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Video: Cruiser USS Lake Erie Launches Missile in Exercise

The following is video of the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Erie (CG-70) during a missile exercise on May 9, 2017. US Navy Photo.

  • Curtis Conway

    Just another ho-hum Aegis day.

  • IvanOwl

    The US Navy knows how to keep good hulls for several decades with these Aegis Cruisers, and its older aircraft carriers, receiving relevant updates/upgrades throughout their lives.
    In the UK the remaining Type 23 Frigates are receiving upgrades (CAMM/Radar etc), which also keep the vessels relevant – although oddly they still have not mounted a CIWS.
    Sadly the UK will be scraping the Type 23 Frigates so they can take the upgraded equipment from them and place it on the new (fewer) Type 26 Frigates.
    This leads to two points:
    1. Why not keep the Type 23 Frigates in service (with further upgrades) for several more decades to supplement the small number of Type 26 Frigates cheaply increasing the size of the Royal Navy (along with an increase in manpower to provide the crews etc).
    2. Why are the Type 26 Frigates costing so much (approx. £650 / $840 million) when the main sensors and weapons (Radar, CAMM, towed array) are coming from the Type 23’s
    The UK is paying £650 million just for a hull, with a few added extras!

    Someone is making a lot of money out of the UK, time for that someone (BAE Systems) to get a full and very public auditing.

    • Ctrot

      One problem the Royal Navy has is finding crews for their vessels.