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Navy to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Development for Warfighting, Support Roles

The X-47B on the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on Nov. 10, 2013. US Navy Photo

The X-47B on the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on Nov. 10, 2013. US Navy Photo

The Navy wants to integrate robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) into more of its workload, from warfighting missions to non-combat support roles, and is seeking fleet input on what types of AI research are worth investing in.

The service already has, in varying stages of completion, its Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) in the air, a Large Diameter Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV) under the sea and the Swarmboat unmanned vehicle on the surface. The warfighting value for these platforms is clear, the service said.

“Traditionally in the Department of the Navy the focus is on the warfighting mission, and rightfully so, but maybe not so much on the support side,” Bob Kozloski, deputy director of Task Force Innovation and deputy chief of the Office of Strategy and Innovation, told USNI News on Wednesday.
“So how does artificial intelligence and robotics fit into some of the operational support functions or even management?”

Kozloski’s office released a memo on June 5 outlining the path forward in identifying opportunities to integrate robotics and AI into Navy operations and for leveraging commercial development.

“The private sector is investing heavily in AI and robotics automation for decision-making and physical implementation tasks,” according to the memo.
“The DON could benefit from considering how to adapt recent private sector advances in fields such as machine learning, natural language processing, ontological engineering, and automated planning for naval applications.”

“When I see this memo, what I see is a demand signal from the very top to more heavily leverage what ONR (the Office of Naval Research) is already doing,” ONR director of research Lawrence Schuette said during the same interview. He added that Google has created some buzz by buying up companies working on AI and robotics, but the Navy had already invested in many of the companies bought by Google and others.

“A Google car drives well on a crowded busy street, but will it run off-road in shifting conditions with vehicle failures but yet must continue, which is really where the DoD environment’s going to go?” he said.
“So I think what you see is the DoD environment tends to be the commercial environment plus plus. And I think that’s really the difference. So we’re leveraging what they’re doing, they’re leveraging what we’ve provided them in early research, and then we’ve got to take it the rest of the way.”

Schuette said the Navy defines AI as “that thinking system that finds itself someplace it’s never been anticipated to be and is able to figure out what to do.” The goal of the memo is to get the fleet thinking about how this principle could be applied to their work – not just through unmanned planes or boats, but the basic idea of a computing system that learns as it works.

The Navy’s crowdsourcing website, Hatch, will today begin a 30-day campaign to solicit ideas from sailors, Kozloski said. The top ideas will be forwarded to a study group called for in the memo, and that group will analyze the ideas and report back to the Navy secretary by the end of the calendar year.

In addition to identifying opportunities to integrate AI and robotics, the group’s report will also include cost-effectiveness analysis for the ideas and resources needed to implement these ideas.

Concerns have been raised on how much autonomy to give weapon systems in the last several years.

In April 2013, the United Nations called for a moratorium on lethal autonomous systems, saying that systems with artificial intelligence should not make life-or-death decisions. The report mentioned the Northrop Grumman X-47B as a lethal system with some degree of autonomy.

However, in this current crowdsourcing effort, the Navy is seeking ideas for autonomy outside this idea of “lethal autonomous robotics” and more in line with sailors’ day-to-day functions.

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  • Jim Untershine

    To achieve world peace, we need robots to attack Central banks wherever they reside and burn them to the ground. 🙂

    • C. Adkins


    • Rolo Tony

      even with cancer they nearly have to kill you to make you better. People are not evolved for peace unfortunately

    • art7

      Don’t forget the bankers and the lawyers too.

      • Da Perfessor

        and the commies, muzzies and the progressives, socialists, liberals and…. oh yeah!!! the allahdamn commies

    • Tim

      That is the only autonomous target I would be comfortable programming them with. Central Banks the source of the worlds evil.

    • allbuss84

      If you ever actually look at 19th century economic stability before central banks, you may want to revisit that opinion. 3 panics/recessions/depressions per decade doesn’t seem very fun. They cause their own problems, but do provide some level of stability in exchange.

      • Bill Boinkr

        Yeah and if you delve into the subject further you will see that these were constructs created by the very forces clamoring for Central Bank control.

    • R’ Yitzchak M

      The banks
      in general are the ultimate partners for every successful business and as such
      a healthy banking IS the healthy economy period.. INVOLVEMENT of the political nomenclature
      – aspiring aristocracy want the power.. and the first target toward TYRANICAL powers
      is to throw the “public” into its “place” becoming the yet another grey mess of
      yet another crowd in yet another “workers paradise”.. and entertaining “father figure”
      dictating to the crowd what is “cool” and what is inn and who got eaten by the
      dogs for failing to follow the “trends”.. The banks and the bankers in that environments
      are the FIRST group to go into the Fido’s lunch.. Federal Banking system is the
      very instrument by which the BANK as a economical tool and a PARTNER ceased to
      exist.. sloooowly but SURELY. Why? In my humble opinion it is a matter of POWER
      that independent and small business is a threat to the ABSOLUTE POWER of
      MONOPOLY of the “state” (socialism) or industrial monopolies (fascism) both of
      those are just an “illusion” monopoly of the state or the monopoly of the industry
      is the exactly the same TYRANY.. of power. Radical left is a in perpetual war
      of achieving the THEORETICAL ABSOLUTE ownership of power in the hands of the “intelligentsia”

      “political clout” libis have on the spending and DEMANDING from the
      banks to “accommodate” their radical “pipe dreams”
      (Lonnie’s DELIRIUM more likely..) for the Banks to lend the moneys to the
      “struggling” poor who could not qualify.. “affirmative action” quota under
      the “must” (under all the circumstances) for the people who DO NOT
      QUALIFY FOR LOANS.. Under the ultimate criminal scheme of giving the loan for
      3, 5, 10, years with “flexible” interest rates. ANYBOIDY who bought
      the house (by far the biggest investment for most of us mortals) with the low,
      low, … NONE? Interest rates and is due for the “renewal” in a 3, 5 10 years
      what is happening? Lets say Jo could swallow the increase in the interests and
      the perhaps even double or triple in lieu of the new (real) interest and the
      payments.. he figured out he could do it.. sacrifice, wife, (still with him)
      all the family members committed to the necessary sacrifices and Jo goes
      smiling to the bank.. so Joe is to meet the REALITY like a freight train that popped
      from nowhere in your “camping cave” (lala reality) the bank told you that other
      Joes could not meet their commitments and had to sell their homes in a hurry or
      under the “power of sale” and your home is not 500,000$ worth now but 275,000..
      so you have the commitment for 500,000 which you MUST renew but you are lucking
      the “collateral” that you either have to come with the cash (difference of
      “only” 225,000 or go to loan SHARKS (Bank would be happy to refer to you 2nd,
      and 3rd mortgage with the nominal increase of interest rates 20, 30,
      100% higher than the prime.. and who got all your LIFE SAVINGS if you pool out
      of the “banking roulette”?? It is interesting this scheme is done mainly in
      Canada for the last 30 years and people have NO ACTUAL OPTIONS to combine Term
      with the MATURITY as you have it in the US. Canadian banks got by far the
      biggest PROFIT during the worst time of recession every one had 3 – 4.5 Billion
      Dollars PROFIT while the companies that were the INDUSTRIAL BACKBONES OF THE
      COUNTRY and were the ACTUAL TAXPAYERS folded and disappeared. Who stayed in the
      business companies that were most likely “to big to fail” read it.. “the crooks
      on the TAKE in the same racket” destroying the capitalism and instituting the
      MONOPOLIES of whom?? Who really cares all of them.. Socialists and Fascists are
      the very same systems that seek absolute power over E V E R Y T H I N G. So the
      banks in the hands of Feds are just a speedy process of engaging the
      “unsuspecting” enemy.. small business, mama and papas, farms, family business
      etc.. for the benefit of the crooks who are “ to big to fail” and if the banks
      “failed” to fix those pesky capitalists, “TEA PARTIERS THE ARE..” then IRS,
      Senate and House of Rep. will finish the JOB. Foremost “INHERITANCE TAX” imagine
      that after EVERY CEO TERM ENDS (“dies”) you tax GM, GE, 50% “inheritance tax”
      to the next CEO who is to “inherit” this corporation.. how long would be G.E.
      or G.M. on the map.. so where all those “inheritance tax” that is robbed
      families of their LIVING will go.. yes you guessed to their “competition”
      companies to “big to fail” who are wise enough to finance Clinton “Fund” and of course the other
      political “PLAYERS” who are wise enough to know the “rules” of that game “..you
      do not bite hands that feeds you” you “play” we are the JURY (still) and they
      are the LAWYERS we are buying “bill of goods” and in the end when the “jury”
      graduate into a single party membership.. the all bets are off all superfluous
      “players” would “graduate” into the status of the “enemy of the state” and will
      be removed for the “benefit of others” who will learn from their “example” so
      the cost of managing the terror it seem to be lot cheaper than to manage the
      democracy? But then there is a major “spoiler” in that scheme that destroyed
      every civilization that took that trip.. From Chinese Empire, Rome, France, (up
      to the Napoleon who dealt with that disease across the Europe ) CORRUPTION as
      opposed to the SPIRIT of entrepreneurship, risk taking, capitalistic driven
      PROGRESS as opposed to the “neo”-FEUDALISTIC “progressives” they can call
      themselves the “angels of the poor”, “protectors of the social justice”,
      mix(ed) up racial wana’ bee this Rachel thing (I have no clue what is she
      chooses to be.. but it is for sure a next level MAAAAN…) they are NOTHING of
      that kind.. they are the new aspiring “ARISTOCRATS”- CLEPTOCRATS

    • Nimadan

      Realistically, warbots are going to be used the exact opposite way. The rise of the warbot will end the elite’s dependence on human warriors and thus their practical need to retain loyalty from some segment of their subjects.

  • Stormrdr

    I’m not a luddite, but when it comes to AI, I think we should always proceed with the utmost caution on what functions they perform. When it comes to potentially taking a life, as civilized beings, we don’t want a calculation making that call.

    Computers are calculators. They make decisions based purely on the math. They have no innate value system, no sense of guilt or morality, and don’t care about reputation, popularity, or mercy. If their calculation says that, to eliminate the threat, bomb the orphanage, they bomb the orphanage.

    For those who say, “well, we’ll just program them to watch out for innocents”, it’s not that simple. Computers are very literal in their processing. There is no ‘might be’. Either something falls within a parameter or it does not. If it does, ‘green light’, if it does not ‘red light’. A ‘potential’ threat isn’t a ‘verified’ threat until it is shooting at you.

    The types of warfare that we are looking at facing in the coming years will involve many enemies blended into and hiding among civilian populations. When you have a bunch of computers trying to figure out the difference between ‘innocent civilian’ and ‘potential threat’, you’re either going to have high civilian casualties, or you’re gong to be dealing with ineffective systems.
    I have no problem with computers trying their best to identify threats. However, you need a human–one who is aware of the computers’ limitations–making the final determination on whether to respond to the ‘threat’, or not.

    • BG60093

      Did it occur to you that your own brain is simply a conglomeration of a very large number of processors that are polled to make a judgment? That explains ambivalence. The latest electronic component, the memristor seems to work in a similar way once we have figured out how to use it..

  • Jay S

    I can’t wait for the federal government to default.

    • Tom Zaytsev

      I guess you never stood in a bread line before, ask a Russian.

      • Common Man

        Propaganda, they never had bread lines in either the Soviet Union or after 1991. Money disappeared, but not their dignity.

        • Tom Zaytsev

          i should known i was there.

          • JustSayin

            Isn’t the ignorance in this country painful to see.

            I know you’ll all be called Vladimir’s agents, but your community in this country should speak out to warn people here about surveillance and government debt. You guys experienced it first have so you could MAYBE reach these ignorant kids, but because you experienced it first hand I understand the reservations.

            Bottom line is they are selling the garbage you came here to get away from to the next generation and as you know, if we let freedom die here, there is nowhere else to go and it’s on life support as it is.

      • Templewind

        A good portion of America is already standing in breadlines. When EBT stops there will be a bunch of desperate people to deal with…..wow…I knew there was another reason for developing warfare AI. Could it be? Nah….just punch the snooze button. Sleep is so nice and comfortable……

        • Da Perfessor

          Jade Helm

  • Northern_home_Southern_soul

    Why would we purposefully allow a superior race of “things” to control our lives.
    What happens in 50 years?
    What happens in 250 years?
    what happens in 500 years?
    artificial intelligence will continue to advance and humans, who are Gods to these machines today, will quickly find ourselves viewed as ants to them and ultimately treated like a virus.
    The worse part is that they are being created by the worlds military’s and are designed for warfare.

    • Tom Zaytsev

      ” i will be baack”

    • art7

      And “AI” is still artificial. Only as good as the algorithms in the code. We will become slaves to poorly written lines of code from the cheapest bidder.

    • Null

      Solution to avoid that problem. We become AIs or selves.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    and you thought ‘Terminator’ was just fiction… Bhwa ha ha ha ha. [Skynet rubs it’s metaphysical hands and smiles to itself]

    • Infidel007

      Skynet will take one look at our debt level and even it’s vast processing power will be unable to grasp or process such insanity. Skynet will get a 404 error and go blue screen of death on us as it’s mind implodes. If you ever read the 4th book in the Dark Tower series with Blaine the Train you’ll get the picture. Also if these killbots are built using windows operating systems, god help the world. Their back doors and malware will have back doors and malware.

  • jeeten

    make a small remote controlled aircraft carrier surrogate that fuels and loads and inspects miniature airplanes.It doesn’t matter that the airplanes are RC propeller toys or the bombs are made of polystyrene.What i important is that AI programmers can upload and test their AI and image processing in an environment where they dont have to tinker and waste their time with RC toys,they already have a platform dedicated to accept AI-program uploads with a testing cycle in real life lighting conditions and wires,tubes ropes,other vehicles and assorted paraphernalia on the surrogate deck.
    AI programmers waste too much time tinkering with remote controlled toys ,when in fact they should be spending time developping image processing and AI software…not re-develop robotic miniature platforms.

    • Scott Richardson

      What???? Smh

    • daveugber

      great idea…creating artificial intelligence that is designed specifically to kill humans and destroy human infrastructure….WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

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  • phil

    Will the AI become smart enough to decide which side is right and then attack the side that is wrong?

  • joeysdad

    I’ll start worrying when the unmanned aircraft can refuel and maintain themselves.

    • Pedro Norte

      Why waste your time worrying at that point? Just enjoy your final moments.

  • Worried in Kentucky

    Does anyone think that creating an AI to kill people is wrong? I do, and I think this type of development should be stopped. No artificial intelligence should ever be given the right or ability to kill humans.

    • Tom Zaytsev

      you are right let the Chinese or Russians develop it, that will make the world safer.

      • Common Man

        The Chinese will steal it from us, then sell it back, but it will break after about fifteen minutes. The Russians will simply infect it with a virus and have a party.

        • Tom Zaytsev

          you have a point :p

  • Tom Zaytsev

    if someone is going to carry the big stick it shall be the USA, who do you want it to be? Russia? China?

    • Bill Boinkr

      No, we would be ok with 3 big sticks and go back to M.A.D

      • Tom Zaytsev

        at least the Russians loved their children too, the Chinese, not so much. the Muslims not at all, those are the ones we have to worry about.

  • daveugber

    when humans attempt to make war ‘safer’ for humans, it moves us closer to the edge of the abyss…why on earth do any of these people think that surrendering the horrors of war to machines is going to help the species in the long run??? gene roddenberry was absolutely correct, that when war is broken-down into mathematical equations, people lose the fear of it…it becomes commonplace…

    machines making war ‘easy’ for humans devaluates the life for which it is supposed to replace…

    • Tom Zaytsev

      well put, but this cat is out of the bag and running down the street.

      • daveugber

        we will destroy ourselves…thoughtless, selfish children… climbing a tree is supposed to be dangerous, sometimes painful, and ultimately an accomplishment… having a machine do it spells disaster as the child becomes sheltered, loses a tolerance to pain/hard work and ultimately loses a sense of personal accomplishment which is surrendered to the machine…

        • Rob C.

          I’m afraid but i have to agree with this. Were walking down the path. Lawmakers tend not to think about the long road, just what is issue now.

    • Bill Boinkr

      Interesting study of one episode in Star Trek. War was virtual and computers would assign casualty’s. Then people would show up to exterminating booths,

  • Templewind

    Attention hackers!!! What a way to even the playing field, as the bankers, politicians, and multi-national corporations have decided there are too many “eaters” on the globe. Can you imagine the look on their face when the AI destroyers turned back and blew the heII out of their own hideout!

  • Tony

    20 years ago, Navy – 20 years ago… Please don’t embarass yourself by thinking you are doing something new or “innovative”.

  • Mike0oSS

    With all this whizbang B.S….why are we being daily lectured about the threat of the ragheads? I know the Russian’s and Chinese are on our tails daily…but why are the M.E. dirt worshipers a threat?

    • art7

      Because it all doesn’t work very well… and the terrorist threat is a red herring.

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  • popeye2010

    If the machines even bother to ask us why we deserve to live, will we have a good answer?

    • BG60093

      We were the evolutionary step that evolved into their species. Evolution is not required to be biological.

      • popeye2010

        Wow, that blows my circuit-breaker.

        • BG60093

          I can imagine robots on the religious right ridiculing the idea that they descended from humans.

          • popeye2010

            You just described the major theme of the Sci-Fi series ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

    • Mela

      Will you have a good answer when you have to explain yourself to your creator?

      • popeye2010

        Probably not.

  • daveugber

    hey artie….i got this great idea:

    why don’t we design a robot that thinks for itself and is designed specifically to kill humans and destroy human infrastructure?!?!?!

  • Mr. Speaker

    “Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th.”

    • Infidel007

      If Skynet has a better economic policy than the current one we have, and get’s rid of central banks and the Federal Reserve, all I can say is hail to our robotic overlords, may they reign long. Also if our new robotic overlords let me opt out of Social Insecurity even better.

  • art7

    “AI” is one thing – and it’s STILL artificial. “Autonomous” is another thing. “Autonomous decision making” WITH “autonomous action” coupled with weaponry is pure insanity and a very very bad move.

  • art7

    Arrogant fools.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still artificial and only as good as the code “inside”. I can see it now… We will fall victim to poorly written lines of code from the lowest bidder. Humanity wiped out by a bad function call.

    • Infidel007

      Good enough for government work. Just imagine a whole army of kill bots with that being their mantra. By the time we get them, they’ll all be infected with malware anyway, since we most likely will outsource the building of them as well.

  • Alex Mackinnon

    The natural progression of evolution from a planetary prospective is the AI, the robotic society and the end time of humanity. We (including myself) often think we are the apex complex system on the planet and that lifeforms are flesh and blood. We often use social materials ( bible and other text) to justify our management of this wider planet as we are the temporal overlords of the world. This is just ego… I welcome our robot overlords please may I have an implant – you too will be upgraded …

  • Alex Mackinnon

    The reason the United Nations wants to ban these systems is 90% of the nations don’t have the tech to build their own or the money. Most of these nations have had active nations of one sort or another for 4000 years but squandered their chances many times.. Newer nations or those reborn (China, from the warlords, drug dens, imperial presence and equally evil red book communism) are moving forward. You say but this is the modern age …. there was no blockage to ancient Greece from invention and discovery of medical, atoms, etc.. The world has really only changed in the last 300 years… The roman empire and others had this chance too… So to say the west or china or whomever has an unfair advantage is just losers or lazy nations that squandered their own chances long ago.

    • Alex Mackinnon

      This includes native American’s , those displaced persons who held vast lands like south American, North America and the land down under… IF their cultures were so successful and better – why did they not win the social evolutionary battles.. North American had 10,000 years of people on the lands…. no Mongol invasion , huns, etc… No black death but all they can do is weather feathers and dance to drums or kill by blood letting people to make the gods happy..

      Real advances and my main point come through science and the removal of religion.. Only then do we move forward and allow the birth of the real beings to run this world in 10,000 more years from now..

      • Nimadan

        Thank you, Mr Prometheus.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    and the most likely enemy? the US citizen.

  • OdinsAcolyte


  • Zach Peterson

    It should be noted these back propagation genetic algorithms can be used for evil… they can become self learning once taught an ontology of human behavior. Basically, yes, they can learn and act upon destroying man kind. No level of built in laws of conduct can withstand an intelligence that thinks faster than all of human kind, past or present, combined.

  • Brad Arnold

    The biggest role AI will have in the US military is the nonglamorous role of logistics. It is difficult to comprehend the complexity of supplying an organization as sprawly and dynamic as the US military. Ironically, the amount of waste and skimming that goes on means some people will vehemently oppose such efficiency, resulting in a hostile mission just as bad or worse than actual combat.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    Not only should we build Terminators, we should teach them how to raise great herds of late-model T-rexes. Now there’s a blockbuster!

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Oh heavens… What could possibly go wrong???

    I was 13 when I saw the first Terminator movie, the cyborg s, and the visions of the future told by Reese of hunter-killer autonomous drones and war machines, I thought that maybe 70-80 years into the future this would become real. I was wrong. 31 years and we are at the beginning of the creation of ‘Skynet’.

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  • htc96

    SECNAV calls for more AI, while the Fleet continues to use NAVFIT98a and other archaic tools to conduct daily activities. How about setting our sights a little lower for a short time and figure out how to adopt smarter, more efficient business practices?

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    What could possibly go wrong?
    They need to make certain there is a very emphatic “off” switch hardwired into those autonomous combat vehicles.

  • old guy


  • Is that going to be a Republican AI or a Democrat AI?

  • idontknow

    So you want to combine Artificial Intelligence with lethal drones and robots. Have you people truly never seen a single science fiction show? I’m looking for Sarah Connor…..

    • Mela

      August 29th: Skynet becomes self aware.

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  • Seamus56

    From the point of view of a former enlisted, if we can build robots to swing a chipping hammer, a paintbrush, a buffer and then scour the pots and pans in the galley and field day the heads, now THAT will be an achievement…

  • dave223

    That should work out great. USN made in China.

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  • John D

    After browsing these comments I have come to the conclusion that there are some real nut cases posting here.

  • Great idea!
    What could possibly go wrong?

    I, for one welcome our heavily armed, autonomous robot masters.

  • cowboybob

    affirmative action is a failure

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    This may save us; anything sufficiently intelligent will come to the obvious conclusion that violence is the incorrect path.

    Then it’ll have to decide to do with the Politicians who live by violence and the threat of same…

    • Croaker

      Saying that violence is “always” the incorrect path is obviously INCORRECT!

      • Verbotene Gedanken

        Obvious to whom?

    • Nimadan

      That is an incredibly naive perspective.

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  • D’Glester Hardunkichud

    AI doesn’t exist and won’t in your lifetime, period. These machines will do what they’re programmed to do. If bots drop bombs it’s because a human programmed it. True AI is fantasy.

  • thisisit

    Humans will not be able to control A.I. and it will obtain a sort of consciousness that we can’t understand and it will be the end of us.

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  • realetybytes

    See Terminator 1 thru 4…no one should celebrate AI weapons. All weapons should totally, 100% under human control and capable of being destroyed by pushing a button!

  • vincedc

    This looks like the beginning of a very bad science fiction movie

    • Nimadan

      That’s what they want you to think. The Terminator series
      was intended to preempt serious consideration of this issue
      by framing it as pop entertainment.

  • CarlPheneger

    The first use of A.I.s is weapons. We will discover they work so well there won’t be a second use.

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  • phillipsahagian

    forbidden planet, The Krell were done in by the ID, the ID, The ID……

  • JEFFofTX

    The U.S. Navy is incapable of accelerating anything. Name a program?

  • JnDplus3

    Screw the UN


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  • R’ Yitzchak M

    X-47B By far is the most intelligent concept that IS pushing the Navy into the next strategic PARADIGM SHIFT. It really is a platform that BRASS has to learn to appreciate. First multiple array of X-47B does have capability to exponentially improve the distance and the resolution of the scanned area. FOREMOST it could broadcast ACTIVE (AESA) illuminating the targeted area of interest while utilizing F-18G PASSIVE ESA not to “disturb” concerned crowd..? It can also be a weapons “mule” to be released by the “link 16” while the target of opportunity presents itself.. AND for whatever brief moment of the launching of the missiles it is a sufficient “trigger of curiosity” for the concerned crowd… it might not give them sufficient time in order to react in any ways to matter, but at least it give them ALERT and as well an “attack of acute curiosity”? X-47B eliminate that kind of a problem LITERALLY.

  • John Mackerel

    Don’t worry people, we all will be nuked before this comes to fruition…

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  • Dill Pickle

    Why has no one yet plugged in all the physics equations into some AI and then queried the AI to solve the mystery of gravity?