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Poll: Pentagon Should Bear Most Deficit Cuts

DoD Photo

DoD Photo

The majority of American voters say cutting national debt should come more at the expense of military spending not less from social programs, according to a poll from The Hill released on Monday.

Though respondents said that both domestic and military programs could stand to be reduced, military programs deserved to be cut at a greater percentage.

“Forty-nine percent of respondents said they would support cutting military spending, while just 23 percent said they would support slashing Social Security and Medicare. An overwhelming majority, 69 percent, said they would oppose cuts to social programs,” reported The Hill.

The findings come ahead of the Friday deadline for sequestration cuts that would reduce the military’s budget by 10 percent within the current fiscal year.

The poll was conducted on Feb. 21 from a sample of 1,000 likely voters.

  • Teaparty01

    Really very unfortunate although I would like to see how the poll was worded.
    This certainly makes the case for secession as voters don’t seem to care about the reason government exists.
    A commander of mine once said that many people only want three hots and a cot; seems like that number is growing.
    So be it; time to part ways.

  • CJ

    Too bad these people don’t realize that the US could eliminate the ENTIRE military budget and we would still have a massive problem because of the social programs. Sad.

  • Army Brats

    Wow shocking that the american people prioritize fulfilling the promises to retirees who have been paying into social security and medicare their entire lives. Obviously that money should go towards air conditioned tents for our soldiers to sit in comfortably while they drop million dollar bombs on thousand dollar toyota pickups.

    • rotorhead1871

      not really….BTW we can carpet bomb ….very economically…..

  • rotorhead1871

    too much food stamps, SSI, disability….and all the other stuff other than actually paying of retirements earned and medicare earned…all gov charity needs to come out of another pot, NOT SS or Medicare….