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Crash in the Strait of Hormuz

U.S. Navy photo

U.S. Navy photo

The USS Porter, an Arleigh Burke class destroyer, collided with a Panamanian flagged bulk oil tanker M/V Otowasan in the Strait of Hormuz at approximately 1 a.m. local time Sunday, according to U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

Destroyer Porter collides with Japanese tanker

The destroyer Porter and a Japanese-owned tanker collided near the Strait of Hormuz at 1 a.m. Sunday, an impact that tore open the destroyer’s starboard side but left both crews unharmed, 5th Fleet said in a news release.
The collision between Porter and the bulk oil tanker Otowasan, operating under a Panamanian flag, was not “combat related,” 5th Fleet said.
Navy Times

Ingalls-built USS Porter damaged in collision with oil tanker near Strait of Hormuz

The collision left a breach about 10 feet by 10 feet in the starboard side of USS Porter, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer that was launched at Pascagoula’s Ingalls Shipbuilding in 1997. No one was injured on either vessel, the U.S. Navy said in a statement.

Oil tanker collides with U.S. navy ship in Gulf, navy says

An oil tanker collided with a U.S. navy ship near the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday, but no one was hurt, the Bahrain-based U.S. Fifth Fleet said.