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Document: Naval Power Roadmap

Naval Sea Systems Command’s Electric Ships Office released its May roadmap to develop improved electrical systems in the U.S. Navy’s current fleet and future ship designs. The document outlines the types of technologies available today and explores future concepts powering not only onboard systems but the drive trains of ships themselves.

From the document: The purpose of this Naval Power Systems (NPS) Technology Development Roadmap (TDR) is primarily to align electric power system developments with war fighter needs and to enable capability based budgeting. Additionally, this NPS TDR is intended to:
– Establish planning information in order to provide appropriate, mature technologies to meet platform timelines
– Establish a common thread for electric power systems requirements across Navy platforms
– Guide Navy and DoD investments in electric power technologies and products
– Develop common terminology and increase communication with industry
– Influence investments by other government agencies, academia and private industry