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Report: U.S. and New Zealand Forming Closer Ties

From the March, 8 Congressional Research Service report titled, New Zealand: U.S. Security Cooperation and the U.S. Rebalancing to Asia Strategy.

As part of its strategy to rebalance toward Asia the Obama Administration has greatly expanded cooperation and reestablished close ties with New Zealand. Changes in the security realm have been particularly notable as the two sides have restored close defense cooperation, which was suspended in the mid-1980s due to differences over nuclear policy. The two nations are now working together increasingly closely in the area of defense and security cooperation while also seeking to coordinate efforts in the South Pacific.

  • phduquette

    OK, so we let NZ ships into our ports…..now, have they changed their policy to keep our nuclear powered and/or armed sips into their ports? Did NOT see anything in this paper to answer that basic question. WHY?