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Senate Confirms Gilday Nomination to Serve as CNO in Unanimous Voice Vote

Vice Adm. Mike Gilday

The Senate approved Vice Adm. Michael Gilday to be promoted to admiral and serve as the next chief of naval operations.

The confirmation was made in a voice vote without any opposition.

Gilday appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee for his confirmation hearing on July 31, where senators expressed their support for a quick confirmation vote for him. The committee voted earlier today to send the Gilday nomination to the Senate floor, where it was passed about two hours later.

Though SASC Chairman Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) had harsh words for current Navy leadership and their handling of acquisition and readiness issues over the past few years, Inhofe made clear during the hearing that his frustration was not aimed at Gilday and that he looked forward to getting the vice admiral into the new job and working together to tackle Navy challenges.

The confirmation process was pressurized by the Senate’s schedule: lawmakers are getting ready to leave town for their August recess, and current CNO Adm. John Richardson by law must leave his job by Sept. 17, after taking command on Sept. 18, 2015. CNOs cannot serve for more than four years unless the president makes an exception in times of war.

Sources have told USNI News that a change of command ceremony will likely take place in late August.