• MarlineSpikeMate

    Whats the point of funding the Harpoon II+ when it is already out of the running for the future Frigate and LCS backfit. It seems like efforts on training and implementing one or two missiles (NSM and LRASM) should be the focus.

    • N

      Cost. If the requested funding numbers are accurate the Navy will be getting 48 harpoons for 250k each. The LRASM is running 3 million a pop. The Navy still has hundreds of launch platforms for the older missile and quantity matters in a fight. You just don’t need a top end missile for every target.

      • MarlineSpikeMate

        Solid point for sure, however one would think we have plenty of harpoons in stock for the time being. Considering the upgraded range might be a selling point.

    • Mr. Speaker


    • Curtis Conway

      Hear Hear !!! There should be a NSM and LRASM shootout.

  • Centaurus

    I think they should get more $$$’s to play with.

  • Eric Bigelow

    they should add looking at replacements for pc’s, like their cousins, the 110 foot wpb’s in bahrain, they are being run hard and put away wet. the cg will eventually replace the 110’s with 154′ fast response cutters, what will the navy do? but the navy hates small ships anyway.