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Video: Littoral Combat Ship Detroit Completes Acceptance Trials

The Littoral Combat Ship Detroit (LCS-7) completed acceptance trials earlier this month ahead of an October commissioning, the Navy announced.

The tests included evaluating, “the performance of the propulsion plant, ship handling and auxiliary systems. While underway, the ship successfully performed launch and recovery operations of the 11-meter rigid-hull inflatable boat, conducted surface and air self-defense detect-to-engage exercises, and demonstrated the ship’s maneuverability,” according to the service.

“Another thorough trial by the Board of Inspection and Survey, and another ship with improved scores and at a lower cost than her predecessor,” said LCS program manager Capt. Tom Anderson said in a statement.
“Detroit’s performance during acceptance trial is a testament to the hard work of the Marinette workforce. I look forward to placing the ship in the capable hands of her crew later this summer.”

Following the commissioning ceremony in the ship’s namesake city, Detroit will be based at Naval Station San Diego, Calif.

  • PolicyWonk

    I have little doubt that the crew is capable…

    I have a lot of doubt regarding the worth of the entire LCS program, that somehow originated from the “street fighter” concept: $90M; heavily armed/protected; fast; versatile, designed to go into harms way in the littorals, and dominate the fight.

    Instead, we got the so-called “littoral combat ship”, that according to Adm. Jonathan Greenert, was “never designed to venture into the littorals to engage in combat”: 3000t+; lightly armed; hardly protected; too large for the littorals; too small for blue water; no room for growth; $400M+ (not counting any “mission package”); very complex; cannot operate alone in a contested environment without the protection of a Burke (or better); and cost matches that of our allies high-end frigates.

    And the so-called “frigate” version only increases the cost to over $500M, at best represents merely a marginal improvement (according to DOT&E), and easily exceeds the costs of our allies frigates, without the benefits.

    That we’re still building these things is a travesty that disregards the taxpayers right to a reasonable investment.

    • Sons of Liberty

      Frigate cost is around $690M for a design that is not a gray hull more a Frigate.

  • KillerClownfromOuterspace

    The hawse pipe is like old faithful. I wonder how wet the superstructure gets in a sea.

  • MarlineSpikeMate

    The Arleigh Burkes were called “already broke” for awhile when they came out, and had to have extensive modifications to make them the ship they are today, much more so than the proposed upgrades on the LCS.. Major things like lengthening the entire ship, removing complete systems, adding a hanger (oops). That thing was a mess. With wisdom of that debacle in hindsight, and seeing how the LCS is due for some awesome upgrades, such as an OTH and short range fast strike missile, i’m fairly confident it will get ironed out. Look at the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates. Great ships, but the LCS baseline is already more capable than the late ships of that class..


      It will always be a “Sows Ear!”

      • MarlineSpikeMate

        Heh, just like the “already brokes”

    • traveling wilbury2

      Yes…..LCS will need many changes….to be an effective Frigate……lengthening the hull…..adding a 2nd big gun on the stern……defensive missile launchers….and more crew…..to reduce the maintenance issues……

  • Centaurus

    Lets call it the LCS Rowboat Class

  • Donald Carey

    Which class is this ship? The Boon class or the Doggle class?

  • Dennis

    The Detroit? Are there a lot of abandoned spaces on it now being used as drug houses? Are the sailors being robbed as they cross from port to starboard? Is crack and H being sold in the Goat Locker? Are the Corpsmen selling prescriptions for pain killers? Does it have to anchor because it’s too dirty to moor? Do you have to be a ‘baby daddy’ to go aboard? OK, it’s late. I can’t think of any more right now.