• captlou

    Lots of internet chatter today, now that the Eisenhower is back, about Obama recalling all USN carriers back to port, meaning that no carriers are deployed for the first time since WWII. Is this true? And why? This is insane. Someone, please confirm or clarify and what in the heck is Obama up to?

    • While there are no carriers deployed at the moment, the Carl Vinson strike group is set to depart shortly. There has been no recall on carriers.

  • William Blankinship

    Scuttlebutt. Nothing to this.

  • Ed L

    Interesting on Carrier Deployment status.

  • publius_maximus_III

    Great scene. Always a happy moment when Dad-Mom-Son-Daughter-Brother-Sister comes home to family and friends. Welcome back, and we thank you for your service.