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USNI News Video: How the Navy, Marines Help After a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Matthew hit Western Haiti on Oct. 4, 2016. The storm killed hundreds, kicked off a cholera epidemic and displaced hundreds of thousands.

Shortly after the storm passed, the U.S. sent warships with heavy lift helicopters to assist groups on the ground to feed and provide medical care those affected as part of the Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief of the Navy and Marine Corps.

The commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 2 — Rear Adm. Roy Kitchener — spoke with USNI News on Oct. 12, 2016 from USS Mesa Verde and described what his team did in Haiti and the U.S. mission to help after a natural disaster. 

  • Curtis Conway

    Many used to scoff, but this is American Armed Forces at its BEST!

    • Jim Adair

      Wow! Well said Curtis, and oh so true…

  • PappyStu

    The true definition of “service”… Thanks USNI for showing that which most of the main stream media ignores…

    • Curtis Conway

      Modus operandi of the media today:

      One is supposed to learn from the experience and not just be a robot programmed by the powers that be, particularly when they prey on your feelings and fears. I have conducted a survey of my classes over nearly a decade, and asked the participants “who signed EPA & OSHA into law . . . what president?” Having asked the question many times, I have had less than a handful of classes where someone knew it was Richard M. Nixon, so I would follow the question up with “which political party did that president belong to”, and unanimously, with exception of those who knew who Nixon was and what he did, the answer was the Democrat Party. That is not HiStory, that is the false narrative that has been taught our children in elementary/ middle/ high schools, and colleges / universities across the country for decades, and it is an absolute falsehood, because those carrying the doctored message have an agenda.

      If one lives their life adhering to principle, one can predict what will happen next given the circumstances and context of that equation, most of the time. Living a life of principle is difficult and requires character and discipline. That does not mean that human beings cannot make mistakes, and Grace does not exist. Living life governed by feelings is easy . . . and usually chaotic. Americans down through HiStory have traditionally not done this, and performed miracles along the way (e.g., Greatest Generation who won WWII). The United States has always been a land of principle and law (nation of Laws not Men) with a huge heart, and comes to the assistance of its neighbors adhering to the Golden Rule, which is right out of the New Testament. Today the nation is very narcissistic and self-centered, self-serving, lacking expressions of true Grace, save a twisting of the truth to appear to be extensions of Grace, but under scrutiny one finds that it is a cover story to camouflage the truth, which benefits the counterfeiter carrying the message.

      The enemy is dividing the country, and the good guys are rallying the troops, and pointing to the light. Agents of Darkness spew exactly that . . . Darkness, Division, and Hate, appealing to the darker side of human nature called the Mob. Agents of light challenge you to ‘rise to the challenge’ and do better, have a positive attitude, and have/develope a track record of performance and achievement.

      Now . . . make your own assessment, and determine where we stand in the Universe, particularly in this politically charged environment in which we find ourselves.