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Document: Report to Congress on Next Generation LX(R) Amphibious Warship

The following is the Aug 14, 2017 Congressional Research Service report, Navy LX(R) Amphibious Ship Program: Background and Issues for Congress.

  • Curtis Conway

    Six heavy Icebreakers based upon this vessel with a different bow (below the waterline) would really come in handy in the Arctic. Just need a different propulsion system.

    • Ed L

      I am afraid that your solution would be too simple for the Pentagon.

    • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

      A thicker bow would probably require 15+ years of development and $20bn in funding!

      • Curtis Conway

        AND THAT is what is the problem with our current defense procurement system. The technology exist. This is NOT rocket science, it is building ships that float, and need to crush thin (one meter and less) ice. The Christophe de Margerie and other vessels like her are of construction that is no a national secret, and they are transiting the Arctic at present without Icebreakers. Our future frigate should be able to do this too, in thin ice (one meter thick and less).

  • Ed L

    now if they built an extra dozen as Fleet Defense Ships. 100 VLS, Four 127mm, 4 seaRam, 4 CIWS, 1/2 dozen chain guns, many Machine Guns. Two tow array sonar, etc. Ability to steam 15,000 miles without refueling

    • StealthFlyer

      Just adding the 16 VLS that the LPD-17 class was designed for or a long-range gun like the AGS-lite would provide a limited organic surface fires capability.

      • Ed L

        That will work

  • BlueSky47

    This is silly and a waste of valuable dollars, all we need is the LCS, it can actually do a better job. This thing is way too big and way too slow