time, or finding themselves unmarketable. Yet, all those connected to obama are looking to become mini Al Gores.

  • SamVaughn

    Ethanol is jet fuel,,,, nothing like a pitched dogfight and your jets sputter and shut down.

    • BananaCharger

      As long as they don’t pollute the lib nutjobs don’t mind.

  • Steve Black

    So how much do these free enterprise types in the Obama administration have invested in biofuels to sell to the Navy? More crony capitalism is not capitalism.

  • Lex

    I wonder if the Chinese are investing in biofules for their navy? Some how I doubt it.

  • robertludlum

    Poppycock! It’s the new Navy folks! Get onboard! The nation is teetering on bankruptcy and the taxpayer is forced to pay for yet another subsidized attack on capitalism. Free our existing energy sources and the matter is solved. By the way, nice to see the good admiral celebrating Earth Day, founded on the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth, which Khrushchev officially declared to be an annual global celebration of the Communist International. This social engineering and politicization of the Navy has been going on since Tailhook. The downward spiral continues. The new mindset; cut some more manpower to pay the bill.

    • BananaCharger

      Just because he’s an admiral doesn’t mean he isn’t as dumb as a box of rocks.

  • saberzedge

    Big Brother is watching & comments are rapidly being deleted here.

    • eeddggy

      They probably have roomfuls of Indoctrinated young fools following every article posted on Drudge. And we probably pay for them.

      • clevonlittle

        indoctrinated old fool in the picture………….

    • Barry Soetoro


      • I second that, all in favor say aye.

        • KarlJay


  • FedUp Express

    $26/gal fuel is a major waste of the taxpayers’ money! You want renewable fuel? Once it gets down to $4/gal unsubsidized, then you can use it!

    Now have a Great Navy Day!

    • SWDC

      “However, McGinn is resolute in his conviction about the “perishability” of
      stealth. “If you try to place your mission effectiveness too much in one specific area, you can get yourself in a situation where, if the enemy comes up with a countermeasure … you really have to spend a lot of money and really make some compromises in how you employ your forces,” he maintained.”

      airforcemag March

      • des111168

        Well, he was right about that, at least.

  • rainesson

    What’s the matter with you, Marc D? Don’t you understand THE PLANET IS AT STAKE! Sheesh. Check out his T-shirt . . .

    EARTH: Too Big To Fail.

    Mankind is an Ant on this planet, take that back, the Ants are more powerful.

  • jerryhulick

    It’s a shame that he didn’t just reitire and go farming or what ever. No this jerk decides to put his hands in bambi’s pants and yell ” I love you”

    • eeddggy

      You’ve made Reggie jealous.

  • eeddggy

    Hamsters. Let’s give them a try. It’s as good as the rest of the lame brain Lefty ideas.

  • Christopher Calder

    Biofuels are a global crime and a disaster. Biofuels increase greenhouse gas release, deforestation, water pollution, and topsoil erosion. Obama jumped on the biofuel bandwagon to get the farm vote and win the Iowa Caucus. Global biofuel production has killed more people worldwide through malnutrition and related illness during the last 20 years than all wars and acts of terrorism combined.

    Please see the YouTube video, BIOFUELS, WINDMILLS, AND WAR, at:

  • bobclaville

    Just another of the many steps Obama and the Socialists are taking toward ruining our military. One step at a time for Obama toward an ALL GAY, FEMALE wussy military no ENEMY will ever fear again.

  • As recently as 2008 the good Admiral was a corporate officer for the Battelle Organization, which among other things sells “Bioenergy” technologies. Conflict of Interest?

    • BananaCharger

      No such thing for lefties, they care sooooo much, don’t you know.

  • nickshaw

    The Navy switched from wind power to coal and oil power because it was faster and cheaper (time is money).
    So it made sense.
    Tell me what the advantage is switching to bio-fuels.
    It doesn’t make the Navy any faster and it’s much more expensive.
    Are sails far behind?
    All for the false god of CO2 reduction.

  • Billie

    Just what we need, another nut behind the wheel!

  • remoteswitch

    And the theft and destruction of our nation continues at breakneck speed. If the Neo-LibZ take the House in 2014, there won’t be anything left in 2016.

  • dhdjdjnd

    just another liberal A S S H O L E

  • Stuart (Austin, TX)


  • Barry Soetoro

    Another Stupid SOB—just lak John McCain.

  • secret weapon

    The face of everything wrong with government. Self serving jack nozzle.

  • DaveLCAC

    I met VADM McGinn in the past when he was DCNO and he seemed somewhat intelligent. I guess retiring and chasing a gold ring with your 3 stars will make you sell your soul. That said, if we really need alternative fuels for our country’s security, which is not the case today, Algae and seeds will never provide the volume needed without stripping all current farm land to produce. He knows this. Look into trees/timber by product as a biofuel if you are serious.

  • Joltin Joe

    Who’s family/friend owns the plant that makes this $26 a gallon fuel. Follow the money trail, this isn’t to save the world.

  • mmmilesll

    The clown aka community organizer keeps proving how out of touch he is.

  • Employed101

    Great waste of time – bio-fuels.

    However reducing energy consumption on all the shore installations is a good idea

    The navy does have a great self-help energy saving program…costs next to nothing and reaps fuel re-allocation enough savings to run 60 DDG-51 class for 1 year

  • SWDC

    “We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty.”

    Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

  • So where is all this grain coming from? All I hear is people are starving so we are going to grow enough grain for both food and fuel? What happens if global warming, cough, cough, causes massive droughts and crops die off? Not only will there be food shortages but fuel as well. Morons……………

  • janderson4795

    Another liberal whacko.

  • Johnnie Flukie Redding

    Hey ya olde fart, no one gives a damm about your dumb ideas of turning food into fuel.

  • Alohajonny

    Back to sailing vessels

  • MacDaddyWatch



  • ImJustAGuy

    Obama is determined to destroy the USA!!!!

  • TruthandtheAmericanWay

    Well nothing strange here – a lib with a great pension back on the taxpayers rolls whose only goal is to up the cost of operations with the ultimate goal of reducing the military to a local boy scout troop (nothing against the BS) logistically. I just love it when a plan comes together – NOT!!! Another BS move by the king of BS moves. How does that saying go, if you’re going down it will start inside and work out, seems like the screws are turning that way now….

  • Seawater… occasionally, make its way past all the seals (despite a nearly perfect design) and corrodes something you were supposed to keep safe and corrosion free on the inside…

    WHY… is it always an “Admiral”???? WHY….????

    Zumwalt, YOU JE… pft…

    never mind…

  • Axes2

    As reported in Science Daily, “New research links gradual greening of arid areas like Australia’s outback to increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide.” Oooops, greening, that is good isn’t it? Understand the Libs are green with envy over this resulting in the greening of environmentalist’s wallets.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Well, well, well….now we know why the US Navy has been fueling their fleet with $40.00 per gallon green energy bio fuel instead of $4.00 diesel like any reasonably intelligent group would !

    This is Obama destroying America from the inside out!

  • nw_traveller

    Adm McGinn was the Commanding Officer of the USS Ranger (CV 61) when I was aboard and was terrific. However, He’s not CO anymore and is too biased to be nominated. But this is Obama’s pick and as with all things, Obama, it’s always agenda over balance. And biofuel ain’t cheap. That makes sense too, from the Obama side of the fence. Maybe this add’l cost will force a downsizing of the military, another O goal.

  • TxSon

    When biofuels actually make sense private industry will develop it and make it affordable. I like the idea of affordable biofuels. Then again, I like the idea of winning the lottery.

    • eeddggy

      Yeah, but if the Government came up with it, they can charge us through the nose to pay for school kids Greek Yogurt.

  • Draebe Killas

    If the US Navy were to bring all of its ships and submarines into port and line them up end to end, we would literally be able to block the eastern seaboard with a wall of naval steel.

    Please, keep worrying about how “small” our fleet is, though. Its good for a laugh. EVERY YEAR we spend as much on our military as the next 14 highest military spending countries COMBINED.

    • SWDC

      Read what Draebe KIllas wrote 19 days ago….

      “Bombing IS terror, and America sets off a whole lot more bombs in
      foreign territory, causing terror, than the “terrorists” do in America.”

      Any questions?

    • Ylc Bullets

      Not sure what your point is. BTW your “wall of ships” would only be 250ish long. Want to try again on your math, genius?

      • Marcd30319

        That’s Dweeb Killus for ya — a genius and legend in his own mind!

  • South Carolina Retired Army

    Why not just go back to sailing ships? And now in the news there is a solar power aircraft. That should make the green crowd happy.

  • bkhuna

    Another rear-echelon-mother-fracker in the Pentagon.

  • eeddggy

    Horses. Now that will serve us well. We can call our Military the “Horse Calvary” and give them really sharp swords. Into the future………..

  • Nixonfan

    Biofuels have no valid public policy purpose. They raise food prices and create pollution when burned. If there is some sort of problem with petroleum, then use LNG. It’s cheap, plentiful and made in America.

  • StuPedasso

    Don’t forget the additional costs of delivering fuel to remote and forward bases around the world that can (an does) bring the cost of a regular gallon of D2 or JetA to over $30/gallon. Add the cost of the green goblin fuel and you could see overall budgeting hit closer to $60 plus per gallon.
    Now that there is some serious government budgeting for you.

  • eeddggy

    Electric Cars are another great hope for Lefty Loons.

    The fuel for these autos comes from pixie dust and the dead batteries just disintegrate without any consequence to the Earth.

  • Sunfighter

    Oh goodie, another radicalist loon getting wedged into a high position of power to make every bodies lives worse at the expensive of his personal agenda, lovely.

  • Christopher Calder

    The renewable energy fad is a global disaster, not a solution to any human problem. Only hydroelectric and geothermal power have value for LARGE SCALE energy production. The politically motivated biofuel scam is a global disaster that has already killed more people over the last 20 years than all wars and acts of terrorism combined during the same time period. The higher the cost of food, the more people die. When you die of malnutrition or related illness you do not bleed, but you are as dead as if you were shot in the back of the head. Most biofuel victims are children under the age of 12.

    Please Google the YouTube video, BIOFUELS, WINDMILLS, AND WAR

  • eeddggy

    I’ll tow the “battleships” to port with my gas powered Boston Whaler. Hopefully, I can get the insane prices our Government pays for everything, with our money.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Another liberal suck-a$$ who needs to be fired in the next adminstration.

  • seanmahair

    Yeah putting this tree hugging hippie in charge of the Navy is like putting a socialist, anarchist in charge of the count………………oh never mind.

  • karl

    that is one way to keep the ships in port.

  • BananaCharger

    Where does one administration find so many dumba$$e$?

  • vegasdomar

    Just what we need. Another enviro nut case, to put more people out of jobs, and take our food supply down to the level of a 3rd. world country eating rice, while the leaders suck down Lobster and Kobe steak.

  • jackejack

    Never thought I’d say this but, I would try to talk my children out of joining the military if they expressed an interest.

  • vegasdomar

    We won’t even have enough flour to make tortillas to help feed the illegals being brought in to use up the rest of our resources.

    • Falconflight

      Ethnic cleansing is the bottom line for the Leftists.

  • KarlJay

    Do you want a stealth method to destroy the flying skills of Naval Aviators? Simple, make the fuel so expensive that there will be virtually zero hours of training flights. Do these idiots know how much fuel goes out the tailpipe when the burners are lit? I’m beginning to think they don’t…

  • Ron Cole

    This smells as nasty as an entre of fried demo-fecal prepared by the curtsying queen
    ∅’Blamer the re-distributor’s cuisine dominatrix.
    Which pResident anointed this wacko squid?

  • Falconflight

    I’m sure glad my service predated these corrupt, clueless beasts driving this institution into the dustbin of history. I’d not encourage anyone to serve the Empire.

  • Cause that is what we need from the Obama regime: MORE HAIRBRAINED IDEAS! not.

  • desselle0010

    Biofuel is a joke, In order to produce enough fuel to run the navy in bio-fuel you would have to have an algae farm the size of Texas. You then have to use fuel to HEAT the algae in order for it to produce liquid fuel. JOKE JOKE JOKE. These people are brain dead and are living in a dream.

  • Guest22323

    Another Solyndra in the making. Sure, why not spend $26 for something that actually costs $3.60. Can’t see a problem with that.
    OR!!!!….. Maybe, just MAYBE….. we could drill for oil in America! (GASP!)
    The American military has been infiltrated by radical liberals at the highest levels. That’s why they’re attacking people for their religion too.
    The military used to be HATED by the radical left wing in this country (remember “baby killers!” after Vietnam?). Now they seem to LOVE the military. And nobody is asking “Why?” Come on people!! Wake up!!!

  • Tomas Cruz

    He will have a great revelation, lets put sails on battle ships and carriers!

  • eeddggy

    I remember when the Navy employed real and rational men. Is he part of the homosexual movement that is taking control?

  • Bisley

    How did this guy ever get three stars? The military is being destroyed by politicians promoting and appointing their supporters (and unscrupulous suck-ups who will go along with anything to advance their careers) to the highest levels of command. Suppose we “sequester” this fairy fuel and save the taxpayers a few billion$ with petroleum?

  • des111168

    And they wonder why anyone O7 up is considered a politician first and flag/general officer second.

  • Cl1ffClav3n

    Has Steve Jobs been exhumed (photo)?

    McGinn’s statements and work at CNA and ACORE reveal he has not ever dived below the level of conventional wisdom in researching the issues of alternative energy. He’s is a post-military version of Bob Dineen lobbying for something that sounds good without having done the math to find out how the costs and benefits truly stack up.

    The Center for Naval Analysis (CNA), where he cut his teeth on alternative energy issues, seems to have become a political lobbying extension of the current administration instead of doing good scholarship—particularly on the issue of energy and national security. Their earlier paper on climate change that involved McGinn and their latest paper put out in partnership with RUSI are both unworthy of the title of an
    “analysis.” The most recent effort is so one-dimensional and cliché and out of date I believe even Michael Mann would cringe.