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Document: CNO Richardson Message Restoring Rating Titles

The following is the Dec 21, 2016 NAVADMIN message from Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson that restores Navy rating titles to enlisted sailors.

O 211200Z DEC 16


RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN announces updates to the implementation effort
to transform current Navy Enlisted Career Management processes.

2. This NAVADMIN supersedes NAVADMIN 218/16 and directs the
restoration of Navy Rating Titles.

3. Our goals for modernizing the enlisted career development
program – rating modernization – are to provide greater choices
and flexibility for our Sailors with respect to detailing and
training, to provide greater flexibility for the Navy in assigning
highly trained personnel, and to increase professional alignment
with civilian employers. We strongly believe that providing this
flexibility will make us a more capable Navy.

4. Since we made the initial rating modernization announcement in
September, the SECNAV, MCPON and I, along with other Navy
leadership, have had the opportunity to speak with thousands of
Sailors during our travels throughout the fleet. The feedback from
current and former Sailors has been consistent that there is wide
support for the flexibility that the plan offers, but the removal of
rating titles detracted from accomplishing our major goals.
Furthermore, there has been a solid body of thoughtful input that
pointed out that there is a way to have the benefits of the rating
modernization program without removing rating titles.

5. I have been adamant that our Navy needs to be a fast-learning
organization – that includes our leadership. The Design
for Maintaining Maritime Superiority states that our most junior
teammate may have the best idea and that we must be open to
capturing that idea. We have learned from you, and so effective
immediately, all rating names are restored.

6. This course correction doesn’t mean our work is done – rating
modernization will continue for all the right reasons. Modernizing
our industrial-age personnel system in order to provide Sailors
choice and flexibility still remains a priority for us. As we
execute the rating modernization plan, more Sailors will have
multiple occupational skill sets or ratings. We will need to tackle
the issue of managing rating names. We will continue to involve
Sailors throughout the fleet, using the rating modernization
working group to figure out how to best do that.

7. Every Fleet, Force, and Command Master Chief, and all Navy
Counselors know how to provide input to our working groups. You
also have a direct line to send your ideas to me at
[email protected].”

8. Learning faster requires having a plan, getting feedback, and
quickly acting on that feedback. This adjustment reflects our
commitment to fast learning at every level. As this process moves
forward we will continue to assess our performance and correct our
course as appropriate.

9. Released by ADM J. M. Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations.//