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Navy: Lincoln Refueling Delayed, Will Hurt Carrier Readiness

The aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) are in port at Naval Station Norfolk, Va. US Navy Photo
The aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77), USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) are in port at Naval Station Norfolk, Va. US Navy Photo

The U.S. Navy will delay the refueling of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) for an unknown period because of the uncertain fiscal environment due to the ongoing legislative struggle, the service told Congress in a Friday message obtained by USNI News.

Lincoln was scheduled to be moved to Huntington Ingalls Industries’ (HII) Newport News Shipyard later this month to begin the 4-year refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) of the ship.

“This delay is due to uncertainty in the Fiscal Year 2013 appropriations bill, both in the timing and funding level available for the first full year of the contract,” the message said.
“CVN-72 will remain at Norfolk Naval Base where the ships force personnel will continue to conduct routine maintenance until sufficient funding is received for the initial execution of the RCOH.”

Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) chairman of the House Armed Services Seapower subcommittee released a statement denouncing the need for decision.

Forbes called the delay, “another example of how these reckless and irresponsible defense cuts in Washington will have a long-term impact on the Navy’s ability to perform its missions. Not only will the Lincoln be delayed in returning to the Fleet, but this decision will also affect the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) defueling, the USS George Washington (CVN-73) RCOH, and future carrier readiness.”

View RCOH in a larger map

The move by the navy is the second this week involving funding for carriers. On Wednesday it announced it would delay the deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) to the Middle East do to the ongoing budget strife bringing the total number of carriers in U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) to one until funding normalizes.

“Canceling and deferring maintenance creates a significant backlog of deferred maintenance and affects future year schedules and cost, as well as future readiness,” said Lt. Courtney Hillson, a Navy spokesperson.
“The fiscal uncertainty created by not having an appropriations bill — and the measures we are forced to take as a result, place significant stress on an already strained force and undermines the stability of a fragile industrial base.”

The delay in the RCOH for the Lincoln translates into a carrier that will be undeployable for the foreseeable future. It is ‘not possible to restore,’ the carrier to active service without the $3.3 billion overhaul, Hillson said.

Under the current Continuing Resolution (CR), the Navy is $1.5 billion short on its accounts. Combined with coming sequestration in March the number grows to $9 billon for FY 2013, according to Navy documents.

The Navy had budgeted $92 million for the Lincoln refueling in its FY 2012 budget.

Each Nimitz-class carrier undergoes a refueling and complete overhaul at the halfway point in its 50-year service life.

HII said the company is, “disappointed with this turn of events,” and said the delay, “is the direct result of the lack of a defense appropriations bill,” HII spokesperson Christie Miller said in a statement.

“This is not a cancellation of the Lincoln’s RCOH at Newport News Shipbuilding,” Miller said.
“We intend to continue our efforts on the ship at the Navy base in Norfolk and will work to make as much progress as possible, as efficiently as possible, prior to its arrival.”

  • laker12

    This is how China will win global dominance, the U.S. will simply be unable to afford to be in the game, just like the U.K., France, Russia, and many other countries before them.

    • Citizenright

      This part of the leftists’ plan to weaken America.

    • Right_2_Bear_Arms

      Welcome to the new United Socialistic States of Amerika

    • BobCinGA

      That is by design by the way. The communist Democrats up to and including Obama have found a way to destroy our military that even China could not achieve. By spending this nation so deep into a hole, we cannot afford to fund a strong military, one of the few things the Constitution explicitly calls out as the responsibility of the Federal government.

      • alnga

        all part of the CLOWARD-PIVEN economic plan.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        All liberals are the same. At a local level, when they want to squeeze you for more taxes they always cut police and fire dept’s first. They want to punish you for not giving them more money. This is the same strategy. Instead of cutting waste, they cut the things that American WILL actually support and pay for.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Isn’t that what Reagan did to the Soviets?

    • Scott Nudds

      Correct. Borrow and Spend Republicans have bankrupted America out of the game.

  • Citizenright

    This is complete bllsht. The USS Eisenhower returned from the Persian Gulf early in December, at a time when tensions were rising there and leaving us with only One Carrier in the area. In Dec and most of Jan we had ONE carrier battle group at sea.

    This is just another political pawn used by this corrupt Administration to spend more money.

  • bvikay

    This is not a budget problem. It is a leadership and management problem! How sad our military has come to this.

    • Kirbyman

      ….and you bet the sweet patooty (SIC?) that Chuck Hagel can grab the reins and fix this in a New York minute

      • “The Messiah” KING OBONGO and his leftist LOONs, are cutting the military in numerous ways, and at an accelerated speed, during a time we are at war on terrorism !!

        He would rather give his loyal lemmings freebees than protect the country.

        He has to be STOPPED !!!

      • alnga

        He is preparing to pull out of the run.

    • thank obama

    • BobCinGA

      Welcome to Obamaland!

      • Scott Nudds

        Welcome to the era of Republican budget Cuts.

  • OMG if you believe this you must have voted for Obama..or Romney

  • TomGenin

    Uh, should 5 Carriers really be parked in the same lot?

    • Overfiend Farker

      I am pretty sure security – including air defenses are a bit tighter than Pearl Harbor in 1941.

      But then again, look at the USS Cole, etc.

      • Dewreck

        Eggs and baskets.

      • john_koenig

        A dirty bomb in the back of a box truck does not approach from either air or sea.

        • interventor

          Then, breakout the protective suits and high pressure hoses and washvoff the radiation.

          • Republicrat666

            lol yes let’s pollute the Atlantic Ocean with that filth…

          • interventor

            No, just set up sluices to trap the contaminated particles with filters. Standard practice for years.

      • texanarch

        which was another cia orchestrated psyop.

      • alnga

        A Russian attack sub was just off our Gulf coast and they had to tell us later that they were there…we confirmed it and our coast guard had no idea what was going on.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Look at who’s allegedly running the country.

      • Yuriko

        A single cruise missile can take them all out.

    • mrcyberdoc

      Guess they haven’t visited Pearl Harbor lately

      • joedoakes202

        They are covered by an assortment of defenses. As for the not being able to gas up. I certainly know how that feels; as does the rest of America under Mr. Obama’s poor leadership.

        • Oh. what defense do they have against an ICBM?

          • Casca

            Obama’s harsh words ?

          • Daniel Martin Gray

            Well, SEQUESTRATION was our DEAR LEADER’S idea.

            Think MAYBE this was an INTENDED CONSEQUENCE?

            WOULD give our “Allies” in China and the Rising Caliphate some “breathing room”.

            ANOTHER reason to delay and forestall Fracking and Keystone, which, if implimented would DRASTICALLY REDUCE ENERGY COSTS?

            And WHY are these carriers not NUKES?

          • …They are “nukes”… as in “nuclear powered”. They don’t carry “nuke” weapons. I was stationed on the Lincoln for 2 and 1/2 years while it was homeported in Everett, WA, before they switched over to Norfolk for the refuel.

          • The N in CVN Means Nuclear powered, they are all “nukes”

          • interventor

            During the cold war, they carried nukes — mostly tactical.

          • LTDocJetJock

            The Navy’s primary mission is tactical. Carriers had few strategic taskings, except in the event of a full scale nuclear exchange, we were in the business of sending Soviet boomers to the bottom. We did not place a carrier task — given the range of the air wing — in position to attack mainland Soviet targets, i.e., ICBM installations and key command and control centers. Aircraft carriers serve the strategic mission by nullifying air and sea lanes over the area of its patrol.

          • interventor

            A primary mission of the fleet is to maintain the shipping lanes — necessary in war and peace.

          • LTDocJetJock

            That is a definition of the Navy’s tactical role. I was referring to any strategic tasking. We deny the enemy use of air or sea lanes as a key component to the overall strategic mission. Our routine deployments through strategic waterways around the world accomplishes this task.

          • LTDocJetJock

            Time to get back to the pots and pans, mess cook. US Navy aircraft carriers are nuclear armed. The air wing has tremendous range and lethality in the arena of nuclear weapons delivery. If you were actually stationed on board the Lincoln, you would know that. I guess the PRP folks didn’t bother talking to you. I understand why.

          • Geoff

            They also serve proudly, who stir the beans, and who exactly are you to denigrate someone else’s service? Elitist twit. And if you were actually an orficer in the Navy, you’d know the Navy refuses to confirm or deny that this or that particular ship is nuclear armed, or discuss their nuclear capabilities as a matter of policy. Thanks for talking out of school in a public forum and providing OPFOR OSINT analysts another little tidbit. Is that your OPSEC Officer I hear calling? Too full of yourself to stay awake during the mandatory briefings?

          • Luxomni

            “I can neither confirm nor deny”. Remember?

          • Timothy Bateman

            Confirm or deny what? The fact that they are nuclear fueled? Since when has that been anything anywhere close to being sensitive information? Really, give me a break.

          • Luxomni

            Timothy Bateman, reread the post I was responding to. Chris White typed “They don’t carry “nuke” weapons”. The standing order is “I can neither confirm nor deny …”

          • David Lemont

            You can distinguish which ships are Nuclear powered via it’s hull designation CVN-72 is nuclear, hence the “N” in CVN.

          • SMFJJACK

            Daniel, these Carriers are nuke powered.

          • StageCoachDriver

            They are nukes and we can’t pay for the fuel rods. Maybe Iran will loan us some.

          • These ships can go many years without refueling..when the Eisenhower went in for updating back in the mid eighties.. it was torn apart and refueled with fuel rods…after 7 years of guarding the seas and maintaining the seaways…it was still half full of fuel…

          • TeaRunner

            Read the article, they last for fifty years and receive a 25 year overhaul. The Lincoln is undergoing its 25.

          • Scott Nudds

            “after 7 years of guarding the seas” – McCune

            Guarding from what? Kracken from the 7th dimension?

            These ships are too often platforms for American terrorism and war crimes.

          • rls976

            It might take a while for Iran to be able to provide any, although they probably could do it before Congress gets its act together. I think North Korea could provide some tomorrow. Hussein Obama ought to send little Jimmy Carter over there to ask.

          • “fuel rods”? You have been watching too much bad science fiction. Fuel, dude, just fuel. Been in the business since 1981.

          • Timothy Bateman

            Agreed. We’ve let them enrich enough Uranium to fuel our fleet for the next two centuries. We should congratulate ourselves for all the empty threats and pandering we’ve done.

          • Scott Nudds

            How sad it is that Conservative Americans cowardly seek to deny Iran the benefits of nuclear power.

          • ACV Aircraft Carrier, Auxiliary
            AVG Escort Carrier, Auxiliary
            AVT Aircraft Carrier, Training Ship
            CV Aircraft Carrier
            CVA Aircraft Carrier, Attack
            CVAN Aircraft Carrier, Attack, Nuclear Powered
            CVB Aircraft Carrier, Large
            CVE Aircraft Carrier, Escort
            CVGH Aircraft Carrier, Guided Missile Helicopter
            CVH Aircraft Carrier, Helicopter
            CVHE Aircraft Carrier, Escort, Helicopter
            CVL Aircraft Carrier, Light
            CVN Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear Powered
            CVS Prior to 1957: Seaplane Carrier
            CVS After 1957: Anti-Submarine/Support Carrier
            CVV Aircraft Carrier, Vertical Take Off And Landing

          • DontTreadOnMe11

            Good info, thanks.

          • SMFJJACK is right, they are nuclear powered, which is why it takes so long and is so expensive, but once refueled they are good to go for a _long_ time.

          • 25 years

          • Sorry about the reading disability, Daniel. If it weren’t for Obama, you would not have a pot to p*ss in or a window to throw it out of–and neither would I. The rapid removal of all U.S. funding to the corporate sector under the previous administration would have continued, with an even greater drop in earnings and higher unemployment, and instead of 50% of Americans now being poor or borderline poor, it would be more like 95%, and only the top 0.1% would be thriving. Oh, well, that last clause is true, anyway; the 5% and the 2% and even the 1% are no longer thriving; it’s mostly going to about 400 people now. .

          • Clearhead

            BWAAAAH HA HA HA ……Fiona, you’re a riot !! However, your stand-up comic routine has become quite stale — so why don’t you try sitting down and shutting up.

          • Geoff

            You mean all the non-existent “green” energy jobs provided by Obama backers that failed, with only his supporters walking away with a profit? The programs that spent hundred of thousands or even millions of dollars per job created? Goldman Sachs, Wall Street et al. so they could shell out 6-figure bonuses? Bailing out GM union workers on the backs of US taxpayers? Can you point to a single concrete instance where “U.S. funding to the corporate sector” and the Obama administration policies have led to higher employment/greater earnings nationally?

            Besides the firearms and ammunition industries, of course…between frightened citizens and DHS purchases of thousands/tens of thousands of automatic weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition, they’re thriving.

            Or can you point to a multitude of concrete examples where our industries are being crushed by higher energy costs, uncertainty in the markets, over-regulation, ect.?

            You really think corporate crony capitalism is a viable way to govern?

          • Scott Nudds

            9 out of 10 of them have succeeded.

            You don’t hear that on Faux news because the purpose of Faux news is to keep the fools in their audience, ignorant.

            “You mean all the non-existent “green” energy jobs provided by Obama backers that failed,” – Geoff

          • Geoff

            List them. Amaze us all. Give us 9 even, companies and jobs created. Then show us an economic breakdown of these jobs vs. the billions pumped into them.

          • MystWlker

            9 out of 10 has succeeded?

            List them.

          • The previous administration was the Obama Administration… Hahahaha

          • pugwis

            Fiona, you’ve taken too much of the Kool Aid. Where did you make up your numbers? The toilet? 95% “borderline poor”. Really? By the way, the previous administration was Obama’s.

          • Scott Nudds

            “Where did you make up your numbers?” – pugwis

            Republican Tea baggers are demanding are demanding immediate cuts of 1 trillion dollars in the federal budget.

            How many jobs does that represent?

            Assuming an average wage of $50,000, it represents 20 million jobs.

            And once those 20 million are fired and homeless, the spending they would have done will be removed from the economy and roughly another 20 million will be put out of work.

            40 million people represents about 40 percent of the U.S. workforce, and with 19 percent currently unemployed, the total would come in at roughly 60 percent unemployment.

            Of course that would push the economy into a grand economic depression and even more people would find themselves out of work.

            That is the Republican Plan for America.

          • MystWlker

            typical progressive zero sum thinking.

            When that trillion is left in the economy, how many jobs does it account for?

            Assuming an average income of $50,000 per job, that comes to around 20 million jobs.

            We currently have over 20 million unemployed.

            And the government is spending 1.3 trillion more each year than it takes in.

            Cut the trillion.

          • biscuitsngravy

            Probably, if not for all the government paychecks ( you all know who you are)
            and hand-outs your figures would be near accurate. We may all feel a lot of
            hurt before the end of Obama’s 2nd term.
            I can only hope that Obama voters get their just share of the downside that’s
            coming quickly now, that the rest of us are already feeling.

          • Scott Nudds

            How many of your fellow Americans do you wish to see unemplyed and homeless?

            “I can only hope that Obama voters get their just share of the downside ” – Biscut

          • MystWlker

            If they voted for it, they have no one but themselves to blame.

          • Fiona, It is hard to believe that you can really be that dumb.

            Please don’t commit a crime. A trial before a jury of your peers would have jury full of rocks. Not quite, your peers, but perhaps we could dumb them down a bit to satisfy your legal counsel.

          • Scott Nudds

            Sadly Fiona is much smarter than the object that calls itself “fuzzy”

            “Fiona, It is hard to believe that you can really be that dumb” – Fuzzy

            Ignorance, thy name is Republican.

          • Meanwhile Fiona, Obozo has plenty of $$$ for tuition, food, section 8, SSA disability, Welfare, Free Birth Control and loads of other handouts for moochers, illegal aliens and all the other freeloaders with their hands out.

          • alisonhynes

            And a very rare, modest vacation.

          • Snowman 54

            Chuckling along with you all at Fiona. Time we all called this administration what it is. Forced slave reparations to the African American community while we disarm in preparation for China collecting its debt. A disarmed and divided country can’t defend itself. A country completely immersed in egocentricism just won’t. Too busy grabbing from others for what one wants.

          • Scott Nudds

            Seems to me, that the threat to white America is Mexico, not China.

            “A disarmed and divided country can’t defend itself.” – Snowman

            What is America’s trade deficit with China? A half trillion per year?


          • oldwhiteguy

            yes, and unfortunately he is borrowing the money for those things.

          • Scott Nudds

            Illegal aliens come to America to work.

            “illegal aliens” – Chris Kleckner

            Chris Kleckner calls them unemployed moochers because he is a typical Republican racist.

          • dareisay

            What!? What do you call all the money he has thrown to ‘green companies”, that ended up being a payback?

          • Scott Nudds

            I call it investment in the future.

            “What do you call all the money he has thrown to ‘green companies”” – Dareisay

            And with Republicans, America has no future.

          • oldwhiteguy

            you have a very strange thought process and your numbers have been picked out of thin air.

          • The Oracle

            What? WTF are you talking about? What treasure trove of wisdom provided all that BS? Jeez…..what planet do you people live on?

            NONE OF US are going to have a “pot to piss in” after Obummer. His agenda is to reduce the once-greatest country on earth to just another 3rd world cesspool, and he’s making good headway. You libtards WANT that? Go…..just go ….somewhere…..ANYWHERE else you think is better than America. We don’t need you. We don’t want you. Leave….NOW.

          • Scott Nudds

            Remember. For the last 30 years, Republicans have been working on their plan to “starve the beast of government” through fiscal bankruptcy.

            “NONE OF US are going to have a “pot to piss in” after Obummer.” – Oricale

            That act of Republican Treason has now been realized.

            How does it taste?

          • stop being a leach on society. Be an American.

          • Scott Nudds

            What? Larry Pucci still hasn’t got the news that the Red Republican States are fiscal Parasites on the Blue Liberal States.

            “stop being a leach on society” – Larry Pucci

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            So where did you get these figures from? You contentions and numbers seem bogus.

          • Scott Nudds

            “So where did you get these figures from?” – Bob

            She can divide.

            What is your excuse?

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            My excuse for what ? Asking a question? Curiosity,

          • Please present credible objective traceable evidence to support your allegations. If not, then have the figurative testicularity to retract your statements.

            BTW: Without credible support, your gross generalizations are laughable.

          • Scott Nudds

            Done, above.

            I don’t see a response from you.

            “Please present credible objective traceable evidence to support your allegations” – mann

            I suggest you go back to public school and learn how to divide.

          • I suggest you keep your oh-so-tiresome-and-predictable Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive ad hominems to yourself. And if you want to match mathematics skills, then list your background and how you’ve used that.

          • The enson

            You have not paid attention to what IS happening under Obama, you are only suckling at his teat of lies, like all the other fools who support him. He has clearly stated, prior to becoming president , that he in fact very much wanted to give the US it’s comeuppance. It never ceases to amaze me that people listen to his lies and believe that what he has lied about will, in fact, be done. He could tell the people who voted for him that he was going to give each of them a million dollars and these stupid fools would run out and charge a million dollars on their credit cards, only to find out that the money never showed up in their bank account. Of course, you all would still believe he actually gave you the money. You would simply decide that someone must have stolen it after it was in your account. Obama has no intention of doing anything to improve the lives of anyone except his very wealthy friends. He does plan, however, to have as many people as possible needing government handouts so that you do not dare oppose him, but rather see him as your savior. How incredibly, profoundly stupid can Americans be?

          • Scott Nudds

            Gosh, I don’t know, but you are in the running to be a poster child for U.S. stupidity.

            “How incredibly, profoundly stupid can Americans be?” – Enson

            Have you made it your life’s work?

          • Scott Nudds

            Fiona is right. Republican fiscal polity has for decades been targeted at bankrupting the nation.

            Their current fiscal demands if implemented would immediately increase unemployment by 20 people, With another 20 losing the jobs due to secondary effects.

            The U.S economy would enter into a decades long grand depression.

            That is the result of Republican Demands.

          • They are Nukes… That is why the 4 year turn over for the refueling…

          • CVN stands for C means carrier V means fixed wing and N means…nuclear!

          • I was stationed on the CVN69 USS Dwight D Eisenhower otherwise nicknamed IKE…

          • Danny boy no carrier that is not “NUKES” as you call them has been built sine the 1960’s. But guess your 14 and never have a clue.

          • alisonhynes

            Flexibility, flexibility, you wanna talk ’bout flexibility?

          • these carries are nuke powered. Every 20 yrs they get the nuclear fuel removed and replaced. old fuel rods out, new fuel rods in

          • Scott Nudds

            “And WHY are these carriers not NUKES?” – Martin Gray

            They are. Powered by 2 westinghouse nuclear engines.

          • The power of the Beloved Leader’s love for our enemies?

          • DiggFerkel

            China: We have $1 billion in propaganda and defense funds.
            President Obama: Keep talking!

            China: Maybe you could change some policies that will “promote peace”?
            President Obama: Heck yes! How much clean money can you give me!?

            China: You will never be poor or without protection for the rest of your life.
            President Obama: Deal! Give my staff the details and I guarantee approval.

          • alisonhynes

            Ignoring the attack and issuing sternly worded directives.

          • joedoakes202

            Last I checked we still have thermo-nuclear weapons and should the need arise we can end this thing called the human race in one day if we are attacked in such an insane fashion.

          • Snowman 54

            You seriously believe this administration is any more interested in maintaining the nuclear deterrent than it is in maintaining the means of its delivery? Seriously?

          • rickeyroma

            Nuclear Subs….. but yeah they should learn from history…..

          • They have a backup system as well and they are ready for a ICBM attack…unlike the rest of the world!

          • TeaRunner

            I seem to recall they spent billions on missile defense. If it’s so ineffective, maybe they should have bought fuel instead.

            This is b/s. If they really planned on this carrier being critical, they wouldn’t have thrown billions away on a mach 4 intercontinental missile program or billions more on drones and robotics.

            The price of one F-35 jet is now at $137 million each. That’s right, for the price of one jet, this carrier could be refueled.
            This is a dog and pony show and total horseshite.

          • Snowman 54

            Perhaps we could buy 150,000 P-51 replica’s and swarm our enemies to death? Technology costs money. Check out the cost of today’s Vette compared to a 1963 in the day. For what we spend on national entitlement programs we could fund the discretionary budget for almost four years. The discretionary budget is where EVERYTHING gets paid for that isn’t a transfer payment.

          • The Oracle

            What don’t you understand about lack of a budget and critically short-funded Continuing Resolution Authority? Since this area seems challenging to you, I’ll simplify it. Congress needs to authorize the money to fund DoD. That’s hard to understand? Doesn’t matter what was spent in prior years, and on what, and what, in your opinion, the value of prior year programs was or was not. Those dollars are not available to support this fiscal year’s requirements. That’s how it works, whether it suits you or not.

            So aim your vitriol at the do-nothing Congress and worry about the rest once they’ve done their job.

          • Scott Nudds


            “This is a dog and pony show and total horseshite.” – TeaRunner

            This business is done to give Republican Whiners an excuse to whine, bitch and moan, like the cowardly women they are.

          • What a dumb comment.

          • no defense as long as they’re lined up like battleships in Pearl Harbor!

          • tiger

            Defense from whom? Scared the Royal Navy is coming to burn Washington DC again? German U-boats?

          • Scott Nudds

            The same defense they have always had against an ICBM.


        • News Reporter

          I’m sorry, but the budget to defend the newly sidelined carriers from all air, land and sea infiltration attack possibilities has been cut as well. No money for carrier security.

          I want to remind people Barack Hussein Obama proposed this “sequester budget” idea and it was Republicans who refused to perform their job by farming it out to an UNELECTED “blue ribbon committee” to create this mess… to avoid blaming themselves.

          • Sane_American

            If you don’t want this, why didn’t you guys oppose the tax cuts that resulted in reduced budgets for the military?

          • Geoff

            Flip that around…shouldn’t the military prioritize their budget allocations better? They can spend a trillion bucks on the totally failed F-35 program, but not a relative few millions on carrier maintenance that’s been scheduled in the pipeline for 25 years? Budget constraints that haven’t even kicked in yet means there’s no money in the kitty NOW?
            Obviously, this either a low priority, or the Navy is making a political statement…”Oooh, give us more money or the carriers won’t steam”.

          • Areminder

            Not to mention all the money spent to lobby Congress about DADT repeal.

          • KellyJ

            Appropriations are at the whim of Congress, not the military. Plenty of stories of a Congressman earmarking dozens of planes the USAF did not want or need (or use due to lack of manpower) because the production plant was in his district.
            Refuelings and overhauls come out of the USNs Maintenance budget, which has been cut so badly the Navy is considering scrapping 7 cruisers 20 years early to save money (and provide parts) to keep the rest of the fleet going for another year.

          • slickzip

            Lets just fire ODUMBA

          • He was just re-elected.

          • Areminder

            And all his czars, that would probably do half the cost of returning the military to full funding, the other half can come from selling the cabal’s stockpile of weaponry and ammo to prepare for the civil unrest they’re trying so hard to gin up!

          • Scott Nudds

            What? After one of your Republcan Buddies just implied that Obama is a political genius?

            “Lets just fire ODUMBA” – Slickzip

            Make up your minds people. Is he a genius or a dummy?

          • STLstudent

            It was lack of taxes that caused this. It was ungodly, uncontrolled spending on millions and millions of those who receive federal entitlements. People who don’t work getting money from the federal government. That caused this problem.

          • Ronin71b

            The taxEs have nothing to do with it. We would have ot raise taxes if we didn’t going dounw the entitlement state path.

          • Sure. No need to worry about waste, fraud and other fiscal abuses. Just raise taxes, right? WRONG!

          • Scott Nudds

            Republicans shouldn’t post when drunk.

            “The taxEs have nofink” – Ronin

          • Amos3

            The “Takers” will always vote for the redistributionist a/k/a CommieCrat politicians. The “Givers” don’t stand a chance unless their votes are weighted based upon the amount of taxes they pay. If you pay no income tax, you get no vote. If you take subsidies from the government (really, the taxes of the productive worker) you get no vote. Obvious exceptions would be retirees, veterans and the disabled.

          • Snowman 54

            Lech Walesa had the answer for this upon a day. A national strike. Everybody that worked to pay the way for the political class just stayed home.

          • Scott Nudds

            Isn’t it a shame that the Red Republican States are such parasites on the Liberal Blue States?

            “People who don’t work getting money from the federal government.” – STLstudent

          • Areminder

            TRY AGAIN! If the tax cuts did it, we’d not have been able to afford it during W’s tenure!

          • Because this is nothing more than Obama’s bullshit. The money is there. This is just a way for obummer to continue spending like crazy. Cut somewhere else. This the same baloney as a democrat mayor laying off the police force and fire department because of a small budget cut he was against. We have an idiot in the Whitehouse and this is the type of crap idiots do when cornered.

          • Scott Nudds

            Because Republicans value treason against their own nation as long as it advances the cause of the wealthy and powerful.

            “If you don’t want this, why didn’t you guys oppose the tax cuts” – Sane

            Sane Americans don’t vote Republican.

          • Areminder

            This very story proves that suggestion was TREASONOUS!

          • Scott Nudds

            Then Obama is a political genius.

            “I want to remind people Barack Hussein Obama proposed this “sequester budget” idea” – News

            He played you Republicans like the ignorant fools you are.

        • jd202, Obama doesn’t show “poor leadership.” He shows no leadership, in the sense you, I and tens of millions of others recognize leadership to be.

          He really appears to be Nero Re-Incarnate. Chasing homosexual agenda, chasing the red herring of so-called gun control, chasing or rather aggravating illegal-alien immigration, whatever else — all while our Republic’s economy and security deteriorate.

          He, the Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive Party, the Obamamedia and all those who voted for and support him constitute the clearest and most present danger to our country.

          • JesseMace

            obama consistently errors against us and in favor of our enemies. even an idiot could get lucky once in a while, especially with enough experts around. but with obama, he always chooses against us…i say he has a plan and his actions are intended to hurt our great republic. he is a traitor in every sense, in my opinion.

          • David Dunlap

            Apparently this wasted piece of flesh hasn’t even advanced to the grade of idiot!

          • chapmac

            He’s a Tenderfoot idiot. Next is Idiot, Second Class.

          • I think “treasonous” would just about cover it. I also have a problem with Congress. They’re like the Keystone Cops. Always running in circles and getting nowhere.

          • Jesse… Obama is not making errors… he simply is marching to another drummer. He is a subversive, working to undermine our Constitution and economy… to bring us down. He hates America.

          • cb2000a

            It’s so hard for me to fathom how such a man could have been elected. If anyone would have taken the time to study his background they would know he was raised in a Marxist/Muslim environment. Such a man leading this once great nation is a travesty. America has the leadership it deserves. Too many people have become lazy, stupid, and selfish.

          • “Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society…

            “He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so.

            “His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.

            “Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”

            —- PRAVDA, Nov. 19, 2012

          • “PRAVDA” = “Truth”

          • hdc77494

            Pravda had a great editorial a few weeks ago warning Americans against letting our government take our guns away and point out the tens of millions of dead disarmed Russians…

          • randy miner

            LMAO…. your source? Since when do the Russians care if American citizens own guns or not. Oh I forgot. You’re able to stop T-38’s (a tank)) with your bolt action 30-06 rifle! Stop smoking weed and watching “Red Dawn” at the same time dude. Your brain is warped.

          • Amen! Thank God for term limits. People spend more time planning a vacation then doing any research when voting for a President. As my European father always says, “Americans are stupid.”

          • Geoff

            Term limits? Ummm…

            – DHS is busily buying automatic weapons and stockpiling ammunition…based on US Army consumption, they could fight the equivalent of the Iraq War for 30 years with what they have on hand or on order.
            – Armed Federal agents ballooning in number.
            – DHS VIPER teams setting up roadblocks on public roads, stopping, searching, demanding your papers…
            – Posse Comitatus is no more.
            – It’s legal to execute American citizens who are terrorists. POTUS is judge, jury, and executioner based on the intel briefings that he doesn’t attend anyway.
            – The (unclass) National Threat Assessment identifies anyone to the right OR the left of the current administration as a “potential domestic terrorist”, and, if you read the footnotes, the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is listed as a primary source.
            – Current hot button issue is getting “black rifles” out of the hands of law-abiding citizens…the least used weapon in violent crime/murders in the USA, but categorized by DHS as “ideally suited for close quarters personal protection”.
            – FedGov is monitoring, analyzing, and storing every electronic transaction made by everyone. We were assured it wasn’t used and was encrypted, but then…
            – AG declares it’s perfectly legal for the FedGov to open intel files/target packets on any citizen, regardless of whether they’re accused or suspected of committing a crimes…
            – ect. ect. ect.


          • dancingontheheadofapin

            That is a truly frightening scenario.

          • But he will go, one way or another. That’s his choice. And it’s regardless of whether he and his supporters like it or not.

          • Jackal

            Big words, but don’t think most are up to the ultimate sacrifice needed to bring down a system like we’ve got in place now.

          • You’re right: Big words. I pray others and I will rise to the occasion, when it arises.

            I’d say if, but I think lawless Obama and his lawless party, followers and allies lack the intellect or restraint necessary to prevent open armed rebellion.

          • randy miner

            And what system do you prefer? A dictatorship…so long as the dictator espouses the conservative line, right?

          • randy miner

            Thank God Obama won and not Mr. Alzheimer’s McCain and his ditzy sidekick Sarah, the “mama grizzly”. LMAO.

          • On January 4, 2013 Democratic Representative Jose Serrano (NY) introduced a bill (H.J. Res. 15) in Congress to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Your fear is warranted. They are trying to end the Republic and make Obama a dictator. This is not a joke!

          • Joe blow

            Repeal the Thirteenth, while you’re at it. Have you read the data on crime and murder from Chicago lately? Hearings would be interesting.

          • Average Redneck Girl

            Even Michelle is getting into the poor Chicago pity Chicago crimes as she went to the funeral of the young lady who was an innocent by stander in a park when Rahms’ teenage gang thugs opened fire.

          • It’s funny how so much crime and killing is in thier own home town.

          • mrtodd6

            I heard Michele may run in 2016. God forbid. She is not qualified either but that didn’t matter w/Barrack Hussein Obama either.

          • yes he will

          • randy miner

            Maybe you’d prefer Jefferson Davis?

          • jfdyates


          • Cherrypickin

            A democratic senator has recently introduced a bill that will remove term limits. Isn’t that sweet? No, there is already a plan to keep the dictator.

          • As my grandpa always said, “we saved those ungrateful European bastards not once, but twice.”

          • cutitall

            if we are stupid what are europeans ?- their mess is advanced well beyond ours, and they have no way out. your European father should worry about his own very troubled area.

          • Ingenious Cognomen

            Hey, the Europeans might be stupid, but at least they don’t raise their afterbirths and let them comment on the Internet!

          • antonsvintagewine

            Now we just need term limits for the House and Senate.

          • I agree…one in office and one in prison, both of equal length…

          • Hey speaking of term limits when is that California witch Fienstien due to be lauched. Oh Congress has no term limits…I forgot.

          • mrtodd6

            Some dems/libs are already calling for a 3d Obama term. Haven’t you heard that? In another year we the people will be unable to fill our own cars w/gas as no jobs/no money/no hope . We must change the path of destruction we are on. We MUST educate the useless idiots/socialists/catholics/black christians/progressives/single women/baby mama’s who put this POTUS in office again. We have until 2014 and then again in 2016 to get the work done people!

          • randy miner

            “Some dems/libs are already calling for a 3d Obama term. ”

            Name ONE SINGLE person asking that we change the constitution so that Obama can run again. Just name one!

          • doubleducks

            Pravda, forged in the fire of Communist abuse and intolerance, does not suffer fools well.

          • For those who dont know what PRAVDA is and was, it was the Soviet Union mouthpiece during the cold war, as still supports Russia, but lately they have been much more independent of the Kremlin. Russia doesn’t like Obama, because he is a live wire and unpredictable.

          • Wolf Moon

            I think they see a little bit of Uncle Adolph in him, and figure he’d turn on them just as quick.

          • Fred

            Obama did not win, he stole the election via lies and fraud.

          • Fred

            Obama was not re-elected fairly. He he stole the election votes through his deception and fraud.

          • randy miner

            Do you even know what a communist is? Which part of Obama’s platform is communist? Since when did he advocate abolishing all government – that’s what communism is. The Russians were socialist – Obama is not that either.

            I am amazed the way some people throw words around in an attempt to insult someone, without having a clue what the words mean or if the words are even applicable or not.

          • 30 plus years of giveaways, gimme-gimmes, killed this country. I told you that only property owners (not a car or dog, etc) should have the right to vote as it was originally when this country became independent and free from an oppressive and tyrannical government.
            But NO. We had to give the vote to landless people which started the gimme gimme scenario that we now have. Congress and the Senate will not take vote privileges away from landless gimmes. We have to get a new congress before this could occurr and only through a Constitutional Convention plus 37 states ratifying it. It ain’t going to happen! Sharpen your bayonets boys. We need to dig the vermin out.

          • JMWinPR

            30 Yrs, you must be a public school math whiz? Started in the late ’30’s. As for a a Constitutional Convention, that will never fly. Can you imagine any of the current Congress approving the any of the Bill of Rights?

          • Started happening before that. Look towards Woodrow Wilson my friend.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            It was even before Woodrow Wilson. Read the short book by W. Cleon Skousen titled: “The Naked Capitalist,” written as a commentary on a 1300 page tome by Dr. Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton’s mentor!) It will tell you all you need to know about how our country was put on this path of inevitable destruction. When Quigley wrote the book in 1969 he felt safe in publishing it because he thought there was no turning back by then. Quigley died in 1977. From the way things are going, he may very well have been right.

            Wilson’s biggest contribution to moving the agenda forward was the FED, and then in his second term taking us into WW11 after his re-election. He had told the American people BEFORE he was re-elected that he would NOT take us to war. Seems liberals could not keep their word even a hundred years ago.

          • Well, I could possibly go back to 1876 or so when the government removed silver from circulation sparking three devastating deflationary recessions afterwards. But no earlier than 1860. None of this would have been possible were it not for Lincolns power grab on the government. Don’t get me wrong, we were fighting a war and all and I honestly do believe that Lincoln meant for the shift of power towards the central government to be temporary. Instead more and more power has been shifted away from the individual and placed into the hands of an ever growing, all powerful, and ever omnipotent central government. That’s the earliest I can find.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            I believe John Law is referring to the LBJ instituting of welfare. But even that was over 40 years ago. I remember when it was passed. I remember standing in the kitchen talking to my mother and told her we would have a completely new voting block in another 21 years. The 26th Amendment was not until 1971. There are some things you just don’t forget. It’s like the JFK assassination and the WTC going down, they are indelibly seared into your mind.

          • mrtodd6

            OR FORBID those who pay NO federal taxes from voting.
            And those who are on welfare, foodstamps. They are the ones who voted for higher taxes in Calif. There are more teat suckers in Calif than workers. When the teat suckers outnumber the workers that is what you get. Now many of the workers are leaving Calif. Haha. Gov. Brown is going to tax those leaving too. Blanking idiots! Brown is a throwaway dunce from the 60’s free-love, communal-living, don’t-trust-anyone-over-30, pot-smoking hippie movement.

          • Ingenious Cognomen

            You sound like some kind of sucker yourself, but I don’t think it’s teats you’ve been sucking on.

          • KenBowser

            people don’t inform themselves and the media is in the tank. The next D.C. protest should be at the media’s headquarters and people, leave the kids at home and be angry but civil.

          • neverlickthehand

            OR FRAUD.

          • Average Redneck Girl

            He wasn’t really “reelected”. This is a prime example of voter fraud. He bought this election. Just reading about a lady named Richardson in Ohio along with her granddaughter India who voted twice for Obama in Ohio and admitted it but are claiming innocence. There are some others as well in Ohio. The hearings are Feb 15 and Feb 22 (?) should be interesting how they talk their way out of it. ABC Channel 9 covered the story.

          • Jackal

            You ever hear of voter fraud? The Dems have been honing their methodology for decades and have it down to a Fine Science now.

          • hdc77494

            Why do you think they’re pushing immigration “reform”? All they see is eleven million new democrats they can claim as victims.

          • hapmac

            That’s undocumented democrats’. Didn’y you get the memo?Nobody is illegal anymotr-and saying so is raaacist.

          • Tasha22

            MASSIVE voter fraud in Ohio, PA, and Florida.

          • mrtodd6

            liberal media won’t report it nor will they report Benghazi truth that Obama was asleep & didn’t want to be disturbed. This POTUS must be held accountable as well as Hillary Clinton the next Obama-wanna be.

          • mrsuggs

            I agree,but Socialist Democrats base is full of special interest groups who are ardent voters. Gays,anti God,free handout for vote crowd,Socialist,Marxist.etc
            These all have a very narrow focus with lots on the line if Socialist Democrats do not get elected.Add on the Socialist media,which will not report the truth to the average voter,who is lazy,uneducated and only tunes in once in awhile and gets the anti Republican spin from Socialist media with all there cover ups,half truths and out right lies. Lets add that the Republican party leaders are the very worst at getting out our message and are lacking in communication skills when needed to speak at a sixth grade level to the uneducated voter,they fail. I see no issue today that the Republicans take control of,instead they play defense and remain dumb founded.

          • reaper73

            The “silent majority” has remained silent so long they are no longer the majority, and they still haven’t figured it out.

          • JungleCogs

            Election fraud; the key to union/Democrat success.

          • Ingenious Cognomen

            Yep, and all those stupid, lazy idiots seem to be commenting here!

          • Badkarma060

            That is because, before he can make over America how he feels is the right way (his way and his advisors Val J.) he has to break it. We are on a slippery slope my friend. Keep your powder dry…

          • Hatsoffbuddy

            You are so very right. What concerns me most though is that our congress and senate sit idly by while he does this. At what point will they get off their gutless, chickesh!t butts and impeach him for treason? What is it that stops them from doing so?well, actually there are far too many who are owned by the same people who own him. So,, at what point do we, the people, march on DC and demand he be removed?

          • mrtodd6

            Obama/democrats will call out their “civilian army” that they have been creating with all the special interests, blacks, illegals to tear down every town,city, state, & private homes & businesses. That is one reason dems/libs don’t want us to have guns to protect ourselves.

          • Average Redneck Girl

            Ronald: everything that I have seen from Obama indicates what you are saying. We are not alone in this thinking. I just can’t believe so many people are blind to what he is doing.

          • Big Mac

            You people are stupid beyond belief. I almost feel sorry for the entire lot of you.

          • Read the Obama prophecies, the Lord has put him over the USA as judgement on an evil empire. The Lord always judges His people when they cross the line, America is a cancer on the earth.

            Read the Obama antichrist warnings at Prophecies Org

          • randy miner

            No Ronald, it is you that hates America. It is you that twists the facts and lies.

          • Aintitjustsofunny

            BINGO! You hit the nail on the head.

          • He also chooses against his own advisors too. They unanimously recommended that we arm the Syrian rebels, since the Russians and Iranians are arming Assad-Irans closest and only real supporter. He doesn’t listen to anybody.

          • randy miner

            hmnmn lets see. House republicans refuse to pass a budget because they want to block the health care act which was ALREADY VOTED ON and passed. Due to lack of budget, refueling is delayed. JesseMace concludes Obama “did it” to be in favor with our enemies. Wow that is brilliant Jesse! Obama forced the tea party to slip in that “obamacare” amendment so he could help our enemies. I never knew Obama was so amazingly tricky. You are brilliant Jesse. LMAO

          • Rush Limbaugh said the country can survive 4 more years of the Boy King but cannot survive 4 more years of the 52% of the idiots that re-elected him.

          • Rush failed out of college

          • tickle

            Rush id not the president.

          • DLinz

            Sounds to me like you “failed out of gradeschool” there Elijah.

          • Is that true? Show me the proof! Even if true, he could still be right. I happen to not think we can survive 4 more years. Why? His private civilian army is being funded by us. His “brown shirts” will be doing the killing and intimidating. Remember, Breitbart was executed on the street. The coroner called it homocide. Does anyone know where the coroner is now? An unmarked grave maybe?

          • bc

            One autopsy physician, in the office where Breibarts’ body was taken, died (cause of death was poisoning) the SAME day.. as the announcement that Breibarts’ death was from “natural causes”?????

          • Shhhhh, I posted on that last year, and my house burned down five minutes later. SAY NOTHHHHINNNGGGG!!!!

          • Oh, please. Obama and his administration are living proof that you can have multiple parchments from the so-called very prestigious colleges and universities and lack common sense, intelligence, business acumen and morals, to name some attributes.

            I’ll take a college dropout like Rush any day. Oh, yes: Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, Ted Turner, the late Ralph Lauren, the late ohn D. Rockefeller, the late Howard Hughes, Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison, Virgin’s Richard Branson and Geffen Records’ David Geffen are all college dropouts.

          • Great post! Well said.

          • Scott Groups

            Most likely Obama did too. Wall Street Journal in 2008 reported that 400 people were called randomly from Obama’s class at Columbia. No one knew him. Logic says, he wasn’t there, he failed out, he never went to class and failed, etc etc.

          • Badkarma060

            Too busy with the Chewm Gang (however its spelled), frying his brain. This guy is…expletive deleted.

          • I think that story has some interesting possibilities. Where are all the classmates who usually can’t wait for their 5 minutes of fame? Mitt ran, and in about a nano-second there were pantsing stories, swirly testimony and a whole long list of whistle blowers. Where is all of that with Obama? And don’t say it isn’t because there are no stories. He admits to enough illegal activities (drugs) in his books, there has to be stories! Tell me that a serious stoner, enthusiastically exploring hard drugs, does not have stories about him that others can tell?! I don’t believe it. Something is not kosher in scheboigan!

          • Handydandydoo

            People know what he is capable of (murder) so they keep their mouths shut. They know he takes no prisoners.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            I think part of it is the sweet payoffs to keep people quiet, if indeed there were classmates at all. Wayne Alan Root is one and has spoken against Obama in recent years. Whether BHO graduated from Columbia or not is a moot point; he was accepted at Harvard because a Saudi paid his way. However, he is not well remembered there either.

          • chapman

            Logic tends to mislead when you are speaking of Obama and higher education. Remember-the euro-weenies wouldn’t credit Mr. Bush’s advanced degrees from prestigious universities because they hated him. The same rule will no doubt apply to O’Bummer if Columbia ran him out of Manhattan on a rail.

          • rj

            So did Bill Gates and your point is???

          • LTDocJetJock

            Rush did no such thing. By the way, how’s your career working in comparison to Rush’s? Sorry, speak up, libtard. I can’t hear you over the incessant beeping of the french fry machine.

          • I wish I had Rush’es resources. A huge audience, a national program, gobs of money, pretty wife… Yes, he earned it all. Good job hard working American man! Way to show us how to do it!

          • Elijah, how far up the academic ladder did you go? And how much money did you make last year, compared to Rush?

          • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

            Kalijah has gone up a boar’s butt for a hot ham sandwich. Does that count?

          • smartacus

            Be Happy.
            Stop blaming your mother for not aborting you as a fetus 🙂

          • Ok, I will say it… I wish Rush was a college graduate. Though I doubt that he flunked out (he is very smart). Still, I think he is too rough around the corners and would have benefited from the classes. Yes, he can be brilliant, and yes, he can make a logical misstep about as errant as Kerry or Pelosi (though I think they do it on purpose). Still, though he is very negative, often wrong thinking, and a bad example for all humanity, I too am glad that he is on the air. I do, however, want a better example on the airwaves. Can’t we find a blend of brilliant, kind, conservative and decent – get it all shoved into one balding, near-deaf cigar smoker, and perform a serious upgrade to the airwaves? Yes, I think Rush is good for America, but not that good.

          • Respectfully, attending college will smooth anyone’s rough edges? Not saying there won’t be some change, but living life has a way of doing that, free of charge.

            And “[Rush Limbaugh] is very negative, often wrong thinking and a bad example for all humanity”?

            Please survey both sides of the airwaves. Then, decide if your assessment is one representing wisdom and reality, or one representing something else.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            College probably would not have polished him but so much. Part of his success is his delivery. I agree, he is rough around the edges, but it is his stock in trade. Personally, I am thankful for Rush and also Hannity.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            It doesn’t matter. Limbaugh has more common sense in his little finger than most everyone else in the public domain. Yes, he is bombastic, but he has an instinct that the American people should recognize.

          • notfondoflibs

            Typical liberal position: when you have no debating point, bring Rush Limbaugh into the discussion. By the way, there are numerous examples of people dropping out or failing college that become successful in life. Ever heard of Bill Gates?

          • clevonlittle

            yes, and Einstein failed Algebra , Lincoln was self taught , Ted Kennedy couldn’t drive or dive or even cheat well at UVA , Nero fiddled , and Secretariat was the man …… what’s your point.

          • mrtodd6

            Rush is right on this topic and he is correct in that libs are going to deconstruct the american game of football. They can’t control it therefore it must be hated.

          • libsrclowns

            Well said. I would add one thing….Odumbo is a serial liar.

            Semper Fi

          • oldwhiteguy

            all of which is designed to destroy america.

          • Beautifully said, Mann !

          • You forgot multi-million dollar golf vacations.

          • they all should be terminated effective immediately

          • How would you do that?

          • Chisna

            I don’t mean to disrupt your Obamarant Mandy. But the cuts were voted on by congress and passed with a majority in support in both the house and senate. In fact republican support in the house was much stronger than democrat.

          • Joeyblitz

            Extremely well put . I agree with you 100%.And so does 1/2 of this Country.

          • I agree. Bad people… bad!

          • Horse feces!

          • TootlesMcgee

            Amen Lifeboat.

          • Got a black mooslim running the country… beware…

          • PastorBobCeleste

            You are wrong, obama’s goal is to destroy the Republic, to be able to claim to natural resources of the nation for his own and his master. On that score he is being very successful. This nation is on the verge of a real race war, that will easily escalate into a full blown civil war.

            Turn in your Bible to 2 Timothy 3 and read verses 1-7. Now you do not have to understand every word, but as you read thru the list of end times descriptions, see how many obama fulfills, he and Congress.

          • PastorBobC, I said, in part, “He, the Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive Party, the Obamamedia and all those who voted for and support him constitute the clearest and most present danger to our country.”

            You couldn’t interpret that to mean that his goal is to destroy our Republic?

            BTW: I have read 2 Tim 3:1-7. Even if I hadn’t, as a Christian — the hated-by-Obama-liberals-leftists conservative evangelical/Pentecostal type — I see it, feel it. hear it. In the church of which I’m a member, a denomination which does believe in heavenly prayer language, we’ve been hearing from God, for some time now and in all types of our services, that the time draws near.

            We need to double up on prayer for the unsaved, especially our leaders, and particularly Obama and his family.

          • PastorBobCeleste

            I agree 100% with your first and last paragraphs.

          • Bobbi Brown

            forget the bible the truth is coming to the light thank George Bush for that you idiots love to ignore what he did and where he left this country …Obama was put in office to fix the problems because if you didnt know negroes are all around more advanced then the white americans smarter,dumber,stronger, you name it white america is a minority now the people are free…….:-)

          • Well, miss, you certainly checked a couple of boxes on the Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive ad hominem list.

            You should be embarrassed at what you said, given that when you start slinging those ad hominems, it means you’ve nothing to say, of value or not. Plus, it shows the mean-spiritedness and divisiveness of the heart of your stripe.

          • PastorBobCeleste

            Bobbi, you make a lot of assumptions, for a girl who doesn’t know me.

          • tdrag

            Negro fiddles while America collapses.

          • Obama is not a Negro, as much as he’d like to be or pretends to be. He’s mixed-race or bi-racial. Surprised he doesn’t call himself a white black or a black white. Or, something really novel: an American.

          • Tasha22

            Couldn’t have said it better.

          • Fred

            Sorry to have to correct you Lifeboat, but O is leading us…right into the hands of our greatest enemies…every one of them. Give him credit where credit is due. Every move he makes and doesn’t make is planned and executed.

        • teargarden20

          The ussa defenses are obsolete! Carrier groups are obsolete! They can’t stop a Sunburn cruise missile, let alone dozens. Not to mention Scalar Weaponry!

        • DocinPA

          Yeah, but one can’t help wondering if this refueling was delayed at the expense of maintaining jobs for civilian bureaucrats and “diversity programs”. Priorities, y’know.

        • bioengineer

          I call B.S. on this story. I’m a vet and now work civilian in the defense industry as a contractor. The waste is profound. Conservatives have this attitude that the military is the only thing the government does right. Sorry to bust your bubble, it doesn’t do that right either. I see countless billions wasted all the time. I mean completely wasted on completely useless projects. You could cut DODs budget by 30% across the board and it would have zero impact on readiness, it would only force them tighten their belts and reorganize. Get used to it people, we’re BROKE. BROKE BROKE BROKE. This is the bottom line. And if we don’t stop the debt spending we won’t just be broke, we’ll collapse.

      • slickzip

        Read above comment ,,,,,,,,,

      • the navy is broke why dont they admit it

        • Our country is broke. Why won’t Obama, the Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive Party, the Republican-RINO Party and the Obamamedia admit it?

      • You can’t visit anywhere when you are in a mental institution.

      • Guess you forgot, there were no carriers in port when Pearl Harbor was attacked

      • CVN-65 is there for decommissioning, NOT refueling. Don’t believe for one second that the fate of these ships matter. If they are scrapping ONE and not telling you about it, why not all 5?

    • Citizenright

      Ground zero on the East Coast.

      • t172048

        If the east coast is invaded retreat a hundred miles and defend the USA to the utmost.

        • interventor

          No nation in the world has the naval assets to invade the US, except, perhaps, the USA.

      • Ioncloud9

        If it ever came to that, we wouldn’t need the carriers to retaliate.

    • Andylit

      The question is WHY are 5 carriers parked at all? We only have 11 carriers total.

      At no point should more than 2 of them be in for scheduled major maintenance at any given point. At no point should more the 2 of the remaining 9 be in port for short term maintenance or resupply.

      Having only 7 carriers on station round the world is barely enough. We should be able to concentrate a minimum of 3 carrier groups to any hot spot in the world within 15-20 days of initial notice.

      What we really need is 14 or 15 carriers MINIMUM. Optimum would be 18, allowing no more than 3 and 3 in for long and short term maintenance.

      • Ronin

        I had read they were put into port for the holidays and refit. I don’t know the veracity of that, however.

        • Clark_Nova

          It might have something to do with the fact that most Navies now have cavitating torpedoes that can break the hull of a carrier and put it on the bottom in about 15 minutes.

          • john_koenig

            They’re not safe from a dirty bomb detonated pier-side. A $100k bomb could essentially contaminate $100 billion worth of military hardware.

          • What you said applies to any military or civilian facility.

          • Andylit

            Uhhhh yeah. Which is why we have carrier GROUPS instead of carriers tooling around alone.

          • DG

            And why we’ve let it be understood that any country that sinks a U.S. carrier had better put fresh batteries in their radiation detectors.

          • BarryBarry

            I swear there should be a basic test of intelligence before idiots like you are turned loose on the internet.

      • MGBSE


        • Sad Tutor

          I wish people would stop with the obomaphone garbage as it isn’t true . I don’t like obama at all but I hate disinformation in any form.

          Those cell phones that people get from the government are paid for by the telecommunications fee everyone has on their phone bill, not from taxes. It has existed for 20+ years and in the past was used to provide low income land line phone service. The cell phones use that money for the phone versus providing a basic land line, you cannot have both under the plan. Talk to the FCC not the white house if you don’t like it, it is their policy and was started so seniors could call their doctors or for help. It only provides a $15 , local only calls phone line.

          Don;t own a phone and you don’t pay the fee, it isn’t tax related.

          • fees = taxes = fees = taxes = fee = taxes = …

          • Dencal26

            A Telecommunications fee is a tax.

          • humptydumpty

            I agree 100%! Those who don’t see the fees as a tax are ignoring this fact, or are not paying attention to the real truth!

          • kiddopup

            He is referencing wkiapedia so he is very ill informed

          • And just where did you happen to learn that aircraft carrier fuel might be bought by the gallon?

          • killerasteroid

            It’s an “OBOZO” phone and any way you wash it, I’m still paying for it…… you can bet your a s s that every single one of those people who “can’t afford their own $15 phones” all have flat screen TV’s that THEY did pay for so stop with the crap about who is and isn’t paying for them……the taxpayer is footing the bill for something that these folks should be paying for themselves……

          • coolit10

            Just watch Hardcore Pawn to see how much stuff these folks have.

          • that’s why you are so sad because you are stupid. must be awful to wake up every morning look at stupid in the mirror. a fee is a tax is a fee same BS ,another name that’s all

          • JamesDean911

            Unbelieveable…Obama expanded this phone to over 2 Million users….how about no fee and lower my bill and quit giving away free phones, grow up sad tutor.

          • SAD: It was started to provide low cost dial phones to look for work or for medical help.. now under obama has ballooned into a 100 billion plus dollar “right’ that just keeps growing every year.. people have been caught with 2 or 3 phones.. people have passed phones off to other people who are not qualified to get one.. unpaid bills go to the government to pay, and they are growing each month. The tax/fee ran out a year ago.. its all coming out of budget now.

          • kiddopup

            And the two companies handling it are big dem donors but since we have no news media just left wing propaganda the ill informed have no clue and then you have people that use sources like wikipedia which is a joke

          • kestrel6

            We have become a nation without laws….our system is based on cronyism, and corruption. Our leaders are sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths. Our media — a propaganda wing of those in power. We are brainwashed and manipulated by sock puppets and glorified clowns. We are kept asleep and distracted via the sports and entertainment media. Our schools have nearly destroyed the ability of our children to critically think.
            Nothing going on here — move along.

          • DG

            Government mandated phone fees ARE taxes.

          • coolit10

            Paid for by people that pay for their own phone. Free stuff isn’t free for the rest of us.

          • Ioncloud9

            So you don’t want to pay a fee on your phone bill that provides bare minimum emergency service to people who cant afford a $50 a month phone bill, even if the fee is so small its not going to impact your life in the least? That’s pretty cold.

          • ajivani

            Ten dollar minutes cards for actual emergencies are way cheaper. This is pure bs.

          • ThreeToedBearkiller

            Your an idiot taxes are taxes and obama enhanced the program with his corruption and shoved the phones out to many parasitidc leeches that are not qualified for them.

          • yeah and it helps enable them to sit on they’re butts and not motivate to get a job.

          • VetMike

            The point is that the program has grown way beyond its initial intent. As you pointed out is was intended to pay for a basic landline to allow people who could afford phones access to assistance if needed. It is payed for by a Federally mandated “fee” imposed on all consumers but you cannot not pay it. And saying “don’t own a phone and you don’t pay a fee is disingenuous on your part. I don’t want to pay for anymore than basic service.

          • Vernon

            Ok and there is a tax on all phones to pay for the Spanish American was and that was over 100 years ago.

          • Michael Bingham

            Your ignorance is astounding.

          • hdc77494

            People who don’t think mandatory government fees are taxes shouldn’t be voting.

          • Sad Tutor

            Nobody voted to put this in place, it was placed on the bill because people rather sit at home and complain to each other rather than find out what is really going on in government. Had people gone to the meetings when the FCC proposals were there it wouldn’t exist. Too bad watching the game on tv was more important to people.

          • hdc77494

            When the FCC drafted this reg, there were no TVs.

          • Sad Tutor

            You are wrong.

          • kiddopup

            Wow you reference wiki a pedia My daughter calls me long distance on hers and gets 500 minutes a month and if you have a phone you are paying for it because of the tax on your phone bill

          • Sad Tutor

            Read what I wrote. You get a choice, local land line or cell phone with minutes , not both. The cell phone can call long distance but only gets 250 minutes in most states. The ONLY thing that changed in the program is people were given the choice of not using the money for a land line but for a cell phone. The cell phones are rock bottom models with terrible rates. One text sent cost a minute, one text received is another minute. Don’t compare them to your smart phone.
            Those equating fee=tax are wrong. Taxes come from congress, this fee came from the FCC, don’t like it petition the FCC to change it because their next agenda item is using these fees to give low income wifi.

            Do something about what you believe vs just posting on the internet. Go to the FCC meetings to change things.

      • WBC

        When I was in the fleet 40 years ago we had 12 fleet carriers and 3 were always in refit and 9 were always available – together with their associated surface combatants, plus replenishment and supply groups (ammo ships and oilers) and robust amphibious assault forces. Unfortunately, those days are gone forever. If the democrats get 12 more years we won’t be have the fleet capacity to protect the Staten Island Ferry from Somali pirates.

        • kestrel6

          Maybe we need to mind our own business — we were in the
          middle of the cold war at that time with the Soviet Union.
          Just exactly why do we need 11 carriers groups at this time — during the height of the cold war we had 12. The fact that the Navy is not fueling these carriers has more to do with their internal allocation of O&M funding than any real shortage in funding. They are waiting on the politicians to make up their minds on the budgets and sequestration. At half that number we will have more than double any other nation in the world.

          • hdc77494

            Because carriers are the point of the spear in our projection of American power. Do don’t really think the only bad guys live in caves and dream of virgins, do you?

          • kestrel6

            Carriers are an anachronism of the past. Technology will
            soon relegate them to obsolescence as the steel ships did to the wooden sailing ships. A carrier is now an easy target to destroy for China and Russia. Soon others will have the technology to take
            them out with relative ease and little cost. Our spear is an expensive target. Its loss would deal a major blow to our prestige and security. You are living in the past and planning to defend this country based on the experience and needs of past wars.

          • interventor

            Russia has nothing that can threaten a carrier fleet unless you count a few old bombers. It will be 15 years before China can threaten the US on the high seas. Inter-coastal, perhaps

          • kestrel6

            Do a little more research — they can keep us parked so far out that our carriers will be non players.

          • hdc77494

            Yeah, that’s why China just built an aircraft carrier. Carriers are exceptionally difficult to sink, because their defensive perimeter is in the hundreds of miles, and not even the Chinese have a missile that can get past those defenses. Nothing will ever replace boots on the ground and guns in their faces. Besides, even if China could sink one, they are very effective in the rest of the world. How we PROJECT American power may change, but the need to do so will not go away.

            Since the development of air power and carriers to project that power, we have effectively deterred global war saving millions of lives.

          • Yep, that must be one of the reasons why the Chinese brought one into service last September. And why the Russians still talk of developing their first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

          • kestrel6 hdc77494•an hour ago
            Flag as inappropriate

            Carriers are an anachronism of the past. Technology will
            soon relegate them to obsolescence as the steel ships did to the wooden sailing ships.
            RANCHO REPLIES:
            Ohhhhhh thats why China is so gung ho on building hoards aircraft carriers currently.

          • kestrel6

            Not saying they are not needed…What I am saying is that we
            do not need to build more of them. They
            are force projectors today and will be into the future depending on how they
            are employed. China
            and Russia want
            to have this capability…. as a counter to our capabilities. But, if we think we can use this force
            projection near China’s
            or Russia’s
            sphere of influence with impunity then somebody is smoking something. Push comes to shove they can and will take
            out our carrier groups. I would suspect
            that even Iran
            would have a high probability of taking out a carrier in the event of a
            conflict. The point I make is that we
            should be very judicious in our use of force projection — any cavalier approach
            to intimidate others via saber rattling with carrier groups will back fire as
            at some point we are setting ourselves up for a serious loss. I suspect the obsolescence
            will be hastened by technology within the next 5 to 10 years — which could be
            accelerated if we overuse this capability.
            Frankly, we cannot afford to remain the world’s policeman and
            enforcer. We will go bankrupt and
            actually put ourselves and our country at an even greater risk.

          • LLeone

            If air defense technology and naval procurement stays static–you might be right…But it wouldn’t surprise me if future carrier strike groups employ directed energy weapons that neutralize incoming ballistic threats by knocking out their guidance systems in midflight.

            And as others have pointed out, both China and Russia are planning carrier strike groups of their own. We may yet see carriers return to their original role of blue water force projectors in the likely event the littoral regions become too problematic for our war planners. But I don’t see such a versatile and capable weapons system becoming obsolete anytime soon.

            They’ll probably find other missions for them–such as arsenal ships and long range unmanned bomber platforms.

          • kestrel6

            That is so that they can counter us…with more options than destroying our carrier groups. The bottom line is — we can no longer afford to continue doing what we have been doing. We don’t even have enough resources to operate and maintain these systems. People’s heads are buried in the sand and they refuse to see the obvious. We better get our act together soon because we are making a lot of enemies and pissing off what few friends we have left in this world. What happens when we cannot afford to maintain our forces all over the world?

          • LLeone

            Well, perhaps President Obama should stop squandering our precious resources on failed green graft programs and pork barrel projects for his campaign contributors–if they come at the expense of national defense.

            The bottom line is our government is constitutionally mandated to provide for the common defense of our homeland. And if the ruling class is too busy carving up the national roast for themselves and greasing corrupt palms along the way it’s high time to hound these scoundrels out of office.

            Pissing people off? Making enemies? Surely Obama promised us he’d put a stop to all that….What, did he sell us another bill of goods? We’ve got the money to both pay our troops and equip them for any conceivable threat on the horizon…It just takes the will–and the common sense–to act in the national interest and park this shortsighted partisanship to the curb.

            China and Russia are acting in their best national interests–and we should do the same. IMHO.

          • kestrel6

            Russia and China are responding to our actions as a counter to our force projection into areas that would affect them. Our irresponsible actions have caused this response.

          • LLeone

            You’re repeating yourself. And it’s Obama that’s the C-in-C right now. You got a beef with his leadership? Just say so…But then, who doesn’t? Your kick America first philosophy doesn’t seem to fault Obama for dissing our allies and rewarding our enemies. Why not just be honest about your anti-military views?

            Russia and China are both growing their military budgets…In Russia’s case, this started in Putin’s first term….In China’s case, the growth is geometrical and part of their long term startegic planning…They both intend to challenge us in this century for dominance on the world stage. That’s a given. Obama projects weakness and this invites miscaculation.

            You offer no hard evidence that the US is responsible for their overall military expenditures. And that is well; because that would be a total cop out. Look, Russia wants to reclaim her role as a superpower. This is only natural since they have virtually no soft power or diplomatic influence to match their strategic throw weight…And China has her heart set on becoming a superpower–which is also natural–having the 2nd largest economy in the world.

            This is the very worst time to be gutting America’s defense budget, in my view. Either you’re intellectually lazy and don’t know about our current threat situation and stepped up defense requirements—or you simply don’t care. There’s no third possibility–assuming you’re not just plain stupid.

          • Maybe you missed the new threats like pirates, Iran and that pesky little argument between China and Japan. Never mind the rescue ability of one carrier when an island has a wave wash over it or a volcano and the carrier group can provide food and water. Please don’t come back with let the world take care of themselves. It’s been tried before and it didn’t work. The world is a dangerous place and I for one believe we are still the best hope for world order. Carriers keep the problems there, without them the bad guys can bring the problems here!

          • kestrel6

            Absolutely not, I understand fully all the threats mentioned
            and many more you did not mention —but, I disagree with you. It is not up to the taxpayers of the United States to provide carriers groups to provide rescue supplies to the rest of the world.
            There are far cheaper and more efficient alternatives than a carrier
            group. Maintaining world order is not the role of the government of the United States (that role was not delegated to it by the people) nor is it a burden that the taxpayers of this country should be force to pay. In addition, our sons and daughters are not sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered for a nebulous reason like world order. What does that mean? Who’s world order? In order to pursue and maintain our
            government’s version of “world order” we have bankrupt this country. If we continue to go down that road we will not have a country for our carriers to return to and they will not have the resources to obtain fuel so they can return. We have lived off the benefits of being the world reserve currency for decades and betrayed that privilege 40 years ago – we have sustained our role through the petrol dollar and the ability to project that role through military force around the world. It is
            now coming to an end – and our ability to print and spend money on the backs of the rest of the world will soon disappear as the world moves away from the dollar – this is happening right now and will soon be in full swing. So, even if we wanted to be the world’s police
            we cannot afford it. We will collapse like the Soviet Union if we continue to try.

          • Yes keester, like all greedy liberals, it’s all about YOU. Screw the rest of humanity as long as YOU get what YOU want.

          • kestrel6

            Why off base Bruce — The responsibility to save the world with our treasure and the lives of our sons and daughters was not delegated to our government. Besides, that is not what we are doing — your thinking is a product propaganda and manipulation — wake up! Have you not noticed that no matter which party is in power we keep losing freedoms and government grows?

          • Dugway

            Sure – we should wait until China and Russia start kicking Japan’s behind, then put the carriers into maintenance.

          • kestrel6

            Japan is a lost cause… there economy is about ready to collapse. They will be dominated by China just as most countries in that region will. Since Fukushima they have moved from being a net exporter to
            a net importer. It is only a matter of time and not much time before they become irrelevant.

          • Dugway

            I reckon that’s a good reason to throw the Japanese under the bus?

            OK, then, let’s change the geography: Let’s say that the Iranians decide to take down islands belonging to the UAE – will that be a good time to put the carriers into maintenance?

            Or, perhaps the Russians decide the they want the entire Diomede Island group, instead of only half, and they decide to seize Little Diomede by force? Shall we cede US soil to the Russians because they wanted to film their own version of Bering Sea Gold?

            Or maybe Indonesia decides they need to have another 9.0 earthquake and the resulting tsunami kills 2,000,000 people and crushes cities across Eastern India – would that be a good time to take the carriers offline for maintenance?

          • goku vegeta


          • iPadguy57

            Yes a carrier and new planes with no gen 5 or even 3 capabilities. And no pilots that could operate off of a carrier. Worry about Iran and North Korea.

          • kestrel6

            Won’t help it will be sunk as quickly as any other carrier…we just won’t lose as many sailors.

          • kestrel6

            You have no idea what you are talking about. You will get a
            lot of our sailors killed thinking the way you do. China is fully capable of quickly destroying our carriers and Russia can do the same… The carrier group is only effective against some 2nd and most 3rd world countries and that advantage is quickly coming to an end. China
            will project their power and influence throughout the Pacific Rim
            and there is little we can do to stop it. In 5 years we will not be able to do anything about it.

          • interventor

            The Chinese carrier has yet to receive aircraft — the plane and helicopter you might have seen on its deck are mock ups to test the placement at sea. The planned planes, Russian ripoffs, haven’t been built yet. To build, train and deploy a force will take 12 to 15 years. As it stands, the planned fleet is a coastal defense force. To counter the Iranian swarm tactics, the US is deploying A-10s on carriers. Combined with drones,, the result will be an oil slick in the Persian Gulf.

          • kestrel6

            The problem is resources — you have to think asymetrically. Iran will not just attack with PT boats.

          • interventor

            I do.. Think radar evading drones in the first wave. Think A-10 with their electric gatlings and attack helicopters armed with the same attacking the small craft. Iraq practices swarm formations. US war gaming against such ends with many sunk Iraqi craft. In such an attack, the carriers would remain outside the Persian Gulf until air supremacy is achieved and anti-ship batteries destroyed.

          • iPadguy57

            Yes any one nation. So what if we need to defend against Iran, North Korea, and a player to be named later?

          • kestrel6

            I am not saying we should not have carriers. We have
            carrier groups that we can project power with if needed. But, don’t be surprised if we loose one of two in the event of a conflict. As I said in an earlier post … They are venerable and becoming more so as time goes on. Iran will not be a push over in the event of a conflict. They are a technologically advanced modern country with very good engineering
            and scientific skills – they are fully capable inflicting significant damage to us. In addition, they will attack our allies if attacked. At this time North Korea is a no real threat to us – they are more of a threat to the South Koreans who are fully capable of defending themselves.

          • Well, yes, you did say, in so many words, that we should not have carriers. You called them “anachronisms of the past.” You also said, “Technology will soon relegate them to obsolescence as the steel ships did to the wooden sailing ships.”

            And, yes, tragically, we might just lose a carrier or two in battle. That’s why we have others — or should have others — in reserve, ready to sail at a moment’s notice.

          • kestrel6

            They are anachronisms of the past –but, I did not say we should not have any. They are still an effective system for force projection in most situations…but, building more is not the answer. Most of the commenters here seem to think we have unlimited resources and can just keep spending.

          • Hunter Killer

            Exactly. We should have been developing the weapons we need to fight our current conflicts instead of spending billions on yesterday’s weapons. A nuclear carrier is powerful, and has usefulness . . . and we had 5 to fight the Soviet Union with when the Berlin Wall fell. They are also incredibly vulnerable to many types of weapons.

            Instead of focusing on building a leaner military, we kept building weapons designed to fight the Soviet Union. HOW STUPID! You build the right weapons for the right price. If you grossly overspend and misallocate valuable resources on weapons that have little affect on your enemy, you might win a battle or two, but you will LOSE the war. Ask Germany how that worked out for them in WWII.

          • kestrel6

            Much of the military budget has become politicized and resources allocated based on corruption, politics, and MIC influence. I have the same concerns — in that we have squandered our limited resources for decades like they were never ending. We have built bureaucracies around that never ending, constantly growing paradigm. Now,
            as we are about ready to have major financial problems we find that we do not have the right weapon systems for a future potential conflict and cannot afford
            to develop new ones.

          • Areminder

            Have you looked around the world lately. I see a whole lot more instability now than during the cold war. At it’s height, there were NO attacks on the American homeland, can’t say that now. I agree it’s very dangerous to have all those ships at one place, didn’t this administration study history, or does b o just think Pearl Harbor was such a neat museum, we need a couple more. I’m sure he had at least one visit to it if he attended school in Hawaii.

          • kestrel6

            Expect to see more of this as the services are forced to consolidate and save money. The point is that we do not have the resources — our own government and its policies has nearly destroyed our economy. We are borrowing neary half of what we spend….Their actions have created the most significant national security threat to this nation of our time. Trying to maintain the illusion that we can continue the way we have — may result in our destruction as a nation.

          • Andylit

            Uhhh….no. At the “height” of the cold war we had anywhere from 20-26 carriers. It wasn’t until Carter took office that we drew down to 13.

          • kestrel6

            And why do you think we drew down to 13? Could it be that we needed the resources for other more pressing civilian and military needs?

          • Andylit

            I didn’t come here to play schoolteacher. You have repeatedly demonstrated here that you have a near ZERO grasp of the topic at hand. Since you insist on mixing domestic politics with real world global military issues, I will give you the answer you need.

            Yes. After shepherding the US into an economic disaster, Carter felt the need to reduce our military across the board in the midst of the cold war to feed money into his socialist domestic agenda.

            Now, before you respond, I suggest that you pull your head out of the political rump you have it stuck into. Open up you eyes and take a look at the world around us. A real look that doesn’t include your woulda, coulda, shoulda nonsense.

            The world we live in is as dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous than the era of Kennedy and Khrushchev. Wake up!

        • kiddopup

          They should also go back to using the fuel that is 40 dollars a gallon cheaper Obama and the dems mandated they use Green fuel and it is starting to effect our security

          • TruthSeeker78

            These things are nuclear.

          • KellyJ

            But the Destroyers, Cruisers, and Aircraft are not. Carriers NEVER go alone.

          • They do have Nuke Cruisers and Destroyers…

          • KellyJ

            Not any more. The nuke CGs were all scrapped under Clinton back in the 90s rather than pay for their mid-life refueling. Eery escp in the USN today (FFG, DDG, CG) is powered by gas turbines.

          • KellyJ

            Not anymore. The nuke cruisers were scrapped back in the 90s (under Clinton) rather than pay for their Refueling Overhauls.Every FFG, DDG, and CG in the US Fleet are now Gas Turbine powered.Only Carriers and Subs are nuclear.

          • Vernon

            We all know they’re nuclear but to explain it to a politician you need to say what they understand. They all have yachts so if we tell them the big boat needs gas they might understand better.

          • Um, when carrier is refueled only once every 25 years that means it is nuclear powered, not some fuel purchased by the gallon.

          • matism

            So are their aircraft nuclear powered as well? And no, those aircraft are not being refueled as part of this RCOH. But his comment is still fully valid. If they weren’t lining the pockets of cronies of the Chimp in Chief, that money would be available for something that might actually be USEFUL to the military.

          • Ioncloud9

            and the reason jet fuel costs so much, at least what the navy pays, is because it has to be shipped there with resupply ships and that is costly.

          • The Aircraft are a Detatchment… Which means it can be assigned to another carrier

          • WBC

            That green fuel thing was a stunt – the Navy (except for the fleet carriers and the submarines) runs on oil. The carriers and pig boats are nuclear (and hence why they only refuel every four years).

          • They refuel every 25 years. Four years to do the refuel

          • WBC

            We’re both half wrong. They’re only in refit for a year.

          • Beedogs

            Nuclear Ricky Retardo.

          • Ioncloud9

            Except that these carriers have several nuclear reactors that only need to be fueled twice: just before it goes into service and at the halfway point. They use highly enriched uranium, not hydrocarbons.

          • rickeyroma

            Green Fuel?….what, is it St. Patty’s day already?

        • 1uncle

          We didn’t have millions of parasites(demos) to support then.

          • WBC

            True – we had huge numbers of filthy hippies but while they were certainly unsanitary at least they were self-sufficient.

        • iPadguy57

          Yes but no amphibious assault ships. The make up of the fleet is different these days as are the requirements.

          • WBC

            You still have to have the capacity to put people across a beach. Nobody ever won a war from the air alone.

          • requirements set by who; Obama? Yeah I’m sure that will work out well!

        • joedoakes202

          Our submarine fleet is standing it’s perpetual and silent guard.


          • WBC

            Barry Sotero is determined to give one attack boat to the girls. Seriously – an all female crew. Can you imagine a crew of women keeping silent under any circumstances?

          • Casca

            If they synchronize their menstrual periods, for one week out of the month, they’d be the meanest crew on the seven seas…..

          • rickg62

            That echos Rush’s suggestion years ago for the Army or Marines if they want women in combat. Four rotating all female battalions, Yikes, that’s scary.

          • WBC

            That might work with a berserker suicide squad, but unfortunately a nuclear armed and powered submarine must be operated with cool detachment. If Obama gives them a Boomer (ballistic missile submarine) they’re likely to threaten to vaporize any country that does not immediately legislate lesbian marriage.

            Come to think of it, this could be the plot of the next James Bond flick.

          • DontTreadOnMe11

            If they could figure out a way to have them PMS 24/7/365, they’d be the best fighting force in history.

          • BeanerECMO

            You mean they’re not??!! 😉

          • kestrel6

            Not as silent as they need to be.

        • GoldenFinger

          Have you EVER seen 5 carriers parked next to each other?
          Who the hell authorized parking them in the same location? Haven’t they heard of December 7, 1941?

      • Obama is in charge now. You would probably faint, if you knew other strategic weakness this Boob has brought on to USA

        • Andylit

          My girlfriend works at Homeland. My partner’s daughter is a mid level sworn Fed with an agency that changes its name every 6 months.

          I fainted, woke up, screamed and sank into depression a couple years ago.

          On a side topic, allow me to share with you the latest rules for ICE agents. In each of these we are talking about an illegal alien. This is the guideline for agents.

          Convicted rapist. May NOT build a file, may NOT arrest, may NOT initiate any proceedings.

          If above is a child rapist, ok, you can start to build a file but you may NOT arrest without higher authority approval.

          Convicted drug dealer. May NOT build a file, may NOT arrest, may NOT initiate any proceedings.

          If above has a child living in the residence, ok, you can start to build a file but you may NOT arrest without higher authority approval.

          You see, its all about the children.

        • It reminds me of the Carter years, If the Soviets had known just how incapable we were back then we all would be speaking Russian right now

          • Pappione

            The subversion from them is part of the reason we are in this condition.
            Search “Yuri Bezmenov” … We didn’t stand a chance after the 1970’s!

        • goku vegeta


      • kestrel6

        Just exactly what are we trying to accomplish by having 15 carriers minimum? Why should the Taxpayers have to pay the cost of being able to deploy 3 carrier groups to any hot spot of the world?

        • Andylit

          Defense through overwhelming firepower.

        • Perhaps it concerns keeping the fragile peace.

      • whoisitthen

        Aircraft carriers are very expensive, and relying on them reduces the risks the Navy can take.

        Having (the credible threat of seizing) naval supremacy against a sophisticated foe that has the advantage of unsinkable shore-based weapons (China, Spratly Islands) requires cheaper vessels, vessels that it’s not implausible the U.S. would be willing to lose: America-class amphibious assault ships, LCS ships, Virginia-class submarines, Zumwalt-class destroyers.

        It’s very difficult to imagine an American President taking risks with supercarriers. Bush didn’t want to risk a huge infantry force on the mere likelihood that Obama was in Tora Bora. Obama didn’t want to risk any Americans to rescue the besieged at Benghazi. Clinton withdrew from Somalia after the battle of Mogadishu. Bush Sr. didn’t want to take risks inherent in toppling Saddam. Reagan withdrew from Lebanon. Carter … you get the point.

        • Andylit

          Actually, no, I don’t get your point. None of your examples above have anything to do with reality. Merely politics.

      • TruthSeeker78

        Sure, your point makes sense, if empirical world domination is your goal. You think we need 14-15 carriers to protect our home land?? what a joke.

        • Andylit

          “Empirical world domination.” Deep sigh

          Makes me tired just listening to Pauliacs. Sometimes I think you kooks are brainwashed deeper and harder than the low information libs who put 0bozo into office.

      • ongelofelijk

        Sanity and words of wisdom spoken here!

      • cost cutting to pay for Obama’s vacations

      • Areminder

        You forgot to teach these facts to the cabal running the country. And from the Benghazi hearings, it sounds like there are a whole lot of other facts someone forgot to teach them. Like their jobs when the take office or are appointed to them and confirmed. SURPRISE IT’S NOT WORLD-WIDE PARTYING AND REDUCING THE FOOTPRINT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

      • One of the few constitutional powers Obama actually has is to defend our nation and borders from all enemies but instead chooses to do the exact opposite by neutering our military and opening our borders. He instead chooses to excercise power he has not been given; meddling with our healthcare system; appointing czars and using so many executive orders that we no longer need a Congress or have need for a budget. He forces the cold iron hand of socialism/fascism on all of us and threatens our 2nd amendment rights. He continuously plays with us by testing our self control; like a bully searching for weakness and when he finally sees us blink, he will move at an exponential pace. He is drunk with power! Is our military completely blind? They MUST know who and what this man is.

        • Andylit

          However, our military will honor the Constitution. Even in the face of this obvious Trans-National Marxist, our military WILL respect the chain of command.

          Anything else would be unthinkable, and would mean the dissolution of the Republic.

      • MikeofAges

        I like that. I can hear it now. “Give us a Lyndon Johnson and a Jimmy Carter and we’ll give you a Richard Nixon and George W. Bush.”

    • Bruce Gregory

      Tora! Tora! Tora!

    • Fmr Navy16

      Well history once showed us what happens when they parked battleships in a row..

      • coolit10

        FDR wanted it that way because battleships were no longer relevant because of the rise of air power. Why have carriers unprotected ever?A lot of braves souls were lost unfortunately. England needed us in that war. Send our “allies” the bill for this and other protection costs.

        • Sencho

          You have your logic backwards. In 1941 it still wasn’t clear that naval based aviation would unseat BBs from their key role – and the battleship admirals were still largely the political power in world navies.

          While the British raid of Taranto (the model for Pearl Harbor) showed what planes could do to battleships at anchor, it really didn’t become clear until the end of WW2 that airpower would replace battleships.

          • mobsarebad

            It became clear about 5 minutes after the Battle of Midway.

          • Right you are!

          • my father was at Pearl Harbor and he HATED Roosevelt and said he knew the Japanese were coming

          • LLeone

            I must respectfully disagree…Billy Mitchell told both the Army and Navy top brass that they were in danger of becoming sitting ducks to the coming revolution in aviation way back in 1925…He stepped on a lot of high ranking toes with his passionate advocacy of air power. He got demoted and later court martialed–for his outspokenness on this very issue.

            Not so coincidentally, it was back in the 1920’s that the Japanese High Command started contingency planning for a massive blow at Pearl Harbor. They correctly identified the US as their main strategic rival in the Pacific and knew simply by looking at a map that our Naval forces at Pearl were like a knife at their throats. And the rest is indeed history.

          • Sencho

            You’re welcome to disagree but what you’re doing is taking a later-established fact then working backwards for data to make it seem like it was always so.

            Yes, Billy Mitchell warned folks of what airpower could do. And, in 2013, we knew he was prophetic. But in 1925 he was ostracized and out of favor. To go from that to claiming FDR had already concluded BBs were obsolete would require a robust paper trail – one that no scholar has found.

            And you are also right in concluding the Japanese military realized the US would be their only threat for expansion in the Pacific. And that they’d realized they’d needed to neutralize the US assets at Pearl…but they’d planned that around a Jutland-style battleship engagement for most of the 20s and 30s.

            They grew into more a carrier emphasis in response to the limitations of the London Naval treaty which cemented Japan as a second-tier battleship power – but had no restrictions on carrier aviation (that whacky Billy Mitchell couldn’t convince them either it seems).

            They perfected their strategy only after the 1940 British air raid on Taranto harbor which devastated the Italian fleet.

            And keep in mind Mitchell wasn’t exactly right either. He made it clear that airpower would remove the need for soldiers and ships. That no one would need infantry in a world with bombers. And he has been shown utterly wrong on that.

          • LLeone

            I don’t see that we disagree on much…It’s clear we’re both looking backwards at the data since neither of us were around in 1925 to weigh in on the issue. But I never took a stand on FDR’s position on battleships–which remained vital to shore bombardment roles well past the Vietnam War.

            My point was that Billy Mitchell knew full well that airpower was going to change the face of warfare in the near future and that powerful vested interests–battleship advocates amongst them–felt threatened by his brash and somewhat insubordinate advocacy of bomber technology.

            The fact that none of our carriers were at Pearl Harbor on December 7th tells me the US Navy of the era valued them too much to leave them exposed. And that Billy Mitchell’s foresight wasn’t lost on our Pacific commanders even before the outbreak of the war. In addition to the excellent example of the air raid at Taranto that you cite our war planners also had the sinking of the Bismarck in May of 1941 to inform them of the potential of air power against capital ships.

            The British Swordfish torpedo bombers employed in both attacks were, as you know, biplanes based on 1920s technology. And even though they were considered terribly outdated by 1941 their actual combat performance would seem to vindicate Billy Mitchell’s views on the value of air power.

            Where Mitchell seems to have fouled up was in his prickly personal nature in dealing with his superiors and his failure to grasp the potential of carrier based aircraft. He always felt land-based bombers would be the decisive factors due to their enormous payload. But based on the best available aviation technology of 1925, he does seems to have done his homework on the subject better than most of his contemporaries in arms.

      • interventor

        The carriers are berthed in the US, not Pearl Harbor, Please relate what nation has a blue water navy to launch an attack.

    • T Ruski

      You would think Pearl Harbor had taught us something….

    • JGH

      Well we didn’t prepare for any contingencies last 911, I would say that this is very consistent behavior. Oh My!

    • KenofSoCal

      The VA delegation thinks so. The FL would like one, though. Remember Pearl Harbor or don’t.

    • MGBSE

      …you mean like 22 Navy SEALs on one helicopter?

    • michael s

      Hope the Japs don’t see this.

    • mike hagen

      no they should be protecting our coast lines.

    • Glenn Reddick

      Can you say “Pearl Harbor”

    • Whatever1976

      Oh don’t worry. My hubby is in the Air Force and they have a great fleet of 1988 F 16’s to guard the US air space with. Of course, some of the pilots are busy flying 2010 F16’s to Egypt so they might be busy…

      • Vernon

        Tell him Thank-you very much. To go along with what you said, if his 1988 F18 breaks down I’m sure our fine gov will put him on a bus and send him to Az and use some junk from the bone yard.

    • TripleA60

      Unemployment up
      Welfare roles up
      Taxes up
      The BHO still wants more taxes on top of the tax increase just implemented
      Take home pay down
      Deficit up
      Spending still out of control
      Economy going negative
      Gas prices up
      About ready to give Amnesty to millions so they can take more Government help
      Last year Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on average every 94 seconds
      But don’t worry, we redefined marriage and have safe vagina’s……

    • .

      No, WHY > It is Pear Harbor Again with a SMALL Simple Suit-Case Dirty NUKE

    • humptydumpty

      Yeah, and then have a picture of them sitting together for our enemy’s to see.

    • a simple suit-case dirty nuke would do a nice job on them

    • buckofama2010

      They are not going anywhere anyway thanks to ovomit. I am sure he has now invited our enemies to bomb them

    • Reality_Check

      One of the side benefits of base consolidation, and an incompetent Commander and Chief occurring at the same time.

    • Curt Skogsbergh

      We cannot afford to refuel the CVN 71, but we have enough cash available to GIVE EGYPT 20 brand new F-16s and 200 front line tanks? Yet another example of the squandering of monies when left to our elected officials. This is not a partisan issue, but a reflection of just how irresponsible that our congressional leaders misuse and abuse their respective offices. ALL OF THEM, should be removed from office and where applicable, imprisoned.

      • Ioncloud9

        I don’t think we “gave them away.” More likely an arms deal to eliminate surplus tanks that cost money to keep. The US has over 8,000 M1 Abrams tanks. They are more likely the older M1A1s, in an effort to make money or for diplomatic reasons and to eliminate continuing maintenance and upgrade costs to hold onto them.

    • 17_woods

      They’re for sale. Lined up conveniently for the delegation from China to tour the inventory before buying.

    • This same mentality worked well for us at Pearl Harbor, didn’t it.

    • WayneLLewis

      The “Big E” doesn’t count. She has been deactivated. She is just sitting there while they figure out how to defuel a CVN – never been done before.

    • Vorenious

      Must not of had heard of Pearl Harbor or was this intentional by the destroyer of America’s ability to defend ourselves? Screw O—-

    • slickzip

      Take a deep breath and crawl back into your cave ,, they are never all in port at the same time ,,,,,,,,

    • can’t have those carriers out polluting the oceans, got to keep the oceans green!

    • Beckslee

      You have a point. But…. aren’t politicians special. They are heading us down the pike so oblivion and ruination.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Pearl Harbor (except with carriers instead of battleships)?

    • kickobamasskinnyass

      its all part of obamas plan. dont worry.

    • NO! When I was in the Navy this was never allowed… carriers were always either out to sea or docked away from each other..however even while they are docked here their being manned by those duty personnell. the weapon systems are up and they are continually monitoring for threats. The captain and admiral are charged with the security of each ship. There are always someone there that can defend the ship and operate its weapon sysytems… The ships are set to watertight integrity standards. the only time ships are not ready and armed is when they go into the shipyard for refitting and updating.

    • the Enterprise has already been decommissioned and the defeuling is on hold now…..the Truman would have left today had it not been cancelled and the Lincoln is only here for the overhaul because Newport News Shipyard is the only one in the country that has the capabilities for the type of maintenance required….it’s homeport is in Washington state.

    • btw, this is the largest navy base in the world

    • Almost seems….intentional?

    • We used to have a saying during the second World War. “REMEMBER PEAL HARBOR “

    • John Kelly

      Makes sense to me. That is what I do: put all of my eggs in one basket. I mean there is nothing like small nukes and suicide bombers, right?

    • Good point!

    • David Dunlap

      sure worked good in Pearl Harbor lining up all the planes didn’t it? stupid bas-ards!

    • espy

      Aircraft carriers are restricted to certain ports. They’re simply to big and complex to be able to park at any given port. While not smart in a tactical sense, its somewhat required due to the cost of sending one of them out to sea.

    • This happens at Norfolk a lot. There are very few ports on the east coast set up for the maintenance these carriers require. It’s cost efficient. As for a Pearl Harbor scenario – doubtful with an attack by aircraft (or terrorist), but with nukes it really doesn’t matter.

    • Well, because of the map, Iran and North Korea know exactly where ground zero should be.

    • after what the navy did to me Fuck the NAVY

    • Nedarc

      Don’t worry with Obama and soon to be Hagel on the job…What could possibly go wrong …..FORWARD !!!

    • Of course they should … President Skeeter said the fleet was an obsolete thing from a past era a while back AND a “Pearl Harbor” would be the perfect excuse to declare Marshall Law and round up everyone whose been opposing him.

    • carl6352

      can you imagine the bump to the local economy with over 3000 sailors running around.

    • That’s an interesting point. One bomb could completely devastate our carrier fleet, heaven-forbid.

    • LLeone

      Uh, probably not…But if you’re a hostile power with a spare nuke and an itching desire for Armageddon; you have to ask yourself one question: do you really want to mambo with the one country on the planet that could wipe you off the face of the earth in less time than it takes to order a pizza by phone?

      Fresh and hot–in 30 minutes or less—or the next round is on us…Guaranteed.

    • Andy Jacobson

      Should America hating, military hating democrat communists be running the country?

    • Avis

      That’s because we cant afford to park them anywhere else. The infrastructure involved in homeporting a carrier ain’t necessarily cheap.

    • Newel

      Was t that the bra d statagy at Pearl Harbor?

    • The Japanese loved it on December 7, 1941.

    • Jerrie

      Ty, i could not agree more, not to mention A MAP OF THE AREA

    • Timothy Bateman

      And why not? Whose going to get close enough to them to affect them? And don’t give me the “Pearl Harbor” stuff. I’ve been in the Navy 18 years and spent 12 of them in Hampton Roads. Today’s force protection, our capabilities, and our readiness posture is light years from that of 1941. The worst thing that could happen to the ships there has NOTHING to do with the base or the ships themselves. The achilles heel is elsewhere. You don’t need to get to the ships to take them out of the fight and, quite frankly it’s low hanging fruit that would be far easier to get to than the ships themselves. But that’s speaking in terms of relativity; it would still be a monumental feat either way. Norfolk is strategically expediant for a multitude of reasons that, in truth, only those of us who deal with these things every day really know or care about. Let us do our job and we’ll do it well. Congress, on the other hand, is the organization that could use the good advise.

    • Can you say “Pearl Harbor”?

    • I am a carrier veteran from the nuclear powered Nimitz. I thought the same thing! Though I did wonder if any in the lineup are older conventional carriers being decommissioned. If not, one bomb will make an awfully big nuclear mess!

    • MikeofAges

      It worked last time.

    • revolution

      didn’t they learn from pearl harbor

    • I don’t mean to sound harsh, but are you familiar at all with this area? The James River of which this fleet sits on is heavily patrolled as well as the York River. Hampton Roads is also the hub of military bases in Virginia. This fleet is one of the most guarded and fortified naval bases in the world. If you look at the map, it would be extremely difficult for an enemy vessel to attack.And forget air assaults. Within mere minutes of the north and south of the naval base are Oceana, a Navy airfield and Langley Air Force base in Hampton. You can sling a dead cat in any direction and hit military here. What happened in Pearl harbor was derelict of command. If any body would be worried about intelligence of attack in this area, we have,BTW, also the CIA training camp in Williamsburg. Don’t worry about this fleet in Norfolk. The Germans couldn’t penetrate it in WW2. I would be more worried if they were any where else.

    • PastorBobCeleste

      “should 5 Carriers really be parked in the same lot?”

      Only if you want to give your enemies a chance to sink them.

    • tdrag

      The first thing I thought about when I saw the picture accompanying this report was the famous picture of our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor just prior to December 7, 1941. This whole article describes the Obama Military Doctrine-neglect of the equipment, de-moralization of the personnel, and de-funding of the military. The Constitution REQUIRES the President to maintain a fighting force that can respond to any threat. Obama is deliberately gutting our forces in order to pacify the Low Information voters he panders to. The ancient Romans called it Bread and Circuses.

    • jrboss93

      That is a very rare occurrence, I only saw it once during my service … July 4th, 1997.

    • bluzrider

      Yea, It doesn’t make sense to me either. They seem like sitting ducks don’t they?

    • tiger

      All the eggs in one basket? Well how many ports can dock a CVN? Then how many are Nuclear capable? Thus, You wind up with 5 in Norfolk…..

    • antonsvintagewine

      I agree. Anyone remember Pearl Harbor?
      I know that is our main carrier maintenance facility and security on the ground is tight as a drum, but still.

    • East coast shipyard worker

      Where would you park her? The facility has to have deep water access. the Lincoln drafts 120 feet. You can’t park it at the local marina.

    • Maybe Obama staging a “terrorist” attack to save his popularity?

    • austin_millbarge

      seems history does indeed repeat itself.

    • They are built in Newport News and fixed in Norfolk. Its always been that way. If they were not attacked on 9-11, then they are not GOING to be attacked. The greatest threat these ships face is when they are deployed. Your not just walking into Newport News or Norfolk shipyards with your Costco ID. And if all 4 scrambled fighters you would not get within 500 miles of this place with a boxcutter. I think they are safe as can be expected.

    • Yuriko

      They do that to save money not caring a single nuke can take out 1/2 the carrier fleet. Each carrier should have its own port. This is an invitation to strike.

    • D

      Who has an air force or navy capable of attacking? Nobody…and a nuke, well, by then you don’t need carriers, they’re worthless in a tactical nuclear war….you unleash the Polaris.

    • mike smith

      Maybe a better idea would be to delay paying ALL congressional salaries and ALL White House expenses until this fiscal mess is straightened out.

    • Row

    • This is not the first time five carriers have been at Norfolk at the same time. In all reality you should only be counting four carriers as the Enterprise is deactivated, and very soon to be decommissioned.

  • Martin

    Obama approved an $11 Billion pay increase for Federal workers in the past month. They vote, ships don’t. Yes it’s a matter of leadership

    • the GOP stopped the $11 Billion pay increase, as federal employee’s we have been on a pay freeze now for three years. I make less than $50,000.00 a year and food and gas keep going up, but my pay check is still the same as it was three years ago.

      • PR_Ohio

        As a federal employee your average pay is higher than the same work in the private sector, and you have a lot of other freebies that the rest of us don’t enjoy, even though WE pay for yours. That $50K equates to much higher income when all the taxpayer paid gubmint goodies are thrown in.

        Next, the rest of us are also suffering pay cuts/freezes, higher gas, food, and energy prices, 401K losses, tax increases, and the looming threats of Obamacare, such as the 25% increase to my health insurance company’s premiums for 2013 that I’m also paying for.

        If you please, I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t cry you a river. I suggest you quit whining and just be happy you have a job. If you voted for Obama, then you are part of the problem. When things get much worse (and they WILL) remember that.

        • That’s balooney; I make two thirds what I made in the private sector and am paying through the nose for the benefits I get.

      • Jack Armstrong

        And so is mine buddy, and I work in private industry and do not get anywhere near the benefits you receive as a government employee.

        • I work as a Federal employee now and make about two thirds what I made in the private sector.
          Government group health insurance cost me over 14 thousand dollars a year.
          I went two years looking for a job when the corporation I worked for went bankrupt.
          I’m just thankful to have any job.

      • Boo hoo!! I’m in the private sector and my pay has been cut 40% due to the Obama economy. Must be nice to be making as much as you were 3 years ago.

      • Dencal26

        Don’t worry all our problems are solved, Obama raised taxes on the rich. Do you feel better off now?

        • sumjedi

          Funny how everyone who actually earns a paycheck was defined as “rich” when the taxes actually happened.

      • killerasteroid

        Join the rest of us in the private sector who have been lucky to keep our jobs the last 4-5 years, also with no raise……..

      • BarryBarry


      • Martin

        The Senate has not stopped the increase and Obama has to sign it. Your current salary and benefits are substantially above those in the private sector whose employees have not had an increase. If we need to support the Navy we need , as Obama says, shared sacrifice.

      • mrjoegage

        Sometimes when a federal employee claims to have not had a raise, that does NOT mean they have not had what they call a “cost of living adjustment”. In the private sector, we call that getting a raise.

      • sumjedi

        Welcome to our world. Folks in the private sector have been living like you describe since the last year Bush was president. You’re late to the recession.

      • coolit10

        Join the club.

  • Simple: Send non-essential federal personnel home on unpaid furlough until we’ve saved enough to pay for this overhaul.

    • BTW – that would be just about all of them…

    • I’m a federal employee, I make less than $50,000.00 a year and I have bills to pay also. So putting non-essential federal personnel home on unpaid furlough is not the answer. How would you like to be put un on paid furlough so who ever you work for can pay their bills? They needs to make spending cuts and some things in the Military can but cut, but sending people home is not the answer.

      • anyone ever thought of a 10$ cut on welfare section 8 food stamps? that would save 5 billion a month. just a thought

      • killerasteroid

        ah….a teachable moment: you ARE part of the federal budget so please don’t ask us to not furlough you as your salaries ARE part of the problem. You seem to think there is an endless supply of other peoples money to spend……without regard from where it comes…..

      • Arin, In case you didn’t know, that’s what happens in the real world. Private industry does this all of the time, it’s called layoffs.

      • humptydumpty

        Better sitting at home than buried in the ground because we cut the military to the point they aren’t able to protect you.

  • Native_New_Yorker

    Maybe the Obama’s need to quit taking vacations and partying at the WH!!!! Imagine the millions of dollars that would save!!!!

  • notwar

    Maybe if Solyndra paid back the $500 million “stimulus” money…….????

    • Or Panetta didn`t fly to California every weekend?

      • code4blue

        Ah yes, don’t forget Miss Piglosi, they finally took her jet away from her!

    • Ronin

      Pay back? Why haven’t the assets beeen seized and all people involved been prosecuted? Why not on any of the other companies that got these great deals, either?

      • OTWO

        Are you suggesting that they bite the hand that feeds them? You think Barry and crew did this out of the goodness of their hearts?

    • GrizzMann

      Already paid as salary’s to the Obama supporters. Gone, Never to be seen in any form, but as Democrat contributions.

  • Edmond Day

    GOOD less fuel less combat less dead Americans.
    Free at last free at last, Lord God Almighty, Free at last.
    the prize is in site

    • OTWO

      Until it’s needed for emergent reasons. Then you’ll be bitc hing that it wasn’t ready to respond. The prize may not be what you’ve been tricked into thinking it may be. Think about that…if you can.

      • Fmr Navy16

        He won’t because he can’t… Blinded by his idolizing of his dear leader.. Thanking God in one hand & cheering to destroy his country.. none of them deserve to be protected

    • Azlecitizen

      Edmond, don’t forget, less preparedness for the next wave of Muslim terrorists that your HMIC has installed in the WH.

    • Use some punctuation, you frigging idiot. No wonder you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • borntobePolitical

    Hmmmm, I wonder if this isn’t a typical delay that could have happened in any given year. I am afraid that there is so much waste and fraud in the government that they are “leaking” this kind of info to raise fears that we will not be safe.

    It is a means to an end to keep the cash flowing
    Our military budget is more than all of the free worlds combined. I think we will still be a free republic if this one ship is delayed in fueling.
    Just saying

  • TripleA60

    Unemployment up
    Deficit up
    Taxes up
    And the BHO and clan want still higher taxes
    Price of gas up
    Welfare rolls up
    Economy going in Reverse.
    Spending still out of control.
    Planned Parenthood last year performed an abortion on average every 94 seconds
    But don’t worry, we redefined marriage, have safe vagina’s and giving millions of illegals amnesty and a crap load of more free stuff that comes with that.
    What could possibly go wrong.

  • This is AWESOME! We could solve the budget problem by cutting the defense budget in half. Why do we need to spend ourselves into ruin policing the world and protecting tyrants? Why is the defense budget sacred but not old people’s medicare? Why? And why are we fighting so many wars for freedom when they are taking aways ours at home? (Guns, privacy, search and seizure etc)

    • Whatever1976

      There is a reason Ron Paul’s number one donor was members of the United States military!

  • UK1981

    Nothing like having you credit card declined at the gas pump.

  • gfstiel

    Don’t blame the writer for this bull S story. He’s just writing what he’s told.

  • enos33

    Close down some (if not all ) of the bases in England, Germany, Japan, etc.. Close down ALL the officers’ golf courses around the world. Retire at least half of those in the Pentagon. With the money saved – fuel the ships. DONE!

    • NotEZ2BFree

      lI would include getting rid of half of the contractors!

    • code4blue

      This is an amusing concept because if we did that the rest of the worlds economic situation would collapse within a matter of days. The US is the worlds support mechanism, our US military sustains a vast portion of the worlds security and our guys spend all their money in every corner of the world. Not only that if you bring all our guys home OUR economic situation would collapse as well! Besides what are we going to do with all those military personnel? We don’t have enough employment for Americans AND THE ILLEGALS THEY WANT TO GIVE AMNESTY TO, so what will we do with all those G.I.’s? Everything America does effects the whole world significantly, so any move we make would have considerable blow back!

    • Warrior07

      Oh enos33, the Golf courses are open to all personnel. If you want to save money stop the nanny state welfare program. Now seriously the US has been operating without a budget since 2009 without a hitch. Congress is proving we don’t need cash. BTW when was the last time you received cash on payday. Most get electronic fund transfers direct to your account. This whole monetary issue is bogus just like Obama’s $Trillion bailouts.

  • devon

    Sorry, need more Obamaphones first

  • Fmr Navy16

    And this folks is exactly what El Dear Leader wanted all along… Enjoy America

  • What a crock. It’s like those budget cuts some city might want to make. Opponents yell, “We’ll have to cut back on policemen and firemen, we’re doomed I say doomed.” How about a cut back on senior grade officers and his/her personal staff. I was assigned to the European command – they live like kings! How about the number of senior officers assigned to NATO or better yet pulling out all but a caretaker staff from all of Europe.

    • Why does this ship need fuel? It is a nuclear carrier. If it is moving without planes, why does it need fuel?

      The nuclear fuel rods last 20-25 years why 1/2 the life cycle of the carrier they need to be replaced with new ones. Thank you to Obama and the best leadership team in the history of the US you just took the worlds most powerful Navy and squashed it, so since you are booking your next vacation on our dime I would recommend this lovely town called fallujah to visit. Idiots in the WH with all the answers raise taxes, reduce military, and destroy the USA all those who voted for him well your getting what you wished for welcome to the good ole USSR

  • rejco

    And Nancy Pelosi is flying FIRST CLASS all over the world, with her 20 member entourage, in a US Air Force Executive VIP JET…with unlimited top-shelf booze & fine wines…..all on the taxpayer’s dime…

  • This is B.S. the reason they can’t get it refueled is that the administration is insisting on Bio-fuels for the entire navy, paying several times the cost of standard marine fuel. Feathering the nests of the “Green Industry”. Besides the cuts are not yet in place. Sequester hasn’t happened yet. Idiots

    • Mister Potato Head!! Mister Potato Head!! Carriers run on nuclear power, therefore the administration can not insist/require the Lincoln or any other carrier to be refueled using bio-fuels…

  • Azlecitizen

    The HMIC is what is causing this whole country to downgrade our readiness for everything with the exception of the next great Muslim terrorist uprising!

  • Clark_Nova


  • Paul Krugman thinks we should spend more. Certainly he thinks we should spend more on the military.

  • Andylit

    Amusing little peaceniks. No more war, cut the troops, bring them home. Whine whine whine.

    Let me paraphrase Robert Heinlein for all you dreamers.

    Nevertheless, let’s assume that the US race manages….and thereby becomes peaceful. What happens?

    Soon (about next Wednesday) the enemy moves in, kills off this breed which “ain’ta gonna study war no more” and the world forgets us.

    • OTWO

      Liberals are always about peace and love until someone puts a gun to their heads. Liberals claim to be smart. But I guess liberal schools don’t include history in their curriculum!

  • truckbouy2

    Starting to sound a little like the Soviet Navy. Thanks all you liberal democrat dipsticks,

    • JGH

      Maybe that is why their ships were shown at someones convention.

    • I was thinking along the same line. I saw all the vacant ships tied up in several of the old Soviet Uniion ports. Many are still there rusting away. I do believe this will be the American fleets around the world. I do believe the nation is lost.

      • truckbouy2

        Interesting how my comment was deleted and not by me. Wait, here come the black suburbans……

  • Yep, While the tyrant Obama gives raises to all his regime. F him and the pale horse he rode in on. The enemy is now in control of this country.

  • TonyMonterey


  • TruthDetector

    “The U.S. Navy will delay the refueling of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) for an unknown period because of the uncertain fiscal environment due to the ongoing legislative struggle, the service told Congress in a Friday message obtained by USNI News.”

    Meanwhile, in related news, the media-anointed, self-proclaimed Obamessiah and various family members will be jetting back and forth to Hawaii to spend future taxpayers’ earnings.

    • OTWO

      Apparently no worries about refueling there!

      • TruthDetector

        Censorship reigns on this Big Brother website.

  • Right_2_Bear_Arms

    Meanwhile foodstamps, Obamaphone, Wic, Public housing, Medicaid, SSD, etc. etc. are setting new records.

  • trambre

    Why does this ship need fuel? It is a nuclear carrier. If it is moving without planes, why does it need fuel?

    • OTWO


    • Sad Tutor

      The reactor has to be refueled . The fuel source last a very long time, 13-20 years depending on use, but do have to be changed. Normally it is done when output starts to become noticeably lower. It doesn’t mean the ship is dead in the water though as the reactor is still capable of providing full power for another year or two. They just schedule it ahead of time so they don’t have to do it at the last possible moment before the ship loses power. Unfortunately with the military cuts repair yards are fewer and the backlog longer so putting off something like this can really set back things.

    • JGH

      I would assume that the refueling is for the nuclear reactor. This requires, I again would think, a lot of advance planning. This story stinks, there is more to this than just no more money for fuel. I think someone is as anti-nuclear as they are anti-military!

    • Dewreck

      Twice in 50 year service life new fuel needs to added.

  • shut R Down
    Iam sure we have way to many Ships of Death

  • Mariner33

    Does mandatory buying of plant based diesel and jet fuel at 4 times the cost of regular diesel have anything to do with it?

  • jackejack

    Plenty of money for illegals and their health care.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Cancel a couple of Michelle’s and Barrak’s vacations and that should cover the cost…

  • Stick

    I bet they are just waiting for green fuel.

  • Steve

    Oh boo hoo Navy, what a bunch of bologna. The dense budget is twice what it should be.
    Notice how when money gets tight, school lunches and Social Security payments are threatened?
    This is the Navy doing the same thing.
    Cry me a damn river.

    • Only thing “dense” is your skull and it’s full of obama.

    • It’s not the federal government’s job to provide school lunches. It is the federal government’s job to deploy a Navy lib.

  • justhinkin

    Power it with a windmill.

    • If you could power it with lies, Obama could fuel every ship on this planet.

    • OTWO

      Or solar panels. LOL!!

  • gnbtae37

    Don’t trust a thing this administration says – or makes others say.

  • Jack Armstrong

    This story is BS, There is no way the Navy or any other military organization would use the “no money” excuse to delay refueling. Seems to me the Admiral in charge of this base is running for political office. Maybe he wants to be the next Chief of Naval Ops.

    • Sad Tutor

      It is a bit more involved than just putting in more gas . The reactor has to be completely shut down. All parts removed and inspected, any improvements in design since its installation have to be fitted. Then the whole thing has to undergo more testing and certifications before the ship can return to use. Can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the work.

    • Andylit

      Oh stop it. The cost is over $3 BILLION.

      • Jack Armstrong

        So what. The Navy did not know that this activity was on their “to do” list for fiscal 2013? $3 billion is what percent of their total maintenance/refurb budget? This article is politically motivated, period. The author wants to get everyone excited and focuses the headline and the article on a shortage of funds. I bet the funds are there. Have someone, including the Congress rep from Virginia provide the accounting and show where there are no funds available.

        • Andylit

          What part of the sequestration do you not understand?

          • Jack Armstrong

            I understand all of it and the whole issue is nothing but a scare tactic used by this administration and their lackey Panetta at the DOD. His boss and Jack Lew devised this plan and now they’re trying to blame it on everyone but themselves. This is exactly why many citizens do not believe the government can effectively administer any process in a fiscally responsible manner. Do you think major manufacturing corporations could be profitable or break even if they handled their process like this? Wake up. But I guess your happy with the government being unaccountable when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

          • Andylit

            Dude, you need to see a shrink. Your paranoia is peaking. And, you need to stop projecting your fears onto others. I am very much aware that our government has run amok and am not happy about it.

            I am fully aware of how the Sequester plan came about. 0bozo and his crew dreamed it up, then the GOP signed on because at the time it looked like 0bozo would lose by a landslide and the GOP would take back the Senate.

            Guess what. We lost. So now were are stuck with it.

            The simple fact is that unless averted, the military WILL LOSE $50-$60 BILLION in funding in 2013 and each year subsequent. That is very real. The Navy has to start cutting now. At a time when we need a military build up. The world around us is getting more violent, not less, more insane, not less.

            Do we need better accounting and control? Of course. Do we need a smaller military? Absolutely not.

        • Sad Tutor

          It is normal routine that things like this do not get covered in budgets. The thinking is when the budget is being created that we will put that on the next budget since it doesn’t have to be done immediately, we have a couple year window to work with. Then it finally reaches the last possible year it has to be done and nobody prepared for it.

      • maybe it would be wiser not to GIVE AWAY THE F-16s and Abrahms tanks and use that money to refuel the ship

  • Woooweee! Boy are we gonna look tough out there if the Middle East goes nuclear. Yep, pretty sure they will just squat and pee, provided we don’t have to chase them.

  • Cornhusker

    I don’t buy this one bit.

    I bet not one golf course on ANY military installation is being shut down. So then, that leaves us wondering if we have the same sort of admirals we had before Pearl Harbor which found money to outfit the U.S.S. Houston as a charter boat for FDR to deep sea fish, but couldn’t find the money to buy it anti-aircraft shells for the upcoming war.

    • How much money does it take to make grass grow genius?

    • Cornhusker

      For the person with the deleted comment asking “How much money does it take to have grass grow, genius?”, I’ll reply that the money for the grass is in cutting it, watering it, and then cutting it again. Neither lawn mowers or aircraft carriers run for free, admiral, so figure out which one you would prefer the Navy to run.

  • You could power all of them with all the crap that comes out of that dolts mouth..whats his name again?

  • BANSAK9214

    Not that half of this country of lay about moochers and ingrates is even worth defending…especially the eastern and western coasts, but to put fifty billion dollars worth of ships and equipment in one square mile? Just plain silly.

  • Cincinnatus

    Why all the fuss? We won’t need any carriers at all, when the Onammunist REGIME finishes unilaterally disarming the United States. All that will be left will be to surrender to Russia and China, and wait for them to set up EBT cards for all of us. Then we can live our lives out peacefully under the tender care of those two People’s Paradises. We call that “flexibility after the election”.

  • RT72

    During the 70’s while aboard JFK, the same thing was taking place. We would have to anchor outside Naples to conserve fuel. Looks Like the Obama Navy is becoming the one I experienced during Carter’s presidency. Not due to the sailors but the politicians.

  • americanveteran

    America needs to cut off all the career welfare parasites……then we have money to fund our defense, as the constitution requires the feds to do,,,

  • Jack

    Good. It’s time to downsize the military and get our noses out of everybody else’s business.

    • john_koenig

      Spoken like a truly uneducated leftist,

      • Jack

        You obviously don’t know your left from your right.

        • john_koenig

          Let me guess…you’re a knee padder for crazy Uncle Ron, right?

          • Jack

            And you’re a low IQ sheep, right?

          • john_koenig

            None are lower than you Paulites living a century in the past while cheering on the Muzzies overseas.

          • Jack

            How do you manage to be so totally clueless? Please tell us your secret.

  • I guess you don’t have a clue as to why no carrier goes to see without submarine protection. We can hear theirs but they cannot hear ours. The best weapon against a sniper is another sniper. Same with subs.

  • Four years without a budget from the Democrat Senate

  • So, there is money for fuel, but not money to completely rebuild the ship. Typical government goons crying for their pork

  • O D Irony

    This smells like a fish. You know the one that attracts the cats. This is an attempt to sway the reader to support increased spending. How about this? Get the troops out of Libya, stop interfering with Syria, get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Quit trying to be Rome and just provide for the common defense.

    • Whatever1976

      Most of the military and their families would agree with you. So much time spent away from families for nothing!!

  • americanveteran

    oBOWma and his traitor posse would love to sink everyone of America ships!!

  • jonrmoore

    Fine, slash welfare and food stamps by 66 percent. Turn off the Obozophones. Take away Obozo’s vacation fund and Moo-shell’s visa. That could even balance the entire budget.

  • 8644

    Let’s tell the world how unprepared we are because we can’t afford fuel now?

    • Sad Tutor

      The ship is still capable of going to a fight. It is better to not start the refueling if the money isn’t there than it is to start it and can’t finish. Right now that ship could go another 2+ years without fuel. It just takes so long to do it that it is ill advised to not do it as soon as possible

  • mdavis223

    Gee, the Navy will have to leave their toys tied up at dock for a while instead of being out terrorizing the world on their “mission” as the world’s cop.

    • john_koenig

      Do you have relatives in a certain Somali port?

      • john_koenig

        Jack, what’s it like hating your country and those who protect it?

        • Jack

          Wake up and open your eyes, idiot! We’re the most aggressive nation on earth. It’s leftists who are behind all the global policing. And ignoramuses like you get sucked right in.

          • Andylit

            Yep. A Pauliac. Great domestic policy, utterly clueless on anything offshore.

          • john_koenig

            Global policing keeps oil flowing and trade routes open so that our economy doesn’t collapse. The true fools are you Paulites who think like it’s 1913.

          • john_koenig

            Maybe you can dig Lindbergh up for your next beer hall event and party like it’s 1939.

          • Jack

            LMAO. I guess the Navy can’t handle the truth.

  • Andylit

    Looks like the Pauliacs are out in force today.

    • john_koenig

      After what their fuhrer said about Chris Kyle, they should all find rocks to crawl under.

      • Andylit

        No kidding, eh? Ronnie the 1st sort of walked it back, but it was more like “sorry if you’re so dumb that my words offended you.”

  • I experienced this same thin while aboard USS Eterprise on a west/pac 1976/77 under Jimmy Carter. Military budgets were cut and while in Austrailian waters we could’nt afford to purchase fresh supplies, milk and egg’s.

  • Andylit

    Plenty of trans-nationalist progressives here today as well.

  • Niteworm

    Did anyone else get a shudder seeing all of those carriers lined up like sitting ducks? I thought we weren’t going to do this any more after Pearl Harbor? It gives me the creeps just knowing this. And now since our anti missile radar stations are only going to be manned for 8 hours a day. . .Me thinks this is beyond irresponsible.

  • This is BS. THis is like a city turning off the little league playground lights tomake a point > I support our military but there isn’t money somewhere else? Really?

  • It is a SHAME that the WH and the MSM are using the milittary as a scape goat because the dems can’t/will not produce a budget.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH………………I went w/o pay while in the military because they did not have a budget in 77….I survived
    No Budget No Money!!

  • green baggy skin

    I call BS….We have enough reserves to last years.

  • WBC

    This is not a budget problem, it’s a public relations stunt. The Pentagon has plenty of money available for “Gay Pride Week” and for flying political VIPs around in its extensive fleet of executive jets. If Obama wanted the carrier in overhaul it would already be in drydock. He just wants to suggest to the electorate that he cares about national defense and the bad bad Republicans are demanding fiscal discipline at the cost of protecting the nation. The man has no shame.

  • Anthony

    Well there goes that. i work at Huntington Ingalls in Newport News. This is gonna hurt,,,

  • Zyzzx

    What a laugh! This particular situation is just one of many negatives that the USN is facing. It is a navy primed for a major defeat.

  • This is why all of the obama idiots voted multiple times for democrats. You get what you pay for and since most of obama’s worshippers do not financially contribute to the defense of America, they will be less safe. This is of course the desired plan of the communist democrat party.

  • ray_leonard

    This is a typical ploy by government. You won’t give us all the money so we are going to close the library and layoff the police.
    I’ve worked with the DoD and there are a lot of overweight Col.s sitting around Crystal City along with “consultants” that could be riff’ed and laid off to we can keep the teeth sharp.
    Suck it up, solider on and cut off some of the fat tail.

    • ray_leonard

      Postscript: Don’t forget Panetta’s weekly flights to California so he can spend the
      weekend at home. After all the SecDef must set the example.

  • Patriot42

    We are finally where the libs have wanted us to be for many years. Slashing the defense budget, allowing all the illegals to stay in the US and a death panel. What a country. Thanks Obama.

  • Andylit

    Have fun kids. Don’t leave the light on. We can’t afford it.

  • mcsegeek1

    The budget cuts mandated by the sequestration process will be painful to alot of sectors, defense included. Yes, there will be decisions like this one to put a planned upgrade, a planed deployment or something like it on the back burner, because the funds won’t be available. I say BOUT BLOODY TIME. Don’t you folks understand we are BROKE? Don’t you understand that without draconian and drastic cuts, we won’t have anything left to b i t c h about? Our country’s survival is at stake. CUT it now now. Cut it deep. Recession as a result? So what? We’ll come out stronger in the end if we can finally balance our books. Do you really want to see an America with 40 Trillion in debt? Do you want to see S&P and Moodys downgrade our bond rating to lower than Greece? Do you want to see 20% interest rates and 36% unemployment as a result? That is exactly where we are headed if we follow the asinine advice of some here. Whether the folks in Capitol Hill or in the White House want to admit it or not, we are in the midst of nothing less than a national EMERGENCY when it comes to our spending and our debt. We must STOP.

  • Dr_Albert_Gortenbull

    “Congressional critics, led by Republican Senator John McCain, have argued biofuel is far too expensive for the military to help develop when defense budgets face massive cuts.
    But Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the demonstration proved that the green-fuels blend, while about four times more costly per gallon than conventional fuels, was safe and effective in combat situations.
    “Those aircraft are flying the way they always do. The ships steamed the way they always do. There was no difference with the fuel,” he told sailors and reporters assembled in an aircraft hangar aboard the Nimitz, the carrier group’s flagship. The Nimitz itself runs on nuclear power.
    While some have criticized the demonstration as unnecessary and the $12 million cost of the fuel as excessive, Mabus told reporters on Thursday that the event, which was witnessed by airline and air industry leaders, was worth it.”
    Question: Do these Green fanatics still feel the same way? Albert

  • texanarch

    total bullshit.

  • EBounding

    So instead of refueling our Navy’s ships (maintaining a Navy is one of the few REQUIREMENTS of Congress in the Constitution), we’re spending money on the welfare state and sending our young men and women to die in some worthless desert halfway around the world.

  • Racerx03

    “bringing the total number of carriers in U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) to one until funding normalizes” carriers? 1 is a carrier…doesn’t that say it all folks, What is Obama’s plan?, think! and plan accordingly!

  • Whatever1976

    The United States is bankrupt and based on the number of people who voted for Obama to keep freebies coming… I don’t think most Americans care! We currently have troops in 132 countries. For starters I would like to see this number cut by 90 percent. Let Germany, Britain, Japan and the rest take care of themselves and bring our soldiers home!

    • Warrior07

      The US is bankroll because the POTUS lets the LameStreamMedia say we are. When the USA is perceived by the other nations as a dominant player our dollar is strong. When we aren’t powerful the dollar goes flat, ambassadors get killed and minor nations threaten us with destruction. Thank you mister president.

  • Mapache

    Can’t they just get it from the USG oil reserves and write an IOU? They write IOUs for Social Security!

  • Anybody think this was staged for effect.

    I mean, come on.


  • Weaker and weaker….

  • LoveNavy

    Love your reporting BUT please use proper words. You interchange “do” with “due.”

  • What a bs story the navy is pulling. shift funds from another area and refuel the carrier. Jesus Christ man this isn’t that complex. Families juggle their budgets every day. Are we to believe these Admirals with their extensive education and degrees cannot solve a budget shift problem. Stop with the games and gimmicks and refuel the goddamn carrier

  • Steve T

    We are ALL OVER this on Common Cents………


  • Richard_Iowa

    The Obama administration is right on target for achieving their outcomes. Reducing our military to the point of it being ineffective; showing terrorists that if they kill our Ambassadors – “What does it matter,” and running up a debt that will cripple this country. BTW – this is the effect of the dumbing down of academics in America for the past 35-40 years.

  • 10Megatons

    However, we still have plenty of money for obamaphones, welfare for crack addicts, disability for people with hangnail, and of course, plenty of money in the form of foreign aid to hand out to filthy, unwashed people who hate our guts. This is all by design folks: Obama will force Congress to raise taxes on everyone who has a job in order to avoid sequestration, and if they don’t play ball, it will weaken our military, which won’t bother obama and the socialists one bit.

  • We can blame this on all the dumb a**es in DC for this foul up. Never in my life have I seen such incompetence and total horse manure coming out of Washington. Well, I didn’t vote for the guy, didn’t the first time. I never figured a community organizer could run a country and I was right, he can’t. This is appalling.. sure hope they enjoy their ‘raises’ though, you know, the ones that OUR TAX DOLLARS pay? I’d rather have it go to our armed forces then to those that are making such shameful bills and cuttng money ‘stupidly’ just to pay for, what exactly??? Don’t kid yourself if you think it’s going to resolve Social Security and Medicare issues. This is all such a mess in DC, yet not one person wilsl stand up and demand at LEAST accountablility.

  • This reminds me of the late days of the Soviet Union.

  • Whatever1976

    My husband is an F16 fighter jet mechanic. His planes patrol US air space every day. The NEWEST one was built in 1988. Meanwhile, Obama is sending 2010 F16’s to Egypt! Egypt is committing atrocities against women and is talking about allying with Iran. Isn’t that heart warming?

    • Don’t worry those Jets won’t be in Egypt very long. Iran is cutting a deal with the brotherhood right now for them.

    • Yeah and just think if things get too bad here in America he can always get a job in Egypt.

  • When you have the democrats in power the milatary suffers!

  • ZigZ

    This is not about a reduced budget. This is the result of bad management, MR. PANETTA

  • Oh, does anyone remember what happened in Pearl Harbor????? They all all the ships in the bays and docked up… and what happened???? The Japannese aircraft came and took them ALL OUT.. Only had 1 carrier left that was out at sea… WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THE IDIOTS THEY NEED TO AT LEAST MOVE THEM TO DIFFERENT DOCKING AREAS???? Otherwise, I am afraid we will see exactly the same thing…

    • gfr

      Fair comment. They used to be more spread out but economies of scale gradually resulted in overhauls being done in only a couple of places.

  • We have enough money that we can give the Muslim Brotherhood F-16s and M1A1 tanks but we cannot afford to maintain our fleet.

  • doubleducks

    Wait – it was only a few months ago that the Navy was combating global warming by paying $26/gallon for biofuel to fuel their ships instead of $4/gallon diesel. So we saved the world from global warming (or so the hype) to be conquered by our enemy’s military force.

  • rowleya

    Obama era Pentagon is as badly managed as the Regime in the WH. Obama spends enough, to fuel all the ships, on 1st family vacations, travel and rubbing shoulders with the Rich and Famous. Partyboy Prez doesn’t know the definition of a budget or cut spending means. Debt is something more taxes will not cover.

  • alternet09

    “The Navy had budgeted $92 million for the Lincoln refueling in its FY 2012 budget.”…….It is ‘not possible to restore,’ the carrier to active service without the $3.3 billion overhaul”
    Sooo…anybody else see the problem here?

    • gfr

      The overhaul starts off slow and then ramps up. They spend a lot more money in years 2, 3 and 4.

  • I would say this is a bunch of bull, its just like every time there is a budget and spending brought up the Demarcates say the GOP is going to cut Grandmas money off and push her over the cliff. Is anybody besides me that thinks that all this lifers need to be replaced.

  • Paul Lewis

    wonder if they will be on the tax sale lot soon….

  • Looks like a set up for the next Pearl Harbor type attack.

  • Drive the liberals crazy, refit it with coal powered steam turbines.

  • What a Load of Cra_. They Just Want the Money — No Cuts

    The Admirals and the Pentagon NEED TO LOSE THEIR JOBS.

  • Realright

    This is the Obama administration. All of them combined couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. But it’s OK, Obama can talk his way out of anything, right?

  • Shanghied1

    Just use the money obama spends for vacations, golf, parties, etc.

  • Testicules

    But, we don’t need a military anymore!

    Thanks to OWEbama apologizing to the world for America even existing, everyone loves us now.

    Don’t take my word for it, just ask the Libyan ambassador!

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    But yet we somehow seem to have enough money for obozo phones and lobster for Moochell.

  • humptydumpty

    Is it me, or is this another political stunt? First the Blue Angles are not going to be able to fly because of budget cuts. Now an Aircraft Carrier can’t be refuled. I hate to sound skeptical, but I don’t believe anything I hear coming from Capitol Hill. This sounds like if the Navy shows a high profile piece of military equipment that is not able to do it’s job, they may not get their budget cut?
    I will say the Navy needs to cut the high dollar tree hugger fuels they are using these days. That would save them something!

    • gfr

      In this case the: “high dollar tree hugger fuels” are fuel rods for her nuclear reactors. I’m not sure how green they are, although they don’t emit any carbon…

      • humptydumpty

        I’m not speaking of the fuel rods for the Aircraft Carrier reactor. I’m speaking of the high dollar jet fuel the military is using that cost one and a half times to twice that as normal jet fuel does. I guess I should have made myself clear as not to confuse anyone? Sorry about that!

  • Nice job Barry. We just read he wants to unilaterally reduce our nuke weapons, and today we read the budget cuts are preventing our navy from doing its job. WHat is the main goal of the government? PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE.

  • Jack Lee

    Cuts are just beginning. Wait until 90% of the Government is proven to be unnecessary.



  • Brent

    The US has 11 Nimitz class supercarriers with displacements over 100,000 tonnes. No other country has more than ONE, and most of those are not supercarriers (Technically Italy and Spain each have two carriers, but they are all STVOL carriers with displacements under 30,000 tonnes. So they hardly count.)

    China??? They have one old Soviet carrier which they commissioned last year. They’re still trying to figure out how to land planes on it.

    A single Nimitz class supercarrier has more planes in its air wing than there are in the entire Iranian air force.
    So do we really need more than 11?

    • gfr

      Yes we do and here’s why:
      1) You can only keep about one third of your carriers deployed at any one time. Maintenance, training for deployments, and crew rest periods keep the other two thirds in their home ports which are all in the US except for one carrier in Japan.
      2) We are a maritime power unlike our enemies China and Russia. Much of what we consume comes from overseas including a lot of our oil. Our greatest allies Europe and Japan are even more reliant on freedom of the seas to keep their economies functioning. In order to maintain freedom of the seas we need carriers to patrol strategic choke points, principally the straits of Hormuz and the South China Sea. Three or Four carriers is barely enough to do that.

  • talljohn777

    This is not going to be good…. Disarming America is not a good thing in a World that is on the verge of spinning out of control….

  • capoprimo

    All part of the master plan, weaken the US financially and allow it to slip into Third World financial status, on par with Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The only exception is that they other countries have, unlike us, someone to bail them out.

  • truckbouy2

    BIG time censorship on this site. Lot of great comments have been deleted. Why bother with comments if you don’t want to hear the truth. Funny, under this administration there is no truth.

  • trader


  • buckofama2010

    But always plenty of fuel for ovomit to take himself and his sasquatch on perpetual vacations or to go all over spreading his propaganda rather than WORKING

  • grizzled1two

    Yet our government pull’s billions of dollars out of its hind end for green energy investments, international aid, and military equipment giveaways to Egypt, but our own US Navy isn’t worth the investment to “provide for the common defense” as required by the constitution. We had our chance to fire these clowns running this circus back in November, but we got defrauded into this. Sorta reminds me of the days the ole Soviet Union began circling their drain. Question is, what will we become once we go down it?

  • I’m confused, CVN class is nuclear… what are they refueling?

    • grizzled1two

      The article stated the overhaul will cost $3.3 billion for a carrier that costed $4.7 billion in 2010 dollars to build from scratch, so I’m thinking they are overhauling and replacing the reactors. It is time for the overhaul, but why does it have to cost 70% of the overall value of the carrier?

      • Infinite_Indeterminism

        Obviously, there could be mistakes in those numbers – but fixing something complex generally means that what you could do fairly straightforward when building, becomes highly convoluted when doing it in an already built structure. And since convoluted takes time, this means that a significant percentage will be salaries for those doing the work.

        Also, I would think that a general overhaul is included in this process, with replacement of a number of subsystems, each of which carries some cost…

  • Testicules

    Perhaps if they just equipped it with an OWEbama phone…

  • But ,obama spends on travel vacations parties etc. We can see where his priorities lie.

    • MGBSE

      …because he does not know how to do anything else…he is their puppet with the race card.

  • warpsix

    Why do we have all our ducks in a row , Didn’t we learn from Pearl Harbor?

  • Jack Frost

    Trade in Air Force One and whatever they call the one that hauls Moochelle around for a couple of cessnas. That should save a few bucks.

  • A nation in decline you cannot have a world class military and a world class welfare state. You can have neither but not both.

  • Bob Knight

    This all part of President Obama’s Fundamental change.

  • Politics, you actually buying all this. They made the law, they can undo the law. It is nothing more than someone trying to get more money and higher taxes.

  • Vernon

    Why do we even allow this to get publicized? Why didn’t they just say hey terrorists our gov can’t get along and do their job so we can’t put gas in our boat so just attack wherever you want.

    • docwhocuts

      uncovering obama’s incompetence is more important that a facade.

      • Vernon

        It must be. I think we are the only country that puts it’s dirty laundry out for the whole world to see and then we wonder why we get made fun of.

        • We get made fun of because of obummer himself – what a joke.

          • Vernon

            It’s like this. They laugh at us behind our backs so we keep giving out money, guns and fighter jets.

          • And next we will give them our new carriers since we cannot afford to operate them.

          • Vernon

            We won’t get the chance to do that because soon China is going to want to be paid back and they will just take our big boat and make a pit stop at Exxon mobile and fill it up.

    • Hello terrorists, we would like some of the millions of dollars we gave you in Benghazi, you remember the free stuff you got from the U.S.? The free weapons, money and top secret military intel on our own troops and that of our allies.

      • Vernon

        Well the CIA did train Bin Laden and gave him money so maybe we paid whoever in Benghazi to attack us there.

  • craig

    Maybe we should hold off on refueling Air Force One, and his families planes for a while, along with the private jets for Congress.

  • snapperman

    Perhaps if the captains of minesweepers steered clear of reefs there’d be a bit more money to spend.

  • Thank you, President Obama, and associates. Wonder if China has this problem?

  • hdc77494

    And it was all Obama’s idea…

  • caiusKeys

    It’s hard to pay for stuff when our irresponsible and reprehensible Dear Leader pays foreigners with printed, borrowed money to vote for them.

  • Like apollumi.com said, Obama is well on his way to complete destruction… and you start by taking the guns from the citizens and the big guns from the military. Welcome to Hitler’s WW II rule.

  • docwhocuts

    obama has failed in every aspect of his job.
    and he campaigns on.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    welcome to obama’s amerika ………………. mooches first, last, always

    haven’t you heard, obama got osama…………..so, its……………

    carriers, what carriers……………..obama don’t need no stinking carriers

  • usnavy83

    And the degrading of our Navy and military continues under the socialist/marxist in Chief.

  • kiddopup

    Maybe they should let them use the fual they use to use before OBama demanded they use fuel that cost 40 dollars a gallon more I would bet they could do alot more if they got rid of the stupid green energy stuff they are startying to effect our security

  • 17_woods

    Years from now the Navy will name, after Obama, a ship that lays mines.

    • King_Putz

      A garbage scow would be more appropriate.

      • Do they have any floating latrines?

    • I have some of those in my back yard.

  • Doni609

    The ineptitude of this POTUS and this congress is treasonous. My disgust can not be displayed on this web site and my distain for this pathetic administration can not ever be voiced on the public domain. Anyone watching this ‘non-administration’ with even a casual eye could only come to the conclusion that our governement is broken and non-functional. Obama should be tried for ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’ and Impeached immediately. Our elected US Congress is rife with corruption and functions only in their own interest of re-election. Most of our US Senators and the ‘peoples representatives’ in the US House should be censured for crimes against the ‘people’. Our elected representatives, in the house, senate, and white house are laughing at our stupidity, people. They lie, cheat, and through the corrupted and diseased media of MSNBC, CBS, CNN etc. attempt to influence our entire population. America is now a ‘debtor nation’ and no longer in control of our own destiny because of our elected idiots. We can fix this I think but it will take some drastic measures. First, we must identify and inform the ill-informed. So many of our friends and neighbors are political ‘drones’…..they know nothing other than what they get from Rachael Madow on MSNBC, NBC, CBS or whatever. Let’s help out our information challenged friends and family with some facts!

  • troy Hill

    Just tell Dictator, Barack Hussein Obama II, no more vacations. That would be more then enough saved money to pay for 10 Ships to be refueled.

    • Be sure to tell his wife – NO MORE VACATIONS as she wastes tax payer money each year, totaling millions of dollars.

  • t172048

    What is the most visible option to do that makes the most waves to protest budget cuts?That is what we will do to put the squeeze on to twist arms to spend more money. I am normally very hawkish but the country needs to go not on a diet but on a NO GROWTH budget. We are broke and if we want a strong defence we need a healthy economy. Many programs are buried in red tape( 40% to 50% of total cost), if that could be eliminated we might have enough funding for the essentials.

  • When local budgets are cut, the local lawmakers scream that police and firefighters will be cut. Now the Navy is threatening the delayed fueling of a carriers. Oh My. And it was going to be out of service four years anyway. Wouldn’t they wait until the end of the four years to refuel it anyway? Sounds pretty fishy to me.

    • grizzled1two

      It’s a four year process to build, install, and fuel two brand new nuclear reactors. So if they waited four years, it would take 8 years to complete. It’s not as simple as filling it up with diesel, but the overhaul is already overdue since the reactors have exceeded their 20 year life span. The problem is, why wasn’t any of this money earmarked for this and why is it costing 70% of the overall cost of the carrier? It’s all a rouse or scare tactic, just as it is with police and firefighters, to get more money out of our pockets to “prevent” this from happening without cutting spending on their entitlement programs that 95% of the people dont need or use.

      • obummer gave away the money in Benghazi to our “friends” the terrorists that are killing our troops around the world.

        • grizzled1two

          He’s about to give away brand new F-16’s and M1A-1’s to Egypt…friends of Iran too.

  • Irving Canfield

    The dismantlement of America continues. Thank-you, Leon Pin-headda

  • Vernon

    They can’t but gas in our big boat so it can go to work and protect our country but the politicians can constantly go on vacation and give money to foreign countries that dont even like us. That makes no sense at all. Just put gas in the big boat, change the oil and send it’s on it’s way.

    • obowmasbananarepublic

      or they could stop spending millions on electric car chargers in foreign embassies.

      • Vernon

        Better yet close all the foreign embassies and bring everybody home and keep the navy off out coasts and quit trying to save the rest of the planet.

  • oldvlc

    The answer to all these questions of why so many ships are idle lies in Washington, DC. The US Navy can do nothing without funding, and my two bits say this is just as Obama and the Democrats want it. Whether liberals believe it or not, this administration is bent on destroying the United States. Chuck Hagel is all the proof you need to understand that they want to dismantle our military.

  • So we cannot fuel our vital battle ships but freeloading SOB’s have free birth control and Obama phones? We are so crazy we deserve what we are going to get…A country so lost as to its own safety is insane. Fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind. And to make sure we keep jeopardizing our national welfare lets put 11 million more on the dole…Hey why not??? We are crazy!!!!!!! Surely the big shots in America can afford it…this should scare you to death…and Obama will not be stopped by the weaklings in DC. He is on a mission to take us down and he is doing it. In your life time we cannot fuel our ships….unbelievable. My Navy dad is spinning in his grave.

  • grizzled1two

    Has anyone in the position of leadership in the US Navy asked why it costs 70% of the orginal cost of building the carrier to overhaul it’s reactors? This is why this sort of crap happens, there is no leadership in the Pentagon anymore; no one to tell the JCoS, SecDef, or President to pull their heads out of their colons.

  • J Kocialski


    Carry on…

  • As long as we can still send money to violent foreign powers this country will be fine….

  • Guest

    Maybe they should delay refueling Air Force One and any other planes used for Obama’s vacations for a while. Not to mention those private jets for Congress.

  • WayneLLewis

    If the Navy is not going to refuel her, then send her back to sea. She is good for another few of years until the tank runs dry. With only 10 CVN’s we are short two. Having her on the battle line will make it easier for the fleet as a whole.
    But probably this is just a ploy like shutting down parks and libraries before saving money by getting rid of stuff nobody cares about.

  • obummers total disregard for this country continues to cause me unbelief. If he had been born an American, he would have a bit more respect for this great country. I am waiting for him to announce that we are having his good friends the Iranians refuel our carriers for us.

  • 1uncle

    Rent rooms to buy gas? Cost of Bobama’s vacations fill fuel tanks?

  • wait for flash

    Look at the bright side… We will now be able to import, feed, house, educate, and take care of a whole new herd of illegal aliens… We don need no steenking carriers 🙂

    • We could just send in the liberal law makers and incompetent judges to take out the terrorists by making them to be unable to do anything doe to red tape as they have done here.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    I think the kenyan in charge has been too busy funneling guns to Syria via Libya, to have time to worry about our needs.

    • Vernon

      Maybe it’s time to run him and the rest of DC thru a funnel and spread their remains at sea.

  • Let Obama’s plane be grounded and he can fly like all of us do.

  • from the looks of these photos if indeed they are accurate they are disturbing in of itself multiple Nuclear Carriers in one port at the same time Tom is right unless Lockheed is on the job with MEADS these are sitting ducks.

    NewsJet Magazine

  • Maybe if Congress and the Whitehouse could have their own travel banned, the money saved could go to refuel the carrier.

  • katgurl

    Our Navy – paralyzed by pathetic leadership.

  • 4 more years of Democrats and they will give those carriers to China.

    • A P

      China probably owns a few already.

      • They picked up one from Russia.

      • Infinite_Indeterminism

        Oddly enough, they only recently bought and outfitted one hangarship for their navy.

        Somehow, I think they’ve been more worried about crowd control in their population, so far…

        • A P

          What I’m referring to is the financing of our debt which in effect makes them owners of a lot of our stuff.

  • John

    The military has been politicized. It’s not about defense anymore, it’s about keeping their jobs at the Pentagon under a regime that is extremely political. It’s a version of the Chicago style of politics. If you aren’t on board, you’re history.

  • The military commanders know obummer is not a true leader
    and has and is letting them down at every turn. He even wants to cut their pay
    now! What next? He has done everything in his power to supply weapons (x2),
    money and top secret intel to our enemy in time of war and managed to get
    innocent people killed.

    Where are all the retired sharp shooters the military has
    trained and why don’t they help out our once great nation once again.

  • bikerdogred1

    obama,if he was a farmer he would starve to death he is so stupid,no doubt the worst of all presidents,all the free schooling and dumb as a box of rocks.He has no pride in this country.

  • Great. We have 5 sitting ducks in port. Our FRIGGIN PRESIDENT is a FRIGGEN TRAITOR.

    • He is a muslum and will put them ahead of anything this nation wants or needs.

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      I wouldn’t be surprised if your remarks about his fumbleness turned out to be correct, but one of those ducks is never going back out, anyway. The Enterprise has been put in port for decommissioning and dismantling.

  • Vernon

    Maybe our country should be like Russia. They charge to take people into space, maybe we should charge people to ride in our boat so we can put gas in it because it’s pretty obvious the gov can’t put gas in it.

    • They are talking about cutting the service personnel’s pay as we speak.

      • Vernon

        I saw that. What if we just paid them to do their job, give them the right equipment to work with, when they get home tell them Thank-you and treat them with respect. But no the politicians play there games and we have 5 boats sitting. Did we not learn anything from Pearl Harbor?

        • Yea, the liberals are at it again and we are in trouble.

          • Vernon

            Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong but here goes. The libs downsized the military, the last chance to defend the country will come from civilians with guns and now the libs want to take guns.

          • Of course. The Chinese who own a lot of this country do not want any Americans having guns so they can take over easily.

          • Vernon

            I read on CBS today that California is trying to pass a law to confiscate guns, California already has alot of Chinese people and it’s close to China.

          • China has a lot of business around the country. They want to have security so they bring in the Chinese military but not in uniform. When they get enough troops here they can start to take over. This method worked in south America.

          • Vernon

            There seems to be alot of Chinese spread around the country and I think what stops is the growing Muslim population.

          • I can’t wait till they go door-to-door attempting to confiscate the guns. Most of my friends will give it to them one bullet at a time.

          • Vernon

            1 shot 1 kill and stack them up like fire wood. They want to act like natzis we will just show them what the natzis did to the jeewz

        • Infinite_Indeterminism

          Four useable, one to be decommissioned and dismantled.

          (Somehow, that minor correction does not seem to make things look less bleak…)

  • It is just amazing what UA taking place in America under THIA Oresident–things that have never been seen before. An infestation of flies at the White House–the People’s house. The Super Bowl in the dark. Our defense forces prevented from operating because of an idiotic financial scheme conceived and pushed by this President and his idiot minuons , lackeys, and sycophants. The list goes on.

    You like taxes for THIS kind of government? You got ’em, by the score. Disastrous. This President hasn’t a clue–he is an empty suit with an empty head sleepwalking through this once-great nation, using our tax money to fund a lavish lifestyle for his family while actually earning none of it by acting in any way that fulfills his oath of office.

    • When the next disaster strikes this nation and we need the pres to make a decision to save our troops or another embassy, I think it will be like Benghazi again. The pres is in the basement with his boyfriend and can’t be disturbed.

  • To refuel our ships he will need to implement our new tax code:How much did you make last year? Please include that amount and send it to the WH. After obummer and wife get back from another vacation or two they will be glad to spend it for you, and oh by the way here is your newly refurbished outdated phone.

    obummer only wants to live the life of the rich and famous
    and spend someone elses’ money as fast as he and his wife can. He cannot be
    bothered to go to “unimportant” meetings like his morning intel briefings when he could be out golfing or spending time blaming someone else for his decisions.

  • mauloa

    Have you read “Atlas Shrugged” lately. We are living it as a “reality show”. Our military personnel are the best in the world – but their Commander in Chief is not!!!

  • I call BS! National Defense comes before anything! Fill that suckka up and get goin!
    I bet AF1 has all the fuel it needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • demsaredelusional

    Why does the EPA,Energy Department,congressional staff, white house staff Ag Department not suffer from these situations. It’s always military or law enforcement.

  • mobsarebad

    And yet Congress can bail out every private bank friend for their horrible investment decisions.

  • A P

    We are witnessing the slow disintregation of a once great nation.

    • Ten__Bears

      Painful to watch – isn’t it

  • We are turning into a third world country! Jesus. You Dems own this.

    • But we all know they will never accept the fact that they did this. Look at the collapse of the housing market. This was another of their follies that made a lot of liberals rich while bankrupting our nation. They have a whole big list of who they will blame, but never themselves. This is due to the mental illness – liberalism.

    • snapperman

      when you spend 3,4 decades busily importing uneducated, unskilled people from third world countries of course you turn into a third world country yourself.

  • So, how does this work? The captain hands the guy his credit card, and the attendant comes back and tells him the machine wouldn’t take it? I didn’t know they had a “pay before pumping” policy…

  • mobsarebad

    Lining them up like this makes it easier to protect against sabotage by Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and Iranian illegal aliens.

  • Good news! Mothball that thing. Haven’t people had enough of the global empire thing? If we (the United States) are going down, it’s because it’s planned that way. We have fulfilled our roll. It was never about US people anyway. Get rid of the government! Cut it down small like a bonsai tree. The neo-con interventionists and messianic christians have killed the republican party. Scuttle the fleet before it’s handed over to the globalists!

    • obummer has probably already sold or given our fleet over to the Chinese or the worldwide terrorists.

  • this is BS what is wrong with our government????

  • mmmilesll

    This is total bs. They are cutting the rate of growth, the DOD will have more money next year than they did this year. How stupid do they think we are-I know, pretty stupid to reelect the clown.

  • And yet, we can send F-16’s to Egypt, give them billions of dollars, and waste money on companies that go bankrupt. Nice job Barry!

  • Vorenious

    More destruction of battle forces by Nobama. No money to fill a ship? Nobama’s way to dock and end our US military readiness the Kenyan b——!

  • trojanguy

    I’m sure Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Murray and the rest of the America Hating Far Left in this country are thrilled to hear this news, since they hate our military and want to destroy it.

  • falsedawn

    these floating old tubs are outdated jobs programs – nothing more…

    • mrvicchio

      You are free to spew such idiocy because of those “floating old tubs”

      • falsedawn

        Sorry fella, they’re done. We’ve taken a giant technological step away from these things. We’re within ten years of unmanned fighter planes. Tanks, artillery, even infantry are all things of the past. Why o you think they are going to put women in infantry? If we actually need “infantry” in the future, we’ll outsource it (private security – blackwater, etc.). You don’t have to believe me. All this technology you see every day all has a military application.

        • You have no clue.

        • mrvicchio

          And when GPS gets knocked out, your drones are worthless. When the signal is highjacked, the drones are turned against you. Carriers equal projection of force. The only reason “women” are being allowed into combat is for political ideology.

        • Vernon

          Intimidation is a big reason to keep them. Remember growing up and there was always that kid with the most toys? The technology may be old and outdated but we can still go to most places and have the most toys on the play ground.

  • Montford greenwood

    Need more proof oblah-blah hates the U.S?

  • Joel

    They voted for him and we all will pay very dearly…

    • Yea they voted him in, several times each.

  • alternet09

    Ok, the term “refuel” means something slightly different to a Nuc ship. The real issue should be that the Navy budgeted $95,000,000.00 and it will actually cost $3,300,000,000.00. Anybody else see the math problem here?

  • aircraftmech

    F’ing disgraceful,way to go Nobama and your leftist douchebags

  • This is absolute bullshit! Yeah, the senators and congressmen/women they get paid but we can’t seem to find the funding to fuel our carriers. I am beyond pissed off. I had the distinct privilege and honor to visit the USS Lincoln when it was in port at Los Angeles in 2011 for Fleet Week and I was so impressed. The crew and everyone on that ship were as nice as could be to each of us that were able to visit that ship. I for one will be calling my congressman and senator on Monday morning DEMANDING that the funding be found and in double time. I am sick of the needless spending this government does but when it comes to something that we need, such as a carrier we can’t find the funding. Something is very, very wrong!!

    • mrvicchio

      This wasn’t Congresses idea, this was Obama’s.

    • We all know that dems/liberals cannot control their spending. If we decide to refuel these ships, then obummer will just borrow the money from China. Then one day China will call in the debt and take control of our fleet since it was their money.

  • This is the same game local government pulls whenever the public is against a property tax increase. “We will have to close the libraries, lay off police and firemen, etc,etc”. How aborting all illegal activities and those congress has not approved and funded. Do we really need troops in over a hundred countries….like Mali?

  • Sad that people read that CVN-72 is delayed in refitting, but the only complaint is a STOCK photo of carriers in port…

  • being nuclear and non polluting they could qualify for the $35billion in tax credits shelved out every year for renewable energy.

    • This makes good sense. therefore it cannot be implemented due to the fact that it will help the nation. obummer will not allow anything good to happen as he causes this nation to collapse from within.

  • jaquebauer


  • It’s really cool having all these carrier groups, but at what cost? Our military budget is 700+ billion. That is more than the combined total of the rest of the world. We are so worried about having all these assets abroad, but we are destroying the country from within back home. All this money to keep us so called free,while our borders are wide open. Gangs are responsible for most of the gun/violent crime in this country. MS 13 with over 90% illegal alien membership. The military is not about keeping the US safe. It’s about fighting the bankers and those with conection’s war’s. If you think we have people running around the Middle East, Africa etc to keep us safe, your a fool.

  • interventor

    I assume the refueling is for the nuclear reactor. The nuclear fuel is already paid for. Seems suspect, rather like the old bureaucratic games played in “Yes, Minister.” As a DoD auditor for nearly 38 years, I’ve seen this trick a number of times. $1.5 billion short and they can’t afford to move the prepaid fuel to the carrier’s reactors. Yeah, right! As to irresponsible, didn’t the Democrat controlled Senate and Pres. Obama approve the bill?

    • This reminds me of the fuel shortages of the 1970’s. There was never a time when we did not have enough fuel to go around. In those days citizens had to fuel up on odd and/or even days.

      What caused this was a memo from the WH ordering the refineries to not sell or deliver any fuel until they were told to. I personally know that many ships filled with crude oil were waiting in US ports unable to offload their crude oil because the tanks at the refineries were full of gas they could not sell.
      I think this is another act of terrorism by the WH against us all.

    • Vernon

      You are using big words politicians dont understand. Instead of refueling the nuclear reactor you should have said put gas in the big boat. They all seem to understand that their yachts need gas so they can go on countless vacations.

  • As long as our politicians continue to get their huge salaries, speaking fees, free cars & chauffeurs, meals, mail service, flights, interns etc. etc. It’s worth it to compromise our military readiness.

  • What a bunch of propaganda. Withdraw all military forces from Germany, for example, and the Pentagon will make up the shortfall for 10 years.

  • interventor

    That’s an old picture, the Enterprise was decommissioned.

    • Enterprise was inactivated on 1 December 2012 at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia, with her decommissioning scheduled no later than 15 March 2013.[54][55] The deactivation of the Enterprise will result in a one-time increase of approximately $857.3 million in depot maintenance costs for the U.S. Navy’s operation and maintenance budget for Fiscal Year 2013.[56]

  • I wonder if the Navy now considers it a mistake to spend $26 a gallon for bio-fuel? http://www.infowars.com/forget-the-navys-26-a-gallon-the-air-force-paid-59-for-biofuel/

  • Hunter Killer

    You know, here’s something to think about.

    When the Berlin Wall fell, we had 5 nuclear aircraft carriers. These are vessels specifically created to fight against the Warsaw Pact. Today, we have 11 nuclear carriers. That’s right, we continued to build these massive ships above and beyond when they are needed. We never stopped. We could mothball half of our carrier fleet and we would still be able to project overwhelming force around the world.

    This is outright misuse of our military. Can you imagine taking the money spent on these vessels and applied elsewhere, just in our military budget alone? How about towards reducing our national debt, which was driven up by this kind of spending in the first place? As a conservative, I support a well-equipped military, but this is a beyond grotesque misallocation of resources. Oh, and let’s not forget the 6-8 support vessels and submarines that accompany these floating fortresses. Those cost money, materiel, fuel, and manpower as well.

    We should have NEVER built our carrier fleet into the bloated, money-sucking monstrosity it has become. Yet our Republican politicians will GASP and point fingers at any who DARE to suggest we cut back military spending. We are over and beyond what we were spending when the Berlin Wall fell. Who are we going to fight with 11 nuclear carriers . . . FRANCE? China doesn’t even have *1* nuclear carrier (they only have 1 refurbished Russian conventional carrier that still isn’t finished yet). I won’t even touch Al Qaeda.

    We need a leaner, meaner military. Our military resembles a 500 pound Walmartian cruising down the isle on an underpowered scooter, wielding a bunch of firecrackers from yesterday’s wars. We need to cut the fat, get lean by developing and using appropriate weapons for our current conflicts, and drop the ruinous spending.

    Actions have consequences.

    • What we really need is research and development in new future weapons. If we get better weapons then we might not need carriers and still kick butt around the world.

  • That’s O.K. We received a recent letter from a Private Shipyard that is large defense contractor. The letter stated the Navy is looking at cancelling or postponing ALL Private contracts due to funding shortfalls. Watch how high the unemployment jumps and how ill prepared we will become.

  • Sane_American

    Republicans are the ones cutting tax revenues and budgets, and some of you still blame Obama/Democrats on this. No wonder our country is so screwed up.

    Want a 15 carrier navy? Charge enough taxes to pay for them then.

    • alternet09

      The real issue should be that Oblamo’s Navy budgeted $95,000,000.00 and it will actually cost $3,300,000,000.00. Anybody else see the math problem here?

      • The 95m was just the first year of refueling, typically the cheapest year out of 5 yrs

    • You must be one of the Obama Phone people.

    • protectourkidsnow

      Or cut enough non essential spending to pay for the essential spending, you know the things that the Constitution actually mentions that the federal government MUST do like provide for our defense.

      • I agree. If we cut everything not listed in the Constitution we would solve most of our problems. Oh I almost forgot, fire the libs and we really would be better off.

    • Bobtail362

      You, sir, are a fool.

      • Sane_American

        So said the guy who’s only response is a personal attack.

        • Bobtail362

          Why is it that a Democrat’s first reaction is to tax something? No country in the history of the world has taxed their way out of a recession.

    • steve apodaca

      democrats republicans hmmmm a fool indeed

    • 7thFleetVet

      Stop with your Psychological Projection.

    • HadEnoughForever

      What an idiot. You drink the koolaid and spew out the bile – your ignorance is enough to lower the IQ of anyone seeing your post…don’t read your own post by the way – you’ll be f’d.

  • Vernon

    How about this idea. Take all the politicians, even local and state, put them in a big room, lock the door and tell them when they can balance the budget we let them out. We will give them water and that’s it. There mite be a little caniblism mite happen but that’s ok we can elect more politicians later.

    • Are you sure there would be enough brains in the room to pass anything but a bunch of gas?

      • Vernon

        True. We pay these people and nothing gets done. I think it’s time the liberals, conservatives and every other group gets together and we make the politicians do there D job..

  • protectourkidsnow

    Of course, this is such a tired old tactic from the political playbook. Much like local politicians always claim that police, fire and parks will be cut unless citizens vote in a tax increase or state politicians always threaten that cuts will destroy the schools and then the sheeple decide that it’s for the good of the kids or we gotta do it for public safety, here we just have the same thing being done on a federal scale. Since providing defense is one of the few things the Constitution actually requires the federal Government to do, it’s shameful and downright insulting to our intelligence to imply that the only thing left to cut is our aircraft carrier fleet. Like there are not hundreds of billions of other expenses that are NOT mentioned anywhere near the Constitution that could not be cut outright without affecting national security at all?!?!?! It’s high time for both parties to stop holding us hostage with predictable and insulting games like this, buckle down and do what needs to be done to FIX THE BUDGET NOW!!

  • red_fez

    Right on track… Obama’s goal is to destroy this nation.

  • A P

    I think it’s clear the voting booth is no longer a judicious method of power of the people over government. As others have stated, this is the culmination of years of effort in the public education system to reduce the critical thinking skills in the populace. Given this, we must look to alternatives to the voting process to ensure liberty is restored to the people. Or just wait it out and see what reemerges when this all crumbles.

    • Vernon

      Or there is always hold every politician accountable and use the court system to bring up charges and then let each individual politician defend themselves, no committees, sub-committees just 1 politician at a time til we get thru all of them.

      • Unfortunately, the judicial system is a mirror of the political system.

        • Vernon

          Yes it is. As smart as our founding fathers were I would almost think they would have wrote something to help with the problems we have now.

  • I’m not an admiral or cno or anything but what in the hell are all those carrier’s doing grouped together like that? I understand that your young navy folks, but go to the library and look up Perl Harbor

  • jmatt55

    Omigosh, if the navy mismanages it’s budget so badly that it can’t even keep gas in the boats maybe we should cancel big expensive programs like the X-47B so that we *know* they’ll have enough money to operate.

    Don’t believe this BS. This is just a bloated military whining about the puny little spending cut that’s coming with the sequester. Maybe if they stopped buying $500 toilet seats they could afford fuel.

    • You really should learn more about a topic before you get on your soapbox.

      • jmatt55

        I can tell you the ground pressure of the Swedish S-Tank off the top of my head. Don’t trifle with me, I know *exactly* what I’m talking about.

        The military is a bloated, wasteful bureaucracy that believes it is entitled to an infinite supply of tax dollars. Surprise.

  • I have an idea……how’bout we stop giving a hundred billion dollars to places like afghanistan so we can afford to put gas in the tank….Is there anybody that is still falling for these lies?

  • Harvey817

    Is this another part of the master plan to destroy the USA? Bankrupt the country first then destroy our military. Mudslum president is arming our enemies with some of our latest technology. DOES ANYBODY CARE? Congress has about EIGHTY registered members in the communist party! He has helped destroy the governments in the middle east. These were evil ones but now the new governments are run by the mudslum brotherhood. These are Odumba’s friends and our enemies.

  • Vernon

    Dear politicians I know the ships have nuclear reactors but to help you understand it’s like your yachts that you use to go on countless vacations. You have people put gas in your yachts so let the Navy put gas in it’s big boat. Thank-you

  • picomanning

    Just one more reason to expect our economy to collapse.

  • “Lincoln Refueling Delayed”

    Did you vote for Obama? Twice? Then congratulations, you *did* build that.

  • jack nichols

    Good news, Less inocent people killed by the US death machine.

    • And I bet you thing the wrong side won the Cold War, don’t you?

      • jack nichols

        no the right side won the cold war, but thats ancient history. I like most true Americans are opposed to killing millions of innocent people in foreign countries. Anything that will put the sickening cult of death to a stop is a good thing. Yes we neeed a strong military for defence, that does not mean offence for keeping the military industrial in business. starting war to keep our military busy killing innocent people is wrong. If you are one of those weird wackos that loves continues war so you can touch yourself and get sexual satisfaction looking at pictures of people blown to pieces with all the blood and guts is not a true American. Those people are sick demented bastards that love the cult of death, I really hope that you are not one of them. America has killed millions of innocent in these last two wars against terrorism. Lets hope that you are the victim of their revenge when it comes to America

        • People have been killing each other since the dawn of time. The Lincoln’s job is to make sure that we’re on the winning side. Its our job as citizens to make sure the right battles are chosen. Your attitude to a tool reveals a basic hostility towards the people who train on that tool as well as the citizens it protects. Deep down you hate what the Founders built.

          • jack nichols

            Oh so that makes it right? Do you realize how hopelessly
            stupid you sound? Your reasoning is flawed because of your love of death. The
            tool is a warship, fool, not a gun or a hammer. Yes I have hostility to the war
            machine and the killing. BTW we haven’t won a war since before Viet Nam, we
            have lost all the recent wars plus succeeded in killing millions of innocent
            people. The founders attempted to build an entirely different country that we
            have today. They would be sickened by the America of today.Today the American government has made America a sh** hole of
            violence and corruption with ultra-high taxes. Your America sucks and I am embarrassed
            to be a citizen. Go beat off to pictures of dead people, killed by the so-called American heros. Meanwhile I will be
            looking for a normal place to move that has freedom, and doesn’t fly the American Flag. America sucks

          • “America sucks”

            You could have saved yourself all that work in proving me right just by going with that right there.

          • jack nichols

            what a kool aid drinking weirdo, I guess you love America and would gladly die for the flag. What a dope

    • Low information voter alert! Low information voter alert!

  • The sequestration idea originated in the White House and had the full approval of President Obama. The Democrats along with the stupid Republicans voted for the cuts, now live with them! When the world falls apart I hope we have enough military to defend out own shores from aggressor’s. Elections have consequences, now live with it!

  • Huge_Heffner

    B.S. – looks like the brass is crying ‘wolf’….time to start laying off some of those ‘Generals’ before they start cutting off FUEL for gadsakes!!!!!

    • 7thFleetVet

      In the Navy, they are called Admirals.

  • 7thFleetVet

    This is worse than the Jimmy Carter days.

  • RWFG

    It is ok, we got Obamacare to “save our jobs and economy” – we need to raise taxes, not to fund defense, but to fund anchor babies, crack addiction, methadone, and abortions. You know – liberal voters.

    • Sane_American

      Yup. That’s what ALL our taxes go towards. Never mind that 25% of every tax dollar collected goes towards defense.

      • Perhaps that’s because national defense is one of the few things the federal government is constitutionally mandated to provide. There is no Constitutional authorization for spending on food stamps, section 8 housing, or education. Those things are NOT the responsibility of the federal government.

  • Markenheimer

    Excuse me for my cynical attitude. But do they really expect me to believe that there isn’t enough waste, fraud and abuse that could be wrung out of the defense budget to make room for the essential functions of the military? Silly me. I thought people like the joint chiefs were hired to run the military for defense of the country, not for the benefit of themselves and executives in the defense industry. Pretty f’n sad.

  • This is a crock $ in the budget can be moved around!

  • Sammy

    4 years to refuel and overhaul? Good thing our warships don’t have to, you know, fight a war or something…
    How long did World War II last, again?

  • collardgreens1

    Mr.Obama and the Democrats have failed to come up with a budget, year after year. They just want to spend, spend, spend. Now the time has come to pay the piper. I expect we’ll be getting a lot of these sad stories in lieu of a workable budget.

  • steve1947

    Manufactured drama.

  • But Obama can spend 11 million on a vacation

  • This is just the beginning. Stand by for Interesting Times. Anyway, we’ll have plenty of Obama-Phones for next election.

  • That’s an older photo that was already posted in this: Home for Christmas: 9 Flattops at Norfolk naval base, December 20, 2012.

  • blancojoe

    Many more Obama moments to come. About 51% of the idiot voters in this nation put that idiot into office. Birds of a feather, right?

  • Porter Browning

    Well that’s good news. The less money the baby butchers spend the better.

    • Jason

      The article is not about Planned Parenthood.

    • Are you talking about the collateral damage from President Obama’s drone strikes? Or just a silly knock on the military?

  • buffmuffin

    Well thank god the 20,000 armed personnel of the DHS have enough ammunition to kill 1/3rd of all human life on the planet, otherwise we might be in a dangerous tactical situation here…

  • StageCoachDriver

    The worlds largest nuclear Navy sitting on the side lines for lack of fuel rods but everyone on welfare has an ‘ObamaPhone’ with free talk time.

    We have some fouled up priorities.

  • Jason

    Plenty of money for LGBT awareness. Plenty of money for Assistant Director of Diversity.

  • Eric W

    They need to tighten their belts during these hard times, just like the rest of us. Learn to live within your means!

  • disqus_FtAg976GSA

    And yet we spend $100,000 to educate K-12 every baby an illegal alien drops on our doorstep. It’s $500,000 to raise their five kids. But aren’t we blessed.

  • GoldenFinger

    GET THOSE CARRIERS OUT OF THERE!!!! Why not broadcast to the world all of our top secrets?
    Who in their right mind authorized this…?

  • So they are not going to refuel because of a budget cut they had been planning for for about 6 months to one year and actually hasn’t happened yet and may not happen? The most valuable savings in terms of cost-benefit analysis is to not refuel one of our greatest strategic, non-nuclear weapons? Instead of knee-jerk badmouthing his own party, maybe Congressman Forbes could hold hearings on exactly how the Navy chose this highly visible, politically explosive cost saving maneuver?

  • What an embarressment “The Fools On Washingtons Capitol Hill” are. Havent ratified a budget in 8 years. And who in the world doesnt fund what should be considered a major asset of their organization.

  • golfnut6

    It’s beginning. Next they will be closing the Lincoln Memorial.

  • badmilk

    The ineptitude of this administration on ALL levels, is underwhelming…..

  • W0X0F

    All that fuel that was taken out of the Russian missles is still in storage. Use it.

  • softunderbelly

    It may well be that Forbes has a point. But I also suspect there are few if any spending bills introduced by the Republicans that he voted against. Yeah, Obama may be the thief in chief of the Democrats but the Republicans are not innocent.

  • Well obama does have to pay back all those moochers who voted for him!
    And besides didn’t he order the Navy to use biofuel which costs 50 times more than regular fuel so he can be called the green president!! …….. The insanity continues and the media continues to protect him!

    He let 4 Americans die in Benghazi and went to bed without any worry!!

    But no fear the media will continue to protect him!!

  • JeromeFJ

    No surprise here. Mabus is a joke/liberal twit, pushing Obama’s idiotic social engineering and enviro-nonsense … so why not go full politik and start bullsh!tting about naval vessel fuel shortages due to non-existent budget cuts?

    Obama’s military is just a political prop — not a fighting force.

  • Brian

    But we can afford illegals and the drain they put on our economy. But we can afford failed solar companies. But we can afford bigger Government and a smaller less capable military. But we can afford to feed and bankroll terrorist countries. In reality, what we cannot afford is Obama and his lack of ability to LEAD this country. Past time for a REAL CHANGE.

    • Don’t you wish we had real men in the government who when they see corruption and evil, to just step forward and stop it. Like a Secret Service agent cleaning his weapon and accidentally removes the main problem with this nation. Oops, how did that happen – oh well, no big loss…….

  • Ashley Schrenker

    Time to act. No time for talking anymore. Quit paying your taxes. Quit obeying their rules and regulations. What is the federal government going to do if 40% of Americans quit paying their taxes and quit obeying Obama’s royal decrees? Petition your states to withhold their federal tax revenue streams (many states hold federal tax revenues in their state treasuries before disbursing if to the feds) until YOUR elected officials do what the F*** YOU TELL THEM TO. I am the boss. You are the boss. These idiots that lie their way into office are our servants ; we are not theirs. You should take care to remember that. Quit begging for handouts. Quit whining about it on message boards. Your money, your freedoms, and the American way of life are evaporating before right now as I type. Can’t fuel a carrier, but DHS can by 1.7 billion bullets to use domestically against American citizens (logical conclusion, Homeland = Home….Home = Here). You can’t have a gun, but the DHS can have 9000 “personal defense” fully automatic weapons. This has been in the works for a long time. America has been de-industrialized, our debt and infrastructure sold off to hostile foreign state and financial institutions. Democrats are in on it. Republicans are in on it. Whether or not you like Ron Paul, you idiots had your chance with the last honest man in politics. Instead, you took the easy way out with a thief and a liar. They are coming for your freedoms and your future. How hard can they push until you either push back or fall down? If we fall, we fall forever.

  • 4-year refueling and complex overhaul ???? how much nuclear fuel is being loaded? just fuel up and go back to sea, worry about retrofitting later.

  • Welcome to the world of Obama!! This is what he meant by “leading from behind”!!!

  • Just like all city councils do all over the country when the money runs out. They scream no more fire department, no more police. Well screw it. Leave the ships in mothballs and fire them all. Fire the cops and shut down the schools. Let the terrorist and criminals take over. Hopefully they’ll start by rounding up politicians and their families first, then move on to democrats and on and on. ..

    • Jonus Grumby

      I hope you’re not serious.

  • Obamacare?

  • Grizzled_Gringo

    We spend that in a month here in California on illegals…

  • Jetstar99999

    Ask Obama under his planned amnesty, who is going to pay for the 10 to 15 million “undocumented” person’s RETIREMENT and health care in old age? Don’t tell me most pay taxes, the vast majority who work in fact work in the cash economy, many collect welfare and food stamps, and those working under fake SS numbers report just enough income to get a credit under the EITC- another huge scam

    The USA is bankrupt now with SS and medicare each month requiring billions in Treasury printing just to keep them from collapsing.

    • Jetstar99999

      It was 4 million under the 1986 amnesty, it will be 10 to 15 million this time, Next time perhaps 20 to 30 million. FACT the United States govt doesn’t even track (lawful entry- illegal overstay) entrants into the country. For example Brazilians enter at will and think of INS as a total joke – which in fact it is. Try overstaying VISAs in other countries and see what happens. Thailand will put you in jail.

      • Back in the 1980’s – 1990’s it was very easy for illegals to come into this country and just sign up and get free social security money – without ever having paid into the system. My folks who worked for 30+ years were retired and the SS checks arrived on the same day each month. My folks were astonished to find that illegals who just entered our country were getting more than they were. It probably is still easy for them to get free money that you and I pay for.

  • EightBall343

    This is a load of horse squeeze. I see a lot of defense contractors who are squealing. Let the sequestration begin and we will have some real spending cuts. Let the DOD start cutting some garbage, let’s start by grounding all the jets these generals and admirals fly all over the world. Anyone who does not think the DOD is full of pork and fat is nuts.

  • RobertFallin

    Maybe Janet Napolitano could sell back some of that money DHS bought to kill us. Or maybe Barack Obama could stop his killing spree long enough to bring the troops home and cancel the killer drones. Or maybe our worthless Congress should go without pay and benefits for the rest of their terms. Every little bit helps.

  • The United States has dominated the world scene for the past 100 years because of our ability to project military strength around the world – the nuclear aircraft carrier is the most potent means of power projection the world has ever known. Make no mistake, this administration, with the man-child at it’s head, despises the United States and wants nothing more than to undermine this strength.

    • Jetstar99999

      a petulant man-child enable by a compliant MSM – and a reckless Fed Chairman willing to destroy hard working people’s life savings to save his Pal.

    • Jonus Grumby

      I don’t think Obama despises the country, it’s just he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  • Eric Freeman

    Scrap it. Military spending is a huge part of the reason that our economy is in a nosedive. We could cut the military by 75% and still defend this country just fine (veteran, USN, USS Kitty Hawk, 1980-83).

    • Jonus Grumby

      As a seaman second class, you know nothing.

      • Eric Freeman

        Get a real job and quit leeching off of the taxpayer.

  • Jetstar99999

    Obama is a conscience-less remorse-less sociopathic pathological lying demagogue. His entire economic program consists of out of controll spending and endless printing of dollars. NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH A SOCIOPATH

    Congress needs to ignore Obama, and let the sequester take place until Obama wants to LEAD instead of playing pretend president.

  • This is political theater. Nuclear fuel rods are an acceptable food item for EBT cards.

  • meeester

    Everything is going according to plan. Nice work Obama voters. Hopefully you will lose in the long run but we gotta give it to you for now.

  • …….and there are a lot of people that can’t fill the tanks of their cars due to the rapid increase in gasoline prices during the past couple of weeks.So Navy join the club

  • Jetstar99999

    Obama left those SEALs to die – and why? for a potlitical narrative. NOT ONE WORD of followup contact or conversation to the Defense Sec or Joint Chiefs of Staff after first being informed of the attack in Beghanzi.

    Obama just hid for 8 hours with Natl Sec AdvisorTom Doniloni no doubt pulling the strings and shuttiong down the counter-response.


    Navy: Lincoln Refueling Delayed, Will Hurt Carrier Readiness

    ‘ Now That’s a Tow Job ‘ ! …………………………………………………… TRUTH

    I wonder if the Defense Department take’s ‘ Triple A ‘ ?


  • Ashley Schrenker

    Solution is simple. Quit paying your taxes. Why should I pay taxes when the government can borrow unlimited money printed by the Federal Reserve? Seriously….think on that.

    • Bud W

      Good idea,enjoy your prison stay

  • Ashley Schrenker

    Quit funding your own enslavement.

  • VHG1

    And amazingly some people believe this baloney? If it isn’t refueling it’s because Obama wants to create another fictional crisis where none exists! What is this the Clinton years when we had no spare parts either? Is this why Obama couldn’;t send help to Benghazi? I bet he uses that excuse next

    • mike

      Obama couldn’t send help to Benghazi because he was completely disengaged from the entire episode. He said “do what you have to do” and left to campaign without as much as a single update the rest of the night.

  • Ashley Schrenker

    All low-information voters should be made to watch “The Wire” in it’s entirety before going to the polls so they can learn in the easiest possible way how America really works. ” You follow the drugs, you get drug addicts and drug dealers. You follow the money, and you don’t know where the f*** it’s going to take you” – Lester Freeman, The Wire.

  • Al Therrien

    Are we afraid not to have enough aircraft carriers out on the ocean to maintain the 20×1 ratio?

  • 2inthehat

    Where’s the deploy-able photovoltaics? Oh, inefficient, unreliable, and bulky? Hm, Damn you Green Energy gods, a plague on you all for your worthless promises! Same for the manchild bo too.

  • twistin

    Maybe it’s because Obama forces them to use $50/gallon “biofuel”, instead of the $3.50/gallon diesel they used to use…….

    • Jonus Grumby

      It’s nuclear powered, Einstein.

      • twistin

        Irony is lost on you. Tell me I’m wrong about the Navy biofuel program, Dickwad.

      • mike

        The carrier is. Most of the rest of the fleet isn’t. Twistin isn’t wrong about the biofuel. What a waste of taxpayer money and now a threat to our national security

        • To be fair, CVN’s do have diesel backups. Not to mention all the aircraft and tractors use the same fuel.

  • New day, same whine: If the U.S. government so much as mentions any kind of budgeting that affects big corporations–like military industry–there’s a sudden and huge whine-out in which the idiot readers are informed that, although it hasn’t happened yet and may not, the very thought of a single dollar reduction in the military budget will spell the end of the United States.

  • SJF **

    Unbelievable! we have trillions to give away in stimulus to companies going bankrupt only months later but we can’t take care of our freakin’ Navy ships. My gosh somebody needs to drag these America hating, military hating LIBTARD DEMOCRATS out of our capitol. THey all need to be charged as treasonous traitors for the contempt they show towards our nation and its military.

  • This is a bunch of baloney. The Navy can cut spending is many other ways. This is just an Obama ploy against Congress. The money is there! We have to have priorities.

  • rickeyroma

    “We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on
    them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.” – our fearless leader…

    Who needs Aircraft Carriers as long as we have free Obama phones….

  • VoteLoud

    And the Republican leadership fell for this clownplay!

  • sanfordandsons

    The Enterprise is being decomissioned and the Washington is forward deployed in Japan. So I don’t know what the problem is.

  • ROLYAT136

    I thought, that since Pearl Harbor, they stopped lining up so many ships in one place.

    • Bud W

      Look like decommissioned ships to me

  • Just a scare tactic. The boat costs the same with fixed costs. More flogging of the taxpayer slaves.

  • Andylit

    What we really need is to build some escort or light carriers. We could get by with a dozen super carriers if we had a an equal number of smaller units. The current units carry 80-85 aircraft.

    Now, if we had some smaller units we could handle smaller actions with appropriate force levels. Conventional carriers with 35-40 aircraft. Use them for small jobs like pirate hunting off Somalia. Air support for marine landings. Etc, etc.

    We KNOW we can build the smaller units and do it well. We did in WWII. The cold war made the escort carrier mostly useless, but the world is a very different place today. With small carriers we would be able to project our power more broadly, and be able to react with greater flexibility.

    • Guinness_Beer

      Small is a misnomer in the jet age and with the current F-18 aircraft. The angled deck size would still be the same dimensions to accommodate concurrent TOs and Traps,

      You’re idea may have merit when and if the F-35 and its STOL/VSTOL capability comes on line, assuming the program isn’t canceled like the F-22.

      • Andylit

        Disagree. All our current carriers are set up for simultaneous launch and landing operations. That capability would be sacrificed.

        With a single straight deck you could reduce total length about 30%-35%.

        • Guinness_Beer

          Operations would slow to a crawl, reduce readiness, be unsafe, and relegate ready aircraft to the hanger deck during landing operations, instead of being on deck ready for the catapult. Time and the inefficiency of one deck can and will cost lives with current aircraft.

          • Andylit

            Disagree again. The small carrier is intended purely for small scale limited operations.

            If we tried to use them in roles they were unsuited for, you are completely correct. On the other hand, we’ve had situations that required a carrier, but were totally over-serviced with a super carrier.

            Western coastal waters of Africa area perfect example of the need. A handful of small carriers would allow us to reduce piracy by a huge margin without tying up a super carrier group. Of course, that would also require a radically different set of ROE.

            Make no mistake. I am not advocating replacing the large platforms, just supplementing them.

    • We do have smaller “Units.” They’re called LHD’s and LHA’s.

      • Andylit

        Choppers and VTOL capacity only. What I am talking about will be able to handle AWACS, F18’s, etc.

  • Guinness_Beer

    The neutering of America by Obama continues…

  • Obama is successfully killing US military might. He is a Communist Party hero for the ages.

  • Clearhead

    Well, maybe they can use the runway deck for skateboard competition.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Under Carter we had long lines to fuel our cars under Obama we can’t fuel our naval fleet. Same liberal thinking same results only the equipment has changed.

    • Guinness_Beer

      Another apology tour coming up???

  • One man one voice

    We have too many ships out bullying other nations of the world already. Who cares if one is missing in action!

    • LouAnnWatson

      too bad no one is bullying you

      • WagTheDawg

        Not to worry … Egypt will protect us.

  • Maybe a contract with North Dakota needs to start.. Do you need the government for us the work force to start industry here to do the job. For us to stop waiting on the government to make decisions.

  • another_engineer

    Oh please.. this reminds me of when they couldn’t buy rounds while we were paying for gold plated faucets for the saudi’s.

  • Americanius

    But they can find the fuel to ferry some frogs to Mali?

  • James Lookretis

    we can pay asshole vp and reduce military pay,,,, give 450 million and 20 f16’s to the adolf mursi the enemy and 45 million to libyans for killing ambassador chris stevens and you in the senate approve tax hikes and obamacare and your fuckishness has caused this HORROR !!!fuck you all and that illegal in the white house.Impeach him .MAy the ships nevee sail and stay here and let the muslims kill all the muslims get our troops home !!!

  • Trudge1

    Obama sent in his hatchet man, Panetta.
    Now sequester will be brutal.
    How slick is that?
    GOP sat on their thumbs while Obama/Panetta carved it away to nothing.
    The knife is already stuck in, who will turn it.

  • matador527

    When the low-information idiots of this nation put uninformed, incompetent, inexperienced, American-hating socialists in charge, what else would one expect?


  • Trudge1

    That picture of a ship that the DNC had proudly projected on their screen, I bet that ship is fully operational.

  • The End is Near

    Surround DC.

    • LouAnnWatson

      wait til cherry blossom season…they’ll all be in town

  • Rome

    Fits in with the transformation to national equal world status nicely.

  • I guess it’s all in how you look at it but in my Traditional American way of thinking, many, enough to have made a difference, voters that pulled the lever for obama did so out of outright hate for us and America. I consider it a treasonous act for those that knew, really knew what he would do in a second term. BTW, good luck navigating Norfolk, it is about as dangerous a port as any.

  • antiobamanation

    there is one reason this is being “advertised” and that is a propoganda push by the administration crying look how weak you horrible republicans are making our military” ,…how bout we stop sending free f16s to all the countries that hate us and want to annihilate israel,..and then go fill up

  • Bud W

    Hummmm its a Nuclear powered ship, guess they mean reactor rods changed?

  • Southern Comfort

    Have we defunded ACORN or any other windmill projects like travel on Air farce uno

  • Isn’t that just what Obama wants? A smaller Navy.

  • Trudge1

    They might as well redesignate this port to ‘Queen Port’, like it’s sister ‘Queen Hangar’, as in a place where all the cannibalization of parts take place to keep some units running until there is enough money.

  • LouAnnWatson

    how about not spending $16 gallon fueling conventional ships with biofuels? oh, you didn’t know obama admin mandated that?

  • biscuitsngravy

    We all owe the Navy, Marines, Army and all our military personnel a gratitude of thanks for
    their sacrifices which we can never repay. Most of the problems can be laid at the feet of
    an incompetent political leadership which doesn’t seem to care what happens as long as
    they have their way.

  • Maybe if CONGRESS quit making the army buy tanks they don’t need they could use the $$$ to refuel the aircraft carrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rls976

    So, the military is having its normal activities disrupted because of funding shortfalls. Gee, I wonder whether this is happening to any of the welfare handout programs also.

  • Here we go, bamma plan is working, just fine. gun grabbing, no carriers, soon fighter bases and lay offs or RIF of military. bamma plan is great, what next

  • The End is Near

    4-year refueling … ??? WTF

    Is this ship powered by GM Chevy Volt technology?

    • NODEMS2014

      Nope its Alinsky Technology, along with blaming Bush for everything!

    • Refueling a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

  • hahahahahahahaha, THIS IS ALL OBAMA’S DOING.

    • NODEMS2014

      You are dead wrong. It is Bush’s fault yesterday, it will be his fault today. It will be Bush’s fault till Hades freezes over, and Cerberus has eaten all the Bush’s.

  • Hkinsey3

    Not to worry….as long as we can feed, clothe and medicate illegal aliens we are in good shape.

  • terpsez108

    Ha ha ha –the Budget word —in the third world —how about some of that Iraqi oil British Petroleum and Exxon are pumping?—what a Joke these people are Panetta Billions to Kenya and Islamic Brotherhood—

    • Kermit29

      Sppt, these are not oil fueled vessels.

  • Balance3

    The fraud and incompetence in the white house continues !

  • Scare tactics, the shipyard refueling won’t miss a beat. Mark my words.

  • Why not cut out ALL foreign aid for starters.Why not cut our politicians pay for a start also.

  • Why doesn’t Obummer just sale the damn thing to the communist Chinese, it’s not like it’s doing us any good just sitting there – I’m telling ya, this administration is going to get a lot of people dead before it’s all said and done.

  • robotnik

    Maybe if Obama wasn’t forcing them to use expensive biofuels?

  • Dan_Lef

    Another milepost on the Obama Road to 3rd World status for the USA.

  • 308btsp

    Plan B, ICBM’s. there I said it.

  • 308btsp

    Just like everything else from this admin, no plan, no budget, no preparation, no maint, just campaign and stick it to the taxpayers.

    • no plan no budget WORKS …the core libs and LameStream media support Obama no matter what. we’re clearly outnumbered by the taker class, don’t know-don’t care voting drones. it took the libs 50 years destroying education, but they finally succeeded in creating a dumb mass of voters as the majority


  • The Shambolic Skeptic

    All part of O’bama’s plan to feminize the US, to take it out of the top table of nations. He’s a bleeding traitor.

  • Maybe we could save money for fuel by cutting some of the 28,000 troops in South Korea or the 25,000 in Japan. We cannot afford to protect the world. We are, by far, the largest debtor nation in the world. Do we have to collapse before we wise up and stop spending our future earnings?

  • Jim Denney

    If Dumb & Dumber (Obama & Sec Navy) would quit spending $27 per gallon for algae based “green” fuel instead of $3 per gallon for oil, we’d have more money to spend in general.

    • I think those ships are all nuclear powered

      • Jim Denney

        Money is fungible … that’s why I said saving in general.

  • mkelter2011

    I would suspect that running a fleet is a lot like running a country–you do it on a budget that establishes priorities. If the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t care about budgets or priorities, it’s going to be a stretch of the imagination that the rest of the chain of command care enough to put fleet readiness as a top priority.

    A really good Commander-in-Chief might want to re-think priorities and start gutting extraneous waste (such as Gay-Pride Military balls) in favor of re-fueling the fleet and maintaining readiness.

  • madatyouall

    There is plenty of money to give away tanks and jets. Who needs fuel. We have Egypt.

  • Moneyrunner

    It’s the Washington Monument ploy.

  • Sounds more like a political stunt.

  • John Catalano

    Obama’s plan to destroy our military is right on schedule.

  • John D

    This article is extremely misleading. The Navy has decided NOT to refuel based on what may happen with the budget. Not because they don’t have the money. They are waiting to see if they will have a budget problem or not and where they need to spend the money they have. No different than the financial decisions I have to make . This is typical of government BS.

  • Patriot

    Just got the scoop. These carriers are getting a new, secret fuel due to executive order of the CIC. They are to be refitted to operate on “sailar.” Sails by night, sails and solar by day. The delays right now are due to enviromentalist who are blocking access to spars and masts timber on government land, and a lack of solar panels due to the bankruptcy of the solar industry. The panels are being shipped from China and it will take a little while. But still, no global warming, no nuclear, and a perpetual source of renewable energy. Just wait to see how the aircraft are being refitted!

  • sirock

    Didn’t obama order the navy to purchase bio-fuel for $24 a gal just last year?

  • dimart45

    Could we get serious! There are plenty of places to make cuts that will not do damage. If these carriers are not being refueled it’s for another reason.

  • poorhardworker

    If the politicians weren’t such wastrels and scoundrels…there would not be the crushing debt and we could afford to fuel the hip.. Just think about the amount lost on Obama’s Green Energy “investments”….it is going to really hurt when the house of cards comes down.

  • glennd1

    Article is a bit misleading. This isn’t ‘filling up the tank’ but rather replenishing their nuclear fuel rods, as well as a very significant overhaul that is going to take 4 years. The way this article is written you could come away with the impression that we don’t have petroleum based fuel for our aircraft carriers. This carrier was coming out of service anyway, how could that impair our readiness? , I’m sure this project has been planned for years. This article smells like bs propaganda top to bottom.

    • Jesse


  • wacodriver

    Obama should be impeached and the joint chiefs be relieved of their duty!! Write your congressman!! It’s starting to look much like the 30’s and we will be attacked again if we let our guard down. Think of all the container ships that pass by.

  • disqus_M9Ev93PFTF

    Let me get this straight: 3/4 of TRILLION more borrowed every year for the last 4 years, for a total of 1.3 TRILLION per year for almost 7 TRILLION more in debt now..and we don’t have enough to keep our carriers fueled?

    Gosh, where could the money be going? Oh…let’s see….biggest rise in food stamps, welfare, unemployment, subsidized housing, medicaid, ….Got it..it is all being sent to those who didn’t earn it, instead of kept by those who did or spent on the CONSTITUTIONALLY prescribed expense of defending our nation.

    God help us.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Havig five carriers lined up next to each other in the same port seems eerily similar to another harbor in the Pacific. If I wanted to start something with the US of A, I’d start right there and destroy/disable all five.
    Even though a Progressive, Roosevelt was enough of a patriot to get the carriers out to sea before the morning of 12/7/41; this guy we have now? He’s from Keyna.

  • wbonesteel

    I call bullshit.
    Find out which little admiral made the decision to dock that ship…and see who he knows, where.
    I smell a rat.

  • Just like school systems who don’t get the money they want and cancel bussing. Make it as dramtic as possible, truth and pragmatism do not exist in this propagana world.

    • marvgoux1

      Yes while continuing their obscene pensions that are headed toward bankruptcy…they know how to play the political game.

  • While politicans and Government lackeys collect 6 figure pay plus other benefits there’s talk of cutting the Militaries pay and benefits. Fits right in with Obama’s plan to destroy our Military and the Country.

  • BoB

    buck ofama!

    μολὼν λαβέ


  • Obama and the entire democrat congress should be arrested for derriliction of duty, tried and hanged.

  • iatemine

    Another NAtional First for the Obama Administration!

  • Destroy the military, bankrupt the United States, Take away the peoples guns, destroy Christianity, name dictator. MISSION COMPLETE!

  • jayballs

    Obama slowly drowning America bringing about a third world African nation

  • I_Go_Pogo

    Gotta hand it to imam obama- his plan to bring America to it’s knees seems to be working.

    • Heck – Bill Clinton brought interns to their knees a whole lot faster…

  • Gungy

    Yet the nation re-elected Obama and Nevada put Reid back into office. One who hasn’t submitted a budget 4 out of the last 5 cycles and one who tosses everything the House does in the trash keeping everything from hitting the senate floor for debate. BUT – those free phones were critical, huh?

  • Obama is a fool. Panetta a flunky. It is the Jimmy Carter administration all over again but this time with a little more marxism, socialism, totalitarianism, despotism and stalinism thrown in. A strange brew for the most successful nation that ever lived on this earth. It will take years to fix what these Obama fools are doing.

    • WagTheDawg

      The proper term for what’s happening here is “fascism.”

  • Obama needs to purchase millions more rounds of small arms ammo for those “citizens” who don’t agree with him, Carrier be damned then enemy is here on the mainland.

  • This isn’t simply pulling up to the shipyard and gassing up. All active duty carriers aka “Birdfarms” are nuclear powered. It takes approximately 18 months to “refuel” a nuke powered vessel. The actual term should be “recore” – basically you have to take out the nuclear core and replace it. This means cutting holes in the ship taking out the old core and replacing it. Did I mention its all radioactive requiring shielding, an army of environmental compliance officers, disposal of large amounts of radioactive water in the “primary” ( direct contact with radioactive core) and “secondary” (water that is heated by the steam from the core) , and a plethora of other activities. The first nuke carrier , the Enterprise (CVN-65) CV = ship that launches fixed wing aircraft, N= nuke powered, had 8 reactors and 32 heat exchangers. The second , the Nimitz (CVN-68) had two reactors,and 4 heat exchangers. The Enterprise was launched in 1960, when nuclear power was still in its infancy. The Nimitz, launched in the 70’s, benefitted from advances in technology.

  • OldSalty

    funniest thing I’ve read this week, poor widdle sailors can’t play with their big boat…

  • navyvietvetjd

    Obama is intentionally destabilizing our naval and armed forces. He is not just a poor leader. He is a devastating enemy.

  • Tom Gleinser

    There are no spending cuts. There are only reductions in the rate of increase. Instead of an 18% increase over the next 8 years, there will be a 10% increase. The U.S. military is as inefficient as any other agency of government and could make do with a lot less. These are just scare tactics by a congressman trolling for votes from the military.

  • Illegals come before the military with this bunch. What about the F-16 fighters and 400 M1 tanks going to that nut In Egypt does that come before our Navy also ?

  • Not an actual representation of the facts was apparent in the headline here. The RCOH may be delayed a bit due to budget constraints yes, but would that not make it reasonable to not fuel her up as she may sit in berth for a very long time having work done to her? Why fill up the tank when she won’t be taking a spin around the globe any time soon. It is more sensational to make the article look like we can’t afford gas than to report that common sense is at work by not spending funds until the retrofitting is under way and or nearing completion. Even the author of this POS article would not likely fill up the tank of his personal boat and then garage it for six months waiting for summer to arrive. Oh yea! And then there are some idiots who actually think this story was spot on. Sheeple.

    • wacodriver

      You have obviously never had to overhaul anything in your life. The RCOH is a carefully planned operation. When you have to go so deep into the ship to refuel you do it in a carefully planned way so you don’t have to rip out something you may have already done to get to the reactor. How would you like your chest opened up for a bypass only to be told obamacare didn’t approve it right now, being sewn back up and having to open you up again months later when your stay is finally approved by the death panels. In short if you don’t understand mechanical things don’t open your mouth. I find it very disturbing that 4 active carriers are in the same port at the same time.

  • John_Campbell

    A publicized open invitation for all comers as enemies to do as they will both here an abroad. Is this an intentional effort?

  • The U.S. Navy will delay the refueling of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
    (CVN-72) for an unknown period because of the uncertain fiscal
    environment due to the ongoing legislative struggle, the service told
    Congress in a Friday message obtained by USNI News.

    If the Obama and his administration did not make it mandatory for the Navy to purchase hundred of thousands of gallons of bio fuel at $55.00 per gallon they would not have this problem so I have absolutely no sympathy for this administration having their non service rep like the dept of defense crying about budget cuts, they also could have saved Billions of dollars that they pissed away on Obama’s follies such as wind and solar power as that does not belong in the public domain for financing but in the private sector where they know what they are doing!

    Obama’a main job is to make sure the American Public is protected that’s why they pay taxes and he has failed on this big time so know as it seems the American public is going down the tubes toward becoming a 2nd world country do to Obama.

    This President and his administration needs to GO!! before it is to late!!!

    • escapedin62

      You are correct, sir, but I’m afraid that it’s a pipe dream to expect them to GO anywhere. It is only going to get worse. Barry’s mission in life is to destroy this country as founded, and to bring her, humiliated, to her knees.

  • blogagog

    Just a head’s up – The Navy will receive more money from the government than it has since any time before 2008. This is just an example of Navy brass putting politics before national defense.

  • BAM BAM in the past during the election was taken , and still does take credit for the 1.2 trillion cuts the Sequestor offers but not want to blame the Republicans . The sequestor cut have not taken affect yet , they are just trying to get the people on the liberals side. The LIe when they open their mouth.

  • Ooh wee, our enemies are licking their chops when they hear this great news: U.S. military readiness is at such a crisis level that the NAVY can’t even afford to pull up to the pump to put gas in the tank. Probably not a huge encumbrance on security, BUT the wacko, nutcake Islamic terrorists around the globe read this and think we’re ripe for the taking—Allah is smiling on them and telling them to go for it, attack America and Israel–the time is nigh.
    Japanese thought the same thing when they saw the U.S. military training films in the 1930’s and soldiers were doing practice bombings with bags of flour and rifle training with broom sticks ’cause no $$ for the real thing . . . thanks to FDR & his dem’s!!
    Perception matters, and unfortunately, it seems perception of a weak military and the reality of it, are too darn much the same since dumb & dumber, BO & Biden became reigning royalty.

    Afraid this is just the beginning.

  • We can send so called foreign aid to countries that would like to see the demise of America.
    I wonder what Obama’s priority is but our military is not high on his list.

  • AFITgrad86

    The closer we get to sequestration the more of these stories will be in the news. It is a tactic by the Defense Department to avoid the hard choices and cut their budgets as they posture and preen for the press to keep their bloated budgets.

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m a vet and did 23 years service. But the fact of the matter is there are way too many ‘programs’ and way too many prima donna generals and senior civilians each with their own personal agenda. Throw into that mix the congressional element refusing to allow base closures and program cuts because of the impact to their districts and you have a real problem.

    The bottom line is we could do a lot more with the money we have if the services were forced to make real choices between operational necessity and their egos.

  • snapperman

    Maybe the First Traveler could hang up her suitcases. Perhaps the One could cease flying to and from Hawaii multiple times in the space of ten days. And possibly the Secretary of Defense could stay in DC rather than fly home weekly to Carmel on a private (and large) military jet. I’d wager that if all the boondoggle trips on government aircraft were eliminated there’d be enough money to fill the tanks on a couple of ships.

    • Maybe Panetta could reimburse the country for the approximate $3 Million we have spent sending him home EVERY weekend so he can “refresh” himself. Well so much for “refreshing himself” … we can all see what that got us.

  • Can’t refuel our aircraft carriers but we’ll keep those welfare checks coming and the Obama phones running!

  • Perhaps Big Hollywood can stage a benefit to raise money to fuel up our aircraft carriers?

  • So let’s see now, he’s more than doubled the price of gas and home heating fuel with his moratorium on drilling, ruined our health care system, created the largest unemployment since the great depression, and of course i could go on and on about this fraud of a failed president (small “p”), so how far are the rest of you white people willing to allow this Kenyan impostor who stole the last election, and continuously violates our Constitution and takes away our rights as a free people before you do what I am doing and petitioning the Congress to show some balls and Impeach this phony?

  • Maybe if they cut back on the GREEN FUEL which is about 5x the cost of regular fuel we might be able to refuel at least one.

    Typical Washington DC garbage…CUT THE MUSCLE…NOT THE FAT!

  • A good Time to attack the United States. why the emperor does not use the billions of dollars to egypt, the billions of dollars to Union Bosses, The billions of dollars to green scam industries?

    • fuqdisqus

      Oh, it’s nothing to do with union, you stupid slob.

      Too much money going to the corporate bosses.

  • Usefull

    Can’t we just fuel it up and put it on our credit card ???


    So all the Money Obama Claus is spending on his peeps, Do those who voted for him realize what the payback is?

    The armed forces seem to be having trouble with money and the upcoming OBAMA Sequestration is gonna hurt more.

    DID ALL YOU OBAMA voters get your forks with Obama’s picture on it yet? Wondering?
    When the Chinese hordes come to get their money back(giving them a SNAP card won’t help) you OBAMA voters are to attack them with your OBAMA forks.

    Good Luck and poke them twice, just like you voted!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • AmericanMan2012

    We would not have this shortage of funds, if Obama had not been an elitist and spent close to $100 million on fuel to go on all those vacations to Hawaii, Spain, Africa,Europe , and the countless campaign trips all over the country, and all the trips across the country to make one hour speeches to spin his agenda.
    Then we have the wasted money spent on the recovery, to create jobs, with so many millions wasted on solar panel companies, who went bankrupt.
    This is an Administration that doesn’t do a budget, and just spends without any fiscal responsibility.
    This is as ruinous as a man drinking his wage away at the local bar, and leaving nothing to feed his starving family.
    American people aren’t that stupid ,that they would allow Obama another term, and it is just so convincing that the election of 2012 was fixed.

  • confuzed

    Another “fundamental transformation” for the country

  • Don’t they use nuclear fuel?:

  • My understanding of the cvN N means Nuclear. The Lincoln CVN 72, is fuel with nuclear material. Maybe it is jet fuel for the aircraft?

  • Well, gee. What do you expect from a government led by someone with no experience who is supported by a Senate which has scoffed at the law in failing to pass a budget for four years?
    Oh, wait . . . I forgot; it’s all the Republican’s and George W, Bush’s faults.

  • aleddie1

    “They are waiting to receive the new solar panels made by Solindra before bankruptcy. Nuclear fuel is more dangerous than Chinese military.”

  • PittsburghTiger

    I think I will not listen to Hillary….and I WILL question their patriotism.

  • Hemlockroid

    whud ya expect? The Reagan had enough trouble getting toilet paper.

  • Spencer Gray

    This is utter BS. There have been 0, none, zilch, nada defense “cuts”! Even the ever feared sequestration only makes cuts to proposed INCREASES in the baseline budgeting process. This means that the Navy will still be getting billions more this year than they did last year, and even more than when we were fully deployed in undeclared wars against Iraq and Afganistan. Has the Pentagon misplaced recouses? Probably. However this is nothing more than a show to attempt to portray our armed forces as weakening to bolster unconditional support for the military industrial complex. If the pentagon is so broke, why did the NDAA 2013 appropriate more funds to build new aircraft carriers and a larger fleet? There has been so much mistruth about these non existant “devastating” budget cuts to defense. In reality the Pentagon and military industrial complex are just making a wining fit like a toddler that has had a few of its toys taken away. They mismanage and mis appropriate funds to create the illusion that they are operating on a skeleton like basis. Let’s just call it what it is, PROGPAGANDA.

    • A P

      No one said anything about cuts – it is the uncertainty in appropriations that prevents them from committing to projects that should not be halted once started.

      • Spencer Gray

        This article will be used as “evidence” by congress that the shrinking defense budget (untrue) is the cause for the delay and proof that Obama is “gutting” the military. This piece attempts to fit the narrative of a desire for unquestioning and unwavering support for the military industrial complex.

      • Spencer Gray

        And I agree, if we have the carriers and planned on refueling and scheduled maintenance… then we should do it. It’s the excuses that bother me.

  • The Carrier task force is a significant part of the overall triad strategic defense of the US. Because of this branch, we have kept the “peace” – aka strategic deterrence theory, for decades (our boomers [Ohio Class] are probably the most robust part of the Naval defense inventory). If a rogue nation gets out of hand, you simply park a Carrier task force at it’s front door – problem mitigated (not solved, but you put the bastards in check). Also, carriers provide incredible resources – hospitals, water treatment, power – they serve as a mobile humanitarian platform – not just an offensive weapon system. Of course the average American doesn’t know this … please, do your research folks!

    • fuqdisqus

      Nobody care, war pig.

  • David Axelrod

    We all know the priorities of the ignorant, arrogant, 3rd world leftist /SSH0LE who currently resides in the White House:

    First… Make sure the “GIMMIE DAT!!!” crowd who voted him into office get their “freebies”.

    Last… Make sure America’s military forces are fully funded.

    • fuqdisqus

      Gimme dat are the corporate welfare bums lobbying the government for more handouts.

      • David Axelrod

        That’s half…there should be NO corporate OR social welfare!

  • CarnactheMagnificent

    Another straw man?
    A long time ago when I knew about the 3 surface ships and multitude of submarines using reactors for propulsion and power, the refueling was all about downtime and not expense. The process must have changed some but probably not a lot due to the age of the subs. I can’t recall the requirement for refueling, but, the depletion amount was very low, these vessels had more than 50 percent of their reactive potential remaining. I point to the electric autos which goes to gas charge mode at 65% remaining and maybe achieves 40 mpg and when the computer is cheated to 40% the mpg significantly increases.

  • Rogervzv

    There is no end to the stupidity. Putting a bunch of carriers all in one place is insanity. And if the military got rid of most of the tens of thousands of lawyers that it hired, and got rid of all the foreign military bases that we don’t need, maybe there would be money to actually operate a military, like our aircraft carriers.

  • fufox911

    Oh my. You mean we may have to cut back on our murdering of innoncent brown men, brown women and brown children? You know, the brown ones that get in our way as we rob them of every natural resource we can get our stinkin’ hands on.

  • old409

    Obama needs that refueling money for food stamps and free phones for all his homies.

  • This is just the way Obama and his leftie cronies want it too.

  • Does this picture remind anyone of Pearl Harbor…12/7/1941??? Are the Japs out there somewhere???

  • CamoCoyote

    They need to make some choices, like all Americans. Maybe, we should send 100 or so less Abrams tanks out of the 200 scheduled for Egypt? With the money this government spends, they can easily manage to fuel all their boats and planes, etc.

  • Dywlf

    But the perpetual lazy will get their food stamps, section 8 housing, and welfare checks. Tell me, how do you substain a great country when 47% of its population sells its vote for government cheese to parasitic shysters?

    • fuqdisqus

      The parasites are the welfare bums in military and corporations with government contracts.

  • So, this is what four years of a Marxist president brings to the table. Now, another four years of backward ideology and we are just getting started. Makes you want to bail doesn’t it?

    • fuqdisqus

      This is what eight years of crazy Bush wars did.

  • this is what happens when you our source everything …….. you have no internal infrastructure to do the job!

  • Thaddeus_Kosciuszko

    Mr. Obama is inflicting pain in the red zones,
    To pressure Rs into cosigning for another loan.
    He cast aside honor and wasted his words,
    Mainstream is left-wing—so the truth is not heard.

  • dragerjoe

    Not to worry; we now have the peace and love world of Obama.

  • “do to the ongoing budget strife” Really?

  • ShootyMcBang

    Bush’s mandate was to implement the Patriot Act. Obama’s is to get the guns. Bush did what he was told. Obama is working on it. They are on the same team. The only thing that the right and left keep divided are the people. The government works together like well oiled machinery towards its goal of a communist America!

  • Dick

    Americans all have maintenance projects on hold, due to uncertainty in Congress. I know how the Navy feels. A lot of projects may get cancelled in USA due to higher taxes, & higher Health care costs.

  • Obama and his Secretary of Defense’s destruction of our national security and military readiness are similar to the trains in Germany….”right on schedule”. This is deliberate. If Congress had done it’s job, it would have taken Obama’s White House to the woodshed and demanded he follow the law and submit a budget in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now he’s missed the February 4th deadline for 2013.
    One thing’s for certain though. I’ll bet Air Force One is fueled up and ready to take Obama on another one of his speech trips to parts unknown to sell his latest version of snake oil. How about the Air Force do us a favor and lose the keys to Marine One and the lock on the gas pump that fuels the president’s airplane….I’m sure Obama will perk up and notice that.

  • bigted13

    This is nuts. Obama’s priorities are askew. If they would not have given Solyndra bucks and if GM would repay its debt we could refit the 2 carriers and build the new subs.

    • I read somewhere that GM tried to repay, but the government wouldn’t accept it. They want to retain control.

  • Sparky2

    What they should do is take some of the billions going to obese people getting welfare stamps, and use that for fuel for our carriers. It would be a win-win by making too heavy people healthier, and provide need energy for our military.

    • fuqdisqus

      Military is a bunch of welfare bums.

      They depend on the government for their food, clothes and bunk.

  • Yes! Yes! I had the same thought… five carriers parked side by side, and photos, maps available on line, and telling our potential adversaries that we can’t refuel them (unless, China, you know, extends our credit). Did we surrender to the Chinese? They already hold our debt. They have our factories. Crazy? I don’t know. Could not our government quietly ‘surrender’ to our adversary. They don’t have to tell us. See the companies the Chinese are lining up to buy, the land. Paranoid? I don’t think so. Especially with the people who are now in power.

  • kendrick1

    Obama Pays $26 (taxpayer money) per Gallon of “green” biofuel as opposed to $3.60 (taxpayer money) for regular fuel!


    Air Force tests $59 gallon green fuel



  • twizdiii

    Why not cancel Headstart and transfer those funds to this need ?

  • jeffreyp789

    Thanks alot iraq/kuwait for your generous support.

  • GoldenRudy

    Just get all of the EBT card holders in the Newport News area to swipe their card(s) just one time. That will fill her up and even leave enough $$$ for the holders to get their beer and nails done.

  • 1PissedAmerican2

    Ah, the payoff for the nobel Peace Prize won by ol’ Barry on his 3rd day on the job. The world is such a safer place, who needs carriers to project power or ensure safety??

  • Can we put this into a little perspective? The U.S. Navy budget in 2012 was over twice as large as Russia’s entire military budget. The U.S. Defense 2012 budget was larger than the next 14 largest defense budgets in the entire world. Don’t tell me there isn’t a chicken little “sky is falling” effort to scare by our military/industrial complex.

    • I’ve decided that ANYONE using the term “military industrial complex” is simply a douchey liberal asshat. Welcome to the party, pal. Park your Prius over there, grab a double latte half-caff espresso, and join the discussion about how global warming is endangering the Madagascar tsetse fly.

  • socalpimp

    Hope and Change!!! It truly is the foodstamp era!!

  • lawabidingcitizen

    I remember very distinctly obama saying during the debates, that he would
    not let sequestration happen, that he would not allow it to happen.
    Seriously. why can’t people see that this guy is a meat puppet putting
    on a pretty show with nothing based in reality or intelligence?

    have no respect for him, or any of those other meat puppets that are currently called
    congressmen/women. They work for us. We are their boss! why should we
    fear them? they should fear us as an employee properly fears his boss. Why do we concede to the employee and let them run the show?????

    • MoreEntitlementsPlease

      You give the American people way too much credit. Most Americans couldn’t care less about the fate of this aircraft carrier or anything else that doesn’t directly impact their personal lives. Welcome to the United States of Entertainment.

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    O merica…. land of the formerly free and not so brave outside the military men and women. I mean, when is it gonna be considered hitting rock “BOTTOM” with this loser? Or is every New Obama Low the “new normal” like the NFL where it used to be they scored and handed the ball to the referee.

    Then Came O’s people and now they dance, throw cell phones around, pretend to dial cell phones and all this Bullspit for what? DOING THEIR JOB THEY GET PAID MILLIONS TO DO!!!1

    That’s where this country is today. A third world ghettodump. Obama’s put the crackrocks on the cake, that’s all. So we just went from AAA to -AAA, no biggie, all the Obama voters under 40 will pay for it all anyhow. HAVE FUN …..

    • semperfaithful1775

      Right, there were no problems in America before Obama was elected. The nation didn’t have any , right? I’m no fan of the man but this country was sent down the tube by you older generations after getting over all the coke, booze and free love of 60s and 70s. Ydebt, we weren’t borrowing from other nations to finance a war that no one else supported, there were no useless wars on drugs, or patriot acts that stole civil liberties from all Americans. Nope none of that was going on before Obama, right?

  • How many layoffs is this going to cause? Most likely, thousands. The politicians screw things up, and the workers get screwed again. Welcome to Washington as usual

  • fuqdisqus

    Then sink it.

  • The cuts won’t kick in until March… what’s the real reason here?

    • oh that’s right…bury your head for another 20 days.

    • OldmanRick


      • Correct. Because if you don’t put flesh on the skeleton of sequestration, then the obstinate pubs will hide it in the closest….”nothing, nothing here to see…just this ‘ole rattly skeleton..” Problem is, the cuts do have impact and it is good to let the peeps know what it is going to look like. As usual, the pubs will cave in as usual…Oh wait….they lost the election-I guess that’s not technically caving if you don’t have the mandate. Welcome to your loss.

        • semperfaithful1775

          Do you have any facts or do you just run off at the most convenient sphincter?

  • Hunter T

    Wait wait wait, we cant refuel our Naval Air carriers, but we can rack up trillions of dollars of debt? wtf?

    • Of course we can refuel them. There have been no cuts, yet.

  • Serug Terah

    I speak with service members through my school, American Military University, and they tell me all kinds of stuff about the state of our military but I am just really scared right now about releasing all of this information out to the public and our enemies. A lot of intelligence is gathered by looking at the front page, we no longer need the KGB when we have news outlets letting everything out. Its like hanging a sign out in front “Come get us, we can’t stop you”. Or even worse a signal to our allies that they are on their own. For the first time in my life I feel very unsafe and that America could truly be attacked without a strong response.

  • fuqdisqus

    Close Gitmo.

  • MoreEntitlementsPlease

    Any officer who has served knows that as a whole, the DoD is a bloated, inefficient, political, big government jobs program that’s chocked full of wasteful spending. There are thousands of things in the DoD budget that could be cut or scaled back to find enough funding to refuel the Lincoln if it was really a national priority. Any fiscal conservative who preaches about the dangers of the national debt and these trillion $ annual deficits that we are running while refusing to support DoD spending cuts is a serial hypocrite. Serious entitlement reform and DoD spending cuts should go hand-in-hand.

    • Finally! Someone who gets the point. The problem is, the Republicans are lobbied by the likes of McDonnell Douglas(sp?), Haliburton, and defence contractors, to keep buying weapons platforms which include entire carrier based war capable systems. Redefining the mission will never work, so long as the pubs are bought and paid for to incessantly bleet “protect the U.S. from our enemies”. 80 years of history, and this has been the case for the DoD. Bloated, overfinanced and especially for todays mission requirements.

    • topher1277

      You are absolutely correct. But any cuts to DoD needs to be specifically targeted to those wasteful/inefficient programs. Otherwise, if you just say cut DoD by 10%, then the DoD will find a way to cut things that are not in the “wasteful/inefficient” category. See it everyday. Why? B/c a lot of that “wasteful/inefficient” spending is in pet projects that flags keep touting and they can’t be seen to be “wrong.” DoD also provides a lot of money to foreign countries (access fees, fuel, etc). Why? B/c if we don’t we’ll be “denied” access to areas we need. We need to stop being so nice and play hardball.

    • semperfaithful1775

      I absolutely agree. I left the Corps. after 12 years of service because I couldn’t take it anymore. Promotions aren’t based on merit, they’re based on brown nosing. The DoD is just as corporate as starbucks but involves war. about a year ago my CO called an all hands meeting with his senior staff and flat out told us that some of us would be “retired” because the money is drying up. As the meeting concluded he reminded us to “pass the word” to our junior troops that family day with ponies, face painting, and a fly-over photo of the unit assembled on a football field; would be at the end of the month….no money to pay salaries but plenty for ponies?!?!?

      I realize this is chump change in the scheme of things but if there is no accountability on spending and every commander does this where does it stop?

  • MacDaddyWatch

    In sharp contrast, the USS Barack Hussien Obama was 100% Refueled with Colt-45.

    Its ready to boogie !!

    • O. Long Johnson

      it cruises with a slight gangster lean.

  • ahuk

    The Hawai’ian raised president seems to have forgotten how well it worked out for Pearl Harbor to have all the ships in one area.

  • garylee123

    Another Presidential responsibility ignored. How the heck can he get away with picking and choosing the laws he wants to enforce. It’s either all or nothing. Congress really needs to enforce their responsibilities too.

  • Citizenright

    This is a political ploy to argue for increased government spending, and while that argument goes on our ability to respond in the Mid East is reduced by half. The USS Eisenhower came back early from the Persian Gulf in December and for weeks we had only one carrier group at sea in the entire world.

    Everything this POS-in-Chief does is to weaken America.

  • TeaRunner

    Gess USI News is more concerned with fear mongering than actual facts.

    The Navy has the money, they just don’t want to cut on any their multi-billion dollar research projects.

  • I am offended. We should be naming our warships to reflect the ideals of our new socialist country. Instead of USS Constitution, or USS Enterprise, or USS Truman, we should be naming our ships USSR Fairness, or USSR Abortion on Demand, or USSR Nancy Pelosi. Someone help me add to the list please – I will write to my congressman.

    • Sure…how about “USS Sour Grapes”? C.U. in 4, loser.

    • JBSPuddintane

      USSicat Beautiful Pea-green Boat

  • Pope1944

    So the overhaul costs $3.3 BILLION and the Navy budgeted $92 MILLION. I’d say those folks who did the budget are ready to serve in Congress.

  • O. Long Johnson

    Were beyond screwed.

  • Welcome to Obamaland. Fiscal destruction isn’t enough. The military must be neutered and demoralized before he can declare himself President for life.

    • (psst…sequester was a heavy Republican idea…now, live with it or shut the F up)

      • wrong Sequester was thought up and mainly written byt he new appointe Obama elected into his cabinet… this was a 90% demcratic idea.

      • MoreEntitlementsPlease

        Sequester was the result of Democrats not wanting to cut entitlement spending and Republicans not wanting to cut defense spending or raise taxes.

  • it’s long over due for the AMERICAN PATRIOTS TO ASSEMBLE! It’s time to remove the tyrantical bureaucrats as well as all anti-american and illegal aliens that threaten our life, liberty, and morality. Homosexuals Environmentalists are all enemies of these United States(for the time being). California is a chit hole as well as NYC, Detroit, chicago, pittsburg, atlanta, yes all democratic operative to the wellfare state. These people should be GUILLOTINED like the ones china has built and sent to select FEMA camps foR the eliminating freedom LOVING GOD FEARING ANERICAN CITIZENS. This is part of the plan that FBI INFORMANT Larry Grathwohl attested to, revealing Bill Ayers(weather underground) and SDA have planned in concert with fellow communists to redeucated and or kill Christians, Constitution Fighters… see this link;

    • Develop a blood test to find the mentally troubled liberals and remove them from any positions requiring any important decisions and make sure they have no access to weapons of any type.

      Also this group of people should be sent out first into troubled areas to talk nicely to those who want to kill us and lets see how that works for them.

  • Unc Sam

    Speaking for Americans everywhere I’m delighted we have a strong intelligent President.

    It’s obvious to all that another Bush goon would destroy our wonderful country.

    Thank God for Obama.

    • MoreEntitlementsPlease

      Congrats! Nominated as a candidate for worst post of the year.

      • Unc Sam

        I’m not interested in the opinions of people from Iran.

    • Where are they keeping the “strong intelligent president”? The American public has not seen him for over 4 years!

  • You can thank Obama he was the one who introduced suquester… and promised it wouldnt come into effect…. Eletions have consequences… to bad so sad

  • enzomedici

    4 years to refuel? Wow, what if there was a war going on? We should be able to build a new carrier from scratch in 4 years.

    • chad

      There “has been a way going on” for over 10 years, along with increased operational tempo. They build the carriers basically as slow as they can afford to. Helps them not get canceled, keeps the force level at a constant (actually it’s 1 less than it used to be) as an old one is retired. There’s no reason to build them fast. It’s not just “refueling”, basically they rip out a ton of old equipment and replace things top to bottom and get the ship ready for another 25 years.

  • NO WORRIES.. OBAMA DOESNT THINK WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBELM…..LOL His solution… just raise more taxes and divide the country further.. Not going to happen this time, you got your tax increase in the fiscal cliff crap.. And EVERYBODY’s paychecks are hundreds lower.

  • WHo cares about military carriers as long as the left can have their concraceptives paid for …….that is more important.

  • I am a huge backer of the military,the son of a Marine Corp drill instructor (13 years) then naval reserve Master chief.(18 yrs) My father talks of the waste, the social engineering, the politics and redundancies in the military. My dad could cut the military budget by 20% and improve fighting capability! I think the whole government could take immediate 10% cut, then work on another 30%. Our empire is dying, we are broke, we need to prioritize, slash spending, and live within our means. What do we use these carriers for anyway? Responding to our embassy being attacked? No. Bombing pirates in Somalia? No.

    • I agree to some of your post. What we need is to get rid of the stupid gov contracts and remove the “dead wood” (useless top levels of the gov and military (too many useless officers)). Also we need to invest more cash into future high tech weapons that we can deploy from here that will be an alternative to carriers. If the crazies around the world want nukes – we should send them a few, BOOM targets removed.

  • garyg_houston

    When a budget is reduced, the management has the option to determine where they reduce spending. If they have decided to delay maintenance it is because it is the least necessary expenditure. Keep in mind, in Washington the term “cutting the budget” means reducing the rate of increase, not actually lower the current amount spent below the amount previously spent.

  • In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Harbinger

    I think someone is crying wolf. The defense cuts mean that only $43.8 billion will be spent instead of $44.7 billion OVER TEN YEARS! Thats really not a lot of difference, and it should never keep carriers sitting at the pier.

    • This is only the first shot of the libs to shut down the military. Wait and see.

  • hiway280z

    Air Force One and all the lemo’s in Washington and the others who fly private planes will always have full tanks.

  • The stupid libs who are supposed to be smart (ha ha) are destroying our military on purpose. They will prevent the ships then the aircraft from being sent out to protect us, while at the same time cutting the pay for our troops. This will cause the troop levels to drop and create discord within the ranks. Another hit to the military was when a falsified vote affirming that gays should be placed in with regular troops. If anything gays should be placed within ships and/or divisions specifically created for them, keeping them apart from the regular troops. Even our enemies are now increasing their spending for their military. We will soon be a destroyed or occupied country.

  • But obama will find money for more welfare and other vote-buying programs.
    I would not believe this country would have allowed itself to be laid so low, but then again, as we are constantly told by our dear leader, we voted for this.

  • jomah

    How much does 16 F16’s and 200 tanks cost to GIVE away,probably not even counting all the spare parts that go with them, Let’s fix our own first

    • It does not matter to the WH. Our pres has shown (several times) that they are ready, able and willing to give away guns (and money, and top secret military intel) to terrorists so they can use them against our own troops

    • ss95ss

      Basically it pays for the refit on both carriers referenced.
      16 F-16 Fighters = $320 million200 M1A1 tanks = $1.4 billion

      • All we need to do is stop all the pres and his wife’s many million dollar vacations and the stupid spending.

  • These are more games by the Obama administration in their drive to drastically undermine our defense ability. This will escalaate in every area of our miltary defense organization.
    When will people realize that all these these problems are not isolated events, but part of a plan to destroy the largest threat to world take-over by the UN and the left, with Obama as the main instigator?

  • tnmccoy

    Dock the politicians in Washington enough to pay for the re-fueling.

  • This was a precursor to the collapse of the soviet union. Get ready.

  • Who’s responsible ? Who’s the Commander in Chief ?

    • JBSPuddintane

      Being “responsible”, according to these clowns, (think Hillary Clinton), means nothing.

  • foxblue

    In this current world environment especially the Middle East it is Insanity by the Obama Administration to be playing political gain with our frontline defensees. This Obama admiistration KNEW theses dates were coming LONG before and made NO plan B. Possibly the best solution for the country would be to get rid of this corupt administration and their stupid for power gain games it just keeps happening over and over and over with this Chicago hack

  • Mark L

    Why do they have money to send other countries and send Egypt F-16’s?

  • But we CAN afford for Obama to fly Air Force One to Vegas for a photo op? And we can afford millions of $$ of fuel to fly him and the Moochelle to Hawaii for lavish vacations? Yeah – those things are much more necessary than keeping our fleet at top rediness in event another 9-11 should come our way……… This bunch of dickheads in D.C has got to GO!!!!!

  • Mike Rowley

    Once again the United States proves we have the best Government that money can buy….DemocRATs, Republicans & Independents have kicked this can down the road for a number of years….The Senate, (DemocRAT controlled) has not brought forth nor passed a budget on time since Barry was sworn in, (now sworn at on a daily basis), still the “low information voter” re-elected the Impostor in Chief as well as supporting the left wing agenda of “Christmas for the voters supporting Barry” and all with their hands out for what Barry & Company (The Regime) will bestow on them…..What happened to JFK’s admonition…..”Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country”…..

  • Hellpig

    Hey armed services you swore an oath to protect the Republic from all enemies foriegn and “DOMESTIC” giddyup

    • obummer being a true muslum can say anything and then do whatever he wants. This is allowed under Islamic law. So as usual he says one thing and does another.

  • JohnCartmell

    Disarming our military in the middle of rising Islamic extremism is to invite the enemy to attack US.

    • This must be a planned development of the muslum pres and his lib staff to destroy the US.

  • easyonmynils

    Just another reason to thank..the Jews…the blacks….faggots….union thugs and and any one else who voted for the white hating jew hating American hater in the WH (he did belong to a white-hating jew-hating American-hating church). We are much safer! BTW obama deficit spends 5bil a day…no room to refuel???? You scum that voted for him will get what you deserve soon enough!

  • lava_roc

    The blame falls on Congress for passing the Bill that is bringing these cuts forward. The President doesn’t get off of this as well. He is spending all his time on Gun Control and Immigration Amnesty. The Defense needs to be cut but the cuts need to be deliberate rather than knee jerk reaction. The Defense Department knew these cuts were coming and did nothing to redesign their budget. So, there is enough blame to go all around. Washington is nothing more than a den of thieves and no nothings.

    • Don’t forget that this was Obozos idea to cut the military across the board.

  • democratsarefools

    Oh B S. Cancel just one Obama flight on AF1.

  • whatever…

    it takes 4 years to refuel,whats a little delay???

    • chad

      Well right now it’s not doing anything – it can’t be deployed, it can’t run training missions. That means there’s another carrier that will have to do those things instead. If there’s a 3 or 4 month lag that means down the road another ship will be out there 3 or 4 months longer than it’s supposed to be. That means THAT ship gets wore out faster. A 3 or 4 month delay starts a chain reaction PRECISELY because it’s a four year process. They were counting on a window and now there’s a gap.

  • Rob

    Hey, I can’t afford to fill up my truck either. Welcome to Obama’s America.

    • Chris

      Well, the man did say, “Give me four years and you won’t recognize this country.”

  • Cadet Fritsch

    havent read all of it but if it comes to the point that the navy isnt working we are screwd

  • Jack Roth

    Obama’s goal of reducing our military is in full swing. I think he underestimates the limits of American’s patience.

  • cb2000a

    There are three things the fed should do:
    Secure our borders (fail)
    Defense (military) (beginning to fail)
    Interstate commerce

    All others are for the states to run (education, agriculture, welfare, etc.) America needs a reboot to get us back to the constitution and where we SHOULD be.

  • If the military cannot be deployed to protect us then it will end up being that we need to protect ourselves and our property.

    As far as gun control, It has been well documented that it has always been the liberal minded folks that take weapons and attack others. Conservatives have weapons
    also but keep them at home to defend their homes – not to just go out
    shooting people who upset them.

  • Trammam

    I seem to remember another super power not being able to maintain its military hardware a few decades back.

  • This is BS. They are just trying to mislead the American people. Stop the unnecessary spending. Balance the budget. Make the 49.5% that pay no income taxes pay their fair share.

  • RAZZ

    someone needs to learn how to spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mriordon

    The whole pentagon going broke story is an abject lie. The cuts are a tiny percentage of the budget- all coming from the automatic increases that happen every year. They could find enough fraud at one big defense company to pay for the whole thing every year- but that would mean losing a few donations and no politician will stand for that. This crap about having to cut service members pay and not being able to buy gas for an aircraft carrier is a ploy to keep spending as usual and keep those campaign dollars rolling in. Sadly both sides are doing it, though I suspect the dems have the most to lose by reforming the Pentagon- not that that’s going to happen in my lifetime. Please do the sequester and don’t listen to the whiners and panderers.

  • Mr Dave

    I believe this is what Obama wanted. His only goal is to bring America down. But don’t blame me, I voted for Romney. However, I still have to suffer the consequences of the ignorant who voted him into office and the idiots who sat on the sidelines and did not vote!

    • When the shooting starts the anti-gun Obozo lovers will be the first to go.

  • carl6352

    we should bring the army home to monitor our southern border and let the navy and marines handle the over seas problems. let the air force do what they have always done handle the air safety in america and help the navy world wide. the army has almost become superfilous to fighting wars. in the 21st century all wars are mostly air combat now! hey useless democrats think about this you can save billion if not trillions if you do this. so then you can waste it on vegatbles who just sit around waiting to get paid and fed!

  • What we need is to get rid of the stupid gov contracts for outdated weapons and remove the
    “dead wood” (useless top levels of the gov and military (too many
    useless officers)). Also we need to invest more cash into future high
    tech weapons that we can deploy from here that will be an alternative to
    carriers. If the crazies around the world want nukes – we should send
    them a few, BOOM targets removed.

  • This is outrageous !!! No one is minding the store !!!

    • jas7751

      We have a pretend play Commander-in-Chief who has no love for America.

  • Snufy

    When is Hussein Ob a mah”s next 7 million dollar vacation, now that the last one is over…

  • This is how Obama takes care of the military. He wants military pay cuts, parking our carriers, Benghazi ! letting 4 of our best get slaughtered, purposely bankrupting our country out of 6 trillion, Going after the Catholic church. Just like Hitler did. 20 so years of god damming the United States Of America, hating evil whites, Jews,ect. HOW DID THIS COMMIE BECOME PRESIDENT ? He really hates our country.

  • Just a bunch of crap!!! So you are telling me that the Defense Dept cannot set a priority list and pay for this stuff. How about you quit buying some planes that we don’t need or quit all the travel by the generals on the tax payer dime. There is a lot of waste in this department and they are just using these stories to try to get the people to hate Congress even more. It’s all about politics.

  • Ohbongo is now opposed to the sequestration which he initiated, and he puts out this kind of crap to scare the public and politicians. They have more than sufficient funds to begin the process, and should do so. Shortages will be addressed as they become reality……just like the Debt Limit!

  • jas7751

    Welcome to Barry “Food Stamp” Soetoro’s America.

  • Pistolpete

    JMWinPR, why do think a constitutional convention will never fly? One of the mechanisms available (but never used in the history of the Republic) is an Article V convention called for by the States and not Congress. They are cut out as are the President and the Supreme Court/ If 2/3 of the States call for it, then it’s on. Any revisions and/or amendments still must be approved by 3/4 of the States before any changes can take affect. In our an entire history, only Congress has prroposed amendments, BUT the States (2/3 requesting) may also. IF the States do call for a convention Congress has NO SAY, nor does the President, nor does the Supreme Court. It’s now time for an Article V convention. Let the chips fall as they may, but an Article V convention could eliminate Amendments (such as 16 or 17), propose new Amendments (such as term limits, term limits for the Supreme Court, balanced budget, etc.) with the approval of 3/4 of the States. Again, Congress, the President, and the current Supreme Court are cut out of an Article V convention. It’s better than a civial war or violence.

    • I never knew this. This should be getting some air play on the cable
      shows! Im going to start emailing some and suggesting that they do a
      story on it. WE NEED THAT!!!
      The commie bassterd in the White House is taking us down the same road that Jim Jones took HIS sheep!!!

  • Why don’t they just slide over some of the drug money from the CIA that they use to fund false flag operations. Problem solved.

    • Or wrap up these wars we can not win against cavemen?

      • Or cut all federal workers pay until they pass a budget?

        • Or make Egypt pay for the 1 Billion in F-16’s we just gave them.

          • Or just put it on the credit card like everything else.

  • IRI33T

    Whatever genius has all of those naval assets docked at the same port, should be taken out back after a 24 hour mast and shot, and then HUNG in effigy of what happens to traitors and ignorant Admirals.

  • A democrats dream!

  • JBSPuddintane

    Whad’ya say we fire everyone in Washington and schedule a nother election?

  • Andy Jacobson

    Our military spending is mandated in the constitution, everything these tyrant hacks are blowing our money on isn’t. Tell me how we can afford to give Egypt F16’s , Tanks and 1.5 billion dollars but can’t afford to gas our ship! This is Obama/democrat total BS!

  • In November of 2008, the devil fired a gun at America and the bullet he used was barack hussein obama!

  • FreudianSlip

    Next time Obama is having lobster and champagne in the White House they need to remove his food and drink and explain he has no money to pay for it.

  • SamIamtwo

    Seriously some are in dry dock for rust prevention and are not fueled. WTF is going on? Just divert the bloody fuel. Nuclear powered too, eh? Some BS being floated.

  • Fishsnot

    Yet, the U.S. can afford all the damn foreign aid they can muster up! Time to say “Fu c k Them!

  • Max Bob

    So we won’t have a 5th platform to easily kill our made up enemys. Crying shame. Cut the defense budget in half. It is the best way to reduce the terror threat.

    • Andy Jacobson

      Milhouse let me fix it for ya..How about following the US Constitution to reduce the terror threat? Then cut entitlement spending in half, it’s the best way to reduce our debt and dependence on foriegn countries!

      • Max Bob

        Not such a bad idea if you actually believe that the constitution is more than a “g***damned piece of paper” according to George Bush Jr. If you studied history you would realize that the constitution as you and I understand it was finished off with the National security act of I believe 1946 under that little man Harry Truman. The rest was shredded after 9/11. If you cannot see that then I cannot do much for you.

  • Andy Jacobson

    Remove that so called “commander in chief” from office! If he can’t figure out how to keep fuel in our ships while he never misses a beat giving away billions to countries that hate us he is not fit or trustworthy to run this country! He’s holding our military hostage and these crimes should be considered treason and or sabtage and he should be impeached!

  • Nick Renesis

    Thank you Obama and the do nothing Democrats who haven’t put forth a budget in close to 1400 days. But seriously, It’s what he and the liberals want, a weaker America.

  • Elections have consequences. Now we’re stuck with an inept president for four more long years.

    • I fear four years may exceed the length of time this country has if we do not change course immediately. Impeachment now, while we can still afford it!
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • BeagleDawg

    Come on Defense department. There is so much waste in the Penatgon and you want us to believe that the only cuts that can be made is fuel for Aircraft carriers. Lets get serious and cut out the waste.

    • zjak10

      Cut 25% of the waste in the Pentagon and 25% of the waste in Washington DC.

      Then compare the gross numbers… You’ll be surprised at the contrast.

  • Greg D

    Stop spending on programs the military did not request and the funding will be available for its needs.

  • R.A.J.Bart

    The great Luo strikes again !! Never again will the USS Carrier Fleet be the dominant force on the World’s Oceans. It is the dawn of the age of Drones….and the creation of “Skynet” !! All the Leftist Power-Mad Boogey-men are lathering at the mouth, be prepared for the Zombie invasions (World War Z, now showing) and the complete collapse (as per illuminati plans) of the west to accomplish the Rise of Lord Mithras.

  • It is complete direliction of duty to not have all carriers operational and if not , actively undergoing refit and refueling. The carrier is what sets the US apart from all other militaries in the world. The commander in chief is AWOL or is it part of his devious radical plan.

  • jeffersonian_nc

    This is politics by the Sec of Def to put pressure on the GOP to give BO what he wants again. There are no cuts in defense spending. There is just a smaller increase in spending increases.

  • Obama missing in action. He will spend billions for his legacy Obamacare but screw everyone and everything to protect America and keep her strong. He is truly thee lousiest POTUS in a long line of lousy POTUS’s.

  • This is the biggest sack of BS I have heard in the last five minutes. These cuts will not even scratch the surface of our military budget or harm its effectiveness one ounce.

  • Welcome to the third world; produced and directed by Mr. Barack Obama and starring the Democrat party. The party of deficit spending, the party whose control of the
    US Senate has resulted in no budget being produced since they took charge over
    four years ago and the party of fanatical, economy destroying regulation.

    Now we are reduced to a single operational aircraft carrier in the whole of CENTCOM. Why don’t we just send out invitations to our enemies to attack us now? My guess is
    they will simply wait for us to implode, to simply collapse in on ourselves as
    did the former Soviet Union at the hands of presidents Reagan and Bush.

    It is ironic really; out of all of Mr. Obamas plans, his plan to destroy the United States
    and turn us into a cut rate, third world joke is the only real success he has
    enjoyed. Everything he has touched has been destroyed and the results are
    beginning to manifest themselves and it will get far worse before it gets
    better, if in fact it ever does, which is doubtful indeed.

    He may rend this nation unsalvageable and leave us open to attacks on many fronts. We are in trouble people, real, hard, life losing trouble and the sad part is it is
    just what many wanted or else why would they have voted for it when a blind man
    could see where we were heading should Mr. Obama get re-elected.

    Rich in New Mexico.

  • fedup

    Don’t suppose the forces will stop or delay any parties, VIP trips, use of the 1,200 small jets used to ferry brass around daily, or other waste …

  • DonQuixote1

    I find it very doubtful that budget cuts are keeping a CVA from deploying to the Mideast. This is a case of politicians trying to use operational deployments as a “political football.” In a gigantic DOD budget of 650 billion dollars per year, they could find the money easily, if they wanted.

  • We have a President who runs his administration like this is the 1930s all over again, so why would we not expect him to hollow out the military to pre-World War II levels? Whose side is he on, anyway?

  • dibob

    obamas even f***** up the militarys ability to but gas,,just like us…

  • glenn

    Clear the confusion and explain how five carriers could expend their nuclear fuel at the same time.

  • Dead Himmler

    I don’t care about the military. We should cut off ALL funding for the military as they seem to just cause problems for people around the world. Let’s focus on the most important issue today which is race relations. Getting the reparations bill, that was recently introduced, pushed through Congress would be a great start in healing the wounds of slavery. $9,000 per African American per a year would also help the stimulate the economy. Win Win. And let’s face it, the rich have WAY too much money today. President Obama could always make it an executive order if it fails in the House.

  • kimdi01

    Thank you Obama and Panetta for your wonderful management of our armed (or is it unarmed?) forces. While you are trying your best to blame Republicans for your mis- management, why don’t you take a look at a couple movies or read a book about December 7th, 1941. Your ineptness at leadership will make Pearl Harbor look like a a Madi Gras party. Have you ever thought of what a target Norfolk would make to some terrorists after they found all those carriers berthed there? We know you don’t believe there is any such thing as terrorists but does the World Trade Center, the Benghazi embassy and the USS Cole, to name a few, mean anything to you? No wonder the thought of the United States doing anything towards protecting allies makes North Korea and Iran laugh at us.

    • Dead Himmler

      Did you ever think that if we healed the wounds of past atrocities like SLAVERY people would not want to do us harm and we wouldn’t need a miliary???

      • LordValve

        YOU are an IDIOT. Stop sniffing unicorn farts and start living in the real world.

  • Wow, if the enemy decided to attack Newport, they could cripple the US fleet worse than the Japanese did in 1941.

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    When our schools thought they were getting 700 million federal dollars they were all about the new programs they were gonna start and new toys they could buy. When the Governor refused to accept those funds suddenly schools sent teachers to the street saying teachers would have to be fired and kids put 100 to a room. The protests got the voters outraged, the legislature overrode the governor, and when they got the money they bought new toys and started new programs (with one time money) that we now have to pay to continue from our own money.

    You don’t get folks outraged about cuts by saying you won’t be able to buy new toys. You get people outraged by saying you’ll have to fire teachers and dock aircraft carriers. That’s what I suspect this is, politically (financially) manipulated damage created to generate outrage and gain funding.

  • From a former Sailor (1965-69) a sad commentary.

  • Ben

    I bet the members the cabinet have all the fuel their chauffeurs need. What a pitiful leader we have. Obama-hitler. If we do not have a revolution, I will be surprised. The American are being pushed too far by the big daddy of communism. Fuel the carriers, not the idiots running the country.

  • The End is Near

    Perhaps the story is a decoy, how can anything from the government and military be regarded as fact?

    • Andy Jacobson

      Right along with entitlements cut at least equally as much IMMEDIATLELY forever! Eliminate Obamacare, stop sending billions of dollars to countries that hate us and eliminate useless government agencies & public sector unions, eliminate the EPA, produce our own oil & stop energy dependence and that’s just for starters!

  • They’re blowing smoke. There’s no crisis.

  • Markie Mark

    Obama at work dismantling the U.S. military.

    • markfarina

      …and the economy. He works for the UN

  • This is Obama at his worst pushing to reverse sequestration that HE forced upon America. Holding our Aircraft carriers hostage is wrong. BTW – Why are they all parked together? 1 Explosion could destroy our Fleet. Or is that the plan?

  • Norm39

    Might as well leave them tied up in their home ports and allow the sailors to enjoy time with their families. As I see it, the only enemies of the US which might require a response by Naval air forces are in Muslim countries and Obama would never allow that to happen.

  • TheSpeckledGibbler

    Oh lordy, we won’tz be able to bomb our enimies! Heaven helpsz us!

  • TheSpeckledGibbler

    I have often wonder with awe that all the tax dollars I will spend in my lifetime will move an aircraft carrier two inches.

  • GO NAVY! Stick it to the commie bastards in Congress. This does send a signal of weakness to our enemies whether perceived or actual. However drastic times calls for drastic measures. I’m paying my tax money for something and I believe in a strong defense.

    • the_nev

      yes, by having 2 less active carriers than the rest of the world combined, we are showing weakness.

      Have you checked your limited government spending today?

  • news

    time to get out the oars

  • Hey Navy, stop shooting off multi million dollar cruise missiles at single human targets. You waste so much tax dollars its shameful. Practice restraint!

  • chris chuba

    Stories like this make me mad because the sequester had been negotiated over a year ago. Rather than treat this like a hurricane, Panetta should have been preparing for a contingency plan just in case it actually did occur. The sequester is a 5% cut in the defense budget followed by allowing it to grow with inflation.

  • Dave recycled

    Once the comrade Dear Ruler has finished bankrupting the country, we will be parking the entire U.S. Navy.



  • The Supreme Leader took too many golf outings and the Wookie had too many parties and European vacations with her 300 member entourage to be bothered with a budget, or duty, or the Navy. The Refueling must wait for the ChiComs to lend us more money, so sorry East Coast Shipyards.

  • lou7

    But Obama has no problem fueling his 737 and campaigning against the American workers. What a nut case.

    God Bless and help America before Obama takes us down.

  • JCS57

    That should be spelled Jane’s Defense (D E F E N S E) Weekly, not defence.

    • the_nev

      are you trolling or…?

  • getreal!

    $650 billion budget… thats like buying a new car and not having $$ for gas. Figures.

  • EvoQY

    You People are scary. Funny thing you don’t mention how W.Bush got into a war with Iraq under false pretenses. Or about how we have 12 Air Craft carriers and also how we outspend every other country in the wolrd in Military Spending. in 2011 the USA spent 45% of the Total Worlds Military Spending, Astronomically outspending China,Russia, England, France, Israel, etc, etc,Add up all of these counties combined and we still outspend them. Our Military is tremendously way too large. Bring that money home, cut taxes. stop all foreign aide, stop sending F16’s to Egypt, such a stupid move with what is going on. There is no difference between Republicans nor Democrats they are Both Corrupt and giving our hard earned money away.

    • mackadoo

      I am really, really tired of listening to a bunch of retarded liberals lambast Bush for going to war in Iraq without mentioning all those Democrats who were urging him to do so until it was no longer politically expedient and the chicken $h*t bastards turned on him like the cowardly sycophants they are.

      • EvoQY

        I am NOT a Liberal, but a Realist and a Nationalist. So you are tired that Your man was back-stabbed but do Not deny that his reasoning was highly flawed and more-so disguised in a Huge Lie ? You are For spending our future so these Huge Hyper Multi National Conglomerates can get Richer and Richer? You can rest assured that when Hillary Clinton gets elected next Presidential Election in 2016 I will be out Protesting against her and trying my best to hope and pray for a Viable 3rd party to vote for.

  • allen

    Tug boat?

  • the_nev

    oh noes! What will we do with only 9 limited government carriers!? This is pure and simple terrorism! How will the chickenhawks sleep at night? Will someone think of the chickenhawks!?

    Today, is a day that will live in infamy.

  • Forever Jack

    End welfare and there’d be money for the military. It should be called Farewell and everybody on it shipped off to Haiti.

  • aaa

    a tug can move it!dang!

  • Can you say…..”bait”, make our Navy look under powered, undermanned, and generally weak to draw out Iran?

  • what a scam.
    there is no way to move money around?
    look at all the cuts ,they start with… fuel for the carriers
    ,food for children ,scaring the elderly,teacher,cops,firefighters
    start with depts of education,energy all those 17 job finders etc….

  • Soflodoug

    Well, they should have taken the fuel out of lincoln about a 150 years ago. They can syphon the fuel from another boat anyway.

  • john doe

    Currently all of the US Navy submarines and aircraft carriers are powered with atomic energy, so I question the accuracy of this article.

  • tecumseh

    What an embarrassment to this country and our military is now being relegated to the status of a bannana republic navy. Obama wake up and do your job as commander in chief or resign. You failed us in Benghazi by not even being around to aid our ambassador and his staff-Obama is making me believe that he is deliberately undermining the safety of our nation and our military–what a disgrace he is

  • How about cancelling all the Obama phones and cut the welfare to all the leeches,

  • Sequestration? Obama didn’t do that. Blame a democratic senate and a republican house.

  • CM0175

    Give me a break. They could cut the military budget by 50% and there should still be funds for “fuel.” This is pathetic. We spent more money on the military than the prior year…and the year before, etc…but now due to a relatively small potential cut, they can’t get fuel to move a ship???? Obama…you suck. This bloated, spend happy government…from the military to the dept of education…cannot be sustained. 10% across the board cuts…every single department…for starters. Crap like the Dept of Energy, Dept of Education and the EPA could be completely cut and we’d all be better off.

    • Josh

      How does Obama have anything to do with this? Because Drudge led you here?

      Have fun being ignorant and calling me a libtard.

      • doubleducks

        Who is forcing the Navy into biofuels that cost 6 times what diesel costs? Obama.

  • KenBowser

    I don’t understand this. We currently spend $750 billion per year on our military and now we’re taking away $50 billion per year. I think our military could work just fine if we weren’t paying $1000 per hammer or toilet seat. Freeze federal workers wages unlike Obama wants to do and give our soldiers a 10% raise, then take $20 billion out of the military budget and make sure our military personnel get ALL the medical care they need. We don’t need to arm the rest of the world but we do need to concentrate on security here at home and future weapons technology. Why do we have bases all over Europe and the middle east and can’t send any assets to, say, Bengazi to help, oh I don’t know. Maybe an AMBASSADOR.

  • neverlickthehand

    They are not supporting high visibility military and civilian items like this carrier for there marketing value. What a load of crap this Whitewashhouse is.

  • jazbond007

    Too bad, So sad. We don’t need you, so enjoy your shore leave in Norfolk. We have no wars at sea so we don’t have to waste tax dollars on ships we don’t need.

  • Josh

    I call BS on this one. This is just some guys at the Pentagon wanting a certain funding increase every year throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get as many Christmas presents as they’re used to.

  • We can’t afford to refuel our carriers but we can afford to give Egypt F-16s and Abrams tanks? Seems to me what this country needs is some adult supervision.

  • ConstablePlod

    A classic case of the military trying to circumvent civilian authority by distorting the facts. The combined defense agencies got as fat as the average American when GW and the war-mongers took us all to war. Iraq is almost over and we’re drawing down in Afghanistan yet they want more money? So the navy’s running out of gas, is it? Drive less miles, tighten your belts like everyone else.

    • Josh

      It looks even more ridiculous when you notice that the lower 48 hasn’t been invaded by any decent force, that wasn’t American before and after, since 1812.

      Think about that one for a second.

  • Dead Himmler

    I don’t care about the military. We should cut off ALL funding for the military as they seem to just cause problems for people around the world. Let’s focus on the most important issue today which is race relations. Getting the reparations bill, that was recently introduced, pushed through Congress would be a great start in healing the wounds of slavery. $9,000 per African American per a year would also help the stimulate the economy. Win Win!!!! And let’s face it, the rich have WAY too much money today. President Obama could always make it an executive order if it fails in the House.

    • doubleducks

      The military doesn’t cause problems. The military does not decide to wage war. It is the president who gives the orders to maintain the deployment of troops and gives the orders to wage war. Obama is Commander in Chief of all the armed forces. The military brass and grunts must do what they are told to do – that is their job. They would rather be at home with their families sipping a cool beer than deployed in the outbacks in Afghanistan with half-literate religious zealots taking pot shots at them.

    • longliveUSA

      Get off crack, get your GED, and make something of yourself. Unless of course your comment was an attempt at comedy. If it was, it was a resounding success.

    • How’s the kool-aid?

  • jas

    I can’t stand this! with all the BS this admin has put into place, they see the public dissatisfaction. does anyone notice that the federal Gov. has purchased 1.75BIL. HOLLOW POINT Bullets for “Training”?
    They are expecting a March on DC

  • longliveUSA

    So the Navy cant even fuel its own carriers now. Can we please impeach this f##king idiot in the White House already.

  • longliveUSA

    Its difficult to fathom just how f##king stupid many of the comments on this article are. God this country is in trouble with people this stupid voting.

  • Why was comment deleted? It contained no cursing or attacks on others. Is Disqus that threatened someone posted an intelligent response?

  • Michael Wilson

    You can bet however that Air Force One stands at the ready to whisk Moochelle Antoinette away to another luxury resort or ski lodge at a moments notice. A nation must have its priorities ya’ know.
    Hope and Change? Yes, We Conned!

  • Eyeball

    There are hundreds of non-essential programs/departments that could be cut before having to delay refueling our Navy. This sounds like another stunt by the Democrats to create another crisis in order to get their spending ceiling raised.

  • Let’s try (1) not “ad hominem” attacking President Obama and (2) suggesting realistic solutions to nearly insurmountable fiscal problems. Don’t indict the man if you have no answers either. I imagine you speak out against Obama and call yourselves patriots. All you are doing is providing comfort to our enemies. I see in you not patriotism, but sedition and treason. Solve it or shut up about it. Be ashamed of yourselves.

    • lhardy

      Realistic as defined by whom?

      People have a right to attack Obama. Just as they had a right to attack Bush.

      Solve it or shut up?
      There have been solutions offered and not accepted by Obama or the Democrats.

      You should be ashamed.
      Most people, including you, have no ability to solve our problem.
      The best most people have to contribute is their anger and disgust.
      Even posting an individuals own idea of a solution is useless.

      Considering your post contains no solutions either?
      You are no better than those you ridicule.

  • Steve

    you are obviously touched in the head.

  • ralphie44

    Welcome to the Jeu World Order.
    The billions for Israel and the trillions to make the world safe for Israel will continue unabated and increase.

  • How many carriers could you fuel for the price we paid for Obama and family’s vacations during his first term?

  • Looks like a set-up to me… be prepared for anything…

  • K. Freeze63

    Leave it parked, maybe turn it into housing for the under employed. How many innocent people in third world countrys have these billion dollar taxpayer funded war machines killed over oil and other natural resources? I know they have a purpose I just don’t think our so called elected leaders(lol) know how to use our military in a diplomatic manner.Peace to my U.S. brothers and sisters.

    • Karla1953

      You dock a ship you do not park it and since you seem to know so little about one of the basic functions of a ship or boat(any ship or boat)and claim to know they have a purpose…..it seems you in the end are really clueless about the intricacies of what the Military actually does and that in itself is enough to disqualify most of what you said in regards to the purpose of the Military. Although I do agree that the elected leader of this Country is certainly clueless and in that case the lol is warranted.

      • K. Freeze63

        It was a poor attempt at humor Karla. Yes dear I know you dock a ship, thanks for your brilliant observation. And yes Karla I am really clueless of the intricacies of our Military, your astute observations are mind blowing and astounding. Your need to assert your intelligence tells me you have entirely to much time on your hands. I will do you a favor and not engage you in battle of wits about Global intelligence. My resume of knowledge on military and global affairs is quite extensive and normally I would not respond to such numbskullery but you happen to rub me wrong today. Good day Karla.

  • HappyG

    So Obama who said he would ‘veto any bill that tried to stop these sequesters’, now comes out and blames the republicans who have tried to avoid such cuts all along…and the dumbed down democratic base smiles like Gomer Pyle as they believe every lie out of Obo the Clown’s mouth…We are doomed.

  • HappyG

    Obama is the ‘enemy within’ our forefathers warned us about…if our teachers had done their jobs over the past four decades, he never would have seen the inside of our Oval Office…Take a bow teachers…you destroyed the best nation on earth.

  • oldtoady

    But they came up with the money so DHS could buy 1.62 billion rounds of Ammo..

  • AtomTan

    this is blatant pentagon propaganda, backdoor lobbying by the pentagon. Not that deep cuts are painless, but when push comes to shove, there are plenty of other purchases and programs that can be immediately cut to simply refuel a ship if it was genuinely a top priority security issue. Strong arming by the military to it’s civilian leaders is trite.

  • Welfare checks-on time- Phony disability checks to prisoners-on time, foodstamps-on time,99week unemployment checks-on time..but no fuel??? Not to mention tax refund checks are 20 billion dollars behind last years sched.The working people of this country have to wait,while all the freebees are given out first.

  • Joe blow

    Good. Maybe they can take a break from bombing people and starting wars. four or five of these money pits should be mothballed.

  • Richard Franklin

    This is an example of the inability of government to manage spending. They cannot come up with $90 million to refuel an aircraft carrier while spending $3.5 trillion and providing Billions in foreign aid. Defense is the listed priority in the Constitution.

  • This is complete nonsense. The U.S. military has a presence in over 130 countries. Try selling off a base or two if you really need “gas money” that badly–maybe we don’t need multiple naval bases in Italy, or a navy presence to protect our vital national interests in Brazil.

    This is a tactic, akin to telling Mom and Dad that if they don’t send more money you’ll have to drop out of college or sell the car, instead of giving up partying every weekend or selling the XBox.

  • Gramps_4_fun

    I wonder what Politician ordered this action?

    It is just a stunt to get additional funds with our cutting the real problem…. SPENDING on things that do not Protect or Defend our nation….

  • freewill2

    I am wondering how much money has been diverted from the navy over to DHS. DHS is building a huge arsenal, Over a billion bullets and weapons and spy drones. I dont think DHS is preparing to attack Mexico!

  • Wills510

    We can’t afford to refuel our ships but Obama can afford to give all government workers a pay raise? I think our priorities are a little off here.

  • The comments from the ill informed Fox News / tea bagger crowd are quite telling. Your knowledge of facts is very limited. Sequestration was a bipartisan agreement. You are seeing the effects of it. All branches of the military are taking preemptive actions. The department of the army started a hiring freeze on January 22 this year, it’s not just the navy. Both parties are to blame for the fiscal mess.

    • You have a right to your free speech on the matter, but it is meaningless and inaccurate. Since taking over congress in 2006, democrats have pushed through massive spending, increasing our debt to the tune of $16 Trillion. Are Republicans blameless, particularly President Bush? No they aren’t, but at least most Republicans recognize that it has to stop now. I NEVER hear a democrat talk about cutting spending.

  • jrboss93

    This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road with Obama’s lack of leadership, and all of the foolishness in DC. We have the strongest and most capable military in the world, but it’s looking like our time is running out.

  • Soldier

    Why did the navy spend $100 per gallon for bio fuel to impress the President when they cannot find money for this?

  • At what point do we realize that this is all his plan. He wants this country to be brought down to the level of third world countries so we can feel what its like. How can he do this. First ruin the economy and second cut our security. The two go hand in hand with each other. How did we beat the Soviet Union? We bankrupted them. Obama is trying the same strategy except this time it’s self inflicting. This coward should be tried for treason.

  • bluzrider

    Most Americans see this as a mess created by politicians who could care less about their actions, or in this case their in actions. The fact that congress cannot even get a budget passed, let alone find funding for our Navy is an unmitigated disaster, and an act that should not be tolerated by the American people. Why is that we are not hearing more outcry from our Admirals, and our people who are in charge of our Naval operations? Maybe because they too have been infiltrated by politics? Everyone is worried about how they will look politically? This is starting to look a lot like CYA. Even our Military is getting into the politically correct game.

  • Look, I’m as big for maintaining our military strength as anyone, but the budget cuts (reductions in the rate of budget growth) haven’t even taken effect yet. I smell BS. For many years I sold medical equipment to V.A. Hospitals and every year I was amazed at the phone calls I received from hospital procurement asking me to tell them what I could sell them before the end of their fiscal year because if they didn’t spend the money, they would lose it for the following year. I loved the sales, but also understood that it was a wasteful game being played at all levels of the D.O.D.
    Time to stop letting the leftist media and this useless administration scare the American taxpayers into panic mode on budget cuts for the military.

  • What is the problem? Have Barry’s wife take out a bunch of kids out
    on a family cruise and the fuel will be delivered faster than Jimmy John

  • I’m sure the budget cuts won’t effect Obama future vacation plans. The docking of these carriers is just his method of applying pressure on the republicans to continue the spending.

  • jboski

    bake sale?

  • mimic

    This scenario reminds me of how some of the Russian Northern fleet ended up rusting in Murmansk.

  • Many Naval adminstrators have a vested interest in not having reduced budget growth. I can see why they are grandstanding about the issue. But a more serious issue is government waste at all levels.
    I would be shocked if I heard the Marine Commandant complaining about budget growth reductions. They typically don’t whine.

  • … yet federal civilian workers who are unable to get a carrier fueled (due to their incompetence and failures) want a pay raise?

    • East coast shipyard worker

      Changing the “spent” fuel rods on a nuclear powered ship is a long and extremely dangerous evolution. The shipyards in my area have used contract labor for years, (don’t have to pay benefits). Not to brag but this country has the finest maritime workforce in the world.

  • Iran,and N Korea are threatening Nuclear war and China is making aggressive gestures in the China sea . But Hey Dear Leader has it under control….Why is it I feel uncomfortable?

  • Van_The_Man

    The United States of America. Under Barack Hussein Obama.

    He’s fulfilling his intent and his plan to weaken and destroy it. And not only was he elected, he was re-elected. The lunatics are in control of this country and we’re about to legalize 15 Million more ill-educated, non-American voters for the Democratic Party.

    Say goodbye to the country you used to know.

  • What a load of crap. Lay off some overpaid and underworked DoD employees. This is like Clinton closing national parks. A PR stunt, nothing more. Anyone who doesn’t think DoD wastes no money is a fool

  • freedom_is_good

    Remember when the nerobama regime forced the Navy to refuel its ships with $28 biofuel, instead of the regular diesel which was only a few dollars a gallon? It would be nice to have that money back right about now.

    • East coast shipyard worker

      We have not had a diesel powered carrier in our inventory for years. And trust me the engines for surface warfare ships will not run on bio-fuel. Your rant is laughable.

      • freedom_is_good
      • freedom_is_good

        This website won’t let me post a whole link (I’ve tried to post several replies to refute your assertions), here are excerpts from Reuters (last July):

        The 450,000 gallons of biofuel the Navy purchased at $26 a gallon for the occasion and blended in equal parts with petroleum-based fuels to fill up three warships and 71 aircraft was just enough to last two to three days, Navy officials said….
        A year-old Defense Department report predicted the military will spend $2 billion more annually if it pursues its biofuels goals. And a more recent study by the RAND Corporation think tank said renewable fuels for U.S. military vessels and jets are likely to remain far more expensive than petroleum products, absent a technological breakthrough.

        http://www.reuters dot com/article/2012/07/19/us-usa-navy-greenfleet-idUSBRE86I0B220120719

        Solazyme is the supplier awarded the contract. Its strategic advisor was also a nerobama advisor. Solazyme also uses the same lobbying firm that was used by Solyndra. If nerobama wasn’t using tax dollars to award his friends, the Navy might have some money left in its budget to refuel some carriers. My “rant is laughable?” I say not. I think nerobama’s agenda is laughable as is blind support for it. I can produce scores of reliable reports to support my facts. What have you got, besides your obviously incorrect opinion?

  • Rustypelican

    Surely the Navy can make sufficient cuts elsewhere to fund this type of work. This is another example of protecting their budget by making unnecessary, but politically painful, cuts. How about reducing the civilian workforce instead?

  • East coast shipyard worker

    Why wasn’t she refueled in the yard at Everett Wash. in 2006? Seems to me if the ship was already in dry dock for routine maintenance, The fiscally prudent thing would have been to refuel her at that time. The navy needs to learn to be more careful with our tax dollars IMO.

    • Obama has ordered the atomic fuel to be deliberately contaminated so it is not available. Those carriers were sitting in Norfolk over two years ago when I looked using Google Earth. I wrote my RINO GOP Congressmen about this and received his Silent Contempt.

      • East coast shipyard worker

        The sad thing is a nuclear powered ship needs never to be refueled. The half life of the fuel rods is 500,000 years!! It unfortunately is nothing more than a make work process that benefits local politicians. I drive by those carriers every day on my way to work.

  • Jackal

    Well, 3 billion dollars for a refueling and an overhaul is quite a piece of change. What really causes extreme low-pressure, though, is that we’re still giving billions of dollars to other countries for their military’s and their country’s leadership to stick in private bank accounts.


      The Dream of Democrats: America is disarmed and defenseless. The Navy does not even have the personnel to put a crew on these carriers. They already dismantled our atomic weapons arsenal, our air force, and our submarine force. We will never recover. America will become like Spain after the Spanish Armada was destroyed by the English. The GOP agreed to all of this too.

      We must let this Renegade Lawless Regime in Washington know in stern terms that we will not surrender our guns.

      • East coast shipyard worker

        Submarines all over the place here, same with the Air Force. And we have enough atomic weapons to destroy the entire population many times over. I suggest you need to learn to research better.

    • Well, we DO need someone to shoot at us. How else can we justify the spending?