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Document: Report to Congress on American War and Military Operations Casualties

This report provides U.S. war casualty statistics. It includes data tables containing the number of casualties among American military personnel who served in principal wars and combat operations from 1775 to the present. It also includes data on those wounded in action and information such as race and ethnicity, gender, branch of service, and cause of death. The tables are compiled from various Department of Defense (DOD) sources.

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  • publius_maximus_III

    The finest of the fine, our nation owes much to our veterans. “No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for a friend.”

    Surprising how deadly the Civil War was compared to either WW-I or WW-II, possibly because of the length of each conflict but also the differences in medical technology of the times:

    Civil War……(364,511 dead)/(2,213,363 serving, Union only) = 16.5% mortality, about 1 out of 6
    WW-I………..(116,516 dead)/(4,734,911 serving) = 2.5% mortality, about 1 out of 40
    WW-II……….(405,399 dead)/(16,112,566 serving) = 2.5% mortality, about 1 out of 40

    I suppose THE biggest factor would be the “modernization” and “globailzation” of warfare, with higher percentages of logistical and support personnel serving in the “World War” conflicts compared to the Civil War, which was fought right here at home and often at bayonet range (“pig stickers” to the Johnny Rebs, who neither understood or utilized that formidable weapon of close quarters as effectively as the Yankees.)

    • Donald Carey

      Johnny Reb had neither the logistical support (food, training facilities, etc.), nor the amount of equipment the Yankees had.

  • Ed L

    Question? how come the paper didn’t mention the losses the CSA occurred or Civilians as the result of military action. They were Americans as well. A number of Americans not in uniform that died as result of Union or Confederate Attacks/Sieges. Brings the Civil War (or War between the States) to roughly a million. I know that civilians were not mention at this time. If is just a fact that some people seem to forgot.