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Report to Congress on U.S. Periods of War

The following is the Dec. 14, 2018 Congressional Research Service report, U.S. Periods of War and Dates of
Recent Conflicts.

From the report

Many wars or conflicts in U.S. history have federally designated “periods of war,” dates marking their beginning and ending. These dates are important for qualification for certain veterans’ pension or disability benefits. Confusion can occur because beginning and ending dates for “periods of war” in many nonofficial sources are often different from those given in treaties and other official sources of information, and armistice dates can be confused with termination dates. This report lists the beginning and ending dates for “periods of war” found in Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations, dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It also lists and differentiates other beginning dates given in declarations of war, as well as termination of hostilities dates and armistice and ending dates given in proclamations, laws, or treaties. The dates for the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are included along with the official end date for Operation New Dawn in Iraq on December 15, 2011, and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan on December 28, 2014. Operation Inherent Resolve continues along the Syrian-Iraqi border effective October 15, 2014.

Download the document here.

  • Kypros

    Looks like the US fleet destroying the Spanish fleet at Manila harbor.

  • Marc Apter

    I wonder why all the Central American intrusions weren’t listed? So our Military received Medals for actions in Combat, but they weren’t in any wars, so no Veterans benefits? No War of 1812 or Mexican War (that got us Texas, California, etc. listed)!

    • RunningBear

      Not exactly, ……..

      the Republic of Texas was created after the “Texas War of Independence” 2Oct1835 to 21Apr1836, Battle of Gonzales to the Battle of San Jancinto; Texicans and Tejanos vs. Pres. Santa Anna and the Mexican Army.

      Ps. Santa Anna was captured at San Jacinto after the 18 min. battle by Sam Houston’s Texas army.

      Texas was admitted into the Union on 29Dec1845.

      But that said, we can’t give California away, now!
      Fly Navy

      • old guy

        Mexico for Mexicans. Drive the murderous Spaniards out.
        Aztec chief

        • Donald Carey

          So the Aztecs can resume human sacrifice…

    • old guy

      Due to a plea by then Marine Commandant, General Jim Jones, President Clinton declared that we were at war in Central America, during the ’80s. As a result, my Marine son-in-law, who died of wounds received there, was awarded 3 Purple hearts, a Soldiers Medal and a war citation. He was rerated by the VA from 10% to 100% and he was buried with full military honors.
      I do not know of other such actions.

  • 14389394

    What about the Revolutionary and Civil wars???

    • old guy

      Picky, picky, picky.

  • old guy

    Notice that we never lost a war before, nor won one after a single change was made to our operations. The very stupid, political “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.”

  • b2

    What about ” Praying Mantis”…the largest and most lethal naval engagement since WW2..how about the Mayaguez Incident… ?? etc etc. All red ink…