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to telling the stories of sailors, Marines and Coast Guard members from where they operate — on the high seas and foreign shores. Your donation to USNI News sets up our reporters and photographers with the travel money and equipment to meet the fleet where they are. If you value the fact-based journalism USNI News provides, please consider donating to fund our commitment to keep USNI News underway.

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Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard members deploy far from home, and we want to tell their stories from where they operate.

Founded in 2013, USNI News has risen to be the preeminent news outlet covering the Sea Services from not only the halls of the Pentagon and Capitol Hill but also the passageways and deck plates of U.S. ships around the world.

As other military news organizations are pulling back from sending their reporters out in the field, we’re pushing ahead and asking our readers to support our mission.

Thanks to support from our readers, USNI News has been underway with U.S. Navy and Marine units in the Pacific, the Persian Gulf, the North Atlantic, the Baltic Sea, Iceland, Germany, Lithuania and Bahrain. Being with the fleet far from home gives us a chance to tell stories to our readers that other outlets miss sticking around inside the Beltway. Our commitment to reporting from the field sets us apart from our peers by connecting the waterfront to Washington and Wall Street.

We believe objective, fact-based based reporting on the complexities of the maritime domain and national security are essential to arm the public to make decisions affecting them.

Your donation to USNI News will pay for travel and equipment to send our reporters and photographers forward to continue our tradition of fact-based, unbiased journalism from ships and foreign shores to tell the stories of the fleet from where they operate — forward.

USNI News editor Sam LaGrone interviews Col.Trevor Hall, commander of 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, aboard USS Bataan (LHD-5) on Oct. 15, 2019. US Navy Photo