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Document: GAO Report on Pentagon Prepositioned Stocks

Rows of front loaders and 7-ton trucks sit, gassed up and ready to roll in one of the many corridors in the Frigard supply cave located on the Vaernes Garrison near Trondheim, Norway. This is one of seven caves that make up the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway facility. All the caves total more than 900,000 square feet of storage space, full of enough gear to outfit 13,000 Marines for up to 30 days. DoD Photo

The following is the July 31, Government Accountability Office report, Prepositioned Stocks: DoD Needs to Develop a Department-Wide Vision and Goals to Guide Program Management.

From the Report

DOD positions billions of dollars worth of assets–including combat vehicles, rations, medical supplies, and repair parts—at strategic locations around the world to use during early phases of operations. Each of the military services maintains its own prepositioned stock program. For the past 6 years, GAO has reported on the risk of duplication and inefficiencies in the services’ programs due to the absence of a department-wide strategic policy and joint oversight. Section 321 of the NDAA for fiscal year 2014 required DOD to maintain a strategic policy and develop an implementation plan to manage its prepositioned stocks.

The NDAA for fiscal year 2014 also included a provision for GAO to review DOD’s strategic policy and implementation plan. This report assessed the extent to which DOD’s strategic policy addresses mandated reporting elements and describes the status of DOD’s implementation plan. To conduct this work, GAO analyzed DOD’s strategic policy against the elements required in the NDAA and discussed the status of the implementation plan with DOD officials.