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Report to Congress on U.S. Role in the World

The following is the Oct. 26, 2018 Congressional Research Service Report, U.S. Role in the World, Background and Issues for Congress.

From the report:

Some observers perceive that after remaining generally stable for a period of about 70 years, the U.S. role in the world—meaning the overall character, purpose, or direction of U.S. participation in international affairs and the country’s overall relationship to the rest of the world—is undergoing a potentially historic change. A change in the U.S. role in the world could have significant and even profound effects on U.S. security, freedom, and prosperity. It could significantly affect U.S. policy in areas such as relations with allies and other countries, defense plans and programs, trade and international finance, foreign assistance, and human rights.

The U.S. role in the world since the end of World War II in 1945 (i.e., over the past 70 years or so) is generally described as one of global leadership and significant engagement in international affairs. A key element of that role has been to defend and promote the liberal international order that the United States, with the support of its allies, created in the years after World War II. Other key elements have been to defend and promote freedom, democracy, and human rights as universal values, while criticizing and resisting authoritarian and illiberal forms of government where possible; and to oppose the emergence of regional hegemons in Eurasia or a spheres-of-influence world.

The fact that the U.S. role in the world has been generally stable over the past 70 years does not necessarily mean that this role was the right one for the United States, or that it would be the right one in the future. Although the role the United States has played in the world since the end of World War II has many defenders, it also has critics, and the merits of that role have been a matter of long-standing debate among foreign policy specialists, strategists, policymakers, and the public, with critics offering potential alternative concepts for the U.S. role in the world.

One major dimension of the debate is whether the United States should attempt to continue playing the active internationalist role that it has played for the past 70 years, or instead adopt a more restrained role that reduces U.S. involvement in world affairs. A number of critics of the U.S. role in the world over the past 70 years have offered multiple variations on the idea of a more restrained U.S. role.

The overall issue for Congress is how to respond to recent developments regarding the U.S. role in the world. Potential key issues for Congress include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Is the U.S. role changing, and if so, in what ways?
  • Should the U.S. role change?
  • Is a change of some kind in the U.S. role unavoidable?
  • How are other countries responding to a possibly changed U.S. role?
  • Is a changed U.S. role affecting world order?
  • What implications might a changed U.S. role in the world have for Congress’s role relative to that of the executive branch in U.S. foreign policymaking?
  • How might the operation of democracy in the United States affect the U.S. role in the world, particularly in terms of defending and promoting democracy and criticizing and resisting authoritarian and illiberal forms of government?
  • Would a change in the U.S. role be reversible, and if so, to what degree?

Congress’s decisions on this issue could have significant implications for numerous policies, grams, and budgets, and for the role of Congress relative to that of the executive branch in U.S. foreign policymaking.

  • PolicyWonk

    – Is the U.S. role changing, and if so, in what ways?
    – Should the U.S. role change?
    In past few years, that role has changed dramatically: the POTUS openly sings the praises of former KGB agent Vladimir Putin, while insulting our allies, disparaging NATO, and tossing all 17 US intelligence agencies under the proverbial bus; and, Mr. Putin is now gleefully giving speeches on how the USA’s leadership has so quickly declined global, diplomatic, and moral stages.

    The problem is that as recent events in Europe bluntly demonstrate: our nominal allies and friends unanimously agree with his assessment.

    It is notable, that no Russian head of state has ever said such a thing about the USA in the past – not even when the much-maligned Jimmy Carter was POTUS.

    The US role is changing no matter what we do now, as our allies and trading partners are now working to become much more independent of the USA, because we aren’t seen as reliable/stable partners, or any longer capable of performing the role as undisputed leader of the free world.

    • Chesapeakeguy

      Hmmm. Trump is ‘Putin’s puppet’ says all you Democrats as you spew your party’s talking points, then you have a hissy fit when the Russians do as THEY ALWAYS HAVE and denigrate the USA. You whine that Trump actually attempts to look out for this country’s interests by demanding that those supposed ‘allies’ actually keep their end of the deal they agreed to as far as contributing to their OWN defense. Not to mention the out-and-out sobbing from the usual leftist suspects because Trump tries a different tact to actually attempt to achieve some actual results instead of the usual garbage that has masqueraded as policy by doing nothing except kicking everything down the road for the next guy to deal with. We realize that it’s two years in now and still the Democrat bitter clingers can’t deal with the fact that Hillary lost. It’s kind of fun to witness. LOL! Even the British have accepted what a useless drain the EU is, and have acted. Too bad the Democrat Party here in the USA prefers the American tax paying citizen to continue to be fleeced.

      • Danger_Dan

        Chesapeakeguy, What the Wonk says is just a matter of objective facts. This isn’t a left or right thing. Trump constantly attacks our NATO allies and goes out of his way to belittle and humiliate them not to inspire them to contribute more to NATO, but rather to satisfy his domestic political base.

        Here’s a couple more facts, it was Barrack Obama that compelled our NATO Allies to increase their defense spending to 2% of GDP. NATO was already on glide slope to achieve this before Trump was elected (you can look that up). More importantly, and too often overlooked is the FACT that collectively our European NATO Allies represent the second largest (in terms of spending), and most advanced military force on the planet. They are second only to the US. Simple math: combine the #1 and #2, and you have a force that overshadows all competitors by an order of magnitude.

        In my opinion, if you care about national defense and global stability there is no positive, or logical end to Trump’s attacks on NATO. His attacks don’t measure up to the facts and can only be viewed as destructive. Risking this importance alliance for the benefit of feeding red meat to a political minority in the US is a disservice to our country and the western ideals that NATO has defended for 70 years.

        • Chesapeakeguy

          They are not ‘objective facts’, they are talking points of the Dem Party. 2% of GDP is a requirement established in 2006 that they AGREED to adhere to. As of 2017 only FIVE of your beloved European paradises anted up to contributing to their OWN DEFENSE to the tune of 2% or more. Those are the REAL ‘objective facts’. You should endeavor to actually learn some before you start lecturing others on venues like this about such matters. Too many members of Europe continue to sponge and leech off the largess of the American taxpayer. Thank God we finally have a President who stands up for the American citizen. I get it some on here enjoy America being made to loo like chumps, but I assure you that most folks don’t. Europe is ‘the second most powerful military’ on paper only. You are entitled to ‘your opinion’, as we all are. I do not share it.

          • Danger_Dan

            You seem to forget that during this same time frame, these allies have fought beside the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. As an IAVA Vet I fought with and beside them and they are not paper soldiers. Hundreds of NATO troops have been killed or wounded fighting alongside their American allies in the post 9-11 wars. To discount this fact shows a degree of disrespect for our allied brothers in arms that are still standing with us in the long slog against AQAM, ISIS and others.

            Also, your transactional pay-to-play view overlooks the fact that our bases in Europe, such as Rota, Ramstein, Incirlik, etc. serve as hubs that allow American forces to operate forward in support of American interests. Without them, we would not be able to respond as quickly and effectively as we currently can. When all of the factors are considered, the size of a nation’s defense budget alone is a shallow measurement for measuring the value to the alliance.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            I haven’t forgotten anything. YOU, however, seem to forget that EVERYONE is under attack from the jihadists. When a member nation is attacked like we were on 9/11. they are SUPPOSED to respond and assist. And having bases on those ‘allies’ soil gives them a voice in what and when we can deploy from them. Nobody here has discounted their contributions, so your efforts at hype and melodrama are about as effective as those of your deflections! Here you are displaying the typical chump’s mentality that the Europeans (certainly SOME of them) have, in that tey are doing us such a major favor by hosting the very forces and apparatus that DEFENDS them while they shirk their AGREEMENTS to contribute more.

          • Danger_Dan

            I am surprised that defending the value of the NATO Alliance and its contributions to maintaining global stability in the post-WW2 environment somehow makes me a liberal Europhile–that is a surprise to me. But upon reflection, I am happy to be grouped with men like Eisenhower, Reagan, McCain and probably every four star that ever served this country. All of them valued the alliance and understood the challenges of working with allies. So, thank you for putting me on that team.

            None of those leaders ever threatened to walk away from the alliance, but the current President has. To finish where I started, that fact alone should concern all who care about national security and global stability should be concerned about the risk that this administration poses to our most important alliance.

            So, maybe we can agree that a stronger NATO is good for America, and just disagree about the President’s less than diplomatic methods for trying to compel NATO to spend more on defense?

          • Chesapeakeguy

            Well I see that comments are being censored on here. That only happens when someone whines to the admin, which seems to be an increasing occurrence. Typical.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            And this site continues to censor. It has indeed become amateur hour.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            I’ll try this again. I don’t know why it was pulled by the admin, or why anyone would feel compelled to whine about it in the first place, but that is a trend that is happening more and more nowdays when some posters know their arguments fall short.

            Maybe you should endeavor to read what is actually said. I hope
            comprehension is not a problem for you. Nobody has questioned the value of
            working with allies (though I will add the label ‘true allies’ to that!). That
            you say you are ‘proud’ to be ‘grouped’ with the likes of McCain is quite
            telling, in that while he was truly a hero who served this country honorably
            while in the military, he was a disgrace as an elected official. But I digress.
            Yes, Ike knew how to deal with the challenges of working with often troublesome
            allies. Had he not avoided bending over for some of them, there probably
            wouldn’t have been any bombing missions committed to attacking Nazi targets on those countries soil.

            Trump going through the motions of having to threaten to pull out of NATO
            appears to be having the desired effect with them, although it is too early to
            tell if it is a real success. But if that’s what it takes to get those
            countries to FINALLY honor the AGREEMENTS they have allegedly committed to, so be it. They, and the alliance, will be the better for it if they do so,
            especially in these days of expanding Russian military capabilities. Oh, and
            seeing how YOU mentioned that Europe is supposedly so strong militarily (number 2 in the world), why do they need US to protect them at all? All that is being desired from them is to “pay their fair share”, which a certain
            political party here has made into a slogan for all things affiliated with
            their agenda. How come they find that offensive when applied to those who can
            indeed afford to do so? If other countries don’t see any need or reason to pay
            what they promised, it is fair to conclude that THEY don’t ‘value’ the
            alliance, or take it seriously. And as is also said, “a chain is only as
            strong as its weakest link”. There are a LOT of truly weak links in NATO
            that have nothing to do with the number of troops, but in their attitudes. 5
            countries contribute 2% or more of their GDP to defense spending, out of 29!
            That is a disgrace. But you and others apparently want the USA to continue to
            be the world’s chumps.

      • PolicyWonk

        Dude, you really need to stop whining about Hillary Clinton, and bizarrely insisting that anyone who disagrees with Mr. Trump (or you) must’ve voted for her.

        Trump won: why can’t you get over it? Is it because you can’t get yourself to own up to the sad fact that even if you LIKE his policies (and I do like some of them, certainly when it comes to expanding the fleet, etc.), he has simply/repeatedly proven himself incapable of implementing them? He’s hardly learned how to set up a checker-board, while every other nation is playing masters-level three-dimensional chess!

        At least we have a serious and most excellent Sec. Def. in Jim Mattis to keep the alliances together.

        Mr. Trump was and remains his own worst enemy. He has ruined his own chances of having a successful presidency by being too lazy to learn the job (or from his mistakes), or control his mouth, let alone his tweeting fingers. The WSJ just published an editorial saying that Mr. Trump is the only POTUS in history who’s performance worsened as his term in office progressed.

        This has nothing to do with democrat or GOP talking points: this has to do with cold, hard reality.

        What Mr. Putin is happily giving speeches about, is the rapid decline of US leadership/relevance, which you are correct is nothing new. However, what you fail to understand and/or own up to, is that now Putin’s opinion is universally shared by all of our allies, NATO partners, and friends (hint: nothing to do with democrats, though they likely agree, as do many republicans). That was never the case with any of Mr. Trump’s predecessors, including Obama, Clinton, GW Bush, GHW Bush, Reagan, Ford, or Carter (etc.).

        N. Korea? Miserable failure.

        China? Nothing good happening here. Trump desperately needs the Chinese to help with N. Korea, but starting a trade war before getting the job done has torpedoed his best and possibly only option for success.

        Europe? He’s the odd man out, now mostly ignored by our allies and friends alike.

        Canada? He’s openly despised (talk about a gimme!).

        Mexico? His image sells a lot of the toilet paper (same in the UK) his likeness is printed on.

        The TPP? Walked away from it with zero plan to replace it, only realized the tragedy of the mistake when it was too late: he tried to get back in, only to be told to “pound sand” by our ALLIES.

        When it comes to fleecing America, even conservative economists agree that the so-called “tax reform” package is nothing more than the GOP’s blatant economic warfare on the middle and working classes, that only favors the very wealthy. And while doing so, this disaster causes our deficits and national debt to skyrocket, just when we need to rebuild our infrastructure and military.

        Between these self-imposed disasters, and the fact that the GOP was/is determined to deprive 10’s of millions of citizens of their healthcare, may have itself provided the democrats with the angry voters they needed to take over the HoR, where they will soon provide Mr. Trump with the joys of enduring a multitude of of highly invasive investigations, the results of which will likely be made all too public.

        These are the facts.

        Not liberal facts. Not conservative facts. Just…facts.

        • Chesapeakeguy

          Your deflections are noted as well. You spew about ‘not being a Democrat’, then you do nothing BUT continuing to spew the Dem Party talking points. It’s like a mantra with you. There are those in Europe who do not like being highlighted for their reneging on their OWN AGREEMENTS to partake MORE in their OWN defense. Again you cite media that supports YOUR skewed views when there are just as many other media sources that refutes yours. The difference is, unlike you (and evidently some others on here) I personally do NOT need media sources of any stripe to do my thinking for me. We can play this game all day long if you desire..

          North Korea is a failure? How so? Compared to all those past bi-partisan successes? Hmmm? Of course the countries who he is holding accountable and will indeed force new ‘deals’ out of are going to hate being exposed. Canada has benefited from one way trade just as much as your beloved Mexico has. What REALLY frightens the heck out of you and your ilk is that Trump will indeed succeed. I will be the first to admit that Trump is not a politician in the sense that we have become used to, and I count that as an asset for him. He is showing just how inept and incapable too many aspects of our government is. Now we get to see 2 years of an entire party (again, your beloved Democrats) doing nothing but trying to generate an impeachment process simply because their, and your, candidate lost! In essence, your party will use impeachment to sue the VOTERS for daring to not do as they demanded. Geezz, talk about communist antics!. And you and yours are OK with that, aren’tcha, DUDE! Go ahead and admit it out loud. It would be the ONLY honesty we ever get from your side…

          • PolicyWonk

            Well bless your heart!

            I am now seeing problem: when one recites facts, those are in your mind “Dem talking points”, because reality has a “well known liberal bias”.

            Its so much easier for people to have such strong opinions when they aren’t supported by facts.


          • Chesapeakeguy

            You and yours can ‘bless’ whatever you want. Never said anything about ‘liberal’, because there’s a huge gulf between ideological and partisan. That you don’t know that speaks volumes about you. This most recent whine of yours conforms that when confronted on your own level, you cry “foul”. Typical Democrat..


          • PolicyWonk

            Yeah good luck with that: you FAIL to address the problems above, or the references, and recent history w/r/t repeating the same mistakes the GOP made back in the GWB days. In that sense, this is what speaks volumes about YOU.

            You’ve believe what you were TOLD to believe, and lack the critical thinking, historical context, and comprehension skills to be objective in the discussion. This makes your opinion less than useful to anyone outside of the cult you’ve chosen to associate yourself with.

            If avoidance of the issues, and your obvious unwillingness (or laziness) to address the facts and/or references provided, so that all you can do is pretend that calling me a Democrat is all you have to offer and/or you consider some kind of insult, that’s OK with me.

            Comparatively speaking, the Democrats live in a fact-based world, and just cleaned the clocks of the GOP in the past election. If being on your “happy list” means checking my brains at the door, I’m not interested.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            “You’ve believe what you were TOLD to believe, and lack the critical
            thinking, historical context, and comprehension skills to be objective
            in the discussion.”

            Says the guy spewing nothing BUT his party’s talking points. As always, nothing original, just borrowing from ME to try to make a point. Your beloved Democrats have the House. Big deal. Obama rendered them impotent, and Trump will do the same. We’ll get 2 years of doing nothing from the House now, something your Democrats are quite adept at. Maybe you should consider another source for those who do your thinking for you? The present lot is failing you. Trust me on that.

          • PolicyWonk

            I’ll attempt to explain this simply enough so that you can understand it: these are the opinions of our NATO partners, allies, and friends.

            And I realize you’re having difficulty understanding that I’m not a democrat. But to a cultist who lacks that ability of independent thought, anyone who doesn’t agree with what they were told to believe, I suppose may be seens as a democrat.

            But then again, no REAL conservative would ever tolerate the horrifying incompetence demonstrated by this (or any other) administration. You are a sheeple cultist. But you are no conservative – at least – not one that subscribes to AMERICAN values.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            Don’t try to ‘splain the garbage you’re shoveling, and you’d do well to keep the lectures to yourself. Those so-called allies are whining because they have been (rightly) called put for their defaulting on their own commitments and promises. How DARE the very ones who are picking up most of the costs for THEIR defense attempt to hold THEM accountable for that. You and your hate that there is finally an American president who is trying to look out for the country. Why that causes you DEMOCRATS so much heartache is beyond me, but stabbing your own country in the back is now the norm for you all. But seeing how that truth is presented yet again, you can always cry and sob to the admin on here (again). Silencing the truth is also the only recourse you DEMOCRATS always resort to.

          • PolicyWonk

            I’ll have to stop attempting to explain anything to a cultist who can’t accept the unfortunately reality that the facts do not support your opinion(s).

            If the problem is that you are ignorant, that can be solved. If you can’t accept cold hard facts, then you simply lack the wherewithal to learn or live with the realities outlined above that the entire rest of the planet has accepted.

            Since this is your only option, and like the demonstrably incompetent Mr. Trump cannot accept how screwed up you are, you attempt to pull the typical BRAVO SIERRA and blame others so that you can pretend your obvious blunders don’t make you look as bad.

            But it doesn’t work for him, and it doesn’t work for you.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            You should direct your efforts towards your fellow Democrats on here. They are no doubt gullible enough to swallow what you’re pushing. Again PW, iof and when you can ever come up with anything original, then bring it to my attention. Right now all I can do is offer you some cheese to go along with your whine!

            Run along now…

          • PolicyWonk

            Hey – didja read the economic articles today, that said the vast majority of Trump supporters voted for him hoping things would improve – but only got WORSE?

            Keep clinging to your fantasies for all the good it does you!


          • Chesapeakeguy

            You mean the ones from the very same sources that exist for the sole purpose of advancing your Democrats agenda? Those ones? Keep trying. It looks like you’ll be able to vote for your icon Hillary yet again in 2020. Your party can’t cough up any new blood, just the same old tired fossils. LOL..

          • PolicyWonk


            Keep embarrassing yourself for all the good you think it’ll do.

            BTW – there are many millions of people who deeply regret not voting for Hillary Clinton, now that they’ve seen how woefully incompetent Trump is.

            It must be tiresome for people like you, who have to wake up everyday, wondering what stupidity came out of Mr. Trump’s pie-hole, or what new policy disaster has been levied on this nation, that they’re gonna have to go on-line to attempt to deflect attention from, or try to say so as to not look idiotic to their family members, neighbors, or colleagues.

            Have a lovely day.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            Not tiresome for me at all. I’m glad we finally elected someone not of the political class. Hey PW, did you see all those riots and looting and mayhem that took place when the mid term results showed your Democrats winning the House? Neither did I. You and yours, on the pother hand, ate STILL acting out over the fact that your criminal, incompetent nominee LOST. It’s actually fun to watch. I see more terms you had to steal from me in your desperation to salvage some sort of a point. Typical…

            Run along now….

          • PolicyWonk

            Lets see: how many criminal charges have been levied on the candidate that lost the election, despite the multitude of GOP-led investigations that went nowhere? None. Zero. Zilch.

            How many investigations during Obama years yielded convictions? None. Zero. Zilch.

            How many indictments and convictions have there been during Trump? Well over 20 indictments, 8 criminal convictions, and that doesn’t include the tax crimes the Trump family is now under indictment for, and these are barely even getting started!

            Again, you shovel BRAVO SIERRA, because the FACTS don’t support the garbage you post.

            Keep embarrassing yourself! 😀

          • Chesapeakeguy

            How many ACTUAL investigations were there against Obama? Where did the media line up in all that? We know that the FBI under Democrat operative Comey did NOT interview her under oath, did not ever take possession of her or your party’s servers (the ones that were claimed to have been hacked by them there Russians, and of which she was able to physically destroy hers with no consequence), and claimed to have read tens of thousands of emails in a matter of a few days to ‘clear her’. Do tell, how many FBI personnel and others have lost their jobs for their antics on behalf of your beloved criminal nominee? I can play this stupid game with you all day if you wish. LOL..

          • PolicyWonk

            Thank you for demonstrating your lack of intelligence – again. I especially love the “criminal nominee” part, when you MUST be a genius because despite years of trying, no one has found anything to charge the “criminal nominee: with.

            How much you wanna bet the Trumps will be able to avoid charges that are already mounting against them? The real investigations will soon begin (not including Mueller’s), now that the house has been taken over.

            “President Dennison” will soon be getting investigated (for REAL reasons, unlike the BRAVO SIERRA reasons cooked up by conspiracy-theory-peddling/short-bus-riding fools in the GOP), to where a rectal exam is gonna look like fun!

            Still trying to figure out how to respond to the question about how much your life stinks attempting to deflect attention from the fact that you’re supporting a criminal?

            Ah…Good times!

          • Chesapeakeguy

            We saw Obama prove how irrelevant the House is. Obama also made sure his AGs didn’t recuse themselves. You and your fellow Democrats can pleasure yourselves all you want, even you just admitted here that Mueller isn’t much to hope for, so all we can expect is more of the continuing hissy fit you and your party are engaged in because your CRIMINAL nominee (remember, she had to RIG your OWN party’s nomination process! LOL) LOST. You still cannot get away from depending on ME to prove you with things to say here. I continue to own you. And the world sees it. Life is good indeed. Try not to choke on your turkey tomorrow.

          • PolicyWonk

            You’ve clearly been pleasuring yourself with BRAVO SIERRA and conspiracy theories, while making yourself look delusional at the same time.


            Keep hallucinating, for all the good it does you.

            Сделайте Америку прекрасной!


          • Chesapeakeguy

            You Democrats have been trying to impeach every Republican President since Reagan, and always for the same reason, because you lost. Like death and taxes, it’s the one thing all can bank on from your party. I guess you’re now depending on Putin to provide your talking pints now. Well, that IS the same thing as depending on your Democrat Party for them. LOL..Keep trying PW. I always appreciate the laugh.

          • PolicyWonk

            You aren’t even a decent liar: why do you keep embarrassing yourself? After the years of screaming for Obama’s impeachment on the part of the crackpot fringe of the GOP, and the endless GOP-led investigations of Clinton that went nowhere, and you come up with this idiocy?

            Keep on laughing – these forums love idiots who can’t stop making fools of themselves – it adds to the entertainment value.


          • Chesapeakeguy

            I am heartened that you are no longer trying to maintain, i.e., LYING (there’s that word again!) that you are not a Democrat. it took how many posts for that undeniable truth to come forth? Ahhh, don’t ever change PW. The rest of us shine so brightly when held up to your rants. That’s what happens when the likes of you cede all your thinking functions to others like the DNC. But as I said, don’t ever change from that.

          • PolicyWonk

            The undeniable truth is that you are a fascist, and I’m a traditional conservative, who puts nation above party. Too bad you can’t say the same, isn’t it?

            As Geo Washington put it, “the true enemies of the United States are those who put their party politics above the good of the nation…”.

            He was talking about people just like you!

            You are divorced from reality, and keep ranting BRAVO SIERRA in hopes someday it’ll all come true. Sadly, this will never happen. But what does happen almost everyday, is that your Dear Leader continues to make his supporters look foolish as they continue to support him.

            As I’ve mentioned before, Putin’s recent round of speeches now topically include the fast demise of the USA’s global, political, and moral leadership. And sadly, now our NATO partners, friends, allies, and even potential adversaries unanimously agree with him.

            Now go and put your brownshirt on, pose with your armband, give the salute, and determine how you’ll ever explain yourself to your maker.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            Hmmmm. A communist (which is what all you modern day Democrats truly are, and they (you) no longer try to hide from that!), calling someone a ‘fascist’. Well, when one is absent any valid argument, that is what is expected. You communists, er, Democrats (wink, wink) still try to avoid other undeniable realities and truths like that of ‘fascists’ being almost exactly like you communists, i.e., you really are cut from the same mold and cloth. But keep spewing PW. Your single digit IQ (and I’m being generous towards you in scoring yours as that high! You’re welcome!) prevents you from ever being capable of independent thought and analysis. We get that and actually acceot it on venues like this. it’s just the way it is.


          • PolicyWonk

            This is an excellent example why you aren’t helping yourself. The irony that you call democrats commies, when it’s TRUMP who’s been on his knees to Vladimir Putin, is pretty funny, and makes you look FAR less than intelligent.

            Here we have Putin giving speeches about the instant demise of US global, political, and moral leadership – and every nation on the planet regardless of friend, ally, NATO partner, and even potential adversaries are ALL in agreement.

            Yet Trump keeps professing his adoration… But to a fool like you – its the democrats who are the commies.

            Now we have the more recent survey’s out: Trump is heading for the tank (below 40% approval rating nationally), and even the US military’s approval ratings of Trump are in the SAME tank as they are with the American public.

            Despite the pay raise, increased funding to the VA, and increased military budget: they don’t like him either.

            Now you have to ask yourself: what makes me the only smart one (or keeps me in an ever-deteriorating minority)?

            W/r/t being a fascist, you support a man who’s policies are all but identical to those of pre-war Germany. You defend the same policies and actions of a man of the type my father fought a world war to rid the planet of. Guess what the name that type of government is classified as (hint: it’s not American)?

            Have a nice day.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            Trump’s relationship with Putin is nothing compared to what Obama had with him. Obama was caught on hot mic promising Medvedev that he would be able to bend over and accommodate the Russians even more than he had once he won re-election. How did that “re-set button” work out, hmmm? The Russians got literally EVERYTHING they could hope for from Obama, and more. As did your party’s beloved Iranians for that matter.

            Your broken record whines and rants on here got old some time ago. Putin and all Russian leaders rail against the USA. The exception was when Obama was in office. He was such a chump that they absolutely wanted him back. That alone is the biggest indictment of Obama. They whine (like you do) when they don’t get their way, as they aren’t with Trump. It’s the same old trash we always get from you Democrats. The same litany of names and labels. Nobody called Trump a ‘racist’ until he won the GOP nomination. Before that, all you Democrats stepped over each other to get his endorsements, his invitations, and his checks. I get it that it drives you Democrats crazy to see someone who actually endeavors to protect this country and its interests. You snowflakes are in such a tizzy that you still can’t get over that your criminal nominee (who had to rig your OWN party’s process, mind you) LOST. And I’ll be seeing your same regurgitated rants and whines again on here about that. Like your beloved Russians denunciations of the USA when some is in the WH who they know will not automatically accommodate them, you will be spewing your same old tired, discredited inanities. But that’s OK. It just proves my pints even more. So have at it..

          • PolicyWonk

            Good lord – you aren’t very intelligent are you?

            Comparing Obama’s statement (an anthill) to that of Trump’s multitudes of stupidities, for example: publicly tossing our NATO partners, allies, and US intelligence agencies under the bus in favor of believing a blatant lie told to him by Putin, for example, amounts to treason (i.e. providing aid and comfort to the enemy). Giving away our allies code-name-level secrets to Russian spies, and a host of other transgressions that would’ve gotten Obama impeached, and trying to claim that Obama doing the same thing as Reagan did is somehow worse, makes you lose all credibility.

            Your lack of intelligence was again doubled down on, again, when you try to claim Putin’s speeches regarding the instantaneous downfall of the USA’s global, political, and moral leadership is simply normal. What isn’t normal, is that every other nation on the planet, regardless of ally, friend, or foe now agrees with him.

            And you aren’t intelligent enough to understand that, as you demonstrate on these pages.

            But thanks for sharing.

          • Chesapeakeguy

            And the broken record rants and sobs continue. I would send you some cheese to go with your whine but you aren’t worth the expense. As I have said before, Putin and all Russian leaders trash those they can’t get anything out of. Yes, Obama was different, in that he literally bent over for any and all who were adversaries or potential adversaries to this country. He surrendered in Iraq, he did nothing about the subsequent rise of ISIS (remember that ‘jayvee’ team as he called them?), he helped topple a vital ally in the Mid East (Mubarak), he gave Russia a free hand in everything they wanted (hence the loving words from Putin about his gal Obama), including sending things like blankets to Ukraine when the Russians invaded there, the list goes on and on. Heck, Obama wouldn’t even call Muslim terrorists “terrorists”. You Democrats hate being reminded of those undeniable truths, hence the juvenile whines like the one you are engaged in here for some time now. I say again that I am GLAD that we finally have a President who is doing what he said he would, and is indeed putting his OWN country first for once, and not allowing so-called allies to continue to play us for chumps. Being a chump is obviously something you enjoy, and you miss your self-proclaimed ‘citizen of the world’. Normal people in this country are glad that the surrendering is over.

            Run along now. I wouldn’t want you to miss any part of your Jerry Springer re-runs. Ciao!

          • Surly Curmudgen

            Nearly all on the left reside in Mythville, long steeped in progressive canards, well programmed with the left’s cliches and ever so terribly proud of their ignorance.

            Ignorance is not bliss, do try to correct yours!

          • PolicyWonk

            Thanks for the excellent comment Comrade!

            President Putin sends you happiness greeting!

          • Surly Curmudgen

            Rather poor behavior and inappropriate for the context. To put it in Russian without the Cyrillic letters, you are nekulturny. Are you a perfumed prince or a warrior? I doubt the latter!

  • omegatalon

    Listening to France’s Macron, it appears if Europe sees the United States as much of an adversary as Russia and China; Trump should tell NATO that the United States is not an adversary and is willing to withdraw all US personnel and equipment.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    We must cease selling the progressive left’s version of Democracy. Democracy is the incubator of tyranny. Democracy brings us rule by man and the demise of rule by law. The founders abhorred Democracy recognizing it for what it is. Democrat is not found anywhere in the constitution. Republican is however, the constitution guarantees every state a Republican form of government.

    • vetww2

      I am happy that the editors found that your post is the best submitted. In a 1200 word essay that constituted my final exam for a one year intensive course in Geopolitics, that earned me an A in the course and is now in the library of NPGS, I explained, clearly, what you took a whole paragraph to explain.

      • Surly Curmudgen

        You honor this retired CPO. Thank you!

  • Ed L

    I’m waiting for China and Russian to start fighting over the northern Resources area north of the Amur.