About Brig. Gen. Russell D. Howard, U.S. Army (retired) and Cecilie Hahn-Petersen

Russell D. Howard is President of Howard’s Global Solutions, Director of the Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program (MonTREP) , and an Adjunct Professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Cecilie Hahn-Petersen is a graduate student in the Non-Proliferation and Terrorism Studies Program from Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, and in International Security and Law from Southern University, Denmark, specializing in the changing concept of international terrorism in the information age.

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Opinion: Digital Revolutions Gives New Life to Swarm Tactics

Opinion: Digital Revolutions Gives New Life to Swarm Tactics

r-EGYPT-FACEBOOK-REVOLUTION-large570Swarming is the distinct tactic of striking at a target using dispersed, flexible and seemingly independent units. Swarming units operate in a coordinated manner to attack from several directions simultaneously. The advantage of using swarming tactics is achieved when a network is able to sustain an unceasing surge of force before superior forces can assemble and counterattack. Now the age old tactic of the swarm is making a return. Read More