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Pentagon: 6,000 New Military Jobs for Women

The following is an April, 11 2013 notification to Congress from the Pentagon from Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Jessica Wright. The notifications outlines more than 6,000 positionsin the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, including postions with 160th “Night Stalkers,” Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), U.S. Marine Corps Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies (ANGLICO) and positions in Army Brigade Combat Teams.


    This is just another example of DoD doing a halfway job of fully integrating women.

    This is not difficult. The President is Commander In Chief and could immediately order all jobs to be open to all members, all standards to be maintained exactly as written with the exception of removing sex restrictions, and for women to be forced to sign up with the Selective Service system.

    Barring that, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could order that women and men in the service be treated exactly alike, with no discrimination due to sex. Even if he couldn’t force the changes to the Selective Service system, he could ensure the DoD treats men and women equally. No difference, same standards, period.

    Eventually there’s no way the present Selective Service system will remain constitutional no matter the tortured legal reasoning of the Supreme Court and the pathetic use of that tortured reasoning DoD relies upon to justify a system that continues to treat its citizens completely differently based on their sex.

    All differences in treatment could be gone in a minute, but DoD finds something so simple to be so difficult.

    Just as in the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the current “diversity or else” directives, the only ones worried about equality being disruptive or people’s sex, or their race are the grandfathers who currently serve as GOFOs.

    Just because these old men couldn’t treat women equally, couldn’t see past people’s race, and abhorred “the gays” doesn’t make the rest of the active duty force just like them.

    Guess what, the average E-3 or O-2 on active duty today has a broader view of humanity and equality than any of the currently serving E-9s and O-8s.

    The next generation will be better yet. The best thing the old men running the DoD safely from behind their desks in the Pentagon, with their personal staffs and fat paychecks can do is decide that the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence mean what they actually say, and that all of us are equal, exactly equal, and they could make the DoD a place where that is true, even if in their dark, old hearts they really don’t believe it.