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USS Iowa at Rest

WARGAMING.NET USS IOWAThe storied first-in-class of the last American battleships arrived this month in Los Angeles. On July 7 the USS Iowa will open to the public as a museum ship. In honor of Iowa’s new berth the U.S. Naval Institute has released several previously unseen photos of the ship in action.


Keeping Floating Museums Afloat

By Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Cutler, USN (Retired)
Naval History August 2011
A retired sailor takes a hard look at retired ships—their allure, their importance, and the challenges they pose to those who preserve them. more

USS Iowa in the News:

The USS Iowa Battleship Will Be a Museum That Lets You Blow Stuff Up

By Mario Aguilar
We know what you’re thinking: borrrring. Not so! There are plans to create a crazy-sounding, multiplayer game room that recreates the ship’s history. more

USS Iowa arrives in Los Angeles

By Art Marroquin
Tears welled up in Dick Blair’s eyes as the USS Iowa came into view against the backdrop of dark clouds gathered about three miles off the coast of Long Beach.
It’s been nearly 60 years since Blair served aboard the “Big Stick,” but the emotional connection remains. more
San Jose Mercury News

San Pedro: Best places to get an early look at the USS Iowa

By Mary Forgione
The 887-foot-long World War II -era ship is moving this week from the San Francisco Bay to its new digs at the Port of Los Angeles, potentially becoming a coveted film location as well as a star tourist attraction. more
Los Angeles Times

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