• Sam Culper III

    I heard the Navy is going to use the first four LCS ships solely as testing ships and limiting their deployments to emergencies. That’s what, over a Billion and half for four ships that can’t function as they are intended besides for testing? There must be a enormous load of problems with the LCS ships. Why did the Navy build four ships then accept them into service if they are of such poor build quality? I can understand the first one of each LCS class being testing ships, but you would think the Navy would demand fixes to all the problems before just building or accepting more. But, it’s just taxpayer money right? You would figure the Navy would go back to the shipbuilders and demand they fix the ships at no cost to the taxpayers at least for ships three and four. What a disgrace to the taxpayers like myself that actually pays the bills for these ships.

    • wtny64

      “Demand fixes”?
      The only reason the CVN Ford was accepted when she was accepted was because the Navy accepted her UNFINISHED at somewhat around $12.9B. We’re never going to know the true cost of that ship.
      Time after time defense projects come in late or incomplete or defective. It’s criminal that we send our finest young men and women into harm’s way with faulty equipment.

  • Andre

    The Iranians are getting close with those mines!